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Book Review: Life After 187 by Wade

Life After 187 by Wade J. Halverson
Subject :FICTION / Adventure
Pages: 236
Book Format:Trade Book 6x9

Sentenced to life in prison when he executes the men who murdered his wife, Kane Silver is singled out by the warden for his fi ghting ability. Along with inmates Valentino Lopez and Si’Ling Lee, Kane is drafted into service and forced to fi ght for money in high-stakes tournaments. But when the three friends escape during a New Year’s Eve match in Lake Tahoe— saving the warden’s life in the process—their situation becomes more complicated. Their status undetermined, they vanish underground and sign on to help a young woman whose parents are being held by an Argentinean drug kingpin. Follow Kane and his friends as they compete and grow closer while rediscovering what it means to be free. From Lake Tahoe and the western United States to Costa Rica, Hong Kong, Buenos Aires, and Thailand, Life After 187 takes readers on an exhilarating ride fi lled with big money, intense action, justice, and the pursuit of honor.

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This book was given to me by the author, Mr. Halverson for review. The thoughts that are expressed are solely mine and mine alone. Now on the review...

This book is kick ass. There is some steamy sex, a hell’va lot of action, and the courage of a true man. Please meet Kane Silver. Now, this book was not very high on the romance, but I will tell you that Kane made it to my Sex On A Stick Man status. How you might ask... I will let the story unfold.

Kane was raised in a military family all his life, moving from one post to another with his family. His father made the military his career; so Kane was raised to be the best the best could be. Kane followed in his father's footsteps. At the age of 25 years old, Kane's fellow comrades deemed him a Greek statue. He was in awesome shape, good looking and I my words, just plain hot. But it was not just his physical features that drew me to him, no. It was the man himself. He was all a man should be and more. He was the perfect gentleman, the perfect soldier, and all around great guy. But I do not want you to think that they man was all that perfect, for he was not ~ no one is.

Kane meet Melinda when he was serving in the Persian Gulf war. They hit it off instantly ~ love at first sight. I have to give my hat off to Mr. Wade for bringing the characters to life for me. I could see the love that Kane and Melinda shared. How deep it ran and how true it was. The depht of how they truly adored each other.
One day, like any other, all that changed. Kane's world was rocked and not in a good way. One afternoon, four men decided to break into Kane's house; with the Melinda inside. Well, the events that unfold broke my heart and had tears in my eyes. But the story did not end there.

No, Mr. Wade pushed farther into the depths of how far would a man go to do the right thing. Kane's life changed. I do not want to give away to much of the book, but know that I found myself rooting for Kane through the whole thing. The thing that may bore some women are the fighting scenes. I watch a lot of mma(mixed martial arts) shows and such, so for me, this was awesome. I felt like I was standing on the side of Kane and his opponent, watching them fight. I felt like I was right there when Kane would be doing his daily workouts. Mr. Wade did a brilliant job at luring into the intoxicating tale of Kane's journey in life.

I can honestly say this was an awesome book. The ride it took me one and where it ended, I never saw that coming. The love that is in the book is simply amazing. First with his wife, then you see it trickled down to his friends. Family. The loyalty to everyone Kane comes into contact with is not lost either. He is a man of honor and code and most of all respect.

A man who would defend me no matter the cost, honor his own values and morals, treat everyone with the respect they deserve, fight for his friends and love with all his heart is definitely a sex on a stick man to me. So, if you would like to meet a man of such description, I think you should definitely go out and get this book. It definitely leaving you feeling a sense of satisfaction and it will leave a smile on your face.

Mr. Wade, I appreciate you allowing me the time to read and review your book and I look forward to many more. Good luck to you sir!

Please feel free to visit Mr. Halverson's site --->> here.
You can also go to to buy the book and see other reviews of this book --->>> here.
And you can also find Mr. Halverson on Goodreads --->>> here.

Hope you enjoyed the review!!!

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  1. Nice review Cecile! Oh, I so want to start reading this book right now!!! - I'm in love with Kane :)

  2. Wow, this sounds like quite the book. Very nice review. I like it when you read and you have no idea where the author is going. Sounds like it paid off.

    Have a great day!!

  3. Hi Cecile!
    I was lucky enough to read this one too! I LOVED it!!! I am glad to hear that you felt the same way. ;-)


  4. I really liked this book too! Great review.


  5. Host~ Hey honey! Thank you. This book is a great book. Like I said, it is a kick ass book. I mean the action in this book was great! I was really impressed with this book. And yes, you will fall in love with Kane!!! He definitely is a man to take notice of!
    I hope you have a great day hon!

    Mandi~ Oh man, this is some book! Thank you. This one paid off and hit jackpot! It was a really surprising book! And I loved it!
    I hope you have a great day too hon! Thanks for coming over!

    Brande~ Hey honey!! Oooo, you loved it too!! What was your favorite part of the book??? I did love the book, it really was great! When I read the first chapter though, I was hooked, line and sunk! I loved Kane!!!

    Hi Jennifer!! Welcome, hope you liked your visit! Oh another reader of the book! What was your favorite part of it??

  6. You sure find those sex on a stick kinda guys don't you cecile :)
    Sounds like an interesting book indeed

  7. You sure find those sex on a stick kinda guys don't you cecile :)
    Sounds like an interesting book indeed

  8. Say no more Cecile you had me at "Sex On A Stick Man status." I just added this one to my goodreads :) I can already tell you are going to cause me to buy even more books ::wink::

  9. Great review girl! This sounds like a really good read. Kane sounds like a total hottie! Growl heheheh

  10. Wow! I sure did enjoy your review, honey! This sounds like an emotional read. And that hero seems to be incredible and awesome!

    *looking at my TBR pile if it can handle another book without tipping over*


  11. This is different! I'm always ready to switch things up every once in a while. Nice review Cecile!!

  12. Hi Cecile, Kane sounds like a very fascinating man...just the way I like them ;) Thanks for your review hon it triggered my curiousity!

  13. Steamy sex scenes, hot guy I am sold! This sounds like a great read! Great review!

    I hope you have a great day!

  14. Oh, the book sounds awesome! I'll have to check this one out for sure. Kane sounds like the hero of every woman's heart.

    great post hon!

  15. Wow, Cecile, I just went to his site...I read a part of the book...OMG! It is one to buy for sure!


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  17. Hi Cecile!

    Great review! I'm glad you enjoyed the book! Kane certainly shows interesting! I'll head over to his website and take a peek.

    Thanks Cecile!

    Dottie :)


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