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More On Polar Bears..... Arctic Shift by Lissa Matthews

For those of you that are a little scare of the polar bear thing.... I found this excerpt at Ms. Lissa's website... And I had to share... You know... To spread the love around for Polar Bears!!!!

It is out today... To see just a glimpse... Here is my Promo post for this amazing book!

It is OUT TODAY!!!!!!!!

Excerpt from Arctic Shift

Ruby stretched. Or rather she tried to stretch. She was tied down. No, her arms were free. She was held down. No, that wasn’t right either. She was held, but not down. Against. She was held against a body, a very big, very aroused body from the feel of it. His arms were big and tight as bands of steel, and the heat coming from him was hotter than anything she’d ever felt. It seeped through her pajamas and into her skin, warming her from the outside in and vice versa. She hadn’t ever been so warm and, odd as it seemed with a strange man in her hotel bed, she liked it. A lot.

She liked his smell too. Like the outdoors. Like crisp air and woods. She—

The strange man part finally kicked in, and she started fighting to get free. She pushed at the arms, at the legs, at the chest at her back. He didn’t budge. She couldn’t even turn over to see him, to poke him in the eye, to knee him in the balls. Hmmm…could she bend her leg enough to reach his crotch with her foot?

“If you’ll hold still, I’ll let go.”

Ruby froze. She didn’t even breathe. His arms loosened as his voice reverberated through her body. It was deep, as warm as his body, oddly familiar and for a second she panicked at the thought of losing that incredible heat.

“Just let me turn around, please.” She hadn’t meant to say that, but she found that she’d meant it. She just wanted to see him, to see the man that went with the voice, with the body, with some thoughts, some memory she couldn’t quite recall. She wasn’t scared, and she would definitely be giving herself a talk about that later. For the moment though, she just needed to see him.

“Not gonna unman me, are you?”

There was humor in that dark, coffee tone that she wanted to drink in for the foreseeable future. “No, I’m not.”

“Okay.” His arms loosened a bit, just enough that she could roll over.

Her breath caught in her throat, and she started to turn away again. He was unlike any man she’d seen before, except… “Oh wow.”

“What wow?”

“You. You’re beautiful and…naked. In my hotel room. In my bed, in my hotel room. Naked.” She tried pulling away from him, but he only tightened his arms around her again effectively pinning her against his body.

“Don’t fight me, Ruby. Please.”

She didn’t want to fight him and as soon as he asked her not to, she stilled. She wanted to sink into his body and stay there forever, but she managed to wedge her arms between them and push against his chest with her hands. It didn’t do much good. His touch, his presence was comforting in a way she couldn’t explain. Her fingers simply curled into the soft hair beneath them, and she marveled at the strength of the heart that beat there. Adding in the fact that he was gorgeous didn’t hurt. Men that looked like him didn’t look her way, much less climb into bed with her.

At least she thought he was gorgeous. Hoped he was. It made the fact of him being naked in her bed better somehow.
She must be jet lagged or something. She shouldn’t be able to justify him being there in any way, shape or form. Could be she was still a little dazed from the dream she’d had. It seemed awfully real, and she could swear she felt the ache in her body from his handling and taking of her, but she knew that was just a figment of her imagination. Still….

That was all beside the point for the moment though… “How do you know my name? And why shouldn’t I fight you? I don’t know you.”

“You are the woman needing someone to take you into the forest, correct? Looking for your sister?”

“Yes. So?”

“So I’m the someone. I’m going to take you. Marsha said she she’d call Carson when you checked in, right?”

“Uh huh.”

“Shall I formally introduce myself? Hi Ruby. I’m Carson. A pleasure to meet you.”

And he kissed her.

Tightened his arms around her and nuzzled her face up with his in a strangely intimate gesture and planted a scorching kiss to her surprised yet welcoming mouth. His tongue met hers and when she didn’t pull back or object, he pressed the advantage, taking the kiss deeper, rolling her onto her back, and insinuating himself between her legs. They parted without her permission and wrapped around his back as he continued the assault on her mouth, her lips.

When he slowly slid his tongue away from the grip her teeth had on it and looked down at her, she tried hard to focus on his features, but couldn’t take her eyes off his mouth, wanting it back again.

“There’s something wrong with me,” she whispered, touching his face gently with the tips of her fingers, tracing the lips that had just ravished hers.


His breath was more than warm against her skin and her fingers tingled. “I’m not this person.”

“What person?”

Ruby pushed at him and set her feet back to the mattress. He let go of her and knelt up on his knees between her open legs. She then pushed herself up and hugged her knees to her chest, shielding herself from his gaze. Even though she couldn’t make his features out clearly, she had the feeling he could see everything about her as though it were bright as day inside the room instead of so dimly lit.

“I’m not the person that just accepts a stranger being in bed with me when I clearly remember going to sleep alone.”

“I Understand that. Would it help if I told you you’re my woman and in bed together is where we’re supposed to be?”

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  1. Oh Cecile you tease! I don't think I'd mind him keeping me warm.

  2. That last line made me giggle, ok ok Cecile, you got me convinced

  3. LOL at the last several lines!

  4. Thanks for the reminder. I getting this one..

  5. Great excerpt. I liked the last couple lines. Adding this one to my to-read list.

  6. Definitely gonna get this one.I love Lissa's books.

  7. I lurve books that take place in the Arctic.

    PS I read "The strange man part" as The strange man fart - I did a double take, lol.

  8. Oooo, I'm gonna have to get this one. Loved the excerpt!! Thanks for sharing it with us, Cecile!

  9. Oh, this is a great excerpt! Lissa is a gifted writer.
    And I luv your gift for Leontine's BD, huney! He's breathtaking and you're so generous! :D You're such a great friend! Hugs!!

  10. Y'all are too kind. Ty! Now, I'm gonna go over to the corner and curl up there while y'all read!

  11. Hee hee... See, I told you would like my polar bear!!! Isn't he kinda... HAWT!!!!
    Just wait till you read his story!

    And yeah... the last lines... lol!!!
    Thanks ladies for coming over and spending some time with Carson, I know he appreciates it!!
    Have a great day!

  12. CECILE!!! *SQUEES* You're gonna luv it!!! XD


  13. I'm intrigued! Waking up to a posessive hottie - sounds good!

    (Less than 2 weeks *squee!!!*)

  14. LOL! another titillating excerpt!

    Hope you are having a great one so far honey! BIG HUGS

  15. I really love the blue icy cover. And who doesn't want to wake up with a hottie? LOL

  16. Wow, just wow.

    Thanks for sharing, Cecile!

  17. Well, color me psyched! Glad that people are curious to read it. It's not you're typical shifter, it's just... my own take on one. We all know my brain moves in strange ways and what works for me a lot of times doesn't work for others.

    And if you don't know me yet, well, stick around awhile, Cecile will make sure you do!

    TY Ce... *kisses and hugs*

  18. I'm completely intrigued now! I definitely need to check this one out! :)

  19. Go run... Find out about this book now!!!! IT is amazing!!!!!! And yes... please check out Redd's review for it!!!!! OMG!!! Awesome!!!


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