Friday, August 27, 2010

Giveaway: How do you cook in your kitchen??

Sean from CSN contacted me to let me know that they have selected as a
CSN Preferred Blogger!

So, this post is for their kitchen items and how excited do you think my Chef was when he saw me at their web site.... I thought he would literally jump out of him towel when he saw the brand Le creuset... I had to hold him back from going grab my purse - to get my debit card.


Of course he immediately went to the site and put a whole slew of items on his wish list....
**Cue the music from heaven....**
This is what he truly wants... So, if you want to get Chef something for his birthday...... You know what you can get him... Go to CSN and get the man some Le Creuset baking dishes!

Now for the part you really stayed tuned for....

:::::The Giveaway:::::

What... Did you really think he was going to show you how he uses his...
pots and pans!!!!

Sean at CSN has very graciously given me a...

...are you ready...

a $60.00 gift card to give to one lucky winner!!!!

So... come on... what you waiting for!?!?!?!?!

Oh.. the rules...
Just leave me a comment telling me...

What is your favorite thing in your kitchen (and no... not my cook either)???
And leave me an email so I can get in touch with you!!!!

Now... come on....

$60.00 is at stake here....

No answer, no email.... NO entry!
US/Canada only...
I am sorry over the pond peeps... Not my gift card to give.
Oh and my Canadian peeps... check if fees may apply to you... Just check please.

~ The contest ends ~
...September 1st...

The winner will be announced sometime on
September 2nd!!

Remember... Keep it Dirty, Smutty & Hussy!
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  1. Jesus f*ck is that your boyfriend?


    Uh... I'm trying not to oogle him. My favorite thing in the kitchen... other than food. Hmm. The kitchen island, looooove it. It's good not only for prepping the food but... other *coughs* activities. lol.

    Other than that I love my blender. I love to make frozen cappuccino slush type things. mmmm. lol.



  2. Le Creuset are brilliant if you like cooking or need summit handy and durable to throw!

  3. LMAO!! I love your personal chef!! *giggles*

    Favorite thing in my kitchen.. nothing!! When we moved from NC to NJ at Christmas -- we massively had to downsize (city living and all) and had to get rid of TONS of stuff! But, you know what I really want?? That Ninja blender! Does that thing not look fantastic?! And it's small.. perfect for space!

    Have a great weekend, sweetie!! *hugs*

  4. Not entering, but I just added it to linkity. :)

  5. My favorite thing in my kitchen? I can't limit it to one. The one for daily use is my teapot from Upton Tea. In use several times a day. My other favorite is the set of stainless steel measuring cups and spoons. Very heavy and accurate. Dishwasher and stovetop safe.

    Saw the contest in Chris' linky list.

  6. My grandmother's food mill is my favorite. Although, if I had that handsome toweled man in my kitchen I would probably have to reconsider my answer...

    And Chris sent me this direction. :-)

  7. Okay, I'm a little distracted by that picture but I'll try to think coherently...My favorite thing in my kitchen right now is my coffee pot (I'm a java-holic), but I would love to get some new pots and pans!


  8. Wow. They have stuff that is available to Canada, I checked. ;-)

    To be honest, my favourite thing I've been playing with is my daughter's Slap Chop that my Mom bought her. LOL Cause I love Vince's nuts. :-D But I also love my waffle iron. I love waffles but don't make them as often as I should. Pancakes just seem faster somehow.

  9. I love my toaster oven. It is wonderful because then I do not have to heat up the entire kitchen in this hot summer.

  10. my fave thing in the kitchen is my coffee pot! :D


  11. lol How do I cook in my kitchen? As little as is humanly possible! And that's totally A-ok with my family because they've had my cooking! :)

    Ok, it's not that bad but the thing that gets used the most is definitely the coffee pot. :)

  12. My favorite is my SS bottom-freezer, french-door refrigerator. I love it and it's beautiful.

    jenma76 at hotmail dot com

  13. As avid a cook as I am, I've never had anything Le Creuset.

    My can't-do-without, favorites list in my kitchen is quite extensive...

    1. My Kitchen-Aid stand mixer. I'll sacrifice a kid for my mixer! grins... Okay well, I'd at least sacrifice DH for it... No kidding on that one.

    2. My Crock-Pot. I LOVE that thing!

    3. My double-oven range.

    4. My Emeril Stainless Steel cookware.

    5. My cast-iron skillets.

    6. My coffee makers (drip, espresso, and French press)

    7. My Cuisinart Food Processor, though I need a bigger one.

    8. Oh and my newest addition to my kitchen that I am in LOVE/LUST with is my 4-in-1 grill/griddle/panini press (I believe making some Cuban sandwiches is going to be on tap for this weekend)


  14. It's okay that we're over the peeps are excluded (again ;)), because I must admit I never cook! It's more hubby's thing. :)
    I'll take the time to drool over your bf a bit, honey! I'm sure you don't mind. :D *hugs*

  15. Argh, I meant 'over the pond' of course! xoxo

  16. Hot damn, I now have a kitchen wish list of my own. Some of your items sound soo cool that I might just have to look into some of them!! Thanks you guys for coming over!

    ~*Jessica Rabbit*~ Hey honey. Sorry... didn't mean to rock your world this morning. Guess you never know what you will find in my kitchen these days! LMBO!
    Honey, you can oogle away. That is what he is there for!! That and *cough* other things! *evil wink*

    JJ Cocker~ Hey honey!! Ohh you have heard of this brand before. I have not till I went to their site. And then I fell in love! OMG.. they are awesome!
    To throw huh, I will have to keep that in mind!!! LMBO!

    Tanya~ Hey honey. You love my personal chef, he is very *cough* handy!!! Aw honey, I am sorry to hear that you guys had to down size, that does suck. But hopefully... Someone will hear your plead and get you that Ninja blender!

    Chris~ Hey honey, thanks for adding me! You are a sweetheart!

    trek~ Thanks for coming over! Any of Chris's friends/followers... are friends of mine! Welcome. Ohh I love the idea of measuring cups being stovetop safe.

    Donna~ Another Chris, thank you for coming over! Ahh a grandmother tool. You have to love and treasure those!!!

    Margay~ Hey there hon! Thanks for popping on over! LOL!! Love my pic huh! Ohhh coffee pot, yes!!!

    Tam~ Girl you give me the giggles!!! Cuz you love Vince's nuts, lmao!!! Now I will remember that.. you can make me pancakes and waffles if I come to visit!

    suburban prep~ Hi there and welcome! Toaster over, aren't they the greatest. I love mine. Especially when I am just baking for me! =) Yeah, my family can fend for themselves, lmbo!

    Jason~ Hey there!!! Welcome Java man!! I love my coffee pot... but more than that.. I love the coffee that goes in that pot! LMBO!

    Tracy~ You are too funny honey!!

    Scorpio M.~ Hey hon! Ohhhh now that sounds nice!!!! I want a new one, I just don't want to have to pay for it....

    Lissa~ Hey honey!!! Holy Moly.. Okay I am printing this out and going shopping now!!!! Thanks for the list of goodies and yes, I know you love cooking/baking!!! Wish we lived closer so I could sample some of that cooking!!!

    Have a great weekend ladies and gents!! Thanks for coming over to play... and remember... to tell others..... If you want to be nice, lmbo!!!!

  17. ErotRomReader (Janna)~ Hey honey!! Yeah, I am sorry... This is not my giveaway to give. You know I would if I could honey!!!! And even if it would be something for hubs, that would be nice too!!! LOL!!! Hugs to you honey and you can stay here all day.. I am sure if you bat those eye lashes of yours... he might *cough* whip you something up!!!! **Evil wink**

  18. Our kitchen isn't exactly the best, so I have no island to love. :( But we'll get one some day. What I love is how it's the room everyone goes to. You'd think the living room would be the hangout, but it's not. Any time someone comes over, or my family gets together, it's in the kitchen.

  19. lonewolf~ Hi and welcome!!! I hope you like your stay! And I do love your answer. It use to be that way at my Grandmothers house when she was alive. We all gravitated to the kitchen. No matter the living was big enough for all of us to fit... we just seemed to go to the kitchen. Lots of memories there!!
    Thanks for coming!

  20. Ok if I can't pick your cook as my favorite thing how about his

    Tam LOL at Vince's nuts.I love that commercial.

    my real favorite thing..hmmm..not the best cook but I do like to bake so I like my cookie sheets,muffin tins,cake and pie pans.


  21. my favorite thing in my kitchen is the telephone so I can call for take out.


  22. Lol, yes I wouldn't mind him being cooking my food.

    Hope you're having a great weekend Cecile

  23. Elaing8~ Hey hon!!! I am sure if you help him *prepare* his food, he would glad to have you in the kitchen!! I Kill myself!! LOL!
    Ohhh okay, Elaing has cookies... we are going to your house!
    Thanks for coming over!

    Dru~ I LOVE YOU!!! You are hilarious!!!! I love it! I hope you are enjoying your vacation! Hugs honey!

    Blodeuedd~ Oh honey, Come on over to my kitchen and we will cook something together!! OH I am sure... Chef here would not mind helping you out!! Have a great weekend honey!

  24. I love my chef's knife. I use it for every single meal I prepare.

  25. My favorite thing in my kitchen is my microwave. I live by myself so lots of times I just heat up something in it.

  26. Hey, Cecile! My favorite thing in the kitchen is my husband! Yep. I'm lucky because he's a fabulous cook! He makes the best risotto dishes. Other than my DH, my favorite thing would be my coffee maker. Can't live without that!

    Have a great weekend!


  27. My fav thing in my kitchen is my bread machine!! I love the way the house smells when I make bread!!


  28. I love my non-stick dutch oven. I can use any type of utensil in it and the cleaning process is so easy. That pot gets used everyday.

  29. Wish I had a personal chef...

    My favorite thing in my kitchen is the coffee pot. Sorry, but I don't start the day well without a cup of coffee.

    carolsnotebook at yahoo dot com

  30. Are you sure we can't say your chef?

    I have 2 favorite things, my kitchen aid mixer (when we did the remodel hubby had a special cabinet made for it and I love the cabinet too!!) and my salad spinner!

  31. My favorite item is the blender. Please enter me in contest.

  32. Preferably, the kitchen counter, swept of all utensils and food.

  33. Hey Sweetie! how are things with you?

    hmmm this is so not a difficult question!! My favorite item is my coffee pot! Without my coffee pot my husbands clothes won't get ironed, the kids won't get breakfast nor will they get out to the bus on time. My son will be lucky to have matching clothes, my daughter is on her own here as she is quite old enough to pick out her own outfits. And to top of the necessity of having at least that first cup of coffee in the morning I absolutely hate cooking!! yeah I try to tell myself that maybe I would be a better cook or even like it a little more if I had this gadget or that thingamabob but lets face it this girl was not meant to be in the kitchen!!

    Thanks for the contest!!

  34. What a fabulous contest!

    My favorite thing in my kitchen is my cookie jar!

    I hope you have a great weekend, hon!

  35. You chef gives a whole new meaning to "Too hot in the kitchen!"

    What an awesome give away!!!

  36. LOL I forgot,

    My favorite thing in my kitchen is my coffee pot... : )

  37. Wow How do you keep your hands of him long anuff for him to cook?
    My Favorite thing is the dishwasher


  38. Wow. When are you inviting me over for dinner? Or Lunch? or snacks? whatever.
    Oh, my favorite thing is my immersion blender, although right now that seems pretty dull LOL

  39. My favorite thing in the kitchen is my daughter - she's a good cook :) When she's not around the battery operated can opener is good too


  40. My favorite kitchen item is my immersion blender. Now if I could only remember to have it charged!


  41. Ummm... yeah trying to think about what I like in my kitchen... kinda hard with a pic like that. My hubby is in my kitchen now... shit lmao... not the same!

    I really like my kitchenaid mixer, it's been a major go-to when I really don't want to put much effort in.

    fineinsanity {at} live {dot} com

  42. Hi Cecile,

    I blame the hunk in your kitchen for stealing my brains. ; )

    Does he have a brother...? ; )

    Until then favorite thing is still my coffee pot.

  43. No need to enter me but great contest! Dang well since I can't say your boyfriend... my microwave in a pinch it has saved the day many a time for me so I have to give it credit where credit is due.

    BIG HUGS hon and I hope you are having a fabulous weekend!

  44. My new convection double oven. I love it. It cooks everything to perfection. Oh, my ice tea maker!And no kitchen in my house would not be complete without my husband who likes to cook more than I do! LOL!!!

  45. my crock pot is my absolutely favourite part of my kitchen.

    email is in my profile

  46. Domestic Diva~ Hi and welcome! I am hoping you come back, because I need your email address if you want to be considered! Thanks for coming over!

    Sherry~ Hey honey! Thanks for coming over! The microwave, you are soo right! Coffee pot, then microwave maybe!

    Diana (Book of Secrets)~ Hey honey ! I am glad to see you over here! I hope all is well! Your hubs... Hummm.. That is one priceless item to have in your kitchen hon, you are lucky!!! Just remember to invite me over for supper!

    Alicia0605~ Hey hon! Ohhhh I love the smell of fresh baked bread! Wow!

    Leni~ Hey there! Thanks for coming over! And I love your kitchen item!

    carolsnotebook~ Hey hon! Ohhhh another coffee pot person! yaay!
    Hope all has been great my dear!

    Blanche~ Hey honey *giggles* Well, we can talk about my chef!!! Thanks for coming over Honey! It is good to see you again!

    Tore~ Hey honey! Thanks for coming over! A blender... that means you are making margaritas!

    Marilyn Adam~ Hi thanks for coming over!!! Appreciate you coming over!!

    Heather D~ Hey honey love! How have you bee? I hope all is well with you and your family!!! Thanks for coming over hon! You crack me up!! I love it! I do not function without coffee!!!

    Eyre~ Hey honey! Thanks for coming over! I am glad you could make it!
    OH damn a girl after my own heart.... Cookies are awesome!!!
    That's why I am going to Elaing8's house after I visit everyone with coffee, she bakes!!

    Lynne Roberts~ Hey honey, thought you would love my chef!!! *evil wink* Coffee pot, yes ma'am!

    stacey~ hey there! Ohhh honey, there is more flour on the him than mets the eyes, wicked laughter!!! Thanks for coming.

    LAMusing~ You can come over anytime you want.. just knock before you come in, lmbo! Thanks for coming!

    Norma~ Hi there! Thanks for coming over. Your daughter, wow! Kudos!

    Carol W.~ Hi and welcome.Thanks for coming!

    Mom2anutball~ Hi there and welcome! Thanks for coming over.
    JennJ~ Hey honey! Microwave!! I hear you on that one!! Hugs to you honey!!! All is good... ugh.. yeah it is, lol! I promise! =) Hope all is well with you and family honey!

    Lady_Graeye~ Hi there and welcome! Thank you for coming over! And I am a little jealous of your oven!

    Cole~ Hi there, Oh a crock pot, yes! Thanks for coming.

  47. OH WOW....The best thing in my kitchen? Ah...
    *gazing at Leontine's B-day gift*

    Ah yeah, right, my favorite item in my kitchen wolfgang pans in Leontine's B-day gift's up something hot and not in those pans! ;-) but on me!

    Well, dang it, you asked!


  48. i would love to get the Rachael Ray “Bubble & Brown” 2-Piece Stoneware Baker Set in Green - 51030

  49. My favorite thing in my kitchen is my Kitchen Aid mixer. It's a pretty navy blue :)
    throuthehaze at gmail dot com

  50. I do love my Kitchen Aid stand mixer. And my new Le Crueset tart dish I got from CSN.

  51. Carrie at In the Hammock Blog~ Hey hon! Thanks for coming over!

    Houston A.W. Knight~ Hey honey! I do love the way your mind thinks honey!!! Thanks for coming!

    kenziesmum~ HI and welcome! Thanks for coming!

    throuthehaze~ Hey girlie! Thanks for peeking in! How have you been!? Hope all is well!

  52. My favorite is our blender - I make fruit smoothies all the time esp. for breakfast. Thanks!
    mandalarctic at gmail dot com

  53. LOL!!

    My favorite thing is my le creuset spatula. It's pretty and colorful and it needs more le creuset friends.


  54. I love the cook you have there. Did you say you where having a dinner party with this lovely cook making an appearance? As pictured? I will be there! :D

    What do I love in the kitchen... hmmm, that one is a hard one. I don't do much in the kitchen, but if I had time I would have more fancy utencils to work with. I seem to collect them just like pens and pencils.

    Now have fun in that kitchen of yours... ;)

  55. mandala~ Welcome, thanks for coming over. You are in!

    SolDucky~ Hi there and welcome! Ohhh so you own Le Creuset... Wow!

    Melissa (My words and pages)~ Hey honey! Thought you would love my cook, he is something else!!! You are welcome at my place any time you want hon!
    Yes, now let's go have fun in mine!!!

  56. My kitchen aid mixer (:
    missbrown10 at hotmail dot com

  57. Wow, if he was in my kitchen, cooking would be the last thing on my mind.LOL.
    But my favorite thing in my kitchen is my rotasserie. I always used to make fun of those commericials that sold them on tv, until I picked one up really cheap at a garage sale. I just bought a new one, because I used the last one out. It makes great chicken, so easy, plus I throw in a couple of sweet potatoes. Yum.

  58. my favorite thing is my dishwasher

  59. My favorite thing in my kitchen is my gray kitchenaid mixer!
    winnieayala at yahoo dot com

  60. My favorite thing in my kitchen is my cat. She's always there with me, ready to "help" and snoop in the fridge.


  61. OMG your personal chef has me distracted. I will wipe the drool now and answer your giveaway question. The favorite thing in my kitchen currently has to be my waffle iron. My daughters love having freshly made belgian waffles. Second favorite item is my combo smoothie maker/blender, perfect for making smoothies for the family or my youngest's baby food.

  62. mmmmmm one of my favorite things in the kitchen is my most favorite is my dh making his delicious scrambled eggs in the kitchen

  63. Such a tough decision! I believe my favorite kitchen item is wine wrack from IKEA.
    sierranelsby (at) gmail (dot) com

  64. Good luck ladies!! Nice to meet you all!! I hope you stick around and look around a bit!

  65. I'd have to say my coffee pot! It's a fantastic one that I can NOT live without!

    coriwestphal at msn dot com

  66. Girl - I have a KitchenAid Mixer and it totally rocks my socks off!

    My old stand mixer is about 20 years old and it would stop working whenever it felt like it. With this KitchenAid mixer, I never worry about it stopping on me!

    I call it the StudMixer!

    Tracey D
    booklover0226 at gmail dot com


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