Wednesday, September 1, 2010

OMG... Me Love Presents as Much as I Luv Cookies!!

Okay... not sure if everyone knows her..... Elaing8....
She is the one responsible for making my little cartoon pics and all....
Well, we have been knowing each other for a little over a year!
We met over at Leontine's place for one of the Beefcake Preview Night
and we became instance best friends!
We talk every day... We rant and rave every day...
We do all we can ~ being miles away.
She lives in Canada... And one day....
We will meet!

Well, last year I started sending her bday/Christmas presents...
What was in the present, food from my area ~ goodies if you will!
And that is what started the trade of gifts...
Well this gift blew me away!!

Let me show you my goodies!!!

This is the whole package!
Oh... FYI... Since she is from Canada, she is now making hat my next hometown country, lol.
Now... Introducing...

(((this is card is from a child in Elaing8's family ~ not Elaing8, lol)))
Cecile's Goodie Presents!!!!
The whole package...

((tee-shirt is for hubs))
Now for the breakdown!
In this corner... We have the snacks!
She does know me so well.....
My personal own stash of goodies... And Cookies!!!!

Then in this corner.....
We have my ever addiction to
Tom Horton's Coffee...
And some black tea... which is really delicious *with sugar*

Then after coffee... or tea....
I will be making pancakes to try the
VERY REAL Maple Syrup!!!
And then I will cook supper with my new seasoning and sauces!

Then to ensure my Canadian Residency...
She made sure I had the proper things...
Paper, pen, cards, coaster, a deck of cards, a spoon and key chain
(which is already on my key ring!!)

because she loves me.....
A book!!!
***Big Grins***

She left me a card in there too that made me cry!
We met online and have yet to meet in real life.
One day... One great day we will!
I have come to treasure my online friends....
So much so that I take to heart all the comments, all the emails....
all the everything that I share with each and everyone of you.
So if you think that the you will pass on commenting, or sending that email to check on someone... send it because you never know whose day you will brighten up!
So Elaing8....
I luv you girl!!!!! Thank you from the bottom of my heart!!

Remember... Keep it Dirty, Smutty & Hussy!
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  1. It's awesome to have friends like that. I'm glad you do. It's important and you are so very very lucky. So is she. It's sometimes a precious and fragile thing...friendship.

  2. Awww now I love Elaing8 too for sending things like that to someone she met online. Friends like that are the best :)

  3. Oh Cecile....what a beautiful and touching post! You made me cry...and to think I'm lucky enough to know you both...and I adore you both!

    Elaine...this was an awesome gift from the heart! A friend like you is special and rare! (hugs)

    big hugs to you both

  4. That is too cool! :) What a great friend they are indeed rare and precious! :) BIG HUGS my dear.

  5. What great presents to receive in the mail.

    Thanks Elaine8 for making Cecile's day. She's a sweetie and so are you.

  6. Wow that is so nice. It's great to meet such wonderful ppl online.

  7. Awwww, that is so sweet! One thing I've really enjoyed about book blogging is the wonderful people I meet!

    (I've heard about the poutine, I want to hear how you like it!)

  8. Yay Canada!!!! I can't believe she didn't send you Smarties. LOL All of that looks really delicious and Tim Horton's is an institution to be sure. Can't wait to see you making poutine. Yum, so unhealthy. :-)

  9. What an awesome pressie to receive and what a great friendship to treasure!! Enjoy all the goodies cecile :)

  10. Thanks everyone for the sweet comments.
    I am so thankful for my online/bloggy buddies :)

    Cecile,Your friendship means the world to me.Luv you :)
    And I am glad you liked everything.I know by now the stash is probably almost all

    Tam,my niece did inform me that US gets different color smarties than we they'll go in the next package :)

  11. That's so awesome! Its nice to know that others care as much about comments and online friends as I do.

  12. Awww! I think I'm choking up a little bit. :D We love you!

  13. I now realize Cecile, you posted to the first Beefcake Night..So I went and read it again.
    Good lord I'm a virtual
    **sips cocktail** really how could everyone let me get that out of control**sips**
    And Leontine when is the next one**finishes drink**

  14. Awww.. That is so sweet of her! What a wonderful friend! Isn't it amazing the fantastic people that instantly become your virtual friends just through sharing the same lusts -- I mean loves! :)

    I'm glad you two found a special friendship!

  15. Hey Hun!
    That is one sweet package - it's always good to have friends who look out for your nom-nom habits *grin*


  16. @Elaing8 - I've got super busy times but I am aiming for a Beefcake Night in November and December, and from there on out I hope to make it a monthly event again.

  17. LMFAO..Tim Hortons, Presidents Choice and poutine. Was that a St. Huberts package??? couldn't have captured our country better!!!

    I must agree that Elaing8 is quite the lady!!
    Enjoy Cecile.

  18. Lissa~ Hey hon! You are right, the friendships we make are greatly important. I treasure each and every one of them! All of them are special to me!

    Blodeuedd~ Hey hon! Elaing8 is the bestest! I was blown away by what she did for me!

    Houston A.W. Knight~ I cried when I opened the package at work, then again when I got home hon. This truly touched me. I mean we do things for people all the time and never look for something in return. So when I got this... Yeah, speechless!

    JennJ~ Hey hon! Oh man, this was truly awesome. I count every night the good fortune of the friends I have made! Thanks for coming over hon! And big hugs to you!!!!

    Dru~ This was awesome! Awww Dru, your words are making me cry again.

    SusiSunshine~ Hey hon! It is awesome to meet ppl online and bond with them! And to think it happened over men, lmbo!

    Patti (Book Addict)~ Guess that means I have to cook it before this weekend, lmbo! It was awesome!

    Tam~ Yes, yayayayay Canada!!! Oh believe me... we all more packages being shipped between us. =) big grin!

    Leontine~ Hey hon! It truly was one of the bestest prssies I have gotten in a while!

    elaing8~ You made me cry! In a good way, lol!!! Luv you to hon!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    It is not all gone yet... but I will be hiding it before hubs comes home!!! Hee heee!!!

    Danielle~ Hey! It was sweet!

    Sweet Vernal Zephyr~ Honey, I was a ball of tears when I got this!
    And now you making me cry again... **Sniff sniff** Love you too!

    Chris~ It truly was very sweet!

    Elaing8~ At least we are lushes together!

    Tanya~ Hey hon! It was awesome! It is amazing how our friendships are formed and bonded ~ over the same lusts -- I mean loves!! Love it!

    s7anna~ Heyyyy hon! How have you been!?! I hope you are doing well!
    It was (and still is) a very delicious package!

    Leontine~ Ohhhhh I can not wait!

    Gina Gordon~ You gave me the giggles!!!!!!!!! I am this far **pinches** from being a Canadian resident!! LOL!!

    Thank you alllllllll for coming over to see my present. My point of this is to truly (*virtually*) hug those friends you make online!! They are the ones that sends you the smiles, make you giggle, make you snort soda out your nose and make your girlie parts freak out with hot book talk!! LMBO!!! Hugs to all of you!!!!!


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