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Review: Simple Need by Lissa Matthews

Publisher: Ellora’s Cave
ISBN: 978-1419924873
Genre: Contemporary Erotic Romance
Format: eBook
Length: Novella
Read An Excerpt
Available as an ebook from Ellora’s Cave

Vinter is not your typical businessman. Tattoos, piercings and not a suit and tie in sight. One-third owner of a bar and a tattoo parlor along with being a bassist in a band, Vinter comes and goes as he pleases. He likes his beer cold, his music hard and his women scorching hot. Until he’s knocked off his game by a suburban doll he can’t stop wanting.

Elise needs a change. In men. The buttoned-up businessmen she’s been dating leave a lot to be desired—in romance, in respect and most definitely in sex. A recent text message from her now ex-lover drives Elise into a popular bar on the outside of town, where she meets one of its owners. He’s just the kind of man she’s never had and definitely the kind she’s always fantasized about. Big, bad and oh so naughty.

Unexpected tenderness. Unimaginable lust. Being dumped has never felt so damn good...

I obtained the above information from Ms. Lissa's website -->> here.

For those of you that know me... and those that don't this is my little statement about short books.... I do not judge short stories on the rush of their relationships, because they are just that - short stories. So, yes the relationships always could have been drawn out more, yea it seems like they fall in love to fast and of course the story could have been made longer... but it is a short story. So with that said.... here is my review...

This is one f*cking hawt book. It is the best quickie I have had in a long time. OMG... And all I can feel that I can say is that:

**stands pouting with hands on hips and demanding**

Ms. Lissa is one of the best erotic writers I have come to read. She gives it to me just the way I like it.... Straight up, with a twist, with a flogger, with a dirty, naughty tattooed up guy... with wild monkey sex, with sweet kisses... She crafts her heroine's to be the girl next door, your average woman... Strong, honest, bare to the soul kinda women. And this story is no different.

It is short at 60 pages... So there is not much I can say without giving this away, but I will give you this.....

Vinter is f*cking SEX.ON.A.STICK and I want him in my bed ASAP!!! But Elise, Ms. Lissa even makes me want her... Damn... She is a woman who has been rejected the worst way... via text message. I mean come on, I just wanted to take her home and make her feel better too... The same motive Vinter had when he saw her walk into his bar. He just wanted to give her a pair of ears to listen to, nothing more nothing less. Just talk. He knew the minute she walked into his bar that she was the one thing that did not fit. He knew his clientele and she was not a part of it. And knowing his clientele, he knew what most people wanted... some anonymity, someone to talk to about their problems, an escape. What he did not expect was the feelings he would have once he sat next to Elise!

Elise is your normal, typical woman. A regular nine to five job, a regular nine to five kinda man. Dreams of white fences, the house, the kids... The normal things... She thought she would have them in her current boyfriend... that is until he texted her and told her he was going back to his wife... Ouch.. Talk about kill a girls pride just a little huh... So, she hauled her ass across town and into to a bar to drown her troubles for the night. She knew what her limit was in the drink department... She just wanted to escape for a moment... That is until tall, dark, tattoo, dangerous man came and sat next to her.... Then all resolve hit the door!

One night, one bar... two people. With Simple Needs... With the same simple needs... With the same desire...

I will tell you this... I think my ereader burnt up after reading that one!!! Ms. Lissa, I bow down to you honey!!! You give my the smut I need to live. You are my crack... and I am addicted!

My quote is not for the faint at heart... Only hussies need to go farther....

"He winked and one corner of his mouth titled up as he sat back again. "You. Me. A bed. Naked. Fucking all thoughts of that loser right out of your pretty head."

Okay... Now do you want more Vinter... I thought so.....

To visit Ms. Lissa's website, please go -->> here.
To visit her blog... please go -->> here. And drop her a note while you are there! Ohhh and don't forget to check out her other books while you are there... they are awesome!!!!

Ramblings of a Book Bitch reviewed it as well.. and this is what she had to say... Here!

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  1. Now that is one scorching quote to read at 7.40 AM LOL Instead of my morning tea I need ice water :))

    The way Vinter is displayed on the cover *rowr* but the way you describe him Cecile maked me want him NOW too *grin*

    Good night for you hon, dream amazing dreams!

  2. Cecile!

    OMG...this one sounds awesome! LOL on the quicky...that's a good one...I love the double meaning on that! MONKEY SEX!!!! ROTFLOL Funny girl!

    big hugs

  3. I really have to check out this author. Her books sound wonderful. And her books are like crack? Is it bad if I say I want that now. ;)

  4. Hahaha - have to check this one out, sounds like the kind of story I'd enjoy :)

  5. That quote made me giggle. I love when a man is so sure of himself. & he’s a musician! I’m sold :)

  6. The description of Vinter and cover with that tattoo had me wanting this book before I even got to your review. Haha, which was wonderful as well :-)

    Stephanie G
    Paranormal Haven

  7. Sounds great. Vinter sounds yummy - how can you not like the tattooed man? I can't help but love them. :)

  8. Lol, it sure seems you enjoyed this book ;) Quick, good and utterly hot

  9. Oh.
    Oh, my.

    Looks like I have to get this one too! I just *love* Lissa Matthews' stories don't you? Thanks, Cecil. I'm with Leontine on needing a dose of ice water!!

  10. This was an awesome read. I want a Vinter too :)
    Great review.

  11. oh dear... I see Minx and bearsy and the other have some competition for Vinter's attentions...

  12. Leontine~ Hey hon! Thanks for coming over! YOU make me giggle!! I am glad that I could make your morning and yes, it did make my night! =) Oh honey, Vinter is that kinda man!!!!!

    ->"but the way you describe him Cecile maked me want him NOW too *grin*" Girl, you know I give it to you straight! Love ya!

    Houston A.W. Knight~ Hey girlie! This one is awesome Hawk. You have to try Lissa NOW! Gave you the giggles huh, lol! Hugs to you!

    SusiSunshine~ Hey honey! Ohhhh hon, you doooo have to check this author out ~ now! And yes, her books are my crack and I have to have it ~ NOW!!

    Patti (Book Addict)~ Hey honey! I will just say you heard me pimp her enough this weekend! LOL!!!

    Christie (The Fiction Enthusiast)~ Hey there!!! I am glad that I could sell you on this one! Believe me, you will want your own Vinter!

    Chris~ Oh honey, you having one of those days. I am sorry hon!

    Paranormal Haven~ Stephanie ~Hey hon! Ohhhh honey, Vinter is something else! Thank you hon, you are sweet!

    Tracy~ Hey hon! Oh Vinter is oh so very yummy... You are right ~ how could not fall in love with Vinter!

    Blodeuedd~ Hey honey! Ohhhh I very much indeed love this one... ALOT!

    Vixen Pearl~ Hey hon and welcome! ooohhhh oh my is right! And if you love Lissa's work, you will definitely love this one! Thanks for coming over!!! Glad I could... help out! =)

    elaing8~ Hey hon!!! Heee heee, that's my girl! Wanting Vinter too huh!!

    Lissa~ Oh yeah, I am heading over there now, lmbo! Cuz, he is MINE!

  13. Vinter is Sex On A Stick you say I'll have to get this one!

  14. Eyre~ Hey hon! It is very hot! Hugs and hussy kisses to you!

    Tricia~ Hey hon! Oh yeah, Vinter is Sex On A Stick... LMBO!

  15. Good lord, that sounds hot!! I need to go check this one out!! I love your review, by the way! It had me giggling! :)

  16. Minx~ Me too!!!! Oh gosh! Thanks for coming over hon!

    Tanya~ Hey hon! Thanks for coming check out my review! And I am so glad that I could make you giggle!
    Have a great day!


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