Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Come and Tell Ms. Fiona Your Storyline.... And Enter for her Giveaway

This is my Fiona's last day in Lair!
I am sorry to see her go!
She has been a absolute doll to work with!!

This is the day you all have been waiting for....
Ms. Fiona's giveaway

She really made you guys work for it;
did you think today would be any different?

You job is to make a storyline for this book.
That's it!
What do you see? Where does this lead?
What is he saying to you? Better yet..
What does your hussy see?
With those full, kissable lips. Those wanton sexy blue eyes.
That gruff on his face.
Be creative, think out the box.

This is the Giveaway:
First, the winner will be chosen by
Second the prize...
Ms. Fiona is graciously giving away a $30 gift certificate to

And just to let you know to be on look out for this book because this is Ms. Fiona's new new release not out yet ~ but soooonnnnn!!

Ms. Fiona, thank you for coming to the Hussy Lair and hanging out with me! Everyone, please make sure you check out Ms. Fiona's website -->> here. Make sure you check out her whole site... and sign up for her newsletter! Make sure you check out her new releases: Cold Victory, Pas De Deux, Dargon Slayer, and here is a list of her other books -> here. Enjoy!!!

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  1. Hellooouuu

    Great post, hun! I hadn't heard of Fiona Jayde, so I went and checked her out and let me tell you, I can't wait to read one of her books! The covers are just delicious *drools*


  2. Not entering - just stopping by to say good morning. :)

  3. Good Morning! And what a way to get the creative juices flowing. That hunk of man candy makes me think of....

    Being stranded on a dessert island. I'm not to uncomfortable yet, but hoping someone shows up to save me in the next couple days. Then this hunk comes along in his outrageously outdated pirate ship?! What could I have that he would possibly want to plunder? We strike up a bargain, my treasure chest for his ship... LOL

    How much fun is that!

  4. Hilda!!! Hey honey!I am so glad that you could finally make the party! It is sooo good to see you again! I am so glad to hear that you are going to give Ms. Fiona a try! Thanks for coming over! Hugs to you!

    Chris!! Thanks for coming over honey! You know my morning would not be the same if I did not see your avatar up!

    Sweet my dear! Thank you for coming over!!! Ohhhh... I like your idea.... LMBO... plunder huh.. treasure chest for ship... hummmm.. You are something else!

  5. Hi Cecile and Fiona - this has been a hot and sexy couple of days, LOL!

    That cover - *fans self* I'm seeing a Robin Hood-type fellow, a kidnapping, possibly a marriage of convenience to save the heroine from the villian...there's instant attraction but of course the heroine fights it...until she doesn't (rawr!).

  6. Good morning,

    Its been fun learning more about Fiona and her books.

    As for the story,I'm not a I'll leave it up to the talented ones.
    But the cover is hot.

    Caleb,I'm late still got my morning drink nearby :D

  7. Elaing hon.. Your mimosa has been right here waiting for you! Why are you so late... **Gives her an evil, teasing glare** Did you stay out and play with Max all night... Or did you tag team with Sweet for that job.......

    And why are you trying your hand at story telling, I think you would do just fine....

  8. Hey Patti!! Thanks for adding to the story... I likkiieee!
    I mean just look at those eyes, and those lips... and that throat.. and Lord help my imagination... Damn...

    Elaing!!!! **Hands on hips** Hummm... I was wondering why Max was late this morning... Did you... Where you....

  9. Java man brought me my coffee in bed THIS morning... *wink*

  10. What about.... An English woman coming to America. Wants to discover a new life, so her fathers lets her go. On route... the boat captain is told NO one is allow to touch her. Trip does not go all that great, bad weather, rough seas... Big ship, but only so big. So her and Captain get a little close - not to close cuz he does not want to lose his head if the father ever found out.
    Get to land... ship docks... Native lands... They build themselves shelter and such... Crew is not happy that they did not find gold (they were secretly pining for that)... they take ship in the middle of the night and haul ass... leaving a couple people behind............ to fend for themselves. (there was a small boat they left them - just in case) Okay.. it's out there, but it had to come out of my mind!

  11. They Call Me Java ~ MaxMarch 10, 2010 at 11:56 AM

    Yes Ma'am, I sure did **evil grin on his face** And it was nice and hot with a slight of a bite!

    And as for Elaing... I remember her some where in there... **very evil grin**

  12. If I remember correctly (I may have had one too many drinks)**grins** I was somewhere with Max (sweet was all over him) then Luke and Jack showed up and wisked me away..oh boy did we have a good time..let's just say I woke up with only a smile on *wink*

    Caleb,**sips drink** you know me so well**wink**
    We missed you last night,were you tied up.....again....with Cecile **wink**
    **looks in empty glass,then up at Caleb,hands me another drink** See so well,I didn't even have to ask :D

  13. Oh wow... So the Tribe was being very generous and helpful then I see... Hummm....

    Yes, they do leave you with a smile!! The hellva lot of them!!! I should know!!!! mmmaaaawwwwwwhhhhaaaawwwwww

    And honey, I know you have some imagination in that mind of yours... Give it a shot with the story...

  14. Of course I know you so well... You were one of my very first **cough** customers

    Enough your last mimosa honey... lunch time is rolling through... Drink special will be changing...

  15. Oh I have a storyline...but can't spill, I'm using it myself, lol. Good luck to everyone who enters of course and best of luck to Fiona and her upcoming release!

  16. Whoa - the party is at full swing here! Thanks so much for having me Cecile!

    Hiya Hilda - nice to meet you! *blushing* I do have some amazing covers - I've been very lucky!

    @Chris - morning!

    @Sweet Vernal Zephyr - LOL! That's terrific! Plunder that treasure indeed!

    @Morning Patti - I agree! And awesome storyline!

    @Morning Elane and LOL! Glad you like the cover!

    @Cecile - very nice storyline!! Well??? What happens next???

  17. I see a shipwrecked woman and a king merman saves her but she can't live in water so he trades immortalityand his kingdom for legs to be with her

  18. What do I see in that cover...hhmmmm let me work my fantasy is firing moment...okay, here we go:

    He has a special necklace that allows him to work his fae magic. Every trimester he needs to be at the standing stones for a woman is send to him by the gods and placed in his care. He will take her to his ship of utter deviance and has to perform 10 tasks, they are erotic as well as tasks of the heart. If he is able to fulfill those 10 tasks with her in the period of one full moon his abducted twin sister get’s another three months to live…if he fails his sister is lost to him forever.

  19. Hey Barbara!!! Thanks for coming over honey!!! Oh... I am sure you could have come up with something... But I am also hoping to see what you are cooking up! Thanks for coming!

    Fiona~Pinky!!!! Hey honey! Girl, you doubted the party would have not started!! I think we would rock this house 24/7 if we could! But I am glad that you could make it... and my story... hummm.... You might have to stay tune to see where my story goes... hee hee!

    jenn m!!Hi there, welcome! I hope you enjoy your visit and thank you for coming over! I love your idea...

    Leontine!!! OHMGOSH what an intriguing story you are telling here honey... You know you have to give me more... You have wet my lips... and now I want to bite the apple!! Hee hee!!

  20. I am so not good at this.... so I will just enjoy what the others come up with! Hope you have a great day!

  21. You have an award for great stylish at or blog. Please stop by and pick up:)

  22. Marissa!! So glad you could come honey!!! I believe you are good... you just have to give it a shot that is all!!!

    Laurie (BittenbyParanormalRomance)
    Hey there!! Thanks for coming over to my place!! AND thanks for the award!!!

  23. Wow - terrific ideas guys! I'm so impressed!!

    Thanks for sharing - and a huge thanks to Brain (er... Cecile) for having me partay at her blog! Hugs lady!!!

    I'm off to fight with my current MS:) Night everybody!

  24. I'm in the rainforest. Decided to live here in my very comfy cabin. Just need to be on my own and away from men. Then he comes along. I'm cold but he insists on teaching me things. Eventually, I see something in him that scares me but excites me as well. He has a lion spirit and is a lion is many other ways too....I find out later.

    dorcontest at gmail dot com
    Was that good?

  25. I not very good at making up a story that's way I like to read but here goes. When I look at the picture I see a vampire trying to decide where he's going to place his first bite. It looks like his fangs are already dropping and he's trying to hypnotize you with those sexy eyes of his. Told you I wasn't very good.

  26. dor and sherry! thanks for coming over and playing with us! isn't her cover smoking!

    and sherry, i love your story!


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