Friday, August 20, 2010

Calling All Peeps in the Surrounding Area

We are fortunate to have Heather Graham back this year for another convention and book signing in New Orleans, Louisiana!!!
It will be held again at the wonderful Hotel Monteleone!

And finally after the first Blogger Meet and Greet we did back a couple of months ago...
Patti from Book Addict and I are going to meet up again (with Hannah!)
and try to get others to join in the fun!

I stole this from Patti ~ Book Addict's place:

Author Heather Graham hosts a yearly author workshop here in New Orleans over Labor Day Weekend - Writers for New Orleans. This year, a few bloggers have decided to meet using this event as an excuse (like we need an excuse, right?). I don't know where most of you Book Bloggers hail from, but if you're anywhere near New Orleans, why don't you think about coming in over Labor Day weekend? The loose plan is to meet for dinner and drinks Saturday night (location to be determined) and maybe have coffee or brunch before the 11:30 book signing at the Hotel Monteleone.

The schedule of events can be found here. Some of the authors attending thus far are:
Helen A. Rosburg
Heather Graham aka Shannon Drake
L. A. Banks
Corrine De Winter
Silver James
J. A. Konrath
Lisa Mannetti
Michael Meeske
Linda Conrad
Mary Sella
F. Paul Wilson
Kate Poole
Harley Jane Kozak
Kathleen Pickering
Tina Wainscott aka Jaime Rush
Kathy DePalo

You can bring your own books and they'll have books for purchase as well. Hey - it's a 3-day weekend, think about coming, it's going to be fun! If you can't come Saturday night for dinner (and drinks!), just come for the signing on Sunday or vice versa...

So, if you are around us and would like to meet up,
drop me a line @

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  1. Have a great time (you lucky ladies:))!

  2. Wow!! I would so love to go just for Heather Graham/Shannon Drake!! Ok well not just for her I would love to meet yall too. But I do believe Cody has a football game that weekend. :(

    You guys have loads of fun and a drink for me!!

  3. Oh, I wish I could come with you!! This sounds like so much fun! :)
    Heck, I don't even know when Labor Day weekend is (we don't have it over here in the Netherlands) but I'm going to look it up in my diary and pencil it down... A girl has got to have dreams, right?

    Missed you honey!! Hugs!!

  4. Heather Graham is the author that introduced me to my first historical viking *rowr* I love her work with various series ;)

    To hook up in New Orleans would be a dream come true but instead I hope you do a blow by blow of the events cecile. I know you're going to have lots of fun and in my mind, I'm going to be there with y'all :))

  5. You guys are going to have so much fun!

  6. Have a great time!

    It'd be nice if New Orleans was just a tad bit closer :).

  7. Blodeuedd~ Hey honey! Hugs to you! I hope you and bf have a great weekend!

    host~ Hey my love! How are you?? I am sorry I was able to chat that day.... But I am hoping that all is okay for you and Joe. Hugs to you hon!! I hope you have a great weekend!

    Heather D~ Where are you located at?? Might have to make a blogger meet and greet somewhere else!! Let me know! =)
    Yeah, sure, you want to go just for the authors, lol... Noo I am picking! I wish you could come too!! Will have a drink for you hon! Have a great weekend!

    Patti (Book Addict)~ Yayayayay!! Mee too!!! Counting down!

    ErotRomReader (Janna)~ Hey my honey vacation love! I wish you could come too!!! Believe me you will be there in spirit too!
    Labor weekend is September 4th. Labor day is Sept 6th. We can dream honey, cuz one day we will meet up!! Have a great weekend!
    I have missed you honey!!! Hugs!

    Laurie (BittenbyParanormalRomance)~ Hey honey!!! We will try, hee hee!! Hugs to you and have a great weekend!

    Leontine~ Hey hon! And you see, believe it or not, I have not read anything by Heather Graham, yet. I soooo wish you could be there. But believe me... Like Janna, you will be!!! One day... one day we will meet! I will try my best to capture the whole thing, lol. Have a great weekend honey!! Hugs!

    Chris~ Oh you know we will.. if I have anything to do about it!

    Amy C~ Hey hone!!! Ohhh I wish New Orleans was a little closer to you as well!! One day... One day!

    Sweet~ Hey my love!!! I am hoping it will be a very wicked time!!! **Evil laughter** Hugs to you honey!

  8. Cecile, I updated my last post - to include the cougar pajamas I bought for the weekend. Am I a wee bit excited? Yup, I'm a nerd!!!

  9. Amy~ Well if it is any consolation... Me and girl friend of mine are shooting for when I turn 40... Yeah... I was not liking that term... but when I heard what she wanted to do I was happy.. She wants us to go to New York for my big 40!!! I know that is like... a few years away... but still... One day!!! =)

    Patti~ Damn you... now I have to go jammie shopping now... LOL!!! I will go this weekend and scout out what I can find!!!!! Hummm...

  10. How fun, have a fantastic time Cecile! I wish Louisiana was next to Cali and not so far away!

  11. I really need to get my butt to New Orleans. It sounds like that's were all the fun happens.

    Stephanie G
    Paranormal Haven

  12. NO trip on Labor Day weekend would be great but do not live close enough either to make it work out.... I would so love to meet the authors especially Heather Graham and also my blogger pals Cecile but once again hope you all have fun and have lots of pictures and stories for those of us who can only dream!

    jackie ^_^

  13. Oh, it sounds fun! I wish I lived closer!

    Have a great time. : )

  14. Hi hon! Oh girl I so wish I could come but I am stuck here in TN grrrr. I LOVE Heather Graham and have always wanted to meet her! You have fun and take lots of pics!!!!! BIG HUGS and I hope you have a great weekend my dear!

  15. I am so jealous muchly...

    have fun hon...get loads of swag...


  16. Blanche~ Hey honey! Ohh you are too sweet. Thanks for coming over! I wish our states were closer too! It would be neat for all of us to go!

    Paranormal Haven~ You really should get your butt over here!!! And hurry! Thanks for coming over honey!

    jackie b central texas~ Hey honey! I wish you could make it!! Wish it was close enough!!
    Awww you are too sweet Jackie!! Hugs to you!!!

    Lynne Roberts~ Hey honey! Ohhhh thanks for popping on over! Hugs to you! Wish we lived closer too!

    JennJ~ Aww honey, you know I would so love if we lived closer!!! Oh man!!! Could you imagine the fun!!
    One day honey! One day!

    Erotic Horizon~ Hey honey! Awwww... I wish we lived closer honey! I try to have mucho fun! Hugs and love!

  17. Dang it! Why must I love 13 hours away???

    Looks like fun! Hope you have a great time. I love NOLA. I was there back in June and I miss it!

  18. Oh... That sounds like so much fun! New Orleans is one of my stops on my fantasy road trip 'Tours of US' - like as in road trip. But I can't pull it off now. :( I would sooo love to meet you guys though! However, if you're ever planning on visiting NYC, let me know! :)

    Please give us the scoop though, would ya?!!

    Have a great time, Cecile! *hugs*

  19. Would love to go, but being on the other side of the pond it's not so easy. Hope you all have a great time exchanging raunchy stories.



  20. Hi Cecile,

    Man you, Patti and Hannah are so lucky to be able to Heather's book signing! I hope all of you have tons of fun!

    Would love to go and meet everyone but unfortunately I don't live nearby.

  21. Tanya~ Hey hon!!!! Ohhhhhh I sooo wish you lived closer! It would be amazing if we all could meet up!
    But I promise you if ever in NYC, I will let you know!!
    Hope you had a great weekend honey!

    JJ Cocker~ Hey honey! Ohhh I wish you could just hop on the next boat and be here!! Damn that pond! WE need to fill it in, **Looks up.. just joking**.. Oh gosh, one day I will make it across the pond!!! Hugs to sweetie! Hope you had a good weekend!

    Paranormal and Romantic Suspense Reviews~ Hey honey!!! Oh, it will be tons of fun!! I wish you did live closer too!!!! Thanks for coming over honey!! Hugs to you and I hope you had a great weekend!


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