Tuesday, December 1, 2009

Losing Ones Virginity....

Okay... The m/m meme started this whole thing...
I was eventually going to get to this genre one day...
One day when... I am not sure, but I swear I was....

My dear friend Erotic Horizon was going to take my hand and allow me to do baby steps in the world of manlove... Well, I must admit to being a little nervous - especially when I saw the gleam in Mandi's (@ Smexy's Books) eye as to how much fun she had deflowering a couple of fellow bloggers. Then talk turned to it being a public deflowering...
Then talk turned to people screaming!
Then at Leontine's place today (Monday) my dear friend ErotRomReader (Janna) had this to say... --->>>
"Now about this deflowering of Cecile... LOL... She came to my place all crying and afraid ;) I have to ask you: please be gentle with her. You can't use your Dutch methods on her... you know that, don't ya? Us Dutch girls are tough, I know, but those gals from overseas are carved from a different kind of wood (as a Dutch saying goes ;))...
So don't make her scream, okay?"

And I am here to say: I am a Pure Southern girl... and if I live with alligators as my neighbors... Well, then I am tough enough to handle this... I am not afraid!!!!! I have taken the plunge.... And jumped in the deep end... How did I do that you dare ask... I went online tonight with hubby right next to me (okay, so he was on the other end of the couch watching his football game - but still) and bought these delicious books with out the help from anyone! No holding hands... No tears silently streaming down my face.... No screams come from my voice, well maybe in delight... NO nothing. I put on my big girl panties (okay.. maybe not put on panties... the men are that delicious, hee hee) and jumped on in! I hope you enjoy what I have bought!!!!

Thanks to Total-E-Bound....

And I even found a Vampire m/m book... **wags eyebrow**

And I promise to post up a review as soon as I read them...
Now, who is silently going to take my hand...
I promise it will not hurt and no one will be screaming...
In fact, you might like it!!!
Don't worry my dear virgins....
Take my hand.... **holds out hand**
And I will take care of you!

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  1. LMAO!! You're so funny, Cecile!
    Oh, I'm so proud of you, girl!! You did it!! Still have to read them though... *grin*... but I'm sure if you can handle living next to alligators, you can do this too!! *cheering like crazy here*
    Happy reading!! :)
    Hugs, J.

  2. You are definitely a feet first sort of girl...

    I will still get you.. Don't you worry my girl...


  3. LOL, I am Dutch and not so tough... I feel I am one of the few m/m virgins left so I do want to investigate this genre so yes Cecile.... I will take your hand!! We can do it!!

  4. Congrats Cecile! M/M romance popped my cherry earlier this year - no regrets, I love it!

    I've got the M/M Meme on my blog today.



  5. YAY!!!!

    You will be fine - girl - you like your sex on a stick - well, you are going to get plenty of sticks...just sayin'!!!!!!!


  6. You know I lub you right Cecile ;) And doing your first M/M steps all alone YAY go you! Take care of Marissa for me...she is all new too, like a shiny new penny *grin8

  7. *sniff* *wipes at eyes*

    I'm so proud, Cecile!

    My favorite Kim Dare book is Time To Do.

  8. Oh Cecile! You went into the unknown all by yourself. You are my hero. I am holding on to my virginity, and even gave away my only temptation on bookmooch. yes I am just a scared little gal.

    I must learn from you oh mighty one.

  9. LMAO!!!! I decided to take the plunge myself and see where that will get me!
    Erotic emailed me this morning... So, just to let you all know... She will be holding my hand still... Although I must say... taking the plunge by myself was quiet... exhilarating!!! I shall be back.... MMMmaaaahhhhhaaawwwww

  10. I can't wait for your reviews! And a m/m vampire romance? Awesome!

  11. The genre isn't for me so I'll have to say I'm a virgin in this genre and will remain so. But I hope they are gentle with ya my friend lol. You all are funny.

  12. LMAO!!! I hope your first time is a pleasurable experience Cecile!! I can't wait to read your thoughts on these, especially the vampire one. Yum!

    Hugs, VFG

  13. Welcome to the m/m genre! I hope you like what you read!

    Josh Lanyon is one of my favorites...along with LB Gregg and JL Langely. They always have great stuff. :)

  14. Hi Cecile!

    I'm glad you found some M/M books to your tastes! LOL Can't wait to hear your thoughts!


    Dottie :)


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