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Oh Mr. Thomas & I ~ And one Hellva Giveaway

Today, Ms. Amanda has allowed me the extreme pleasure of meeting Mr. Thomas from The Master and The Muse. And let me tell what a pleasure my day has been.

I will take this slow.... a little at a time.

First I will allow you to drool over this freaking amazing, hot, stunning, captivating, breathtaking cover.....--->> See!

And like a fine wine, after you have savored that picture and it is branded in your mind, I will allow you get to know him a little better. Here are the stats on Mr. Rodin...

Height: 6'2"
Weight: 210
Hair: Honey-Brown-unruly curls-worn to collar
Eyes: Startling blue-green
Build: atheletic from genetics and walking
Profession: Pre-Raphaelite artist, eccentric
Clothing: prefers late renaissance, velvet and cuffs a must
Pet-peeves: anyone else to touch his painting area
Favorite drink: Port
Favorite food: Oysters
Favorite pasttime: after painting? Sex.
What he thrives on: passion--of many types
What he detests: the facade of Victorian protocal
Greatest achievement: being true to himself
Greatest regret: Grace
Worst feature: impatience
Best feature: *grin* can that be printed here?
Greatest wish: That people will love him for who he is.

A Sneak Peek at THE MASTER & THE MUSES coming June 2010 from Spice

Set-up: William, Thomas brother, who pestered Helen until she succumbed to his advances, only to discover that if she chose to model, she could not be engaged in a relationship with him while a model for the brotherhood. Confused by this rule which places an awkward distance between them, Helen is drawn to Thomas's care and charm, yet struggles with her past encounter with William. Here , William has announced he is leaving the country on a research trip and Helen reacts to the news--The Master and the Muses, Book I; Helen;
It was then of little surprise to me when William entered the studio one afternoon and announced his departure.
"Well, I'm off soon. My train leaves within the hour."
"You're leaving?" I rubbed the back of my neck, stiff and sore from sitting too long. I bowed my head so he would not see the disappointment in my eyes. "Thomas didn't mention it."
"It’s just a short trip to Rome. I plan to tour of a few cathedrals and perhaps a garden or two in search of inspiration."
"Be cautious of those beautiful gardens, Will. Some of their caretakers do appreciate foreigners plucking them," Thomas remarked with a smile.
It was evident he was speaking of women's flowers. I quickly brushed the thought away, rubbing my arms under the sleeves of the itchy Damask gown that Thomas insisted I wear. The two brothers embraced and William gave me a tight smile. "Miss Bridgeton." He nodded.
"Mr. Rodin." I continued the appearance that we'd never been intimate with one another. If he could perform so well the task, I could as well. After he left, I followed Thomas out to the balcony. We stood watching his carriage amble down the cobblestone street.
"I miss him like the devil when he's gone," he said quietly.
Thomas sighed, and stepping behind me, wrapped his arms around my shoulders. He rested his chin on my head.
"It's you and me now, Helen. He's gone and left us behind while he trots off on a new adventure."
"Does he take these trips often?" I asked, watching William leave. The warmth of Thomas's arms gave me comfort. It was his nature to be physical—he was prone to giving hugs and pecks on the cheek, even to those in the brotherhood.
He lifted aside my unbridled hair and nuzzled the sensitive spot beneath my ear.
"When the spirit moves him. I prefer to find my inspiration closer to home." The smell of wine wafted over my nose as his palm moved over my right breast, squeezing gently.
"Are you inspired, my muse?" he whispered against the curve of my neck.
I slipped from his grasp. "The light is waning, Mr. Rodin."
"I have asked that you call me Thomas," he said with quiet firmness.
"All right, Thomas. Still, if you wish to do more this afternoon before I leave—"
"Oh yes, my muse. I would love to do more."
"I've no doubt you would, Thomas. Do you think I am so innocent that I do not know your reputation?"
He took a step toward me and stopped suddenly, tipping his head with a curious look in his eye. "I think you pretend not to know how you affect me, Helen."
"I do think, Thomas that you have found your inspiration much too easily in the past."
His smile grew wide. "Aha! My innocent little muse has a cunning side, as well."
"I am not worldly, it is true, but I do know a rogue when I see one."
"A rogue?" He held his hand to his heart. "Woman, you wound me with your words far too romantic for a man like me. A man, as you say, of my reputation."
"Perhaps I should take my leave for the afternoon." I turned away and he grabbed my arm.
"My apologies, Helen. I had no idea that my affection would be repulsive to you."
"You are not repulsive to me, Thomas, nor are your affections. But do not think that because I am here, you may take advantage of the situation."
"I see, you are a woman who prefers to be wooed, is that it?" He stepped around me, blocking my escape back into the studio.
"I am a woman with needs, innocent though you think me to be." I faced him.
His gaze narrowed and he took my chin between his fingers.
"Those dark circles—your complexion is pale. Helen, what is the matter? What ails you?"
His immediate change in topic and manner scattered my thoughts.
"I am not sleeping well," I admitted finally.
He pulled me into his warm embrace and laid his cheek on the top of my head.
"You must learn to trust me, Helen. When you are unhappy, I am unhappy."
"I don't see myself through your eyes, Thomas."
"Then I will have to do better at showing you how important you are to me."
He smoothed his hands up and down my spine, and I welcomed this tender gesture. "You have been good to me, Thomas."
"I could be much more, Helen, if you'd allow."
His concern for my health prompted me to admit my worry regarding my employer. "I cannot keep lying, Thomas. I fear I will lose my job, or worse, Madame Tozier will go to my mother and ask her about my health."
He frowned. "Neither she nor your family realize that you've been posing for me?"
I sighed. "Not everyone is as enamored of the brotherhood as you may like to think."
He chuckled. "You needn't remind me." His eyes drifted over my shoulder as if deep in thought. For a moment I feared he was would end my employment.
"Then we shall go see this Madame Tozier and teach her to adore the brotherhood."
I laughed softly. "Do you think that you can make a difference?"
"Go get dressed. I'll get us a carriage." He smiled. "Oh, did you need any help with dressing?" he called after me.
"I can manage on my own, Thomas, thank you," I tossed back, but the smoky color of his eyes, the intimate way that he had touched me, lingered on my mind. As I dressed in his bedroom, I looked around, trying to get a clearer picture of this mysterious man. He lived in an unkempt state and I often wondered if he hired a maid to come in and tidy up after him, but I had never seen one when I was there. I assumed that he ate out, as I'd not seen a cook either. He seemed, however, to have an endless supply of tea, wine and raspberry scones on hand. His bed was unmade, the sheets rumpled and my mind flashed with the image of Thomas sprawled across it, his nude body draped with a careless covering. Need welled inside of me, having once tasted the precious honeyed bliss, my body craved it. I hurried to finish dressing and remove myself from the temptation of my imagination.
End of excerpt, Book I; Helen.
Now on the stuff you really came here for. And before I allow you into our conversation, I have to warn you that I had a very hard time keeping my comments or thoughts clean. So, just beware, I will have what I was really thinking in my questions... Just sayin'

Ms. Amanda has arranged for me to meet Thomas at a secluded traven, not far from his home.
I walk in and immediately find the booth that he reserved for us. It is cloaked with draperies for privacy. My thoughts immediately go from innocent to dark, and delicious in the blink of an eye. How am I supposed to conduct an interview with a man who looks like he walked out of my one of my most erotic dreams and will be sitting in front of me.

I take a seat in the booth and immediately a waiter greets me, takes my order and goes to the bar. I ordered Southern Comfort on the rocks. I would need something strong and potent to get through this interview.

Then HE walks in. He strides with such grace it takes my breath away. The man is more stunning in person than he is on the damn cover of the book. He takes my hand and kissed the top of it before he sits down. **I think I died and went to hussy heaven ~ really**

"Hello Thomas, it is a pleasure to meet you" my voice is purring. "I hope Ms. Amanda informed you of my purpose today," I said with such seduction I did not know I had. Is this the effect his man has on everyone he meets; heaven help us if he does.

The waiter comes back with my drink and a drink for Thomas. They know him well. I almost drain my drink one the first sip. Liquid courage...

"I would like to explore **every inch of you ~ floated in my mind** what makes you - you. I want the readers of "The Master and The Muse," to get to know the man behind the brushes. You said your greatest wish is that people would love you for you... so here is your chance to show them who you are."

Thomas: "I must say that I find you twenty-first century women intriguing, very bold to say the least. A fond your question, if not that hunger in your eyes most appealing. Oh yes, I notice your eyes, as I did everything about you as I approached this table. Call it an artists perspective , if you like. I happen to have a great interest and deep appreciation for women. Voluptuous, brash, delicate, timid--all sirens in their own ways, luring any red-blooded male with your suggestive look. Permit me to brush the hair from your cheek...there, what loveliness there is to a woman's cheek, so soft, so caressable. Forgive my hands, they are too rough for your rose-petal skin. My dear woman, I fear that I am lost when it comes to being near a woman such as you, utterly, completely intoxicated. I am your slave, Ms. C., if you will have this wretched, reckless, romantic. Feel my heart--there, lay your palm against my breast and feel what you do to me. Tell me, have you ever thought of posing? You have all the features that exemplify a woman from what I can see...and I would enjoy discovering those which I cannot." He smiles wickedly.

**Feeling very flustered, very speechless. I was not sure what I expected from Thomas, but this was not it... Wow... This man simply takes my breath away... gives it back to me... then turns me into a liquid puddle all in the matters for a few sentences**

Mr. Thomas, I actually have thought of posing. I have never dared to think of making it in a reality, but I love the painting of a woman's naked back. That is just simply the most intoxicating pose there is.

**Mental imagines of him with his hands... discovering, exploring...**

Thomas: "You should see the subtle blush of your cheek, Ms. C. Arousal is a true thing of beauty, is it not? I concur with your findings of a woman's back. It's is one of the areas on a woman that I love to linger. I find it most...exhilarating."

Yes, Mr. Thomas, you are right, arousal is a true thing of beauty. Beauty of which is in the eye of the beholder as the old saying goes. **I say as I squirm in my seat... becoming aware of my current state of arousal, damn the things this man can do**

Well... Mr. Thomas, you seem to have a very healthy appetite for women, **trying to appear calm and cool**, what is about a woman that attracts you to them?

Thomas: "Have I not made myself clear, woman? True it is that I seem to have this reputation for being a philandering fool. That's what Grace has said in so many words, as has William and Frank as well. But I beg you dear woman, can you blame me? Am I to turn a blind eye to the succulent woman's flesh that passes beneath my nose soliciting a hunger, the very essence of my passion? It's true! My creativity is at its most glorious height just after I have bedded a woman. I ask you, do you not sense the soaring height of delirious pleasure? How your body trembles with sheer exhaustion, your body glistening with the dew of your lover's body pressed to yours? Burning, raw passion, Ms. C! THIS is what I embrace! It is the fuel that feeds my genius! For the passion they embody, Ms. C, I adore women! I admit this freely, let the critics say what they must! Women are my religion, my inspiration, my muses!"

**Okay, this man not only can paint the most erotic imagines on canvas, he is painting them in mind right now... and this interview might not go any further...**

Mr. Thomas, you are a very **cough** passionate man, I see that now. I wonder if you are this passionate about everything...

What do love about a woman, specifically?

Thomas: "Ms. C. I feel that we have covered this subject most adequately, however, if you require a more, shall we say, thorough explanation, that can be private."

Oh, Mr. Thomas... **flustered, burning up, very hot..** Are you offering your services to me?

Thomas: "Ms. C, you naughty wench! Services? I do not provide a service, madam, I provide an experience."

Mr Thomas, I never claimed to be a good wench... now did I **batting eyelashes just a bit.**
An experience is what you provide huh... Well, that is an experience I think I might just take you up on...

What are some your favorite assets **thinking about his assets ~ making myself blush** about a woman?

Thomas: "What odd questions you ask, Ms. C. Though I find them intriguing. I daresay it begs me to wonder if you ask in lieu of this interview, or if there is a personal note secretly attached to your prying questions. Well, then, I will be more direct perhaps in my responses, for a part of me thinks that is what you wish. I confess, I am as prone to arousal as the next gent, but how on earth do these modern men stand the heat? But I digress...what were you asking me? Oh yes, a woman's assets...LOL, that too is sacred ground to my way of thinking. I find beauty in a woman's soul, first and foremost. And that is not to say, she must be this side of the nunnery to possess such beauty. One of the most beautiful women I know, with a heart of gold and a body of a goddess had a less stellar reputation to London's limited view of things. Here is what I think. A woman of high social standing, dripping with jewels and the latest fashion, but possessing a ink black heart can try as she might to appear "beautiful." But all too soon, the veneer fades and the blackness beneath begins to show. Give me a woman, plain of clothing and jewels, fiery in opinion, visionary and kind, and what physical attributes she brings to the rest is but icing on the cake. Does that answer your question, Ms. C? And has anyone ever told you what effervescent light sparkles in your eyes when you speak?"

Oh, Mr. Thomas you have a way with... your words sir.

I have to ask... If you seriously thought of courting a woman, how would you go about that? **I would love to court you to my...** Have you ever courted a woman?

Thomas: " Ah, courting like in the days of the medieval knight? Where one kept himself pure and chaste, pining from afar for the woman who keeps him in torment every night? I wish I could say I was so noble a man, but I fear my passion does not allow me to pine for very long, nor if I may be so bold to speak, does the woman in question wish me to stay at a respectable distance. We are all creatures of nature, Ms. C. When one senses such a complete and volatile draw to another, how or better,why, should it be denied? Still, I fear that my friend, Grace is teaching me a thing or two in this area of restraint. For there is a woman that heats my blood and for so many reasons, that I get dizzy to think about it for too long. She baffles me, wholly. One who would give herself by profession to another and yet defy my advances! I ask you is that not the height of cruelty? Courting...bah, I have not yet found the woman who I would wish to court, or who would wish me to court her. Are YOU asking for personal reason?"

Maybe I am Mr. Thomas. A girl has to know these things. But I have to agree with you... certain things should not be denied...

Thomas nods taking a sip of his port.

Out of your whole collection, what is your favorite portrait of all? Why?

Thomas "No more than an author can choose a favorite book over another, I'm afraid. Though I will say that is probably my sketches that I covet most. The first raw images marrying charcoal to paper, the musings in my mind brought to life by my hand. They are the seeds of my passion, the smoldering embers that with time, patience and care will ignite into something more beautiful than I dared to imagine. For me, a lot like good sex, in truth."

I have to ask this question; which will lead to my next question...
When is your favorite time to paint?

Thomas: "Whenever the mood strikes."

When is your favorite time to have sex?

Thomas: "Whenever the mood strikes. Are you asking for research purposes? I am more than willing to oblige in-depth research!"

Research you say, oh yes... Research... I love research and would be open for all sorts of research. I am always willing to learn new things. And to have a teacher such as yourself... well, I would consider that an honor.... to say the least.

Thomas: "I find curiosity a most likable and intriguing trait in a woman."

Do the two go hand in hand **I know where I would like your hands**?

Thomas: "You toy with me, Ms. C. And I must warn you, it is a dangerous game you play with me. For too much more of this and I will call your bluff. My studio is not too far from here."

**Begging for him to please call my bluff....** Mr. Thomas, there is no bluff.... But I do know how to play a few games my dear sir.... **said with very wicked intentions**

Is there a difference in having sex and making love?

Thomas: "Of course! In my era, anyone can pay for sex. Is it not true in this moderne day as well? But making love? Now that is learned--it involves the heart and soul. It embraces the emotions, celebrates the union. It gives as much as receives, in the sensual dance, its desire to please as much as to have pleasure. Every woman that I have been blessed to make love to, I have been pupil, teacher and muse. Each has transformed to me to becoming a better person and I like to think I have done the same for them. Our time together was always consensual, I demanded that above all else. Passion must be matched with desire for us both, or I would never act upon one with out the other.

If you were not a painter, what would be your occupation?

Thomas; 'A recluse, I surmise. In truth, I do not know. This need to expel the hunger of creating inside me would find its way into other areas, I suppose. Would it be profitable as painting? I cannot say."

Tell us how you would seduce *me* a woman.

Thomas: "Have I not been doing just that throughout this interview, my dear woman?"

Do you see yourself every falling in love with just woman and settling down?

Thomas: "I can "see" myself falling in love many times I have done this very thing more than once and daresay, I have not yet exhausted the possibility of other such times. Though I am not entirely sure that the one necessarily follows suit, either for the woman or myself."

Now for my last question, you said that your biggest regret is: Grace.... Why regret? Who is/was she? What was she to you?

Thomas: smiling. "You have a way , Ms. C, of working your way into a man's heart. But alas, I hold my muses close to my heart and there are some things that a gentleman simply does not reveal. I do admit, my regret was not seeing past myself to the beautiful woman she is. Being blind, Ms. C, is not only a physical illness, the hear can be blind as well and what time is so readily wasted in the heat that is blind. Grace was my friend, the woman who thought more like me than any other and yet whose heart I blatantly disregarded in my hurry to prove to the world my brilliance...excuse me, this is not an easy thing for me to discuss. It is very personal and a wound I fear that I have taken part in creating. I don't know if I will ever be able to remedy the situation. I fear it is too late for me. You see, this very day, I have heard rumor that she plans to sail to America. What that does to my heart, I cannot find the words. Even if there was to be no future with her, to part ways on such a sour note, when I have not yet had time to say what I have only discovered...sigh. Please, I beg you, do not make me go on...I cannot bear to think of what I may have already caused. I am sorry, I don't wish to spoil the frivolity of your interview, good woman. If there is but a flicker of hope that I can at least convey to Grace what her loyalty , her friendship has meant to me, pray she will have a moment to listen. At least then, if she leaves, I will have said my peace. Would you do that, Ms. C.? Would you want a blind fool, who was perhaps your best friend, to tell you that much, at least, before you parted ways?"

Yes, you are right Mr. Thomas, I would want to part on terms of knowing how that person felt. The pain that one's heart and soul endures when those words/actions are left unspoken, actions left undone.... those kind of wounds do not heal - ever. We can bury them only so far.
Sometimes things happen in life for which we can not control and those moments are forever lost. But those wounds will stay open forever... reminding us of that time... when we should have said something or done something... but did not. To have those last moments, to air it out and let the chips fall where they may.
To hold something so precious at one time and allow it to slip through our fingers.....
**damn drink.. loosen the tongue**
And never get that moment again, that one pivotal moment where we should have/could have done what we should have done.... **my eyes develop a moisture in them**
To part terms like that... leaves that person a changed person - for the better or worst.. I am not sure.. but I do know that your soul will never be the same.. you will never be completely whole.
**one tear escapes...**
Mr. Thomas, I want to thank you for our meeting this afternoon. And I think I shall take up on that posing you were offering one day...

Thomas: "Your sensitive heart touches me, Ms. C. We are kindred spirits, you and I, and I humbly thank you for understanding. Perhaps there is still time to speak with her. I can only hope that she will hear me out. Just the same, I want to thank you for the lovely drink. It has been a true delight. Here, let me leave you my card and we shall see about making an appointment for you to visit my studio."

Ladies, I hope you had just as much fun as had this afternoon with Mr. Thomas... he is man full of passion and sexuality. I can not wait to read his book!!!

Now for what you have waited for...
Thomas and I got together to have a give away....
Thomas will give away a mouse pad with his cover art of M & M and I am giving away a new copy of The Dairy of Cozette....
(pppsss Thomas is in there)
All you have to do is leave a comment for Ms. Amanda or Mr. Thomas...
And make sure you leave your email address!!

Ms. Amanda introduced us to Mr. Thomas at her blog here -->> Meet Mr Thomas.
To get just a taste of this man and his book, please go --->> here.

I want to thank Ms. Amanda for coming over to the Lair. I hope you have had just as much as fun as I have. It is always a treat to have you here!

Ms. A just posted this on her web site.....
Just for fun-if you think that Thomas Rodin on The Master & the Muses cover art is HOT---check out this contest and cast your vote!


Available for pre-order now at your fav bookseller!
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    Be watchful though, if he should ask if you've ever considered posing for art...the man is an unabashed romantic!

    always wonderful to stop by for a visit , Ms. C!

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  24. Hey Friend! Hope all is going well!

    This sounds like an exciting book. I love his eyes! Gorgeous color.

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