Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Contest Alert ~ Gina's having a "Giveaway - Breathless Press Celebration"

I am so stealing this from Gina Gordon's Blog...... To jog your memory of who Gina Gordon is......

Cover ring any bells??? She visited the Lair not to long ago...

She is having a kick a$$ contest at her place... and look at how many times you can enter!!!

So, please run, do not walk... Catch the bus (reference to one of her books, lmbo) if you have too... Just go!!! And let her know that this smutty hussy pointed you that way **evil grin**!

"All month long I will be featuring my fellow Breathless Press authors on my blog. In honor of Breathless Press' 1st Anniversary I will be giving away a prize.

At the end of the month I will pick one lucky person who will win their choice of 4 Breathless Press ebooks and 1 audio book.

How to enter:

1. Comment on my blog. Once, twice, ten times, it doesn't matter. Any post, any time.


2. Tweet: I want to win @GordonGina's Contest

Help me celebrate my fellow authors and join the party!


So what do you say hussies... Who does not love winning free books!!
Rally up the troops and let's head out!
This is going to be awesome!

Remember... Keep it Dirty, Smutty & Hussy!
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  1. Oh that book looks good! :) I read about her contest here on your blog yesterday and ran and entered!


  2. I keep trying to look around the words on the cover so I could get a better view.


  3. Ooooh I would love to win some ebooks to read for my Kindle!!
    The book cover sure does make me breathless :)

  4. Sudenly I want to go on a bus ride.

  5. Such cruel title placement...

  6. Can I have that seat?
    No. That one. *points*
    The one right up front. The view will be so much better! *g*

  7. Blanche~ Hey honey! Thank you so much for going!I think it is awesome that we can pimp out some great authors!!! Thanks for coming over! Hope all is well! Hugs to you!

    Paranormal Haven~ Hey hon! Keep looking.. I have tried everything: including shaking my damn computer to see if the words would fall (like an etch-a-sketch), lmbo! Yeah, I have!

    DeSeRt RoSe~ Hey honey, have missed you! Hope all is well! If you want to win some, then head over there!!! Good luck!!!
    Yeah, Gina's covers are all freaking hot!!!

    ~*Jessica Rabbit*~ Hey honey... Oh a bus ride is definitely in need after reading this one!!! OMG!

    Chris~ LOL

    Tanya~ Push over woman... We have to share that seat, lmbo!!! Cuz believe since I have found this book and author, I have not moved!!! Well, maybe a little.. but that is for other issues, lmbo!!

  8. We will have to get someone to make us some popcorn, cuz this will be a long ride!!!!!!!

    I am glad that you are enjoying it girls!!!!
    And if you want to see more of Gina, don't forget to check my archives because I was lucky enough to have Ms. Gina here at the Lair!!! And mini reviews of her two books!!

  9. Please include me in your giveaway.
    Debbie D

  10. Hi ladies!

    Cecile, thanks for the shout out.

    Everyone will be a winner this month because I guarantee you will find a few books to put on your TBR list.

  11. Cool thanks for the heads up! Big hugs my dear hope you are having a great one!

  12. Sweet~ Hey My Love! You are more than welcome! You know how I love sharing!

    Debs Desk~ Look for an email honey!

    Gina Gordon~ You know I love being your cheerleader!! Whoohooo!!

    JennJ~ Hey honey!!! You are more than welcome for the heads up! Big hugs to you honey!!!!! Miss you toooooo!


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