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Review: Dane by Elizabeth Amber


Erotic Paranormal Historical Romance
Kensington Aphrodisia
Release date: JUNE 1, 2010


DANE begins a new trilogy within The Lords of Satyr series.
It's now 50 years later, in Rome during the forum excavations of 1880. . .

Dane and Eva have secrets.

Because of a mysterious boyhood trauma, he harbors an alternate personality that seeks to protect him from the knowledge of his missing brother's whereabouts. Eva is a matchmaker, whose job it is to find human wives for Dane and his brothers. She's the only female satyr in existence. A fact she must hide, even from Dane.


Oh my gosh, where do I start... For those of you that come to my Lair enough ~ know that I love Ms. Elizabeth Amber's work. I am in love with Nicholas, the first book in this erotic series. So, I am warning you ~ if you do not want to hear about how amazingly awesome she is... or how amazingly freaking hawt this book is... you can stop reading.

But if I have piqued your interest.... and I hope to the Lords Satyr's olive grove I did... Let's continue...

Just like the one's before, this book is awesome. **cue the angelic music playing cuz the Heavens have opened** I do have to say, Ms. Amber blew me out the water with this one. There were twists and turns in this book that I just did not expect to find. Just when I thought I knew the stories of the Satyr brother's, Ms. Elizabeth threw me for a loop I will not forget. The stories just keep getting better and better!

Dane is a man on a mission. A mission of finding out what happen to a past that he can not remember. A past so terrible that his mind created multiple personalities to help him cope. A past where he lost one of his brothers. How does one cope with that and being the best Elsewhere Tracker... that is being tracked?

***oh and just so you know... Dane is a Sex on a Stick man***

Eva is a woman who has the weight of the world on her shoulders. She is the essential care takers of all that reside under roof with her. Eva does what she has to ~ play matchmaker for Elsewhere creatures to humans in upper society ~ to keep a roof over their head, food on the table and clothes on their back. She crossed over from Elsewhere for her own agenda though ~ to seek out her father. The man that sired her and left her and Maman.

Dane has two other brother's to deal with ~ Bastian and Sevin ~ for they share the family land. Dane feels like the lost of Lucien was his fault and has carried that burden on his shoulders for so long. But he refuses to give up hope. He knows that Luc is out there... some where. The not knowing ~ gnawing at him everyday. Being known as the best Tracker in Elseworld does not help him.... so that pisses him off that he cannot locate his brother. Oh and do not forget the harping of the Council wanting him and his brothers to wed a human in order to bred ~ is always a constant thing.

Eva crossed over from Elsewhere World with one thing on her mind ~ to find her father. But in order to cross over into Earth World, she had to go through an application process. The process was not easy... You see, Eva has a secret that only a few people know about. And if Elsewhere found out what she was..... besides fey (her mother's side of the family...) well, Eva is just scare of what they would do if they found her out.

This whole story intrigued me beyond my beliefs. While this story is about Dane, it is also a story of a broken man. A man with two other personalities living inside of him. One ~ Dante ~ comes out when it is time for carnal pleasures... he is the over bearing one. And the other one ~ Daniel ~ does not come out... he stays hidden in the corner of Dane's mind with secrets that Dane wishes he knew. Ms. Amber weaved the story very carefully that it made perfect sense at what was going on with Dane. You did not feel pity for him... for that is not what he would want from you. You actually feel the devotion Dane has to his family.

Eva will pull at your heart strings. She is a wonderful woman. I loved that she was a woman I could see myself taking under my wing as a best friend. She is a refreshing heroine ~ she tries to do what is expected of her by everyone; but knows in her heart ~ that she must do things for herself. Kinda take life by the horns and shake them up. She lives with her maidservant she has had since she was a baby - Odette, a fey gentlemen -Pinot and two adorable fey girls... who were abandoned at a very young age (they were left on the streets to fend for themselves and being of Elsewhere creatures, you could only imagine their fate if every found by the Humans). Eva has a heart of gold and she wants to see everyone happy. She truly does, but in the process, she wants some of that happiness for herself. Is that too much to ask for?

Oh my gosh... this is one story... that really left me mesmerized. And to think I have not even touched on the villains for this story. And believe me... they have them and they will make you want to take a shower and risen them off. Creepy bad... I could not believe some of things that they did or that were being done. But oh my gosh - they did. But for every villain, there is a hero and heroine and this story does not fall short of them! Big and little, old and young, this story is brimming with "hero of the day!"

Ms. Elizabeth rocked my world. This story wrapped me up and did not let me go. The story line was very well delivered. The pace of the story was also done to a "t." Dane and Eva gave you their stories and their background. I loved learning what made them who they were. But I do have to say that Ms. Amber reallly pushed the envelope with this story ~ in a very delicious, wickedly hot way. We touched on domination and submission... we touched on sexual exploits that I really never saw coming. The heat level in this book was enough to catch a few pages on fire while I was reading. Now I will say this about the story, I never thought I would see Ms. Amber pen such an erotic tale. And I mean... the other brother's are erotic. They all are... But this... Oh man.... This book is very erotic. ((And I have a feeling more is to come)) This book takes a trip on the wild side for the time period this is etched in. Humans and Elseworld creatures. But it is all Dane and Eva ~ they pushed all the right buttons together and made the story come alive with passion, lust, desire, need and a love that was burning deep down.

Ms. Amber did it again and I simply can not wait for Bastian's story.... She has managed to intrigue me, bespell me, make me angry, make me proud, make me want revenge for those that were hurt... but most of all... she made me fall in love.

What would you do to secure your future? What would you do to secure the future of others that depend on you for their future? How dangerous can secrets be - in life, in love and in hate? Can secrets ruin lives? What happens when you remember things your mind was trying to get you to forget? Is there redemption for people that are cruel? What if those people ~ are people you care for? Would you be willing to walk away from love for the sake of someone else or what someone else wanted for you?

Will you take this journey with Dane and Eva to find out what the future holds for them? I promise this is one journey you will not want to miss!

On a side note: You are introduced to his brothers (which sets up the stories to come *cough cough*) and their characters edge their way into your heart... and passion... preparing you for what is to come.

And if you simply can not get enough of Dane and Eva.... go here to read an excerpt ->> here.
If you are itching to get to know more about Ms. Amber, please visit her web site --> here.
I know she would love to hear from you!!!!

And ps ~ on a small note... my name is in this book.

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  1. Great review Cecile ;)
    I am still a bit unsure about these men, I think it's the double hrm, that makes me nervous

  2. I read this book on vacation - it was good! (I'm going to write up my review this weekend) I hadn't read any of her other books and wasn't sure what to expect so I was delightfully surprised :)

  3. I'll just sit here and admire the cover. :)

  4. No way! Wonder what character you play! Love the review and wow...what a cover.

  5. LOL - Great review, Cecile. And it is not such a small thing for your name to be in! Was it a likable character?

  6. Blodeuedd~ Hey hon. Ohhhh don't let the two... you knows scare you off. I promise it is not as bad as you may think. I promise you... This is a really hot series!!! And like I said, it only gets better with each brother!!!
    I hope you and bf have a great weekend honey ~ hugs to you!

    Patti (Book Addict)~ Ohhhh you know I will be waiting for your review of it. Like I told Blodeuedd, this is an awesome series. Some do not care for it.... but to eachs own I say. And these brothers can rock my world any day!

    Chris~ Sigh... Aren't they just nice to stare at....
    Psssttt.. it is Friday!

    dor~ Hey hon! Yes way!!!!! I will not give it away... but it was treat either way to see that my name was in there! Thank you... I really do not like giving to much away, but I am soo eager to tell all I can about these books!
    Thanks for coming over!

    Sweet~ Hey honey bunch!! Thanks for coming today! Ohhhh it was awesome to see my name there.... I almost peed on myself. And yeah I did the jump up and down dance and everything!!!!! This really is an awesome series! And no hints about my little character! =) Have a great weekend!

  7. I'm so loving this cover! Wonderful review Cecile!

  8. Great review, Cecile!

    I just came across these books the other day and put the first one of the first series on my TBR. You said this was the first book of the second series? Could you read these as stand alone, or do they need to be read in order?

    Have a great weekend girlie! *hugs*

  9. I actually won this book but I do not have the others. I'm not one to read a series out of order but If I was to, would it be ok or would I be totally lost?

    Stephanie G

  10. Great review Cecile. And how cool to see your name in the book.

  11. Tricia~ Hey hon! Thanks for popping over. Oh gosh, I am in love with her covers... they are all this gorgeous!!! =) Thanks!

    Tanya~ Hey honey! So glad you could come over! Thanks!
    Ohh gosh, you can read these books out of order, but I have ocd where I have to read in order... All of the books dip into a history of who and what they are... this is book 5... Look for Patti's review. She said that she read this without reading the rest... so we will know what she thinks, lol!
    Have a great weekend!

    Paranormal Haven~ Stephanie!! Hey honey! So good to see you! Hope all is well. Ohhhhhhh you will like this book... and I think so will you. I do no think you will be lost.... Like I told Tanya, they all give a little history of the story and who and why and where kinda thing. Let me know!

    elaing8~ Hey honey. Oh you know how I feel about these men!!! And to find my name in the mix... OMG... Can I tell you that I almost lost it and peed on myself!!! Before and after the happy dance!!!! Thanks for coming honey!

  12. Hello Cecile. I'm shaking like a chicken in a fox house, but I heard a certain jezebel was hiding out over here, so I'm just searching under the beds and looking in the cupboards.

  13. Hey Sweetie,

    Awesome review and I went over to see Anna!

    TTY Soon!

  14. Ah, I see Mr. Valance was here looking for me...hummm.

    I wonder what that man has in mind these days?

    You best get over to the porch and listen in then come back and let me know what he's up to!


  15. Wonderful review Cecile as always! :) I haven't read this series, I think it might me just a little out of my boundaries? Not sure. Maybe I'll give this series a go at some point, your reviews certainly make them seem appealing. xoxo

  16. Great review honey! I so have got to get one of these books and try it. I've heard a ton about them but just haven't gotten to them yet. And your name is in it that is just too cool!!!!!!!

    Hope you have had a great weekend my dear big hugs and ttys.

  17. Mr V~ Well, look who is here, lol. Ohh honey never be shaking to come here, lol. You know that. But yeah... you jezebel was here.. lol. Ohhh now honey, I would be mighty careful where you go looking.. Because I am not sure where or what or who might be hiding where... Just be careful! LOL!
    I am glad you came over Mr V!
    Hope you are having a great weekend!

    Hawk~ Hey honey!! Hugs to you honey! Thank you for your words!
    I am glad you went over to see Anna!
    I will try to make it to the porch hon... lol! You know that man has a thing for you, lmbo!

    Fiction Vixen~ Hey honey! Thanks for coming over and the words. Ohhh my gosh,.... YOU HAVE NOT READ THEM YET.... OMG..... You have to. If you can read m/m, you can read this. I wonder why you think they are not for you? What boundaries do you think they push? Would you mind telling me... (private or here if you want). I just love learning more about what makes us tick for our books!

    JennJ~ Hey honey. Thank you for coming. Ohh thank you hon!
    You have to get this series, it is reallllyyy good! And my name is it... that is really cool!!!! Hubs is home honey!!! Yyayayayayay!!!!!!


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