Friday, April 24, 2009

Last Chance::: Just for Fun!!

Okay... I am going to do something just for fun here...
We are going to have a quickie!!! Ha!! You know you want to laugh at that idea over the Internet!! Yea, that made me laugh too!!

We are going to have a quick cute little contest!

I own an extra copy of Dead Until Dark by Charlaine Harris...
The story behind having an extra copy is, I bought the first one and loved it so I wanted to rest.... of course, that is how it all starts out... Well, the set of six was cheaper than buying them separately.... so now I own two.... The one I am giving away has never been used!! And it is not autographed, unless of course you would like me to sign my name!!! **yea, I am laughing at myself** I kill me sometimes!!

Let's see what you have too do.... hummm.... **smoke coming out of ears, thinking so hard**
Oh what the hell... just leave me a comment and tell me what makes a guy smokin' hot to you (n the novels you read or the cover models). I just want to hear what makes you tick *hahahah* Now to win... I will do the gerenic version of the randomizer... I will put the number you are as a commentor in a bag and have daughter pull the name! How does that sound...
The contest will end, lets say.... April 24th!! That night Brooke will draw and I will annouce the winner Saturday morning!!
Tell who ever, how ever many people you would like...
Good luck and have fun with this!!!

Oh, ps tell me what you think of the contest.. if you like the idea or not.
Oh and here is something to get your motivation going.... My hottie Lucien!!! He is soooo yummmyyy..... and tasty!!!!


  1. I'm lovin' this contest idea, Cecile. I was thinking about doing that myself sometime with my duplicates. :)

    So what makes a hero super hot to me...hmmm... Well, I love my heros super alpha and uber possesive. That's why the paranormal genre apeals so greatly to my romance heart. Now in life, not so much. :)

    ((hugs)) VFG

  2. This is a fantastic contest Cecile!!

    For me a smokin hot hero is one who is confident and knows what he wants and goes after it. He doesn't have to be aggressive or arrogant or bully his way through things, just confident. I also really like an Alpha male!! :)

  3. Hi Cecile!

    I think you know how I feel about Charlaine Harris! So, I'm lovin this contest!

    My super hot hero type would be a vamp, all those vampire hormones and pheromones would be so good! I know I'm weird, but that's just me. I just finished a short by Angela Knight and her hero was a version of Vampire Galahad. It was great, so I'll take one of those please.
    (Or I could always go for Eric the Viking -- yummy yummy yummy!)



  4. Hi Cecile!

    I gave you a quick shout out on my sidebar. Contests are so much fun!! uh, you are picking me right, no one else has to know *whispering*

    Dottie :)

  5. Hm, is it open to all? Cos I do live freakishly far away..

    Anyway the question is always fun :D
    Smokin hot', actually it differs, it might be anything that makes me fall for him. He is a bit wicked, he is truly sweet, he has a voice in his head (lol, sorry Robert Jordans fault), I want to save him. I never do know who i will like.

    As for a cover, shirtless with a kilt sure helps ;) and maybe a tattoo..looked to long on your cover

  6. Hey Cecile:

    This is so very kind and thoughtful of you! Man, everyone is wanting to know about hunks right now.

    Um..... I like them ultra strong, possessive and extremely good looking. lol!!!

    Why not eh?

    Warm Regards

  7. Thanks you guys!! I am glad you like the idea and are jumpin right in. Now, the contest is open to ALL!!!! Hey, I just love spreading my love around and if it means shipping freakishly far away... well... hey that's what we do!!!
    I am lovin these men you guys are describing!
    Alpha's and vampires!!! I do love Eric's description in Sookie's book. And I do love me some Edward!!!! (see below)

  8. VampGirl, I figured why not. It will just sit on my shelf doing nothing, even if I decide to re-read the book... I have two! So why!

    Glad you like the idea Blanche!! Just trying to keep things interesting and fun!

    Hey Dottie!! Yes, Eric is yummy. That is why I think I would never want to watch the tv show...because I already have in my mind what he would look like and I wouldn't want that spoiled by what hollywood thought I should see.
    **whispering... you are tooo funny*** Thanks for the shout out on the side bar!!! I appreciate it!

    Blodeuedd... a variety never hurt anyone...!!! Yea, that is why I put those covers on my site... I love looking *drooling* at them!!!

    Hey Lea, hunks are hot! And why not talk about something or get to know what each other thinks about the guys that we read about.

    Hope you all have a great day!

  9. For one he has to have a smokin' body and a great smile does it for me!

  10. Thank you tetewa for joining us in this fun contest!!! Hope you stick around us!!!

  11. Hi Cecile!

    Just checking in on you! I know you have to be exhausted after tax time. Do you still have the farms to do, or maybe there aren't to many farms in your area? Biiigg farming community here, tax preparers won't even talk to anyone until June gets here. Talk to you soon sweetie!!


    Dottie :)

  12. A contest is always great! More power, thanks!

  13. I really ought to do this with my duplicates too... Hmm, super hot hero? Well somebody like Eric Northman of course, a vamp Alpha male but still slightly vulnerable. I just think he's the yummiest!

    Great contest :)

  14. To me a smoking hot hero is funny, smart and caring.

  15. Awesome contest!

    Smokin hero...Hmm, possessive, powerful, passionate. I'm thinking Reyes from The Darkest Pleasure....GAWD I love that man!!!

  16. Thanks you guys for participating!!! I am so glad to have you here!!!
    Etriv, thanks for stopping by.. I hope you still around... these women that I follow are hilarious!! They are loads of fun!!
    Ladytink... Eric... yummy!!! Very yummy... but Lucien still holds my heart!
    Bridget... Thanks for stopping by and I am sooo excited that you added me to your list!! YAY!!!
    Awww, Charlotte, thanks for coming!!! Now, I do have to agree with you.. the Lords (especially Lucien) has stolen my heart!!

  17. Hey, Cecile!! I missed this one somehow. You don't have to enter me since I'm a Tru Blood nut and have the book, lol, but good luck to all who enter.

  18. Hi! Great Contest - love the prize:)
    The hottest guy for me is the one that makes you feel like you are the only woman on earth for him. And also hi has to smell nice- that's the ultimate condition for me! And if I by any chance win this book I would like for you to sign it.

  19. Hey Host!!
    Thanks!! You are too funny ~ if you win... I would be delighted to sign it for you! Glad you stopped by my place, hope to see you stick around!
    Love the sound of your ideal man!

  20. Let's try this again - it didn't like me the first time

    In a book - I love a hero that is wrecked for the heroine. I can't really explain it but I know it when I see it.
    On the outside - heh heh - a good looking guy with long hair and piercing eyes. What can I say - I'm shallow and older

  21. I love this contest. Keep up the great work. You're actually doing something awesome. I'm just thrilled you posted. Hero's who need a gals help is really hot, they dont need to fight crime all by themselves.


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