Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Reminder on Sharing...

I want to remind everyone who has expressed an interest in wanting to do some book swapping to send in those lists. I know we do not live close to each other.... some live farther away than we would like... but nothing is impossible!
So here's how it will work.... Compile your list on an email send it to me at I will do a grid of who has what and will re-email the list to you all and then we take it from there... However, i would like to carry on this post off the blog. So for people who have just found this post, email me and come join in the fun!!!
Think of this as our own personal Library! We still buy books every chance we get... but borrowing is nice too.


  1. I must email you on Monday, will check what I have at my parents place :)
    So maybe I cna do some swapping too perhaps

  2. Yes, Blodeuedd... you can swap too!!! Like I said in my earlier post... it's only shipping. I mean, I don't mind shipping and sharing to whoever wants to borrow what I have!

  3. Hey Cecile! I sent in my list on Monday. But I forgot to add 'Wild Rain' by Christine Feehan. And again, if anyone is requesting something that isn't on anyone elses list, check with me. I may have it.

    (((hugs))) For posting my contest on your sidebar!

    Happy BDB Week!
    :) VFG

  4. I'll email you..... and let you know..


  5. Hey Vamp,Yes I got it... with the internet giving me problems first at work, then last night at home... I have not been able to email you. But I will get crackin on that now!!! I thought you would enjoy reading what I put in the side bar!!! **clearing throat about the warning label**

    Thanks EH.
    How is everything going over there??

  6. Too bad I have so few books to swap, but it's a start :)

  7. Hey it is always a start!!! Better something than nothing... and if you have nothing that means you just have to go the book store and buy more books **lol**

  8. There is always that ;)

    Had to scroll down on your page now to see what you had there...never did notice Pattison, nice ;)

  9. Hi Cecile!

    I'm going to be in and out of town this week, so I get a list together and email it as soon as I can. Okay?

    Dottie :)

  10. Yea, I love me some Edward.. those lips are just soooo yummmy!

    Hey Dottie!!! That is not a problem at all.. I just wanted to send out a reminder now that the holidays are over and I would like to get it before summer, that way, if anyone wants a good read for the summer... it will be there!

  11. Eek! Cecile I forgot about the book swap! Let me check what I have inside and I'll get back to you today!


  12. Hey Barbara... don't worry... Get to me when you can. I am not going anywhere!
    Now.... We have been worried about you little missy! But we put the pieces together... You are still being "scare" with hubby under the covers from your trip!!! lol!!!

  13. Hi Cecile!!

    I'll have my list for you a little later today!! :)


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