Friday, April 3, 2009

Lea, this is for you!

You ROCK!!!

I have not been here long, but you made me feel like I am very welcomed into your group! Actually, you all have! (((group hug))) I have friends (((YAYAYAY happy dance)))

Lea, from what I have seen on everyone's page... you go out of your way to help everyone with their layout and you are always supportive. So this is for you Lea...

And for the rest of my new friends, this is for you...
Barbara, VampGirl, Dottie, Erotic Horizon, Blanche and Amy C!
A rose for each of you...

Hope you all have a great day and awesome weekend!!!


  1. Aw, Cecile!! You're too sweet! Thank you :)

    And I agree, Lea is a sweetheart!!

  2. (((Cecile))) that really is so sweet.....Thank You!! I'm so thrilled you jumped into the blog world and that we have another wonderful place to visit each your blog!

    Lea is AMAZING! We really are all so very lucky to be able to call her "friend"!!! :)

  3. Hi Cecile!

    Lea is the best!! She's such a sweetie! (((Big Hug Lea!))) She helped me out so much when I first started blogging and continues today. Thanks Lea for all that you do!

    Barbara's a sweetie too! She's looked after me and helped so much with my writing! ((Hugs to Barbara too!)) Thanks for all the help Barbara and for Tink too!

    Thanks Cecile, I love roses!

    Dottie :)

  4. You guys are awesome! I will keep saying that because you are! I glad everyone loves the roses!!! As women... we deserve to receive roses... and what better way than from a friend.

  5. ((((((Group HUGS)))))))

    Thanks Cecile and a BIG thanks to Lea for all the help that she gives everyone!!!

    Thanks to Barbara for making my blog so pretty!! I'm lovin' it!!

    :) VFG

  6. Hi Cecile! Great blog!
    I agree, Lea does rock. :o)

  7. Thank you Cecile;

    That is extremely thoughtful and sweet of you. :)

    I so appreciate your kind words. Your blog looks beautiful and you have fun with it. :)

    Warmest Regards

  8. I will keep saying this... you guys are awesome!

  9. Thanks Cecile....I love it..

    Lea you so rock - Happy Friday..



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