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Review: All I Ever Wanted by Kristan Higgins


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One happily-ever-after rocking chair…

And no sign of any forthcoming babies to rock in ol’ Georgebury, Vermont. For Callie Grey, turning thirty means coming to grips with the fact that her boss (and five-week fling) is way overdue in his marriage proposal. And way off track, because Mark has suddenly announced his engagement to the company’s new Miss Perfect. If that isn’t bad enough, her mom decides to throw her a 3-0 birthday bash in the family funeral home.

Bad goes to worse when she stirs up a relationship with the town’s most eligible — yet not so warm and fuzzy — veterinarian, Ian McFarland, in order to flag Mark’s attention. So Ian’s more comfortable with animals… So he’s formal, orderly and just a bit tense. The ever-friendly, fun-loving and spontaneous Callie decides it’s time for Ian to get a personality makeover. But, dang — if he doesn’t shock the heck out of her, she might actually fall for Vermont’s unlikeliest eligible bachelor…

I obtained the above information from Ms. Kristan Higgins website (here).
I was given this book for review purpose only... So the thoughts are strictly my own.

Callie, short for Calliope, is a delightful woman. She is normal (talks to herself ~ yeah I consider that normal cuz I do it), average size (she is perfect to me) and above all else ~ hilarious! Her family is as dysfunctional as it gets ~ her older sister is a fertility doctor with two adopted daughters, her younger brother is a lost college student who loves women, probabably a little too much and is lost in every other sense of the word but a genius. Her mother and father have been divorced since Callie was eight because her father cheated on her mother. Her mother runs the family business (on her family side) which happens to be a funeral home (which they lived in as a family as they were growing up) and her father is now retired. Callie lives with her grumpy old grandfather... who is such a grump he is character all on his own.

Callie works at an advertising and publishing agency that she kinda helped build from the ground up with her boss Mark. Who also happens to be the man of her dreams. They have known each other ever since high school and she has loved him ever since too. With a slight problem... he told her the timing was not right. Can you spell O-U-C-H. Oh and let me mention she is turning the big 3-0 as a woman, we all know what that means... you start looking at your life a little different ~ family, marriage, kids, your life... living with your grandfather and not on your own...

This is book is a very good read. This is a romance novel, so there is no smut in this book. The revelation is that I fell in love with this book. Ms. Higgins is a new to me author and I will be looking at more of her writings.

Callie is a woman of today. She knows that for every good side, there is a down side. She knows that there are two sides of herself ~ the Beep Bop side of her... lusty and sexy and the Michelle Obama side... the one that is logical, keeps her head on straight. But the thing that struck me the most about Callie was being a real woman, a people person, she like pleasing people. Some would call her a ray of sunshine. And sometimes not in a good way, lol. But everyone loved her. Some just not in the way she wanted. Out of all of her life though, she had one treasured gem... a rocker. Not just any rocker... it was Happily Ever After chair. That just touched my heart and warmed my soul. She was me, my sister, my best friend...

This book made me laugh, cry, made me want to kick a certain guy in the nuts and slap the other one at times. It made me want to kiss my mother, hug my father and sit a spell with my grandparents. But most of all, it made me fall in love.

We get to watch Callie figure out love, lust and the happily ever after part. We get to watch love bloom, heartache heals, best friends stick together. We get to see love in all the odd places and a family come together. This is an amazing tale of one woman determined to have her happily ever after.

And on a side note, I will say that I love the cover because it is sooo fitting to the book!!!

Please go visit Ms. Higgins' website to see all the things she has there!!! (here)
To read an excerpt of this book, please go -->> here.

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  1. Love the book cover and thanks for the recap. I will definitely check out this book.

  2. This one looks is a new author for me:) Thanks for the review!

  3. I am a huge Kristan Higgins fan and bought this book last weekend - glad to see you liked it, I'll be reading it soon!

  4. Whoa! Too many hits on this book for me to pass up. A designer and pets, gotta have it!

    Thanks for the review, darlkink! I am overdue for a sweet contemporary read.

    Miranda ~ Sweet Vernal Zephyr

  5. She is a new author to me too.Sounds like another book to add to my TBR pile.
    Great review :)

  6. Dru~ Hey honey! You are welcome for the recap. This is a great book! I fell in love with it. And it was odd because it was not all smutty and stuff, lol!

    Mandi~ Hey there hon! Thanks for coming over! This one is cute. I like it!

    Patti (Book Addict)~ Hey honey!!! Ohhh man, now I am a Kristan fan! Her book was awesome. The romance, the intrigue, the pace - it was awesome! I did not want to put it down!
    I can not wait to see what you have to say hon!!! Will be looking out for that review! I did love this book!

    Sweet~ Hey honey!! Ohhh yeah, I was quiet surprised how this one sucked me!! Very amazes due to the fact of not that much smut... lol! Can you believe! I know!

    elaing8~ Hey honey!! She was a new to me author too. And now... I will be scoping more out by her! She is an awesome writer! Thanks for coming over honey!

  7. I've seen several favorable reviews for this one. Thanks for the review!

  8. I have had this tab open all day long, must have been very lazy today ;)

    Now I am finally here to comment, yay. Cos this one sounds sweet, and I like that

  9. Fiction Vixen~ Hey honey! Thanks for coming over! Hugs to you! This is a great book. And you are right, I have seen great reviews for this story! It is a light, great romance story.

    Blodeuedd~ Hey honey! I actually thought of you when I read this one because it reminds me of something you would read! Warm romance!
    Thanks for coming over and I hope you have a great day honey!

  10. Cecile...this sounds like a really cute story. I'll keep my eye open for this one the next time I get to the book store...

    Big hugs

  11. This sounds like a fabulous read I'm gonna have to look for it! Great review hon! Big hugs girl. :)

  12. Houston A.W. Knight~ Hey honey!!! This really was a very cute story. And yes, instead of research books, you need to pick this one up. It was a great romance novel. Plain and simple ~ great!
    Big hugs to you and talk to you soon!

    Chris~ Hey honey!!

    JennJ~ Hey honey!!! This is a great book. And it made me step out of the smut zone and enjoy a fresh romance novel! Hugs tons to you!!!! Hope all is well!!

  13. Hi! Thanks for stopping by and following my blog :) I'm a new follower of yours now!

    I have this book to be reviewed and I'm so glad to hear that it's so good!! Thanks for the review!

  14. The book looks and sounds like fun! I love contemps where the heroine has a quirky family. Makes for much drama and laughter!

    I am soo gonna read this one!

    *squish hugs Cecile* Have a fabu day!

  15. Carrie at In the Hammock Blog~ Sorry it took me a while to get here Carrie. Hi!!!! **Waves** Thank you for coming over! It is always nice to meet new people!!! You are more than welcome, I enjoyed your place!
    This is a great romance book!
    Thanks for coming over!

    Redd~ My love!!! Thank you for coming over! This book is adorable! You would like. It will make you laugh and tug at your heart all at the same time!
    You know you have me spolied... -->> with "*squish hugs Cecile*

    Huggles and snuggles to you honey!

  16. Getting this...

    You said the big 30

    You said Vet - my personal pet love

    and I was sold....

    so getting this one...

    Thanks for the heads up hon...


  17. EH!! Hey honey! Long time, I hope all is well for you and the family! Hugs to you honey!!
    Oh this is an adorable story line! One I think you would enjoy!
    Hugs to honey!!! Thanks for peeking in!


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