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Review: The Master & The Muse by Amanda McIntyre


ISBN-13: 978-0-373-60544-6
Harlequin Spice-Books
June 2010

Features: Thomas Rodin, Helen, Sara, Grace

Icon, rebel, unabashed romantic… with a single look painter Thomas Rodin conveys the ecstasy of creativity—the pleasures awaiting the woman who can fuel his artistry.

the Innocent

What did this master artist see in me? Genius abided in his soul, rapture in his flesh—I doubted not. To refuse him…my folly. To surrender…my sensual salvation.

the Upstart

I chafed at the bonds of servitude until he set me free. I turned my back on all that I knew to follow him and found myself between two men—master and student—one whom I loved with my heart...the other with my body.

the Courtesan

I understood, perhaps better than any, his needs.
I stoked the fires of his soul, the spark of his creativity— he made me a legend. But never could I forget his searing touch.…

Three transcendent tales of women bewitched by a master of seduction— a slave as much to his art as to his boundless passion.

To read an excerpt of this book, please go -->> here (after you read the review of course)!

I obtained the above information from: Ms. Amanda's Web Site!

This book is uniquely separated into three parts. Done so for you to understand the man behind the brush. Just the cover alone you will stare at for minutes on end before you read it. The strange thing was, I found myself going back to the cover after I would read something arresting about this enigma. I would look into his eyes to see the story that I read unfold around me. I would look at his clothing and match it to a tee to the words used in the book... I would look at his lips... his fingers... and remember that part in the book where he....

What you thought I was going to tell you.. Not on your life. You have to read this book.

The first book is Helen....
Oh wow.... This would be the first peek into the man behind the canvas. And let me tell you... this is an emotional read. Ms. Amanda has such a way with her writing that you feel as though you are behind the curtain, behind the door... As if you are watching the things unfold right in front of your eyes...

Helen is a young woman working at a hat shop. A daughter, a sister but most importantly ~ a woman. A woman who dared to venture outsides the ways of her "families" world. A woman who wanted to feel life, grab life and shake it and make herself known in the world.

This part of the book it titled Helen... but it is just as important to say that you meet William, Thomas' brother and Thomas himself. But believe me, once you meet William, you will not forget him. However, Thomas will captivate you, intrigue you, make you blush, make you lust, make you angry, make you feel alive... but William will make you love.

Helen meets William ~ Thomas' brother. William has a proposition for Helen... Get your mind out the gutter... William sees something in Helen that he knows the brotherhood and Thomas would just love.

Have you ever had a little treasure, something no one knew about... Something you kinda harbored only to yourself? But you knew that someone else might need it more than you, would love it more than you... would just simply want it more than you... How does knowing that make you feel? Do you want to give up your treasure to that person... Ohh and the person you want to share your gift with is a person you utterly love without question?

Did I set the mood for you... Now imagine if that person just squander that gift away... wasted it... drowned it... just simply could not give it all the love, attention and affection you could give it - to nurture it... to see it thrive... to see it live and to see it love....??

A love of a brother is a very strong bond. William's love for Thomas is very evident in this book. There is nothing short of giving his own life for Thomas that William would not do for his brother.
Life and death... but would William give up love for Thomas to have what he wants. Because if you learn something, you learn that Thomas always gets what he wants.

Thomas is a man of passion, of desire, of true "when the mood strikes"... His appetite for life, for art, for his own love is what consumes him. Day and night... Thomas knows love, but love of one woman just is not in Thomas. His love of his muses and what could be done with them is what proves to push Thomas. The man could love, you have to give him that.... His passion runs as deep as his glass of port. Is always getting what you want a good thing?

I absolutely fell in love with each of these characters. Ms. Amanda set this story up wonderful. To met Helen... quiet, shy and kinda mousy if you must say. But to watch her grow and blossom into a strong and sure of herself woman was breathtaking. The book is about Thomas, make no doubt about that... but to hold hands with Helen as she went through life, was just... spell-bounding. I admire Helen for her independence and back bone. And I even got teary eyed as well. The three of them push and pulled each other through things that life dealt them. Some times you will shake your head and shout, "you ass," and there are other times... that you will close your eyes and wish to be transported to that spot, that day.. that time. Ms. Amanda did an outstanding job with introducing the characters to us.

It is not the love of one woman Thomas may be seeking... but the love of what they bring to him.

Grace to Helen..."To be utterly worshipped, treated like a goddess for a few moments with no strings, no false promises. Who would want more than that?"

This story tugged at every level of emotion I have as a woman, a lover, a mother, a wife and a friend. These three embark on a journey that touched each one in a different way and isn't that what life is about... leaving your mark behind... We watch Helen go from daughter... to full blown woman making decisions that a woman back them would dare not make. I loved watching Helen become empowered. A breathtaking story....

And now I dare go to Sara's story....

Sara's story was just as moving, just with a different angle. We start the book knowing that her parents pass away and she moved in her uncle and aunt. Sara is wonderful spirited woman. I love her sense of adventure. I love that at the time period Sara lived it... she lived outside the box. She went after things she wanted, she dreamed of things she could have, she wanted more out of life than just to marry the farmer's son and live to have babies. She wanted to travel the world, she wanted to do more and see more.

Sara was loved by her family and her cousin who would do anything she asked. The stable guy was in love with her and life could not have been any sweeter... Except that ~ remember ~ Sara wanted more out of life...

Thomas saw Sara that the theater one night and knew when his eyes took her in like he does his port, he had to have her. Her inner beauty spoke volumes to him. He made a proposition to her... again with your mind in the gutter... He wanted her to pose for him. And that is what she did... at first.... **Evil grin** Thomas showed Sara things in life that a woman deserves to see, to feel, to breath, to live... and Thomas gave her those things.

But through these stories.. I realize a pattern... Thomas is the medium like the paints he uses on his canvas. He is the paint that gives these woman what they truly want from life, the painting they chose to paint, with the colors of Thomas' touch. Thomas does love Sara, but not the way she needs to be loved by a man. He adores her, her body and her mind, but her heart... Thomas would not hold a candle to it.

But Thomas would open her world in more than one way... And this is an amazing story of a woman's journey through the world of self discoveries. A world of seeking what you want and not stopping till you obtain what you truly want.

But I have a question for you... do you know what you truly want? What would do to obtain it? How many rules would you be willing to break to get it? What would do when you got what you truly thought what you wanted to find out.. there is more out there... a lot more? What do you do when presented with your ultimate dream and it is not as it seems? What happens if your dream involves love.. Is love enough to pull you through your times?

Allow Sara to take you on a world wind expedition of one woman determine to leave her mark on the world... One woman who is set on fulfilling her dreams and making them come true. Allow Sara to show you yet another side of Thomas....

Now I move onto the last chapter of Thomas' book.... Grace...
A book I am sure will be quiet moving... She has seem to grace the pages of each story told. And the glimpses you get of this woman, well let's just say that I think she has forever etched a place in Thomas' heart where he knew no place could exist.

OMG.............. Grace's story blew me away! I think that is all I can say. Her story runs the same length of the other two stories. And I am quiet sure if I even tell you a little about Grace's story I would not do it justice. Grace is a woman after my own heart. She is about as real as real can get ~ even for that time period. I mean, Ms. Amanda nailed Grace's character sooo well, I had to check to make sure that she did not find a journal of a real woman of today's world. Grace + patience + love + heartbreak + life = Thomas.

Just simply awesome... The twist and turns of Grace's life was just spell binding. This woman went through hell and back... Did she get what she deserves, I truly hope so. Does the man of her heart wake up to see her and what she is to him? I hope he does... if not... He will lose the best thing that was ever in his life.....
Would you go through hell and back to have the man you wanted?? Is love worth that much??

Ms Amanda blew me away with this three part story. It was an amazing journey to take with three different women. To watch their lives grow in front of our eyes. Watching heart ache and hearts heal. To watch love at it is best, worst and back again at its best. What's love worth to you? Another awesome story by Ms. Amanda!!!!!

**Cecile raises her port to Ms. Amanda and Thomas!**
**Awesome job**

If you are so inclined, I did an interview with Mr. Thomas - before I read his stories of course... if you would like to get to this man a little better... Please go check out the interview -> here.

Please make sure to visit Ms. Amanda at her web site -->> here and her blog place -->> here.
I know she would love the visitors! Thank you for coming over today! I hope you enjoy Thomas (and William) as much I have!!!

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  1. Great review Cecile! I can tell you really enjoyed this book :)

    I think I'll give it a try...

  2. Hi Cecile!

    Glad to see you enjoyed this book as much as I did. Thomas' story did take many twist and turns, and not all of it was pretty. Ms. McIntyre didn't gloss over Thomas' character flaws, something I have to say I really enjoyed, it made him come to life. I was so happy with the ending! Great review Cecile!

    Hope everything is great with you!


    Dottie :)

  3. Wonderful review Cecile! I can't wait to read Thomas' book especially after your review! Have a great weekend!

  4. This one just looks lovely! I had it guest reviewed for Smexy and Amanda really enjoyed it too!

  5. Host~ Hey hon. Thank you. I did really enjoy this book. It is a very touching, emotional book. Full of love, lust, desire of life and makings dreams come true. You should give it a try! And let me know!
    I hope you and bf have a great weekend!

    Dottie~ Hey honey!! Long time no see. I hope all is well on your side of the world?!?!
    Oh gosh, Ms. Amanda did not leave one rock unturned for me. This was an awesome book and I really felt I could not do Grace justice. I thought I was blown away with Helen's story.... then I read Grace's!! OMG! Awesome! Thanks for coming over!

    Tricia~ Hey girlie!! Hope all is well for you!! Thank you for coming over! And you know I will be looking for your thoughts in regard to Thomas' book! Have a great weekend!

    Mandi~ Hey honey! How are you?? Hope all is well. Ohhh gosh, you have to read this book for yourself! It is truly an amazing story!!!
    Hugs honey!

  6. Awesome review Cecile.
    I'm glad I already have this book,you're quite the salesman,I would have went and bought it now just from your review :)

  7. This sounds like an awesome, multi-faceted romance and loved reading your enthusiasm/review Cecile. I've got Amanda McIntyre on the shelves, I need to read her ASAP!

  8. What an indepth great review Cecile. I can tell you really got sucked into the story, and I will too. :D

  9. Hi Cecile,
    Great review, you know I still go all mmmmmm when I see this covers. Those eyes pierce my soul

  10. Wow! Fabulous review, hun! I like the sound of this book. Your enthusiasm makes me wanna go run to the bookstore as we speak. In my pj's and all ;)
    Hope you'll have a great weekend, hon! :D

  11. *waves hi*

    The work week is over!

  12. elaing8~ Hey hon!!! Thank you. I am really glad that you have that book too and can not wait to see what you think of these three woman... and their journeys. Aww your words touch me!! You are too sweet to me!!

    Leontine~ Hey honey!!!! Oh gosh describing it as "multi-faceted romance" is just scratching the surface! It is beyond awesome!
    And you know when I love something!
    And of course I can NOT wait to see what you think of Thomas... I did not want to give to much away. So once you read it.... email me!!

    Sweet~ Hey honey!! Aww you are to sweet to me! =) You know when something just sucks you in... You wanna share it with the world!! Well this book did that for me!

    Blodeuedd~ Hey honey!! Thank you! Oh girl... I could not resist staring at that cover way past reading the book, lmbo!!!

    Janna~ Hey honey!! Thank you honey!! You know my love of twisted heros and passionated heriones!!! And this story... since it is divided in three parts.. OH gosh it is full of them!!!! Awesome!!
    You make me giggle... and now I am soo waiting to see you go to the bookstore in your pj's!!!!! **giggles**
    I hope you have a great weekend and go to the bookstore with your clothes on.. unless of course you want me to see you in your pjs!!

    Chris~ **Waves back** OH thank goodness!!!! Week is over and baby girl is back home!!!!!

  13. Fabulous review girl and a great read as well! I enjoyed it when I read it a while back Ms. Amanda is an awesome writer, you are guaranteed a good read if her name is on the book! :)

    BIG HUGS and hope you have a great weekend!

  14. I missed this post last week so I'm visiting now...oh, I like the sound of this book... and dang it - I was just at the book store!

    {{;-0 Oh poor me, I'll have to go back there...*Hawk running as fast as her little feet will take her*

    Hugs BFF

  15. I so want to read this book! Moreover, I'd love to WRITE for Harlequin! Hey, I can dream, can't I? :)

  16. JennJ~ Hey honey!!! Ohhh thank you hon! This book freaking rocked a million apples! You know I have heard different things on Thomas... but oh man.... This man and his stories are flipping awesome!!!

    Houston A.W. Knight~ Well you know you should have called me before you went to the bookstore!!!!!!!! It is that awesome hon!!!
    Hugs honey!

    Harris Channing~ Hey honey!!! One day, I promise one day you will write for them!!! Thanks for coming over and taking the time to read my review!!!

    I so want to read this book! Moreover, I'd love to WRITE for Harlequin! Hey, I can dream, can't I? :)

  17. Wasn't this book wonderful?! Not at all what I expected but I enjoyed it so much! And Grace, I didn't want to like her at all but Ms. McIntyre is such a wonderful writer...

    Nice review!

  18. Patti (Book Addict)~ Hey hon! This book was awesome. I can agree with you that i did not see it going the way I thought it was going to go... But it was a wonderful journey. And Grace... well.... I walked with Grace and had to sit down and think of the whole she was with Thomas.... and you have to feel for her and love her. Thanks for coming over and reading my review hon!!!! I hope you rest and get some much needed meds to make you get better! Hugs to you!


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