Sunday, November 29, 2009

An Honest to Goodness Award & A Kick Ass Award

Missy from Missy's Book Nook has awarded me with two awards:
The first one is...
The Honest Scrap Award! Thanks so much, Missy ~ Love ya honey!

This blog award has been passed on to me along with nine other bloggers. The rules of this one are to list ten honest things about yourself and then pass the award on to ten other book bloggers.

Ten Honest Things About Me:

Wow... Never really knew how hard this was to do... until now... Let's see...

1.) I have a stuffed animal (His name is Mr. Owl... he is a stuffed pillow owl) that I sleep with. I have had him since I was 2 years old. If he is not in bed with me, then he is on the side of my bed.
2.) I sing in my car... really loud and I jam out too... (Yea, other drivers must think I am nuts)! But oh well.. at least I am rockin out and having a great time. I sing so loud sometimes that my voice is hoarse!
3.) I love to eat raw chocolate chip cookie dough. The pilsbury dough boy ones that are already ready to bake... yea.. I eat one each time I bake cookies! (That would go for yellow cake batter... raw... and brownie mix...)
4.) I went deer hunting with my husband one year... and did not see a damn thing. Except how beautiful mother nature could be at 4 in the freezing freaking morning.
5.) I believe in "you treat people as you would want them to treat you." Because everything comes back around sooner or later!

This is really hard...

6.) I love to talk to God. For because of him, I am a true princess... because my Father is the King!
7.) I miss the old days... when things were simpler and slower. (Elaing will laugh & Missy will have a snifful)
Myspace was your room. Facebook was getting to go see over at a friends house. Cell phones were the imaginary phones we played with. Twitter was the birds chirping. And who misses rotary phones and hating someone with a zero or nine in their number...
8.) I talk to myself... everyday in case you are wondering.. and yes, sometimes I answer myself back.
9.) I still love watching cartoons.
10.) I went para-sailing once and absolutely loved it!

I am not sure who has received this award and who has not... So, I am going to play the tag everyone who reads this and wants to play!! Just come back and give me a link... so I can learn something about you!

Ant the second award she gave me is... The Great Look Award... Isn't is beautiful!

This award is meant to pat on the back the ones paying particular attention to their blog presentation.

And the rules here are:

1. Post the award on your blog, with the name of the person who has granted the award, and his or her blog link.

2. Pass the award to 5 other blogs that your particularly like. Remember to contact the bloggers to let them know they have been chosen for this award.


Then I received this award from Ms. Moonlight....

The rules are you must post about the award and then nominate five other blogs to give the Kiss Ass Blog Award to.

Now this is really hard.... For I think every blog that I follow is kick ass in it's own special way. I mean... really... we all kick ass. But I will play the rules as followed... I don't want to get my ass kicked....

Leontine from Leontine' Book Realm... okay, if Beefcake Preview night is not a good enough reason... Her freaking Bartenders are... but seriously, this is my smutty hussy sista!!!! She is the freaking Queen at KICK ASS blog!!!

Chris from Stumbling Over Choas... from her links to those two damn precious cats of hers... Her blog kicks ass... because she is always telling you where to go for some kick ass contests!! She loves to share her links like she loved to share her damn cover hussy books that make me drool!

HAWK from Houston A.W. Knight... Omg... She is Irish and she freaking rocks. We swap wine, cookies, cakes, m&m's and jelly beans... Just ask Leontine!! And her damn contests that make us think or google, lmao!!!

Mandi from Smexy Books
... her name says it all!! She is freaking rocks apples with her reviews... and her "made up movie" with Edward was enough for me!!!! She keeps my debit card on the damn run!!!

Dottie from My Blog 2.0... Oh if you have not seen Tink, what are you waiting for!! Tink gives you the low down on where to go for the contests around blog world!!! And she is a Tink lover!!!! And her reviews... she is another on that keeps the debit card running...!

And now... I pass the torch on... Thank you so much for everyone following my blog!!
But I ask one thing of all you... Just check my blog roll because there are some new blogs that I have been following and they are awesome!!! Time is not allowing me to do the things I want to do.. and that is list them all for you here... But if you know.. and you know who always comments here... You all freaking KICK ASS in my book!!!!
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  1. LOL i found myself in you with the singing in the car so loud my voice is Sometimes (translate all the time) people look at me funny but i don't care, i love singing in the car. ;) Oh and i do talk to myself too lol, i understand... ;)
    Congrats on all the awards ma belle, you deserve them i love your blog

  2. Congrats Cecile :D
    And yes that beautiful blogger award is really pretty.
    I hope you are having a great weekend!!

  3. Congrats Cecile on some well deserved blog awards!



  4. Yep I sing in the car and under the shower and I talk to myself!
    No need to worry, you see we are all together in the crazy ship.
    Great awards hon! You deserve them!

  5. ROR, Cecile! You are too much, girl. Love you!

  6. Congrats on your very well deserved awards Cecile!! :)

  7. Well deserved, Ms. C!!!!
    I come to your site to be inspired!!


  8. Congrats on your awards, hon!! You know I love to visit your blog, so I think you deserved them all :) Your place looks great and you rock!!

  9. You've got some mighty fine blog love going on Cecile and YAY, we're smutty sista's. I knew we were related *grin* Thanks for giving me some kick ass love back! I'm going to revel in the moment and Tristan, Aidan and Sam are already letting me know they look forward to the next beefcake!

  10. Congrats on the Awards Cecile,well deserved.
    Your blog is kick-ass as well as the 5 you listed.

    The ten things about you,we have so much in common,I have a Peebles toy from when I was 3,she sits on my dresser.I sing in the car too and annoy anyone with me.I eat cookie dough,batter whatever is good :)
    I did laugh,I too miss the old days ;)
    I always talk to myself,or the tv(like they hear When someone else answers back in my head then I'll worry
    Cartoons-love them(the old ones)..smurfs,scooby doo :)

    And your blog always looks great,all those men**sigh** :D

  11. Congrats on all the award. I always talk to myself and have answered myself.

    I'm with you on talking to GOD every morning because without him, there would be no tomorrow.

    Have a good Sunday.

  12. Congrats on the awards hon! Well deserved!

  13. Congrats on your award and thankies for mine!!

    You went parasailing? Crazy girl!

  14. Congrats!!! And aw, thank you!

    Hee hee - you should try doing the "100 Things About Me" meme sometime. Oy.

  15. I totally sing in the car, loudly! Your blog does indeed kickass! I think your man candy is by far the best on the web ;) a

  16. Hey Cecile!

    Wow, what a load of awards, well deserved too!

    And thanks for mine, I have to do a blog award post soon, lol. I've received about five and have yet to post them.


    Dottie :)

  17. Congratulations Cecile!
    What beautiful your notes ^-^. Also I love cartoons and also I speak alone. I think it is a matter of imagination. I dream too, are always immersed in the novels and I often I became the protagonist!

    Good day my dear friend.

  18. Thank you all... It is because of you that I pour my heart and soul into this blog. I see it as a part of my actual home and I would welcome you all in if you lived close enough!
    So, thank you!!! All of you!!! Know that your friendship has meant more to me than I can ever tell you!!!
    So... this blog is Kick ASS - because of you!!!!
    And yea, I do love my man candy... Research... Gotta love it!!!

  19. So very cool to win all those blog awards!! You deserve it! I don't have to tell you what my favorite things about your blog are. *big evil grin* The serious man candy of course!!!

    And I am amazed at how much we have in common. I sing ALL the time in the car. And I talk to myself-- I think all writers do that btw. Eat batter and cookie dough. And I talk to God all the time. Mostly in the shower or the car.

    We're sisters and didn't even know it!!! Congrats on the awards, they are well deserved. :D

  20. Congrats on your beautiful awards Cecile! I really enjoyed reading the ten things about you that I didn't know. You're certainly not alone with your jam sessions. I'm not shy when it comes to singing in the car. I don't care what people think, I'm having a blast!

    Hugs, VFG

  21. ~Kira!! Hey honey! So glad that you could make it over here!! It was awesome to win these awards! Thank you!
    **evil look in eye...** I know what you love about my blog, lol!!!
    There is so much about a person, but how much does one want to know about the other is always tricky. I love learning about all of you guys, because I consider you all my dear, personal friends. And it is great when you find a common thread in each other... but my one strong point is that I talk to God everyday... Prayer is powerful! Even if we are all a great distance from each other... prayer is powerful - how do I know this... because He has allowed me to meet all of you and be able to call you all friends!!
    You are so right -->>"We're sisters and didn't even know it!!!"

    ~VampFanGirl!!! Hey honey! THank you so much! I am glad that you came over to read this one! Yea, sometimes Brooke will tell me, "Mom, please stop dancing while driving." Not that it is not safe, because sometimes my moves embarrass her, which I think is hilarious - so I makes me want to do it more, lmao!! It is also funny to see the expression on the other drivers when we pass them up jamming out! =) Keep on rocking out!


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