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Please welcome Ms. Pamela Clare

Ladies, you know the drill... grab a chair, sofa, whatever... something to drink and enjoy!

<<<--- This is Marc Please help me welcome Ms.

Pamela Clare to the Hussy Lair. And she brought her men with her! I am not sure if she knows what she has gotten herself into or not... but here goes! I found Ms. Clare's work from JennJ @ Sapphaire Romance Relam. And lets just say her covers are enough to send this Hussy looking for more! Welcome Ms. Pamela, please make yourself at home.

Hi, Cecile! Thank you so much for having me here on your blog today. I really appreciate it. And I absolutely love your banner! Very hot!

Ms. Pamela, tell us a little about yourself. Hold on... something that is not listed in your bio at your website. (Yea, I am a little evil, lol)

I’m a Trekkie. I grew up watching the original Star Trek series with Captain Kirk and Spock and was very skeptical when Next Generation came out. But I fell in love with that, too, along with Deep Space 9 and Voyager. I did not like the new movie because it didn’t feel like Star Trek to me.

I’m left-handed and almost ambidextrous.

My hair is naturally curly despite people I meet on the street who tell me it can’t possibly be natural. Yes, dammit, it is!

I love chocolate — but NOT chocolate ice cream.

Coffee is my religion, my political party and the only reason I can work full time AND write novels.

I am a Colorado Rockies fan. Go Rox! I like to sit near the dugout so I can see the players’ fine butts. :-)

Like some of my heroines (apparently), I cry at the drop of a hat. Yes, I am the editor-in-chief of a newspaper, an award-winning investigative reporter, and I cry a lot. I used to feel self-conscious about this, until a Navajo friend told me that women’s tears purify and are considered a kind of ceremony almost. I figured I’m purifying existence for a lot of people who can’t cry for themselves. :-)

I see that as of right now, writing is not your full time job. How do you handle it all?

It is not easy. I have sacrificed doing pretty much everything else for writing books. So I work Monday through Thursday at the paper, then write fiction on Friday, Saturday and Sunday. In between, I have to buy groceries, get gas in the car, clean the house, do laundry, go to post office, etc. I yearn — yes, yearn — for the day when I’ll be writing fiction full time. Then I’ll be able to do things like go on dates, go to movies, have dinner with friends, sleep more, go for walks, etc. But this is what it takes to write while working full time and being a mother. My older son is completely independent, but my younger son, though he’s away at college, lives here during the summer. And they both still need to have a mother in their lives.

I have noticed that you have two different of writing styles - historical and romantic suspense. How easy is it to go back and forth between the two?

It’s actually pretty easy. My work in graduate school was in archaeology, so the world of history is never far from my mind. At the same time, I live in the modern world, and my contemporary stories are based at least in part (it differs with each book) on work I’ve done as a journalist. Both historicals an contemporary romantic suspense feel very familiar to me. I just sort of switch my thinking from one mode to the other, and I use music as a device, too. I have a lot of traditional Celtic folk music that I listen to when I’m writing historicals, and I don’t listen to it when I’m writing contemporaries. Instead, I listen to hip hop and rock and other contemporary kinds of music.
This is Julian!
Which genre requires more research?

The historicals require a lot more research because I must have a functional understanding of every aspect of daily life for all the characters. How did they fasten their clothing? What did they eat in winter? How did they light a pipe? How fast could they travel from point A to point B? What kind of medical skill was available to them? What words were in existence in 1758? The list of things one need to research is endless. That’s why doing a series is so helpful. I do research at the beginning, keep all the materials on hand, and then write several books during a time period that I’ve at least attempted to master.

But that’s not to say that contemporaries don’t require research. I don’t have to research journalism obviously because I’m an expert on that subject. But my heroes’ occupations are unfamiliar to me. I recently had lunch with two U.S. Marshals (one was actually a retired deputy U.S. Marshal) so that I could pepper them with questions about being a marshal. The hero in my next I-Team book is a deputy U.S. Marshal. It was fun and inspiring to get inside information on the job from two people who’d worked it. Without that level of research, the stories would be filled with mistakes that someone familiar with the subject matter would notice immediately. I try to make my books as authentic as possible, so that means research. Fortunately I enjoy it.

Which one is more interesting to write?

Whichever one I’m not writing at the moment.

When you do have spare time - away from work,writing alike - what do you like to do?

I like to hike in the foothills. I like snowshoeing and hiking in snow. I love going for walks with my boys. I like baseball games. I like to read, of course. I like to wander through book stores looking at books that I might want to buy for my own research. I love my roses and have a big flower garden that I love to putter in. Benjy, my younger son, does all the hard work so that I can write. Then he says, “OK, Mom, you can go and putter now.” I love flowers.

We have a veggie garden, too, and we’re learning to grow our own food. Eventually, I’d love to transform our yard into an urban farm that is as self-sustaining as possible, complete with bee hives and chickens. We’re a few years away from that now, still shifting yard into garden. The idea of growing our own food, of knowing what went on it and into it, is very appealing to me. That way, no matter what the economy does and no matter what is happening in the world, we are taking care of ourselves. We’re going to be adding fruit trees soon, as well as a couple of additional garden beds this year for growing more veggies.

That means learning to can and preserve what we grow so that it’s available year round. Last year, we didn’t need to do that because we didn’t plant that much and I was able to eat all of it or most of it fresh from the garden every day until the first frost. That was wonderful!

What are your plans for the future as far as your books are concerned? For those of us who are new to you...

Right now, I’m working on the next I-Team story. It will feature Natalie Benoit (who now has her own Facebook page) as the heroine, and Zach MacBride, a deputy U.S. Marshal, as the hero. I’m excited about the story, which has really started to unfold in my mind, and can’t wait to actually sit down and write. It’s been a looooong time since I’ve been in true writing mode. This is the longest break I’ve taken between books since I started writing, but I really needed it. I was physically and creatively exhausted coming off NAKED EDGE.

After Natalie’s story — which has no title yet — I’m going to work on Connor’s book, which is sitting in my head waiting for a chance to be written. Hopefully, Connor will be my focus by July.

And then.... Who knows? I do have one paranormal idea in my brain that involves no vampires, shape shifters, werewolves, fae, Sidhe, fairies, elves, dwarves, talking cats, ghosts, demons, genetically altered space aliens or anything else like that. I hope I get the chance to write it! I don’t read paranormals. I just can’t get into the aforementioned creatures with very few exceptions. So it surprised me more than anyone else when this idea fell into my head.

Now I will turn the interview over to JennJ... from Saphharie Romance Realm... She will be interviewing the I-Team.. Take it away hon! Oh yea.. I said the whole team!!!!!

Today we are talking with a very special group of hunks... ah er men! Please help me welcome Reese, Julian, Marc and Gabe from Pamela’s I-Team series!

Marc: Dorkangelo — they let you in? [shakes head]

Julian: I guess they figured they needed someone to keep an eye on you.

Marc: Fuck you.

Julian: You’d love to.

Gabe *rolls eyes, looks over at Reece*: You can’t take the two of them anywhere.

Reece *grins*: Tell me about it.

Hello gentlemen how are you all doing today?

[The guys nod, looking a little awkward and a bit uncomfortable, except for Reece, who adjusts his tie.]

Reece: “Doing well. Thanks for having us here.”

Gabe, you are the newest addition to the I-Team men how are you getting along with the other guys here?

“Well, they’re housebroken for the most part, so… ” [He chuckles.] “No, seriously, they’re alright.”

Do you all hang out now together outside of work and the girls?

That would be Reese................------>>>>>>

[They nod.]

Julian: We don’t get together as much as our wives

Gabe how did you feel the first time you laid eyes on Kat?

Gabe: You’re asking me that in front of them?

[Julian, Marc and Reece laugh.]

Marc: Go ahead, rock jock. Answer the question. Was it love at first sight?

Gabe: No, it wasn’t — not exactly. At the time I was more focused on saving her life and getting her to a hospital than anything else.

Julian: And that’s why you kept her earring in your pocket for three months. Yeah, Tess told me about that.

Marc: Oh, that’s so romantic!

Gabe: [Glares at Marc and Julian.] Okay, so I did notice that she was attractive. And I noticed her eyes.

Reece: Just her eyes?

Julian how are things going on the force? And do you ever see yourself taking a less dangerous position? Does Tessa want you too?

Julian: I’ve spent a lot of time training other law enforcement officers about human trafficking in the past couple of years, and Tessa likes that. She’d prefer that I be in a classroom instead of on the street. I don’t mind it because I know how much she worries when I’m out late. Now that she’s pregnant again—

Marc: Whoa! What? Tess is pregnant?

Julian: [grinning] Yeah, we felt it was time for little Miss Maire to have a brother or sister.

Marc: And you saved that news for now?

Julian: What did you want me to do? Send you a press release?

Gabe: Congratulations, man. That’s great. Babies are great.

Reece: Great news. Kara will be thrilled to hear it.

Reese how are things going in the Senate? And how are Kara and the kids?

Kara is wonderful. The kids are great. Connor especially is growing like a weed. He’s 10 now. Kaitlyn is five and about to start kindergarten. That will be tough for Kara. Brendan is almost four and a handful. Things in the Senate are wrapping up for me. I’m term-limited, so once this session comes to a close, I’ll be out. I hope to go back to teaching.

Marc how are things going for you and Sophie? How are things on the force?

We’re doing really well. Chase and Addison keep us busy. Chase is about to hit his terrible twos, but it’s a lot of fun. Addy is sleeping through the night. Sophie’s thinking about leaving the paper so she can be home with the kids full time, and I would love for her to have that chance.

Reese, Julian and Marc what do you guys think of Gabe and his love of Extreme sports? And do you two like to go mountain climbing or extreme skiing as well?

[Gabe grins and looks over at the guys, waiting for their answers.]

Julian: The man is a demigod when it comes to snow and rock and ice. I’ve done a lot more skiing since he came into the picture, but when it comes to shredding the gnar, I’m an amateur compared to him.

Marc: Compared to me you’re an amateur, Dorkangelo. And listen to you, talking like real powder hound. ‘Shredding the gnar.’ [laughs]

Julian: You should have seen me take face shots heading down Mary Jane last weekend. Tell him, Rossiter.

Gabe: Darcangelo was taking face shots heading down Mary Jane last weekend.

Marc: I bet he fell on his ass a lot.

Julian [laughs]: No pain, no Jane.

Reece [shaking his head]: I think all of us would like to believe we can do what Gabe does, but the truth is we’d have to be flown out in a helicopter if we tried. I love to ski and hike and climb peaks, but if takes ropes, forget it.

Marc: Speak for yourself, Mr. Senator, sir. I’ve been hitting the rock gym with Rossiter in my spare time. I finished a 5.10 route the other night.

Julian: Rossiter, what’s the toughest route you’ve ever climbed?

Gabe: Probably a 5.14d or so.

Julian: That sounds like a bra size.

[They all laugh.]

How is it having wives who are so close and who are reporters guys? I would love to hear each or your takes on this one!

[The men groan, shake their heads, laugh.]

Julian: Well, there are no secrets among them. None.

Reece: Isn’t that the truth?

Marc: Let me put it this way: ‘sucky-swirly thing.’ I mean, I don’t want to know about that, but I do.

Reece: Are you blushing, Darcangelo?

Julian: I don’t blush. If I please my woman and she wants to brag about it, that’s okay with me. And, hey, Reece, two words, buddy: jiggle stick.

Reece: Ahem. Yeah. What can I say? Women talk, and they talk more than most women.

Gabe: I have no idea what you guys are talking about, but I can guess. Kat is probably the only one of the bunch who doesn’t share those kinds of secrets, though I’m sure she’s in on them. I’m happy that she has close friends. Sophie, Tessa, Kara, Holly and Natalie are like sisters to her. She’s never had that before.

Marc: The downside of Sophie’s being a journalist is that I worry about her. [Heads nod.] There are risks that come with the job. I don’t like that.

Gabe: I don’t like it either. I don’t like how stressful the job can be. Kat is only working part time now because of the baby, but even so it seems to take a lot out of her. I’ve been trying to talk her into quitting. We don’t need the money. But she knows she’s able to help people, and I can’t blame her for not wanting to turn her back on that.

Ok, now on this one I want each of you to answer this ok…. Describe what you would plan for an extra special romantic night with your lady?

Reece: It depends. Maybe dinner for two at a classy restaurant. Maybe a surprise getaway to our cabin. Maybe I send the kids to their grandmother’s place and make dinner myself.

Julian: A five-star hotel. Room service. No interruptions.

Marc: Last month, I found a drive-in east of Denver. We left the kids with Tessa and Dorkangelo here, drove there in my ’55 Chevy, and steamed up the windows.

Julian: Do you even remember what film was playing?

Marc: [laughs] No clue.

Gabe: Any time I can have Kat to myself feels extra special. When we visit her family on the rez, we rarely get two minutes alone together. Now with the baby, our time away is limited to the few hours between feedings because Kat is breastfeeding. We’ve gotten very good at setting special time aside in the evening. A fire in the fireplace, good food, music. Kat is the center of my world, so no matter what we’re doing if we’re together it’s good times.

What is each of your favorite ways to unwind after a long day?

Reece: I like to take a walk with Kara and the kids, let them play in the park for a little while after supper. It gives a chance just to be a family together and helps me put things in perspective. The world of politics is pretty tense and cut throat at times. Spending time with my wife and children helps me remember what life is really about.

Julian: You said it, Sheridan. If I’ve had a tough day, just coming home and finding Tessa and Maire waiting for me makes all the difference. Maire always runs to the door and wants her daddy to pick her up. Tess and I make sure to have some time just the two of us every day. Maire is the center of our lives, but we set time aside to be a couple, too.

Marc: I love that moment in the evening where the kids are asleep and I have Sophie to myself. Even if all we do is talk for a few minutes before going to sleep, it makes all the difference.

Gabe: Well, I was going to say I like to hit the rock gym, but that will make me sound like a selfish ass. So… No, I do like putting in a few routes at the gym to burn off the tension, but of course coming home to Kat and Alissa is the best part of any day. Luckily, my schedule allows me to have weeks at a time with them, especially when we head down to the rez.

That would be Gabe right there....

What do you like to read?

Gabe: Rock and Ice, Outside magazine, Ski.

Julian: [straight face] I read romance novels.

Marc: [snorts] That explains a few things.

Julian: Hey, it takes a man who’s secure in his masculinity to admit something like that. Actually, Tessa reads the novels. I just reap the benefits.

Reece: I’ve been reading a lot of biographies lately.

Marc: I feel like all I read these days is Dr. Seuss.

Julian: You can read? Whoa. I had no idea.

What’s on your bedside table right now?

Julian: A box of ammo. And, of course, the unabridged works of William Shakespeare.

Marc: You are so full of shit! Let’s see... Right now on my bedside table… Probably Fox in Sox or Rainbow Fish.

Reece: Right now I’m reading John Adams by David McCullough.

Gabe: Way to make the rest of us look like idiots, Sheridan. I’ve got a book about Navajo legends that Kat and I are reading together.

And last one guys before I let you off the hook what kind of underwear are you wearing right now? ;)

Reece: Silk boxers — a gift from Kara.

Julian: Boxer briefs. Black. Hunter is wearing a pretty pink thong.

Marc: You stole my pink one, Darcangelo. I’m wearing the edible licorice one you got me.

Gabe: [Rolls eyes] Why don’t the two of you get a room?

[The guys laugh.]

Gabe: So what kind of underwear am I wearing? [grins] Nada. Nix. None at all.

Naked Edge

Mass Market Paperback: 400 pages

Publisher: Berkley; Original edition (March 2, 2010)
Language: English

What do you do when desire drives you to the very brink?

The day Navajo journalist Katherine James met Gabriel Rossiter, the earth literally moved beneath her feet. Nearly killed in a rockslide while hiking, she found her life in the tall park ranger's hands. Although she can't forget him she thinks she'll never see him again. She is crushed when she recognizes her rescuer among the law enforcement officers raiding a sweat lodge ceremony one night, throwing her and her friends off Mesa Butte, land they consider sacred.

Gabe long ago swore he would never again lose himself to a woman not even one with long dark hair and big eyes that seem to see right through him. But from the moment he first sees Kat, the attraction he feels is undeniable. Appalled by what he has been ordered to do, he's determined to get to the bottom of recent events at Mesa Butte and to keep Kat safe.

But asking questions can be dangerous almost as dangerous as risking one's heart. And soon Kat and Gabe's passion for the truth and each other makes them targets for those who would do anything, even kill, to keep Native Americans off their sacred land.

To learn more about Ms. Pamela, you can visit her web site --->>> here.
You can visit her blog --->>> here.
Make sure to drop her a line... letting her know that you visited her!
She would love to hear from you!

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I want to thank everyone who came out and partied with me!!!
Warm hugs, big smiles and hot men!
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    Hi, Helena — LOL! I think Marc's nickname is pretty clever, and he means it in the nicest possible way. Those two... They're like brothers.

  37. Hi, Book Pimp Blogs — Nice to see you here! I'm so happy you enjoyed both the book and the interview. (It made me laugh, too.)

    Hi, Smokinghotbooks — I go lots and lots and lots of weeks with no more than four to five hours of sleep a night. That's why I look so young and vivacious. :-)

    Actually, I'm afraid of going out because someone might think the Zom-pocalypse has begun and shoot me to stop me from eating their brains. That would be a major bummer.

    Thanks for posting!

  38. Hey, Pamela!
    Love the interview with the heros, especially knowing what's "underneath" now. Too much fun! Still think you need to write just a book of "scenes" for all the couples/friends. Can never have enough of these guys.

    No need for me to be in the contest - I've read them all - and highly recommend EVERY SINGLE ONE of them if anyone can't choose. You can not go wrong reading anything in this series.

  39. O M G Pamela. Now I'm in love with all of them. Gabe - commando? Let me catch my breath please. Love when authors do this - gives us some extra insight into the characters. I will NEVER be sick of these guys & their stories.

  40. I loved the interview and your books are some of my favorites. I'm always waiting for the next one. How many do you plan on writing in this series?

  41. Hi, Crystal — Glad you enjoyed it. Of course, Marc isn't really wearing an edible licorice thong. I suspect he, too, wears boxer briefs. I might actually say in his story... LOL!

    I would love love love to write a book of scenes. These people are in my head all the time, not just when you all are reading about them. (It's very crowded in my brain sometimes.)

    Thank you so much for your sweet words! I'm so happy you feel that way about the series. Thanks for joining us here!

    Aw, Mary G, thank you! I don't think I'll ever get sick of them either. I wish they were my neighbors in real life. It would be fun to go to their barbecues and just ogle the guys together with Holly.

    And, yeah, Gabe. Commando. One zip away from... well, you get it.

    Thank you so much, Sherry. At this point I still plan to write Natalie's story (which I'm working on now), Joaquin's story and Holly's story. I need to stop before the series hits a tipping point and bores people to death. So that's three books as far as I know.

    I don't want to stop writing, I just can't see that people will still be interested by then.

  42. Hey Pamela!
    Thanks for the little boost in getting through Monday. :)
    Loved the interview, but then, what's not to love? All the guys are so much fun. You absolutely make them all seem so real. I mean, they ARE real, aren't they?
    I've said this before, but I'd love to read Holly's story. I know it would be tricky, but I think you would pair her with someone amazing. We would get a closer look at who Holly really is, and I know you would do it without giving her a complete personality makeover. Sounds like a great book to me! Although, to be honest, my mind right now is wandering to Zach tied up. Hmmm...

    Kara C
    Capt, Team Marc

  43. Hey, Capt. Kara —

    I so totally agree with you about Holly. I know what's inside her, and there's a heroine screaming to get out. She just needs to learn to respect herself more and to stop trying to use her looks and sexuality to win people over. I have ideas for her story percolating. I just have to get there.

    But after I write Natalie's story, I'll be writing Connor's. So Holly and Joaquin have some time.

    I got up at 5 after five hours of sleep and am going to crash for now. I'll check back tomorrow. And Cecile and I will have to pick a winner for this contest.

    Thank you all for taking time out of your day to spend with me here, and, Cecile, thanks for hosting the partay! Jenn, thanks for inviting the I-Team guys in to play.

    Can I bite Marc's thong now?

  44. LOL Kara C - Captain Team Marc.
    Good One!!

  45. As always awesome review! Oh OH OH...but I have to have the guy in the sunglasses...pass him on over please!
    OMG, where did you find him?

    Pamela...I so connect with you...a writer's life is not an easy one. I'll send out the thoughts that you get to write full time soon! But I never gets easier, just crazier! Yeah, I know, that got my attention too! LOL

    HUgs to you both

  46. Hi Cecile, I have just returned from a break. I am a bit absent but I'm working hard as a baby sitter and I have very little time. How are you?
    I am pleased that there is a photo of a beautiful man Italian. That with long blond hair is Raffaello Balzo, an actor of italian fiction.
    Look here:)

    I wish you a happy day my dear friend

  47. I devoured the whole interview and laughed so much when the I-Team men got got me in the mood for reading another novel in this series ;) I so need more reading time!

  48. Hi, Hawk —

    The guy with the sunglasses was discovered by me in a men's magazine. I tore out the page and scanned it. That's where the image comes from. It is totally Marc for me.

    And thanks for the good thoughts! Yes, it's a strange life for sure. I consider myself very bless to have a calling, a "job" that feels more like a passion to me.

    Hi, Veronica — Welcome back from your break. Don't work too hard!

    Hi, Leontine — I'm glad the interview made you laugh. I'm working on the next book now, so... Well, you'll only have to wait about a year. So hold that thought... LOL!

  49. Awesome cover and title. :)

    I love the guys interview. So fun!

    As always Cecile, you rock!!!

    And you know where to find me girl!

  50. First of all I want to thank Ms. Pamela first for coming over and doing the interview with me and JennJ. Secondly, I want to thank you from the bottom of my heart for coming over yesterday and commenting as often as possible. My evil day job kept me away and by the time I got home... I was exhausted! So thank you from the bottom of my heart for coming as often as you did!!
    And lastly... I want to thank those that came by and left comments!! You guys ROCK!!!!! You are the reason I do this. I mean, you guys open up your arms to those new authors that we showcase and really welcome them! I want you to know that your comments are appreciated and taken to heart!!!! Love all of you guys!!!!

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  53. Do you know any girl who would turn the guy in the sunglasses away????

    Oh Yummy...he's soooooo nice!


  54. It was a ton of fun hanging with you and the boys Pamela! They were a blast as always and yep they are veryyyyyyyyyy easy on the eyes. ;)
    If any of you haven't tried these books yet you don't know what your missing!

  55. Hey Girlfriend! Okay, I have to admit.... Marc's picture pulled me in and Julian was just the icing on the cake. Mmmmm. This was a great interview!


  56. Houston A.W. Knight!! Hey girl! **looks around** I would never turn a guy like that away, please... You must have forgotten who you were talking to... MS. SMUTTY HUSSY, lmbo!!!!! Haaa!
    What I like is that they are all fat free and calorie free too!!

    JennJ! Hey honey, it was all you that started me waiting Ms. Pamela's covers!! LMBO! I will be obtaining them soooon!

    Melissa (My words and pages)!!Hey honey! How are you!!! I hope all is well over there in your world! =)
    Thanks so much for coming by! I am really glad that Marc could lure you in!!! LMBO!!!!

  57. Nice excerpt! Loved the interview with the guys, they seem like a lotta bad a$$ and a lot of fun!

  58. Great interview. This book sounds great!


  59. I can't believe I haven't read any of Pamela's books before, but I loved the excerpt, and can't wait to read more.


  60. Patti! Hey honey! I am glad that you like the excerpt! The interview with the guys cracked me up!!!

    Spav! Hey there, welcome to my home! I hope you enjoy yourself and come back!

    Cathy M! Hi there! It is nice to see new people! I hope you enjoy your stay at my place! And yes, Ms. Clare is a must read!


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