Monday, August 2, 2010

Cover Hussy's.... Do you have what it takes??

[A deep and sultry male narrator speaks] In the world of romancelandia there are those who use their inborn radar and investigative skills to find the smuttiest of covers with the most hunk-a-liscious man candy.They are wicked creatures of the night, scattered all over the world and have no fear in ogling the most sexiest, dangerous or arrogant of cover models.
They are called…the cover hussies.
Now there is a chance to join their ranks and talk the talk with them about all things concerning
hot covers and man-candy...
It gives me great pleasure to announce the two ladies that have headed up this "team".
Your Majesty Rulers of this club are

Courtesy of Elaing8 **you rock honey doll**

We want to know if there is anyone out there...
that thinks they are bold enough to join in with the ranks of us....
To dive into the world of the hottest covers....
To bring attention to the yummies of men.... and women....
on the hottest covers around???
Do you think you have what it takes?

Are you strong enough to release your inner hussy?
Is the world ready for you?
This is what is wanted of you..........

  • The number of participants would be 5... So the first five to respond....
  • To apply for the position to be a part of The Smutty Round Table you must be willing to search for the smuttiest cover candy out there, report back to either Leontine or myself.
  • And ladies... this is very hard work!
  • You must promise to uphold the values of the hussies; which means oogling all those abs, pecs and ass is a necessity.
  • Have basic understanding of the smut talk
  • You would be responsible for sending us your choice of cover in an email with a short note telling us the reason why that cover should be voted on.
  • Any and all covers are a go... New and Old... We do not discriminate!
  • You must have a blog....
These are the rules ~ however...
They are not set in stone...
We are still playing with all of this...

You know how we love our kinks...
Well consider this....
We are still working with the kinks...
Of the program....
**or the cover models**

Now get to emailing us:
Leontine's email addy
Cecile's email addy

Remember... Keep it Dirty, Smutty and Hussy!!
Click on the icons to go to the blogs!
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  1. Haha fun :)
    Though I fear I like those more magical covers and do not always go for abs

  2. oooooo this sounds like fun!!!!

  3. Not entering - just congratulating you on your contest win at s7anna's place!

    veri: menwzin.... Hmmm...

  4. I've just emailed both you guys lol Should I get some of my twitter, fb and real life friends as references to my being able to keep it dirty, smutty and hussy? ;)

    @Envyious (Camille)

  5. ooooh! I want in! Pretty please with a sexy male on top??? =D

  6. Morning ladies, you guys crack me up!!! Thanks for making my Monday morning soo much fun!

    Blodeuedd~ Honey, you are so crazy! I know you love looking at those ab covers, but I do know you love your magical covers more! But I thank you for coming over! =) I hope you had a great weekend.

    Minx~ Hey hon! Fun you say... **waggles eyebrows**

    Chris~ Awww thanks honey!! I do love your veri word, lmbo! Does that make you Men Wzin...?

    Camille~ Hi there!! Welcome! I will be checking email in a minute, I love your avatar!

    Larissa~ Hey honey!!!Pretty please you say... Ohhh honey.. I am going to email headquarters in a minute =)

    You ladies rock!

  7. You two are hysterical! I love those smutty covers in your pics :)

  8. I'll repeat what I said at Leontine's place:

    If there's someone in Blogland who is so not a cover hussy, it's me LOL
    Though I appreciate any cover with a nice male chest or great abs...I would never pass the test to be a Cover Hussy but I hope you ladies all have great fun with it! Looks like you are already having a blast ;)


  9. I wanna join! Just sent both of you an email.

  10. This is gonna be a lot of fun. You two rock!! :D

  11. Patti (Book Addict)~ You know we are dangerous!! LMBO! And I am glad that you enjoy!

    Pearl~ Hey hon! You are too funny!! I am sure there is a hussy buried deeep down somewhere....!!

    Nanny~ Hi and welcome to the Lair! I hope you are enjoying yourself! I will head to email central in a second. Thanks for coming over and for the interest!!!

    elaing8~ You rock honey!!!!! Oh you know we will have a blast!

  12. Fun! I'm not sure I have what it takes to be a cover hussy...BUT, I can't wait to see what ya'll find!!

  13. OMG some of the e-mails have some awesome smut stuff attached *thud* I can't wait to have our first real club day *grin* and see what our final cover hussies come up with!!

  14. I can't wait to see what you all come up with!

  15. Diana (Book of Secrets)~ Hey honey! You are too funny... I think we all have what it takes, for some of us though it is just buried ~ deep down! But hang around to see what we find!

    Leontine~ Hey Partner in Crime!!! Jane Bond 0010!~ Ha! I kill myself!

    Eyre~ Oh yes, please stick around!!!! Thanks for coming over honey!

  16. I can't wait to see the results of this round table!

  17. LOL AWESOME *Curtsies* to the royal high majesties o smut. :) I can't wait to see what you ladies come up with!


  18. The smuttiest cover I love is the "Biker Chic" by Devyn Quinn - haut!!! Especially when you read about what is depicted on the cover.

  19. YAY! I'm so excited *rubs hands in glee* lol

    and thanks :D I went as a female Clark Kent to a friend's costume party (as you see I have a blog that's really only used for commenting on more active blogs ;P)

  20. Cecile only you would toss down a challenge like this...

    Women of the world beware.. Cecile is about..



  21. I want in! Am I too late? I want to oogle man goodies... some more. lol.

  22. Sweet~ Oh honey, I know you will stick around to see what we come up with, lmbo!!

    JennJ~ Awww, you may get up now hon... LMBO... This is soo much fun! High Majesties O Smut!!! LMBO!

    Anonymous~ Hi there! I will be going check out that cover.... Hummm... Okay off to investigate!
    Thanks for coming over!

    Camille~ You are too funny!!! You are more than welcome hon! And yes, I saw your avatar and thought that was priceless!!!

    Erotic Horizon~ Hey honey!! LMBO.... That is all I can say... is I have the giggles over this comment, lol!!! Cecile is about.. am I to fill in the blanks, lmbo!

    ~*Jessica Rabbit*~ Hi there and welcome to the Lair! Heading to email central now! Nice to meet you.

  23. LMAO!! You two are soo hilarious! I know that you have all your smutty round table members, but can I at least have a soundproof condo in Romancelandia! That sounds like the perfect place to get some really good.... sleep??

    I can't wait to see what you guys come up with! *hugs*

  24. Hello Madame Prez. That's a hell of a hot cover you've got. I'm impressed.

  25. **Tips Hats**

    Thanks Cowboy! I hope you are well Mr. V... Kinda miss you on the porch... things got a little crazy, so I headed back to my place. I think its a boy's place right now, lol!
    Hope all is well hon!

  26. Yup, looks like it's heading that way. Missing you too. Thanks Cecile.

  27. You are more than welcome Mr V.

    Yeah a Hussy has to be careful... Especially with a house full of randy boys.

    So, I think my Lair is the best place for me... Although I do have to admit to spying on the porch from afar... just to keep tabs on things. You know.. in case my name is brought up, lmbo!

  28. Well, I'm happy you're watching. Maybe I'll get to sing that little song now.

  29. Hon, it is your place.. or so I thought before everything ran a muck, lol. But, I am there.. in spirit if not in words.


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