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**UPDATE** Hanging Out With Ms. Amanda McIntyre & Giveaway

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Ladies, I am happy to say that a woman I adore is here to play with us!! I am very pleased to announce that
Ms. Amanda McIntyre
will be hanging at that Hussy Lair for a few days...
And ((she said with an evil grin)) that there might be a surprise in here some where for me!

So ladies, please grab your cup of whatever, pull up a chair and let's give a warm welcome to Ms. A!

Ms. Amanda, thank you so much for coming to my party. I appreciate you taking time to come play with us here! I might not have Lord Craven-Moore... but I do have Caleb and my own Tribe... does that count?!?! LOL!

Now, I have pulled this from your website...

A connoisseur of life, best-selling author Amanda McIntyre( aka Pamela Johnson) has sampled everything from an office career and motherhood to being a newspaper columnist turned fiction writer. Since 2001, she has enjoyed writing numerous novels, novellas, short stories, anthologies, and non-fiction books. Her work, described by readers and reviewers as “highly sensual and character-driven” is published in several romance genres including paranormal, historical, and contemporary.

but... tell us something about yourself that we can not google, lol. Give us a peek at the woman behind the glasses and books.

->I would have to say that the one thing people would probably not suspect is that I was once your quintessential stereotypical librarian...really. I was painfully shy, though a friend of mine forced me into debate to improve that to some degree. I preferred hanging out in the art room. Before , after and during study halls--whenever I could, that's where wanted to be. In fact, I credit my art teacher, actually , for inspiring my creativity. Where I once created pictures with paint, i know do so with words.;) Walking into an art room for me and smelling the blend of paints, linseed and turpentine is like actors and the smell of greasepaint backstage. I kept bottles of both open in my office while I wrote this book, to remind myself of that type of creativity, that love for art.

It is not secret that I love your writing skills, but for those that are new here, please tell them a little about your writing.

->Thank you, Ms. C, I am truly humbled by your words and tickled that you enjoy my writing. I admit I tend to run the opposite way of what is the "trend" in my writing. I love researching and writing historical places, people, events...there is never a void in the treasures you find in history. I am learning something new all the time. Much of my work hinges on taking a real event,person or place and adding a "what if" scenario to it. As a deviation, however, I love to write contemporary --especially meatier multi-character sagas with lost of interaction and a romance that is helped along by all those characters.

You are very diverse in your writing and eras. I am still getting my feet wet in the historical realm, but when I am reading your work, you make me feel the atmosphere, see the environment that surrounds my characters and feel all their emotions. You make me feel like I am right there. How much work or research do you put into your books?

->I tend to do an amazing amount of research. For me, I like to spend about a month researching --finding pictures of my characters, settings of scene I have in mind, houses, interiors, food, social styles, religious beliefs, weaponry, pubs, castles, clothing styles--for TORTURED, I spent a whole lot of time researching the history and use of various torture devices used in medieval times. Its like getting all the ingredients together in front of you when you're preparing a recipe. For me , that's part of the joy in taking those treasured ingredients and seeing what suptuous delight they create!

Is there a story you have always wanted to write, but never gotten around to or thought it was too out there?

->There are lots of stories that I haven't gotten around to writing just yet and more floating about my head that I hope to pen one day.;)) As far as being "too out there" --I never say never, anymore. I never in a million years thought I would be writing erotic romance. I don't consider my work "erotica" per se..except for a few words (granted) I don't find it much different as far as sexual content than many other steamy historicals out there. However, I will say that the main difference between those books and mine with Spice, is that its more realistic in terms of relationships and romance. Within the same book, My hero or heroine may have been involved previously with another, or in some cases(DIARY OF COZETTE) believes this is how you survive, and so doesn't recognize love right away when it finally comes for her.

What is it about writing that makes you want to do? Because like any job, you have to really love it - to do it everyday of your life.

->I do love telling stories, because that's how I look at it. It's very much like painting to me. But, in all honesty, like many authors will tell you, there are days you just have to walk away from the desk and think about something else or nurture that creativity. One thing it took time for me to learn is that while I may have tons of ideas floating around upstairs, I am not a bottomless well of inspiration, creativity--that has to be filled periodically. For me that may be a visit to a museum, a short trip or research trip, spending time with my family, researching another book completely different than what I'm writing. I think no matter what you do in life--you have to take time to replenish and refresh your spirit and your perspective. A great book I've found on that is Romancing the Ordinary by Sarah Ban Breathnach.

What do you do to recharge your batteries when you feel there is no more to give?

->I think I answered that question above;) Add to that quiet time, maybe reading for pleasure, watching period movies, going out with friends.

Out of all of your stories, which one is your favorite? Why? Yes, I am evil... to make you choose... like a favorite child, lmbo! And if... yea - if - you can not tell me which one... which ones comes close?

->Good lord, I have four kids( 2 of those twins ) Ms. C, I've spent a lifetime developing an awareness of"not choosing";)) Let me answer like this, if you''l permit me...I like each one for what I learned when researching, or writing it. Or for the growth I experienced while writing it. Every book has a little bit of me and those I have come into contact with in them and for that reason, they are ALL special to me. Recently, for example, I had the genuine good fortune to meet for the first time in nine years, the editor/publisher of the woman who first put a story of mine into print. That was just an amazing experience for me.

Which one touched you the most to write?

->While I would probably answer this the same as above, there is one book, TIDES OF AUTUMN (sorry out of print currently) that I wrote after a very dark time in my life. I remember staying up all night to write a 50K first draft. Literally, all night. I was driven to pour out the emotions I think I'd buried so deep inside me and didn't know how to get out any other way than to give them "characters" and let the chips fall where they may. It was a great book, that spawned two other books in a trilogy--contemporary romance called The Shores of Mackinac, set on Mackinac Island. I think maybe one day I'd like to finish those as well.

What was your toughest book to write? Why?

->The toughest insofar as content was a traditional historical called WHITE EAGLES LADY, because it was the first time I'd researched--ever heard of--the forced immigration of the Cherokee from Georgia. The brutality and politics involved and this unexpected love story that begins as a matter of human kindness and becomes a situation of survival. There are few scenes where I have actually cried when writing the scene, this book has one of them when White Eagles young sister who is coming to warn him of a plot to kill him, is felled by the arrow intended for him.

We interrupt this normal program to bring you a little wishing for some HOT weather to come to us all.... Doesn't that look so tempting... So.... deliciously refreshing....

Okay, now for the smutty questions... you knew they were coming... **insert evil laughter**

Do you remember the first book that made you blush?

-> One that I read or one that I wrote? LOL Actually, I think my first attempt at writing a hot love scene-I mean really hot!
Technically, it was less than 5000 words, and was the scene that prompted my editor to call and ask me to write a full novel based on several similar vignette scenes. That book became DIARY OF COZETTE. The scene that landed that contract was the one where Lord Devereux comes to the laundry room late one rainy night...

What exactly made you blush?
I think what made me blush is realizing that I had the capacity inside of me to write such a hot scene and still not have it be gratuitous.
I think for many years that was why I shied away from erotic romance, thinking (mistakenly as many do) that the sex is far too shallow and well, meaningless. What I discovered is that eroticism comes in many forms--titillating the senses, teasing the wickedness to come out and play. What I've come to learn from writing for Spice , is a much more mature perspective of relationships and in particular romance that is real--not always easy, sometimes mysterious, a little messy and even the wicked can have their HEA.

What does hubby think of your ummm.... erotic scenes? Do you share with your hubby?

->Now, girl--don't you go there! I don't know about y'all bedroom lives and don't want to , frankly;) I'll say only that my personal love life does not play one way or another into my writing.;) What his unquenchable belief in me and support for my writing.

Is there such a thing as too much in erotic books? If so, what pushes the limits for you?

->For me , there is. Where people hurt one another just bothers me. Where the relationship borders on cruelty or Pavlov like responses to have pleasure--that bothers me. The type of writing--just as it is in movies sometimes--when you just KNOW it crosses the line to controlling or cruelty.

What is your thoughts on BDSM?

->It works for some people, and happily so. But I haven not done enough research on it to give you an informed answer.

Have you read any m/m books or m/f/m? Care to share your thoughts on those**batting eyelashes**??

-> Not a lot. I have a small scene in The MASTER AND THE MUSES that borders on m/f/m without having a full bedroom scene. I feel there is likely much to learn about the psychological and emotional aspects of such scenes and thus far I haven't been motivated to write a story revolving around that type of relationship, though many have done so, and very well. Megan Hart, for example, received wonderful reviews on her book Tempted, which includes such a relationship.

Where do you get your smut from... like I read well... so far all those authors that have been here at the party and a whole lot more... so... Who gets you hot? Do you hear my evil laughter!

-> If by this you mean, what gets me "in the mood" to write? Visuals-- a movie or googling hot hunks. It really doesn't take much once you have a story idea and characters that you have researched. The slow start of the silent dance between them, the tension mounting, the friction growing hot with the back and forth of their emotions and desires--pushing that envelope to the line. Music helps a lot ot create a visual in my mind and I have been know to surf a few hot romance sites;)

What makes you take notice of a male? What about that character has to stand out for you to take notice and fall for him?

->I am a sucker of eyes and a killer smile. Those eyes that can look right inside your soul--like you know he'd really hearing every word your saying. Or the teasing glint that comes just before the smile that makes your knees weak. Hands are another fetish of mine-preferably a little rough with character. After that I'd note shoulders and torso and work my way down;)

Do you have any particular "Sex On A Stick Men" ~ from either your books or another authors?

->Gabe Russell/Unfinished Dreams-quintessential homegrown farm boy, she thinks my tractors sexy!
Sheriff Jake from Wild and Unruly, a cowboy who could melt your heart with a single glance.
Thomas Rodin from Master & the Muses-passionate and vulnerable at the same time. A total creative genius you just cannot resist!
Torin from Forbidden Pleasures-a true warrior, with a firm heart and a body to match
Detective Randolph Mansfield Adams from The Dark Seduction of Miss Jane-dark, brooding and mysterious-totally sex on a stick material!
And far too many more of my own and others to name here!

If you could describe your make my mouth water, get my panties in a twist, make me ROAR Sexy Man.... what would he be??? Oh yea, this is fun!!!! Are you blushing.... lol!

->Nope, not blushing. Thinking... of just what type of man could with a single look, make you feel those panties twisting... probably by his own hand. His dark, glittering orbs would sparkle as the sound of your breathing becomes shallow. His scent wraps around you, seducing you before he even touches you, making your nipples pucker in anticipation. He smiles at you with a predatory gaze from across the room, unflinching, unmoving, his hard body relaxed against the wall he's leaning against, knowing his tight-fitting T-shirt is the object of your approving look. You want to scream. The need to go to him is overwhelming and fixed on his dark seductive gaze, you pick your way through the crowd. All the while, you imagine yourself pressed against the heat of that muscled flesh, imagine the steel strength of those arms around you, the brush of his fingers expertly delicate traveling up your spine. He bends low to whisper in your ear and his signature cologne, Modern Reserve, lures you close as he suggests you go somewhere more private where he can show you just how much he appreciates you. You reach up to touch his unshaven jaw, his dark hair brushing your palm as you stare at each other, your lips a breath apart. Your bones are melting to ash as your gaze drops to his full lower lip and you see the corner of his mouth lift in a smile meant for you and you alone. He knows your answer, without your saying a word and he takes your hand, turning your palm and pressing it to his lips as he stares into your eyes. They've told you he's no good, that he's got a past, that he treats women like dust-rags and tosses them when he's through. But as his hand presses against your lower back, pulling you firm against those worn jeans that leave nothing at all to the imagination--you're willing to find out for yourself if he's worth the risk. Besides, as you slide your hand between your bodies and glide your fingers along the straining bulge just past his zipper, you realize that you might be interested in creating a past of your own!

Okay fun time...
Finish these sentences:
When life hands you lemons...find the margarita mix.

When I grow up...I want to be an eccentric and retain my child-like wonder.

I love to eat...surrounded by my family and/or friends

When I read, I like to...curl up in bed.

I ready to be a grandma;)

When I was a little girl, I use to...want to be an animator for Disney.

My dream has always raise a close family and leave a legacy of that caring family for
generations to come.

I will end today on this note... because my dream is coming true....
The surprise is out... Ms. Amanda has granted me the absolute supreme privileged of meeting one on one with Mr. Thomas from The Master and The Muse....
Okay... talk about my panties are in a twist and other things that are a bit TMI!!!!!!
Yayayay... Happy Dance
So, stay tune ladies cuz... I will rock your smutty panties with
Mr. Thomas!!!

Ms. Amanda, I want to thank you for coming into the lair and hanging out! It is always a pleasure to have you here. Thank you for giving us Mr. Thomas... and I will leave you ladies with something to stare at....

I am sooo lost.....
Ms. A has a giveaway for you, are you ready for this...
Are you sure....
She is giving away a signed 11x17 color poster of
The Master and the Muses!

Just please be sure to include your email in your comment if it is not in your profile!

There is no secret trick to do...
Just leave a comment and you are in!!!!

Amanda McIntyre

They are his inspiration. He is their obsession.
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