Monday, November 2, 2009

The Winner of Soul Magic....

I want to thank Ms. Jennifer Lyon for coming over to my place... Actually for allowing to meet at Axel's club and spending the day with her!! She is an awesome woman!! And she was nice enough to give **cough cough** loan me The Wing Slayer in training again to help announce then winners... Oh did I say winner with a S!!!! Yes, I did... Ms. Jennifer told me that I could give away 2... yes 2 books!!!!! So, are you ready for this!!!!!!! Yummy...

Congrats ladies! I hope you enjoy getting to know the Wing Slayers as much as I did...

And the winners of...... Soul Magic.... is.... ((((drum rollll)))))

((((drum roll))))))

Tricia and Ddurance

(((Ladies, you have till Thursday, November 5th to claim your prize or a new winner will be announced. Please email me at
Congrats ladies!!! Happy Hussy Reading!!!!
These men are definitely hussy worthy!!!
I hope everyone enjoyed my party...
We still have one more winner to announce...
But I have to get with Leontine for that one!!
So, make sure you stick around for that one!!!!!!

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  1. congrats Tricia and Ddurance

    Since I didn't win, can I get flyboy?**smirk**

    Cecile you throw one hell of a party,I'm still recuperating ;)

  2. I am glad that you enjoyed the party Elaing!!! I had a hell'va time throwing it... and with all these men hanging around my place... Well... It certainly had it's Pleasures, lol!!!!
    And yea... You can have "flyboy"... although they prefer to be called Wing Slayers in Training.... Remember that is what they are in the book! Can't hurt his ego now!! LMAO!!!

    Congrats to the winners!!

  3. Congrats, ladies!

  4. Congrats :D

    Oh flyboy is back, too bad he was taken

  5. Congrats ladies and Happy Reading! :)


    That picture is very nice. *Fans Self*


  6. Congrats to the winners!

    Cecile - I'm sorry I didn't get over here on your b-day. My blog hopping is sucking! lol I hope you had a wonderful, fabulous day. :) {{big hug}}

  7. Yay! Thank You Cecile for sharing the birthday pressies :) I can't wait going to email you now!

  8. Congrats ladies!!!!! :) BIG HUGS Cecile :)

  9. Tricia, I need you to email honey if you want your prize!


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