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Mini Review, Sexy Excerpt & a Contest for Stroke of Luck by Jenna Byrnes

Stroke of Luck by Jenna Byrnes

Ninety-seven millions dollars is more money than Steven DeLong can even imagine. When he realises he’s won the lottery, he knows he needs advice from a professional, and fast. He calls on an accountant recommended by his brother, unaware the man is the sexiest hunk Steven has ever laid eyes, or anything else, on.

Paul Aspen seems excited by the prospect of helping Steven with his money, and even more excited to get the naïve bartender into bed. When both men come up for air, Steven’s left wondering if Paul is more interested in him or the lottery winnings. In the end, he’s forced to decide whether love or money rules his heart. (m/m)

~ It's out now... February 22, 2010 from Total E-Bound
The above information was obtained from Ms. Jenna's web site.

This is going to be a mini review... Because this book is only about 47 pages long.
Tomorrow Ms. Jenna is gracing my blog to rock the house!!!!!!!!

Would you question a hot guys interest in you if you just won 95 million dollars? That is the predicament that Steven founds himself in. Not looking for love in any particular place, especially not an accounting office, Steven stumbles upon the love of a lifetime... or is just the money talking. Would you play the what if game? Would be able to trust this person's intentions? These are just a few decisions that Steven has to make and fast.

Ms. Jenna also brings Steven's family in the picture. And that is nice because I love the camaraderie between Steven and his brother, Tim. Ms. Jenna made me fall in love with their banter. We meet Tim's wife and their mother. That is another story in itself, lol. What I liked about this book though, was the characters were real. I mean, Steven is a bartender, Tim works construction, the mother's view points of gay is those of people I know. So, this family was a real family unit.

If you want a quickie... this is so the book for you. Ms. Jenna did not disappoint with the smutty man loving - even if the book was a quickie! This was another great book by Ms. Jenna!

I gave you the review as promised....

Now here is never seen before Excerpt of this book!
I have to say Ms. Jenna keeps blowing me away.

Stroke of Luck – Never before seen excerpt #1 by Jenna Byrnes

Steven couldn’t believe his eyes. He’d expected reporters at the lottery office and hadn’t been disappointed. At least a dozen of them milled around, asking questions which he had no answers to yet and snapping pictures. He hadn’t expected to see the same scene playing out in front of his mother’s house.
The driveway was blocked, so he parked on the street and dodged people, cameras and microphones as he made his way to the front door.
“Mr. DeLong! How are you going to spend the money?”
“Are you going to quit your job?”
“Mr. DeLong, is it true a stripper from the place you work picked the winning numbers?”
He got past them and shook his head, holding both hands in the air.
The crowd quieted down.
“I don’t have any comments at this time.” He had to add one more thing in an attempt to squash a foolish rumour before it got started. “And there are no strippers at the place I work. Tony’s is a fine establishment, and Anthony Girding has been great to work for. Whether I continue working there or not, he’s been great.”
He continued up to the house, mentally kicking himself. Two greats—don’t I sound intelligent? Paul had suggested he not make any statements and that was probably one of the reasons why. Neither of them wanted his words to get twisted around, and he really didn’t want to come off sounding like an idiot. ‘Great’ job, genius.
Steven opened the door, slipped inside and leaned against it. “Whew!”
Norma DeLong paced back and forth in her front room. “This is a mess! Can you believe it? How long are they going to stay out there? I’ll need to get my car out Sunday morning to go to church.”
He stepped in front of her and placed his hands on her shoulders so she’d stop pacing. A full head taller than she was, he looked directly at her salt-and-pepper coloured hair, which was messier than her usual prim style. Steven planted a kiss on her forehead. “They’ll be gone by Sunday, Mom. This’ll be big news for a day or two, then it’ll fade. And you can get your car out anytime you want it. Just open the garage door and start backing out. The idiots will either move or get the surprise of their lives. But they’re on your property.”
“I wish they would go,” she murmured nervously, running a hand through her hair. “I didn’t get to the beauty shop this afternoon.”
“You look beautiful to me, Mom. I’ll make sure you get to the shop tomorrow, okay?”
“But my standing appointment is on Thursday. My stylist sees other people on Friday and won’t be able to get me in.”
Steven squeezed her shoulders gently. “Mom. This might not have sunk in yet, but you have choices, now. I’m pretty sure if your stylist has a brain at all, she’ll work you in tomorrow. If she doesn’t, we’ll buy a salon just for you, and you can go whenever the mood strikes. How does that sound?”
Norma appeared confused. “Why would we do that?”
“Because we can.” He let go of her and stepped back. “Ninety-seven million dollars, Mom. I won ninety-seven million dollars.”
Copyright © Jenna Byrnes

To learn more about Ms. Jenna Byrnes, please go to her web site --->> here.
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Eye Candy & Contest Time...

What's up for grabs...
Ms. Jenna is very kind in giving away a copy of Stoke of Luck to one lucky commenter...

Here is your question:
Name the book by Jenna Byrnes with which Cecile popped her m/m cherry?
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  1. head,last night was a blast..well of what I can remember of it ;)

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  14. Yep, I remember that memorable day like it was yesterday :)
    Cecile popped her cherry with Nothing but Trouble.
    I know because I won the same book after Cecile's post over at Jenna's blog!

  15. Nothing But Trouble

  16. *yawns*
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  17. Sounds like there was a great party.
    The book was Nothing But Trouble.

  18. This sounds like a fun read full of steamy lovin. So I definitely want to join in on the fun.

    The answer is...Nothing But Trouble.

    joderjo402 AT gmail DOT com

  19. The answer is Nothing But Trouble. Thanks for the chance to win Stroke of Luck. I love Jenna's books.
    My email is dana.armstrong @

    Have a great day!

  20. Ohhhh I almost forgot we are talking about my cherry popping, lmbo!!!!

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  21. Ahhhh so little time to keep up with all your blogposts hon! Great review, I never read anything from Jenna Byrnes but I have several of her books. Can 97 million buy me more time???? I would fly all my blog friends to some luxury decadent resort to party if I had that much money!

  22. Hey Marissa, thanks for coming by honey!!!! Girl, you know we will hold you to that!! =) lmbo!!!

  23. Good morning, All.

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  24. Honestly, I wouldn't know. So I'm stealing everyone else's answer.

    Nothing But Trouble

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