Monday, November 23, 2009

Marry Me...

He finally asked me... And I said Yes!!!!! OMG... Edward asked me to marry him last night at the movies!!!!

I finally got to go see New Moon last night. My daughter and her bff piled in the car at 6:00pm to make the 7:30 show in Baton Rouge... and OMG... the 7 show was sold out already!!

Did I enjoy it... Hell Yeah
Was I satisfied... Hell Hell Yeah
Am I going see it again... Hell Hell Hell Yeah!!!!!!

I mean... Just look at my husband! Isn't he hot!!! OMG!!!

And I can not be easily swayed to Team Jacob because of this body... But I will say that we (all the females in the theatre) were holding our breaths because we all knew the exact moment that his shirt was coming off....
And when it did...
We all went "ohhhhhhhh" and then proceeded to laugh at ourselves...

And yes, you can call me a cougar any day of the week... if it means lusting after these hotties!!!

And I just wanted to see if you were paying attention to me... Yea... Cougar... Spell that with MRS. in front please, then C-O-U-G-A-R! God Lord, look at Emmett... Who knew... **evil grin**

Gotta love a guy getting drenched in the rain for you... **is it just me or is it hot in here**


Double Damn...

Now I tell you that during the movie, we (as in at least 10 of us and I being the loudest one) had to yell at some one to take their crying, screaming child out of the theatre. We hinted under our hands for at least 5 minutes. Then finally... I could not take it anymore, I stated a little loudly, please take your child out. And they did... thank goodness...

Over all, it was a awesome movie! Whatever is being said about it ~ whatever. My opinion is that is was a freaking awesome movie and I absolutely loved and can NOT wait for Eclipse to come out!!!!
I do plan to re-read Eclipse again... very soon. I don't care what is in the wing waiting for me... I will re read that one again... Oh Edward is calling me... I gotta go!!!!

Hope you all are having a great Monday!!!!
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  1. Hey Cecile! I can't wait to see New Moon - love the book. Planing on going this week. Glad you liked it!

  2. LOL Cecile! Congrats on the engagement - how ever did you tell your husband? hehehe
    I am planning on seeing New Moon this week.
    Yesterday on my blog I gave away a blog award and you got it!



  3. So you loved this movie huh...hhhmmm wasn't all that sure *wink* and you got engaged...hussy *another wink*

    So my brother has the first movie on blu-ray and I told him next time I wil snag it with me. It is more to satisfy my curiousity then anything else because the books don't hold any appeal to me ;S

    Glad to hear you've had fun in Baton Rouge...did you behave enough so you could enter within city limits again *grin*

  4. I am glad you love it Cecile, and you go on lusting ;) This movie sure had it's fair share of shirtless men

  5. LOL!
    You make me curious what's so special about this movie (besides the shirtless men of course ;)). Everybody is swooning and talking about it. Maybe it's because I'm living in the Netherlands that I've missed out on it :)

  6. Damn it Jacob..why did he have to look THAT good. I will admit..I may have let out a little noise the first time he took his shirt off. I MAY be siding more towards him now...I know, I know. I loved it!!!!

  7. For those of you that do not understand the "hype" of Twilight but this was the first series that brought me back to reading. This series will always have a special place in my heart. Why ~ besides for bring me back reading, this series brought my daughters bff to reading. She would read the school books (but barely).... but when we (her and I) found Twilight. We both started reading it and we formed our own book club. We would talk about it to no end. And we shared an obsession for Edward! Brooke - my daughter - was Team Jasper. So, this series brought a new reader to the table and since then, she reads anything she can get her hands on! And for that, I am grateful!
    Go Team Edward ((sshhh Team Jacob, lol))

    ~Host, hey honey!!! Oh man! I love this series! I can not wait for the third movie. I am even going to go back to read my books!

    ~Ms Moonlight!! Hey honey! Oh thank you, Edward will be so happy to hear that. My other hubby, I broke it to him last night and he said that he would share me. LOL!! He had no problem with that. For my birthday present, he bought me an autographed picture of Edward, lol! He knows I lust after the guy!! Thanks for the award, I will be by there in a couple of minutes!!!

    ~Leontine! Yes, I did love the movie. And Yes, I felt like a cougar, but the good thing was, I was not alone!!! LMAO!! And yep... we are engaged.
    Well, they hold my appeal... See above note, lol!! I love me some Edward!!! And yes, I tried to behave myself to be allowed in the city limits, lol!!

    ~Chris! Yep.. that sums it us Chris!

    ~Blodeuedd, hey honey! Girl... lusting I will go!! Oh it really did have it's fair share of shirtless hot guys!! I am still waiting for Emmett to take off his shirt, lol!!

    ~ErotRomReader! Hi there! Glad to see a new friend, hope you like it here and stick around!

    ~Mandi!!! Agreeing with you, "Damn it Jacob..why did he have to look THAT good."
    He was looking some yummy... I just had to remind myself he was under age... LMAO!!! But oh man!!! Go Team Edward/Jake... hee hee!

  8. Yes, I loved it too! I'm (sort of) embarassed to say I saw it twice already - once with grownups and once with my daughter. I think I'm book Team Edward and movie Team Jacob.

    My daughter asked if we could listen to the book on CD in the car again.

  9. Hi Cecile!

    I loved it, it was awesome!! And it was true to the book. Jasper and Alice made the movie for me. Jasper with his pure hotness and Alice for her superior state of being. (I mean besides the truly eye popping Edward and Jacob - omg, Jacob not only grew up, but damn...all I can say. Pictures do not do him justice or Emmett either. Huge improvement from the first movie.)

    Dottie :)

  10. Hey Cecile ...
    I am glad you loved the movie as I know you are a big Edward fan - or have you jumped ship and join team Jacob..

    I hate that word cougar - but I can see the lust in your eyes, so I will let you use it....

    Is hubby aware that he has been demoted and another man is also waiting in the wings...


  11. ~Patti! Hey honey! Twice already... damn.. I am so behind! I am hoping to fix that soon!
    I am Team Edward, nothing can make me change my mind (takes a second look at Jacob's pictures...hee hee) No.. nothing.. Edward be still my beating heart!!! LOL!!

    ~Dottie!! Hey honey! It was awesome! It did hold more to the book! You and Brooke would get along great, lol! She is Team Jasper... but of course after seeing Jacob... she is swaying a bit! Like mother like daughter, lmao!!!! And yes, I so loved Alice in this movie. I loved her in Twilight, but I loved her in this one. Now Rosalie... the part she was in, I did not care of her look, but other than that... the movie rocked!

    ~Erotic Horizon!!! Hey honey!!! How have you been??
    Oh, I loved the movie. And yes, I am still Team Edward! He is my love! **swoons** No jumping ship... just ummm... hee hee... looking at the other treats available!! LOL!!
    Not a fan of the word cougar either... but you know... If the shoe fits... wear it!LOL!! And let me tell you... The lust was definitely and still is there!!!
    Yea, hubby is aware... He knows my obsession, lol!

  12. WOW! I had to save those pics for my famous ART file. *beg* I haven't seen the movie yet, sob, but I hope too at some point. I can't find anyone who will go with me. *sniffs* My family all hate it. Bleh on them! Yes, even my 13 year old daughter...don't ask me what's wrong with her. lol (kidding)

    Okay, must go look at man-candy again. I'm sorry, but I think I am for team Jacob. I mean did you see that bod??? *beg*

  13. Hi Cecile,I mean the future Mrs. Cullen :)

    I was supposed to see new Moon last night but ended up looking for a lost cat,which is still lost. So I'll be going Thursday.I'm glad you really liked it,I'm looking forward to it.
    And thanks for the eyecandy**wiping drool off chin**I'll take Jacob off your hands..He is one good looking young man.
    We're two that pic of**more drool**

  14. Sweet! Friday I had Jacob over as a guest bartender.. when you click his link he gets wet! *insert crude joke here*

    I'm with ya darlin' I will be seeing this movie as many times as hubby can stand it, and maybe more!

  15. Amen to everything you said, I loved it too!

  16. He ... he ... Cecile Edward is amazing.
    Into Italy, New Moon was released just recently. I have yet to see him but I have not high expectations.
    Already the book I liked less than the first.
    However Edward will be a pleasure to bare chest!

  17. @Cecile...and that is indeed why some books will forever be treasured. I'm glad Twilight hauled you booty back in to the folds of the reading community :) and it inspired your daughter’s BFF to start reading!

  18. ~Kira Daniels!! Hey honey! Oh, gotta love these pictures huh!!! No need to beg.. you can have, just as long as you know that Edward belongs to me!!! hee hee!!
    OH honey, if we lived close enough, I would go see with you in a heart beat!!!! I won't ask what's up with your daughter... I will go see it by myself again if I have too!!!

    ~Elaing8!!Hey honey! Oh thank you for using my new name!!! LOL!!
    I do hope you find the cat, if not, we get to strangle the person responsible for losing cat!!! OH honey, you don't need to thank me, they are some delicious to look at!!! I could not resist Emmett's half nakked pictures!!! Hot huh!!! And you are so kind to offer to take Jacob off my hands!!! LMAO!!!
    OH yea... we definitely are two Cougars.rarrrrr. And I am proud to be one!!! LMAO!!

    ~Sweet Vernal Zephyr! Hubby goes with you????? Damn, my hubby wants nothing to do with it. In fact, he finds all the spoof's he can find of Edward and the movies... He thinks he is funny!!! Silly man!
    Damn, I missed Jacob, I will be right over to fix that!!

    ~Rowena!!! Yes sister!! Amen!!!!

    ~Veronica Bennet!!Hey Honey! Glad you could come on over! Oh hell yeah, Edward is amazing!!! I am sorry to hear that you have low expectations of the movie. I do hope that you enjoy it!!! But you are right... if anything you will get to see Edward bare chested... Jacob shirtless.. yum... And Emmett's bear hug!!

    ~Leontine!!Hey honey!! You are so right, that is why those books will forever stay on my shelf and in my heart. I got pulled back in the reading world... And in turn I gave the reading community two new hussies!!! LMAO!!

  19. Hi Cecile!

    OMG, you crack me up! I can't wait to see, my DH is taking me for my b-day! I can't wait!!! I am an Edward fan myself ;-)


  20. My mom and I are going to watch it tomorrow afternoon! Seems like it's getting good feedback :).

    I still only read the first book. Never got around to reading New Moon. I likely won't, but that's okay. Wasn't too much of a fan of Twilight :). I'm one of few!

  21. I'm with Leontine me and the books didn't jive at all (I couldn't make it through the first one I had to stop it just didn't do a thing for me and neither did the first movie I did watch all of it but just wasn't for me either). But I'm glad you had such a great time hon and that you and your daughters enjoy it. And especially that it got them reading that's wonderful.

  22. I am glad you love it Cecile, and you go on lusting

    Lingerie Access

  23. Cecile! Girl! So happy to read that you loved NEW MOON. I've already made my husband swear that he's going to take me to see it.

    And oh gawd! I'm such a freakin' cougar! You're not alone. I'm so lusting after Jacob and your pics have made the ache worse.

    I can't wait to see it!

    ;) VFG

  24. Not sure if you will be back to check this out or not...

    ~Book Junkie! Hey honey! I am glad that I can crack you up!!! That is what life is all about! Having a great time while we are here!
    Okay, and you must come and tell me if/when DH takes you to go see New Moon!!

    ~Amy C! How did you like it?? Did you feel like a cougar when Jacob took off his shirt!! Girl, I sure did, and I was wearing my Cougar badge with PRIDE when that happened!!!!
    See, I love the books... I love the movies too... and especially seeing the characters, I can add my own spice to the books than I can the movies. But I love me some Edward!!!! I don't care how sparkly he is!! And Jacob shirtless... OMG... Now I am just waiting on Emmet!!!

    ~JennJ!! Hey honey!!! It is okay that the books did not do it for you... They are not for everyone.
    Yea, no matter the criticism they receive or whatever... I will love these books and movies forever. And what they done will always stay with me. Bring me back to reading and pick up a new reader as well!! I think that is great! Whatever it takes to get a teenager to read these days is awesome!

    ~kanishk! Girl, I will keep on lusting... Cougar style of course!! LMAO!!!

    ~VampFanGirl!! How you have been missed honey!! I hope all is well with you and for you! OH Girl.. let me tell you!!! I am the biggest Cougar out there now!!!
    That is awesome if Hubby goes with you! Mine would not be caught dead watching the movies! I am not ever sure he would watch them if I told him a hot woman was in the movie and she was naked... I think he would pass that up too!!! LMAO!


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