Thursday, August 12, 2010

Cover Hussy Club Members....

Hear Ye, Hear Ye.....

***Cue the royal music***

Madame President Hussy Cecile & High Queen Hussy Leontine

Would love to welcome these wonderful ladies to the Princess of the Hussy Table!!

We are here to inform you all that:

1. Jules aka Minx from Loose Knickers and Gutter Girls
2. @Envyious on twitter aka Camille
3. Nanny from Naughty Mommy Reviews
4. Gina Gordon from Gina Gordon's Blog
5. Larissa from Welcome Larissa's Life
6. Jessica Rabbit from J Rabbit's Corner

are inducted into the Cover Hussy Club.

You pledge to uphold the smut talk, the ab pics, the endurance of what it takes to find these hot, smutty, smexy covers that make us drool all day and wet all night! This is your oath.... On your smuttiest cover you swear to uphold this and never break it...
Cuz if you do... your covers will wilt away... Just like that *Poof*!
More rules (emails) will follow....

**Cue the Jane Bond music**

Until later....

Madame President Hussy Cecile & High Queen Hussy Leontine...
Bid you a night of smutty dreams!

Remember... Keep it Dirty, Smutty & Hussy!
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  1. Congrats, ladies! Have fun. I can't wait to see the smutty covers you find!

  2. Ah! Minx!!! Yay, we're in a club together!

    * do the llamma dance *

    Glad to be part of the Cover Hussy Club! I need to go get my search on for something that will make our panties wet and our fingers want to linger. * wink wink nudge nudge * Hey, I am all for violating ones self. Buah ha ha! :)

  3. Congratulations ladies! It's a tough job, but I know you'll persevere *winks*

  4. I'm so looking forward to this...
    Oh and I have a surprise for you on my blog-

  5. :D :D :D YAYNESS!!! Maybe I should start using my blogger account for more than just commenting XD

  6. Ya Ya Yay! Your loyal subject is giddy with anticipation of luscious cover smexiness!

  7. Diana (Book of Secrets)~ Hey hon! This is going to be so much fun! Oh you can't wait... Oh hon, I cannot wait to see what these ladies dish up!!!
    Thanks for coming over!

    ~*Jessica Rabbit*~ Spoken like a true hussy!!
    Lovin the llamma dance!!!!
    Looking forward to your, um.. *cough* research!

    Blodeuedd~ Hey hon! Thanks for popping over! Hope all is going well!

    Mandi~ Hey there girlie! Glad you could come over!

    Patti (Book Addict)~ Hey honey! It is such a tough job, hee hee!!

    Nanny~ Hey honey!! Ohhh thank you so very much!! I love my little surprise! =)

    Camille~ Hey honey!!! Ohhh maybe soo huh... Just think of the fun you can have!!!!

    Sweet~ Hey hon, thanks for coming in today! Oh I am giddy alright... Not sure if it is anticipation or lust, lmbo!!

    Chris~ Hey, we are not that bad, lol!!!!!!!!!

  8. Congrats ladies!! Um...I mean HUSSY ladies. :)

  9. I am psyched to be Princess Hussy!!!

    This is going to be lots and lots of fun!!

  10. What a truly wonderful "club" to be inducted into and congratulations to all of the members. Madame President Cecile and High Queen Hussy Leontine will take good care of all of you and in turn you will share some more smutty goodness with the rest of us "hussies in waiting"!

    jackie ^_^

    BTW Cecile, you are corrupting all of us to the "dark side" you know and we love you for it!

  11. Congrats to the Cover Hussy Princesses

    Looking forward to all the smutty covers you discover and show off.

  12. Fiction Vixen~ Hey honey!! Thanks for popping in! Hussy Ladies!! hee heee!

    Gina Gordon~~ Yayayayaya!!! I am psyched too! This is going to be loads of fun!!

    jackie b central texas~ Hey honey!!! Ohhh this is going to be sooo much fun. Just imagine a big slumber party where all we talk about are the hawtest covers we can find!!!
    And I so love you Jackie!!! LOL!!! And I do love corrupting the lot of you to the "dark side"!!! Isn't it so much fun!!

    elaing8~ Hey honey, thanks for popping in!!!

  13. Woo Hoo for the Smut Ladies!! can't wait to see what you give us!

    Im camping out here. Dont try to move me!!! LOL!

  14. Sparklybearsy~ Hey honey!! Woooohooo for us Smutty Ladies! This is going to be awesome! Camping out... hell honey, just come in!!! I won't move you... I promise... You are a hussy after my own heart!!


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