Thursday, March 11, 2010

Vampires, Servants, A Giveaway and Ms. Joey W Hill

Ladies, grab a cup of your favorite liquid and settle in (make sure you have a fan ready) for a little girl talk with Ms. Joey Hill!!
**squeal.. fan girl moment... jumping up and down doing the happy dance**
Okay.... whew... I am calm now! =)

Ms. Joey, I want to welcome you to the Hussy Lair!
Please make yourself at home.
It is an honor to have you over at my place today!

It’s a pleasure to be here. You know I always love to visit the Lair – I can be a little wilder than usual (wink). Thanks for inviting me.

How are things going?

Wonderful, chaotic, crazy. A typical day, but no complaints at all. It’s an adventure. I’ve discovered that being a Type A personality is both a fantastic and traumatic thing when you’re an author. Fantastic, because you have to juggle a lot of different balls at once, and being obsessive-compulsive and Type A really helps keep you organized. Traumatic, because balancing the promo vs writing vs family balls are unpredictable, in terms of what you’ll deal with from one day to the next. For that, you really need a few beta genes, to give you that laid-back ability to roll with the punches and not wig out every time something comes in you’re not expecting. I need to be more like my gorgeous Aussie bushman, Devlin, from Vampire’s Claim. Or maybe I should just call him in to run my life. I can sit back and enjoy the scenery while he handles everything (laughter). Though Danny might miss having him to run her sheep station.
Wow... woman you know how to juggle some balls. Okay, that did not sound right. Oh, is there any way you can send Devlin my way when you are done with him.... I remember him and he is delicious too!

You may have to fight Danny for him (wink). Seriously, some days I feel like Tony Shalhoub’s Adrian Monk character, trying to make everything stay in its proper place, while the world acts like one of those Fisher Price corn popper toys, the little balls within a ball being clattered about the kitchen by a toddler.
Oh that is tooo funny... I remember those Fisher Price toys! And you are so right... life does resemble that. If only... **sigh**

Well, Ms. Joey, can you tell us a little more about yourself.

Okay, I just covered obsessive-compulsive and Type A. That takes up about 80% of my personality. But I guess you mean the things about me that make my presence here relevant (laughter). I’m an author of mostly erotic romance fiction, both contemporary and paranormal. I write for both a New York and independent epub press, Berkley and Ellora’s Cave, respectively. My work is known for delving deep into the emotional and psychological aspects of sexual expression, and a lot of it involves BDSM. I consider sex a sacred act, one that has myriad acceptable forms between loving, consensual adults. It should be celebrated and treated as a source of healing energy and a way to enhance love.
I have seven furry children and am addicted to good movies and chocolate.

Seven furry children huh... Wow, and I thought my two were enough!

My husband is addicted to World of Warcraft. However, since he’s also still addicted to me after twenty years, I have no complaints –none that he’ll listen to, that is. He’s too busy killing merlocks, whatever those are! Overall, I’m a pretty quiet, rather boring, keep-to-myself person who would rather be writing and spending time in secluded places with my family than doing anything else. All the glamour I carry is apparently poured into my characters. On a given day, if I manage to shape my hair into a reasonable-looking shrub and coordinate socks without holes on my feet, I think I’m set. But I love writing. Getting immersed in a new set of characters, finding out who they are and what will bring them together, just bowls me over every time.

Can you share with us what you are currently working on?

Several great things I can hardly wait to share with you all.

Oh yayayayayayay ~ sharing time!!!!!

Sometimes I wish there was a way to just “blip” it into a book and shove it out there. Then we wouldn’t have to wait through months of editing, etc before I could let you get to know the characters. That eagerness is like bringing home the gorgeous new boyfriend to meet the girlfriends. Only instead of telling my girlfriends “hands off”, I hand him to you freely, to enjoy and explore him all you want, because I still get to keep my private concept of him as well. A much better scenario, I think! I mean, I personally think there should be a rule that all gorgeous boyfriends and soon-to-be husbands need to be test-driven by willing friends so we can tell the primary girl whether or not he’s a keeper. We’re only thinking of her welfare, after all. Right?
Oh woman, I love the way you think... If you ever want to share one of your characters, you just let me know. I do not mind test driving!!!! **Do I see hands going up out there**

Cecile, how would I get them back in time for deadline? LOL Anyhow, what the heck was I talking about? Right, what I’m working on. Let me list this out in my typically anal fashion (better watch how I use that word here, given my audience – wink):
Anal fashion... hummmm.... like commando... Oh wait, you meant... Oh okay... **hee hee**

1) The copyedit proof for Vampire Trinity – this is Part 2 of Gideon’s story in the Vampire Queen series (coming out September 2010). It’s currently on my desk for review, due back in March 23. Now, every book referenced in this interview, as well as over the next couple days, has free excerpts, blurbs and gorgeous cover art on my site. However, for just the brief nutshell view: Gideon is Jacob’s brother and ended up being a strong secondary character in the second book of the series (Mark of the Vampire Queen). He obviously needed his own book. Only it turns out, just like his brother Jacob, he needed two of them to tell his whole story. And of course, being a bitter, brooding, hardcore vampire hunter, he had to fall into a relationship with a couple vampires – a Mistress of a BDSM club who gets brutally turned by rogue vampires, and the mysterious male vampire who is her partner. So the two books are Vampire Mistress and Vampire Trinity. VM is already done and in the starting gate for a May release. VT comes out in September.
2) First draft of A Vampire’s Keeper (tentative title) – this will be the next vampire book if Berkley renews my contract for more Vampire Queen titles this year (my agent is working that out now). Book 3 of the series, Vampire’s Claim, took place in Australia and featured Lady Daniela and Dev, a laconic bushman who became her servant. In that book, Lady Danny had a secondmark servant named Elisa, an Irish maid in her household who became the caretaker for eight vampire children forcibly turned. In Vampire’s Keeper she’s taking them to a remote island preserve off the coast of the U.S. in the hopes that the vampire there, Malachi, can help the children learn how to adapt to the cruel, survival-of-the-fittest world of mature vampires.
Malachi is a Native American “made” vampire (vs born) who manages a sanctuary for big cats. This has been a fascinating book to research, because it’s taken me to the Big Cat Rescue organization in Tampa, Florida, and to other sources, including Native American heritage/spirituality, to guide the book where I want it to go. So far, the scenes and ideas are tumbling out faster than I can keep up, so I think it’s going to be a great story for you all. That’s the amazing thing about this series – each book really takes a different plot approach and setting, while keeping a central focus on the D/s aspects of the vampire-servant relationship. Malachi isn’t entirely socialized to the vampire world and initially thinks the kids are a mistake that need to be humanely put down. Elisa obviously doesn’t think they’re going to get along at all, but as she gets him to see her “children” a little differently, she also learns to see Mal differently--and finds herself entangled with him in a way she never expected.
3) First draft of Afterlife, Book 4 of the Knights of the Board Room series – this is one of my two contemporary series. KoBR focuses on five high-powered manufacturing executives who all happen to be sexual Dominants. As each has discovered the love of his life, he’s managed her takeover with all the resources at his disposal, including using the other four to persuade her to his way of thinking with their unique sensual talents. I’m particularly excited about the last two books of the series, because I’ll be able to write them as full length novels, rather than the first three, which were novellas as part of anthologies (Behind the Mask, Unlaced and Laced with Desire). While I loved being part of the anthologies with very talented fellow authors, I write loooong (this is why I’ve had three sets of stories to date that started out as one book and had to be broken into two – lol). I’m very happy with the other three stories, but if I’d had the elbow room to put in about 20k more on each of them, I’d have been ecstatic (grin). For one thing, I really just enjoy these five men – unabashedly Dominant, protective, gorgeous and take charge, no shades of gray to them. And each of the women involved were exceptionally strong individuals, but had come to a point in their lives where they really needed this kind of man to lend them a helping hand. This fourth one will be my first book where the heroine is older than my hero. Rachel is a divorced yoga instructor and physical therapist who buried her submissive cravings after they were shut down quite brutally in her last relationship. Jon is going to override her reservations about her own libido and the difference in their ages to help her discover that part of herself and celebrate it for the first time in her life – as well as convince her they belong together. In contrast, the last book in the series, Ben’s story, will flip the age difference – he’ll be reluctant because the heroine is much younger, but she’s not taking no for an answer. And when she finally pushes the envelope too far and he turns his fully Dominant personality on her, she’s going to wonder if she’s made the biggest mistake – or greatest choice – of her life. Okay, questions times:

Have you ever had a fan-girl moment **you know, like I am having one right now ~ that does not sound right, lol**? If so... Who was it with?

There are two that come to mind. At my first RWA conference, I was a bit astounded to be in the same room with Nora Roberts at a Berkley cocktail social. Her work inspired my early style tremendously. Probably her most enduring impact on me was the fact that while so many other romances used the classic “misunderstanding” situation to drive conflict, she kept the hero and heroine moving forward together. The conflict instead was the emotional baggage each was carrying, which I found far more realistic to most romantic relationships.

Never thought of it from that angle, but you are right ~ that is more realistic.

Typically, her heroes refused to back off when the heroine tried to close down or run, and vice versa. She of course had the great alpha hero who had the subtle traces of sexual Dominance that I like to articulate far more blatantly in my work (wicked grin). Later, before the public signing, I asked her to sign one of my favorite books,
Hidden Riches. It wasn’t a hugely significant moment – I was just one starry-eyed reader/author among so many others, but it was an amazing moment to me, to think that I was here as a “fellow author” with Nora Roberts.
The second one came when I escaped that same cocktail party. I’m really not very good in crowds and get a little claustrophobic if there are too many people and too much noise. It was also my first real professional conference and I was a bit overwhelmed by it all. A very nice lady saw me emerge and said exactly that: “You look somewhat overwhelmed. Come sit down with us for awhile.” Now, here’s the tragedy. I only remember one name of those three ladies – the woman who asked me to sit down was Mary Jo Putney! The other two ladies were equally significant names in women’s fiction, but I was so amazed I’d been asked to sit down as if I had every right to be there, I couldn’t remember a single one of them except Mary Jo a half hour later. What made a lasting impression on me, however, was how gracious, kind and down-to-earth all three of these very successful ladies were – something I will always try to emulate if ever I’m fortunate enough to reach their stature.
Ms. Joey, what has been the hardest subject/action/emotion for you to write within your books?
It took me a little bit to think this one through. In previous interviews and on my yahoo fan group (a fantastic group there, btw), my readers have heard me say over and over that most times I feel like I’m a fly on the wall. If my mind is open the way it should be, the characters and storyline flow through me and I’m just the conduit – I don’t really feel like the credit for the story goes to me, but to the characters and the muse. So though I’ve had to write some very emotionally difficult scenes that made me cry, they weren’t hard to write – just hard to re-read and feel the pain of those characters (yes, I’m sure a psychiatrist would come to the conclusion I’m a little delusional and schizophrenic, but that’s okay – it’s a job requirement for this profession ;>).

Aren't we all just a little delusional and schizophrenic... Anyone... Someone... Okay, that is just me. It's okay, I am a big girl to admit it, lmbo! Hell, I have smutty and hussy in me for rocks sakes!

Structurally, however, there’ve been two stories that set me on my ass several times before I (hopefully) got them right. The first was Mistress of Redemption, where I had a character who’d been a genuine bad guy in two earlier books of the Nature of Desire series. And I don’t mean a “sort of” bad guy – he was really lost, a nasty, selfish piece of work. For some crazy reason, the muse (and an insistent fan who inspired the muse in this direction) decided we could write a book that would let Jonathan redeem himself. I’m extremely proud to say that I think, based on reader feedback, that we accomplished that, but it was a very hard book to write. An erotic romance advances on the premise that your hero has some redeeming characteristics from the beginning. He’s someone the readers will find sexy and exciting. I had readers who held off reading this book for quite a while because they hated him so much (laughter). While it’s still never going to be a popular favorite, and it’s more erotic love story than erotic romance, from a craft standpoint it’s the piece of writing for which I feel the most personal pride, because it took a great deal of what I’d learned about the craft of writing to make it work.
The second one is, surprisingly, Gideon’s story (Vampire Mistress and Vampire Trinity).

Who would have thought... this man is an enigma all to himself.

It’s the first true ménage I’ve written, where the three characters fall in love equally (rather than just one character sexually participating and facilitating the primary relationship between the other two, like Holding the Cards). That in itself made it a complex book, but unfortunately, the muse (who has a sadistic sense of humor, bless Her little mean-spirited heart - lol), also poured a bunch of emotional baggage on all three of them. The inevitable convoluted politics and brutality of the vampire society had to be thrown in of course, so it made it an extremely complex story to write and still have it be primarily character-driven (my preferred form of story – hate stories where the characters are lost in a lot of action, plot and politics).

As if that wasn’t enough, some family, professional and health issues cropped up during the writing. 2009 was one of my most successful and busy years to date in terms of self-promotion, so with all this happening, there were times my husband thought he was going to have me carted to a padded cell before I finished those two books. Now I’m just going crazy waiting for them to be released so I can find out if I succeeded in doing these three wonderful characters justice, or if I made a holy mess of it. You all will let me know, I’m sure! (grin) By the end, I was very attached to Gideon, Anwyn and Daegan, however, so I’m hoping it will be the former.
Okay... well what would be a no-no topic for you in writing? Why?

It would amuse my editor to think anything was a no-no for me (laughter). But seriously, yes, I have a couple of them. Number One (and I capped that on purpose) is adultery. While it has its place in many genres, I don’t find it sexy, titillating or remotely appealing as romance fantasy. I especially don’t get it as an erotic fantasy, because to me eroticism is all about love and an ultimate sacred commitment to another person (or persons, if you’re going the ménage route). Tell me an erotic romance storyline revolves around someone cheating on their spouse, and I’m no longer interested. When you get married, you make a promise, and there are very few instances where an exception to that is forgivable. Maybe, if you have one spouse in a coma for twenty years, and the other spouse has a weak moment in his/her loneliness, etc. But I wouldn’t write an erotic romance about it, because to me it would be sad, not romantic or loving, not something to celebrate, and romance is about celebrating the intensity and wonder of enduring love. In my writings, there might be a BDSM situation where a Master or Mistress chooses to share the submissive. To me, that’s part of the pleasure of their Dominance/submission and not the same as either of them going off to be entertained elsewhere without the other one. Yeah, shades of gray and all that, but I prefer to write about intense, forever kinds of love, where they can barely imagine breathing without each other. There’s no room for adultery or excuses for philandering in that kind of storyline. Number Two – I’m an animal rights advocate, so I tend to avoid references to meat eating, leather wearing or instances of animal abuse and exploitation. It’s not that all my characters are vegetarians – I know that wouldn’t be realistic. I just have a personally hard time saying they sat down to a hamburger (chuckle). That said, I also don’t believe in using fiction as a way to preach at people about their choices. That turns me off of a book almost as fast as the adultery, even if it’s a preachy topic I agree with! That’s because I think it’s sloppy writing and an abuse of the reader, who’s trying to experience the characters’ viewpoint, not the author’s. Your moral viewpoint can creep in through a character who reflects your ideals, but only as a natural development of that character. If you want to tell a reader how you feel about a political topic, write a pamphlet, not a story. Let the characters tell their own story. However, on the animal note, I have real difficulty writing a scene where an animal is hurt. I know it’s crazy, because I have some incredibly tormented heroes and heroines, but the one scene in Beloved Vampire where there’s this brief, 1-2 sentence mention that a horse was tortured to death was incredibly difficult for me. I almost took it out a couple times, though I knew it was relevant to the plot line.
Do you share your.. umm... sex scenes with your hubby? What does he think of the "smut" in your books?

He helped create/inspire some of them (chuckle). He’s very supportive of my career and what I write – I’ve said before I’m not sure how any married author could advance in this business without the support of their spouse, because it takes an incredible amount of dedication and hours to progress in a writing career. Interestingly though, he doesn’t read my work. He knows what’s in it (see the above comment about his inspiring contributions – laughter), but he doesn’t have any interest in reading the stories. He’s a quiet kind of guy, so he hasn’t ever really articulated why, but I suspect the main reason is why many of my family members don’t read them – when you are very close to the author, it’s hard to read their work without reading too much into it – who am I writing about? Is she saying she’d prefer me to do that? Why does she write about these really sexy, hot guys? What is she saying about me? Etc. When I thought about it from that perspective – would I read my husband’s work if he wrote really hot erotic romances about big-breasted women all the time? – it makes a lot of sense to me. His support and love is enough. And since I know that all my heroes have elements of the things I love and value most in him, that’s okay for me. SMUT TIME:

There is no secret that you were my first author who introduced me into the world of BDSM and since then, there has been no turning back. Now that you have lead me down this road.... **mmaahhhaawww** What was the first BDSM book you ever read?

Cecile, I’m so happy to have been the one to lead you down the path of whips, chains and loving Dominants (grin).

Oh I am loving the Dom/sub up alright ~ How could I not with such hotties as Jacob and Gideon... I mean come'on!! Those two are freaking HAWT!

(((OH PS..... That is Jean Paul ~ Part of the Tribe and yea... He passed the test!!!! )))

Passed the test? He looks like he’s waiting for a test! Though I bet he’ll pass with flying colors (grin)...okay, where were we?
I can’t remember the timeline, but the first book I read in this genre was either Exit to Eden by Anne Rice or Roarke’s Prisoner by Angela Knight (which was a novella in Secrets, Volume 2). Loved both of them. When I read them, I remember thinking, quite fiercely, “Yes! This is the way erotic romance should be done.”
I will be googling these books when we are done! Oh yea! So, what kind of research did you have to do for the Queen's book?

Each book always seems to send me down an amusingly diverse number of paths with respect to research. How a pedicure is done, because when Jacob “auditions” to be Lady Lyssa’s servant, the first thing he does is give her a pedicure.

And ALLLLL I can say is that Jacob can give me a pedicure anytime he wants!!!!

I had to research the Crusades, because of course there is a knight in Lady Lyssa’s past that connects to Jacob in her present. Renaissance Faires, because Jacob was part of one before he came to Lyssa, and they ended up visiting one in
Mark of the Vampire Queen. Urethra jewelry, because the very first night she chains him to her bedroom wall, she uses a lovely piece on him to test his trust and loyalty to her. (For those wondering, it looks somewhat like the wire top/cap of an expensive wine bottle, only underneath the cap is a slim 1-2 inch rod that is inserted...well, you get the idea). My husband...

Cecile is bugged eye out and mouth O right now.... Your hubby...

...actually discovered those, and when he saw my eyes light up with that “oh, I’ve got the best scene for that” look, his only comment was “as long as it’s only in a story – we’re not buying one!” Spoilsport.

OH what a spoilsport he is.... **tisk tisk tisk!!** I know that look too... it looks like a kid at Christmas time, hee heee!!

Okay Ms. Joey, since I was deflowered by Jacob and Lady Lyssa with my inhibitions and my limits were pushed out my comfort zone... I have to ask has anything ever made you blush when reading?
NO. Chuckle. Should I expand on that?

Ugh.... YEAH!!!

I’ve always had a very open attitude toward sex, ever since I was very young. In seventh grade, I was considered the “expert” on sexual matters because my practical farm-raised mother made sure I read all my Planned Parenthood pamphlets so I understood about sex, pregnancy, disease, etc. Though she personally felt that sex was something that should be shared between two committed, married people, she never acted like sex was anything hugely secret, dirty or taboo – it just required responsibility and maturity to handle correctly.

Yea, in my family, sex was very taboo... something no one talked about.

Yes, I think a lot of women struggle in their adult lives with those early inhibitions – though you appear to have overcome yours (lol). Anyhow, I doubly bless Mom and Planned Parenthood for helping me with that.
Bless her and Planned Parenthood for that. When I turned to the Wiccan faith in my early twenties, I found the attitude that sex was a sacred form of energy exchange a relief from the way it was sensationalized and treated as dirty in our society. So as a result, I can’t really think of any sexual act that made me blush or anything I felt was off limits in my own writing if it tickled my imagination or aroused my characters (though I can tell you for a fact my characters will never be aroused by body waste, bestiality or pedophilia – the first is admittedly my personal preference, so I don’t judge others on that, but the latter two, unh-unh, no way, no how, and I will call the police if I see it - chuckle).
Now, funny enough, I blush pretty easily in my day-to-day life.

Now that is Funny!!!

Don’t really like being the center of attention (typical author shyness). If someone takes me by surprise about my writing in a non-writing setting, it can fluster me. For instance, when I worked an office day job, if someone questioned me about my work, it might make me blush a bit because of the more inappropriate setting for discussion, but in terms of sexual acts themselves, nothing yet has made me blush, though some things raise my eyebrows and make me say “Wow. I didn’t know that was possible.” lol

Has anything made you go.... WTH while reading?

Bad stories (whether books, tv or movies) that win awards or reach the top of the best seller lists will do that. It makes me think the product had an outstanding marketing department, one of those “we can buy a can of paint and, by God, sell crap as gold” advertising firms. But in terms of subject matter, I can’t think of a book that did this. There was a movie – we were picking on it recently on the fan group – City of Angels, which has to have the absolutely worst, WTH ending in the history of movies. I love Nicholas Cage, so hate to trash one of his movies, and the rest of it was interesting and good, but kill off the love interest just for the hell of it? Which idiot writer was responsible for that idea? Whenever I read a marvelous romance that just excels in all ways, and yet they insist on killing off one of the two main characters at the end for no really intelligent reason, I come to the conclusion that the author had a horror of being labeled a “romance author” and so had to make it “literary” by giving it a tragic ending (eye rolling). Please. So yeah, I guess I have read a couple books that make me go WTH, and it usually revolves around that issue.
If you were having a dinner party, which characters would you want there? They can be your own or characters from other author's work?

Have Hugh Jackman or Leonardo Dicaprio ever been in a book? (Ever since I saw Leo in Blood Diamond, making the transition to full blown adult actor with a sexy South African accent, I’ve had this thing for him. And Hugh...oh please, I’m a woman with a pulse love that pic, Cecile! Does the man EVER take a bad picture?) Lol. Okay, no, they’re not in a book, so let’s see. For a successful dinner party, hostesses always try to choose a mixture of guests who will interact in creative and interesting ways, so I think I’d invite Justin and Sara from If Wishes Were Horses - Sara’s a small town sheriff and Justin is a Wiccan priest, as well as the owner of a women’s erotica shop; Dante and Alexis from Mermaid’s Ransom – Dante is half vampire and a dark sorcerer, and Alexis is a shapeshifting merangel (she can do human form for the dinner) who balances his darkness with her pure heart; Gideon, Anwyn and Daegan from Vampire Mistress and Vampire Trinity, and Mac and Violet from Natural Law. Violet and Sara are close friends – Violet actually loaned Sara a very small uniform for her to set up Justin for a highly provocative police pull over (lol). Plus, Mac, Sara and Violet are all in law enforcement. Justin and Anwyn would have a lot to talk about since she runs a BDSM night club and he runs an erotic shop – there may be business opportunities there, because they’re both pretty savvy about that kind of thing. Daegan is a pretty old vampire, so he could help Dante as he’s making his adjustment to the vampire world – and Alexis can help Dante trust him enough to have that kind of conversation (Dante has a tendency right now to incinerate anything he feels might be threatening to Alexis). Daegan also has some ties to the angel world and may want to talk to Alexis about her father, the Prime Legion Commander Jonah. Gideon would get along great with Mac, because they’re both beer-drinking, sports-watching “guy” types. Plus, even though both of them are very alpha, protective males, both have ended up serving as sexual submissives to the women they love (Anwyn and Violet, respectively) and they might ease into a conversation about that when it gets time for after dinner drinks and things move to the outdoor pool area and lawn where the conversation could be more private. Though with Anwyn’s vampire hearing, she’ll probably shamelessly eavesdrop. (Daegan probably will as well, since Gideon is just as closely tied to him, though Gideon might have some trouble admitting that to the heterosexual Mac.) In short, I don’t think I’d say a word all night – I’d just enjoy them the way I do when I write – being a fly on the wall.
Okay, I am coming crash that party and be a fly on the wall with you honey... Although if Hugh is there honey... and Leo... And Gideon... I am not sure just how long I would be able to contain myself... I am really....... Come'on now!! You expect a girl to be on the wall for that... Maybe up against the wall.
Whew, okay after those mental thoughts, what would you serve - food and drinks?

Well, the vampires can’t eat per se, but they love to taste. I’d probably consult Mac, who is a great cook, about what he’d suggest to tempt their palates and come up with some combination of gourmet favorites and comfort foods. Gideon’s pretty much a steak and potatoes guy – Anwyn has to ride his ass to get him to eat vegetables or fruits, and of course he usually comes back with the fact he’s a thirdmarked servant, so cholesterol or excessive weight gain isn’t going to kill him. I’d have some great wines so Gideon and Alexis could mix their blood with the vintage to supplement their vampires’ meals, unless they decide to take it from the throat. I admit I wouldn’t be averse to seeing Daegan and Anwyn draw from Gideon’s throat on my couch, seeing the way their hands rove over him, reinforcing the fact he’s all theirs. Or seeing Dante pull Alexis onto his lap at the table, push her thick hair to the side and ease his fangs into her neck as she closes her eyes and curls her hands into his dress shirt, whispering his name. You’ve got to admit, though their diet isn’t as varied as ours, it definitely has its perks.
Okay... definitely coming to that dinner party! You better invite me! I do not mind being on the menu, I promise you!!!!!!!!!

You’ll definitely have an invite! I’m sure the non-vampires would find it a pretty fascinating show, since Dominance/submission runs pretty blatantly through all their relationships. Even Sara and Justin, who aren’t D/s technically, understand the dynamic fairly well. Justin is alpha enough to be close to the Dominant side of the tracks, though not all alphas cross that line. And the night he and Sara met, he handcuffed her to her bed and brought her to screaming climax, so though she’s not a submissive (she handcuffs him later on), she understands the appeal!
And prey tell...... who would you want serving you ***waggles eyebrows**?

This is always difficult, because all of my favorite heroes (either in my books or in others) are so beloved to me because of how they loved their heroines. And, given my earlier strong feelings about adultery, I can’t visualize taking advantage of that even as a fantasy, unless I’m somehow magically in the heroine’s shoes for awhile, imagining that I am really her. And so many of my heroines are way braver and far more amazing than I’ll ever be that it’s hard for me to even go there. That’s not self-deprecating, that’s just the difference between a great story and real life (laughter).

However, I really wouldn’t mind adding to my guest list and inviting my female vampires, Danny and Lyssa, to my dinner party. They could bring Dev and Jacob to help with the serving, in nothing but jeans. Since I know Danny and Lyssa are very fond of touching their human servants, and don’t really have any inhibitions about doing it in front of an audience, I’m sure I’d get quite a vicarious sense of participation, just watching them interact during the meal. In Vampire’s Claim, Danny had Devlin kneel and service her under the skirt of her beautiful yellow Grace Kelly style dress while she partook of wine and conversation with two other male vampires at the table. Though they had to watch without touching, their female servants got to tease and fondle Devlin while he was on his knees to see if they could distract him from performing suitably for his lady. It might be a pleasure to see that kind of scene happen. Now, Jacob doesn’t have a real problem pleasuring other women in front of Lady Lyssa, as long as it’s at her command, so I might get the chance to slide a hand over a firm pectoral or taste the slightly perspiring skin over a steady heartbeat, tease his throat as he stayed still at her command... I could handle that. I’m sure she wouldn’t view me as a threat.
Oooooohhhh, we could so do that... I mean... No threat here either!!! LMBO!

Oh, did you mean serve food? Sorry, I took serve a whole different way there... Though that has some interesting possibilities as well. Taking wine directly from the mouth of a handsome man is a whole different way to experience the vintage....
Honey, you can take it any way you want to!! You serve it up pretty awesome for me!
Okay quickie time:

Favorite drink (non-alcoholic/alcoholic): Cherry Coke Zero
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Coffee or Tea: Tea, preferably a Celestial Season fruit blend, which I know technically isn’t tea but an herbal infusion (thank you, Marguerite of Ice Queen, for teaching me about tea – she runs a tea room!)
Milk or Dark Chocolate: Depends on the day – I love both Dove brands, including the milk chocolate caramel.
Sappy or Smutty: Oh, I like sappy smut. When my characters share an emotional transition in the middle of an intensely erotic scene, that’s where the pinnacle is for me.
Sunrises or Sunsets: Sunrises, though I hate to choose only one. They’re both beautiful, and daily symbols of beginning, endings and renewal.
Hugs or Kisses: Hugs from girlfriends, kisses from my husband – though he gives great hugs. Are you noticing why my editor has trouble keeping me to a word count minimum? I can’t even do an either/or choice without yakking about it!
Phone Calls or Emails: Emails, definitely. DESPISE talking on the phone! Can’t explain why, except I’m pretty antsy and even if I can move, I somehow still feel trapped by it. I also have a terrible time focusing on a phone conversation – my mind wanders too much. An email I can re-read until I get all the pertinent details.
Dom or Sub: I’ll take a handsome male Dom, thank you. The Knights of the Board Room, Tyler, Mason...oh heavens, I get warm all over just thinking of them. Though those subs with alpha streaks, like Gideon, Jacob, Mac or Dev...sigh. Yeah, obviously I have problems with decisiveness. But these are hard questions, dang it!

LMFreakingBO!!!!!!!! You can't do one answer questions to save your life, lmbo!!! But I love ya anyway!!! Ms. Joey, I want to thank you for coming over to play with us today!! I can not tell you how much fun this has been! I hope you have enjoyed yourself ~ I know I sure have!

Cecile, I think it’s impossible NOT to have fun around you. Thanks for having me here!

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I hope you are all having as much fun as I am!!!
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  1. Can't wait to read the Vampire novels, although I do love the anthologies as well. I agree, City of Angels, worst ending ever and I love Nick Cage too. Also, no, Hugh has never taken bad picture.

  2. What a great interview. I haven't had a chance to read about the mermaids yet so if I won I'd probably pick the first book in that series. I already have all the NoD books either in print or ebook and all the Knights of the Boardroom in the print anthologies. Great reads.
    I'd love to go to that dinner party too.

  3. LOL it took me so long to read this post :) Great interview, she seems so nice!!

    Looking forward to reading some of her books!

  4. itsjustme/Beth, thanks so much for that - writing the vampires/mermaids has made it possible for me to go between the paranormal and contemporary worlds - as a result, I never get bored! As far as Hugh, I think if he ever did have a "bad" picture, it would be what passes as a great picture for the rest of us. Snort. I remember an interview with him where the interviewer described him as an "absurdly handsome man" and that stuck in my mind. Gives me a smile.

    Hilda, thanks for sticking with it - I've been known to be a bit long winded (lol). As far as the niceness, my husband will snort and tell you I have a mean streak a mile long (wink).

  5. Great interview ladies.

    I am just finishing up book 1 in the Vampire Servant series and it is so freaking good..I can't wait to read the rest.
    I also have the 2 anthologies(Laced,Unlaced),I love anthologies,I find so many new authors that way.My wallet however doesn't share the love :D

    I love the dinner party,if I don't get an invite I'm crashing it :)

    **walks over to bar** Hello Jean Paul***wink*** **wow he's hott**
    If you could make me my Mimosa please, we can get this party started :D **JP hands me my drink and rubs my hand**

    Any chance we'll be seeing Caleb,Max,Luke and Jack today or are we gonna have to share you all day? :D With those looks and charm, you might get a us ladies**evil grin**
    **sips drink**

  6. Hi Cecile and Ms Hill! I really enjoyed reading your interview :) I have yet to read one you Ms Hill's books however, I have to admit, The Vampire Queen's Servant's cover is...WOW. Love it. VampFanGirl is always gushing over Joey W Hill and how much she loves her stories and writing style.

    As for Joey's fangirl moment, I'll admit that I have never read a Nora Roberts novel--some romance reader I am, lol.--however, even I had a moment of awe last year at RWA. When we came out of the RITA awards Ms. Roberts walked directly in front of me for the length of the hall way and all I kept thinking--as I stared at the poor woman's back--was wow, that's freakin' Nora Roberts! And...she's so skinny! It's not fair!! LOL! No, but I can relate, I'd feel the very same if I ever got the chance to meet Lisa Kleypas ;)

    Again, great interview and I WILL read one of Joey's stories.

  7. Not entering this one - but dang, girl, talk about epic posts! :)

  8. Elaine, you're certainly welcome to come. Glad you're loving Jacob and Lyssa! Know what you mean about the wallet. I like browsing a lot of the epubs for good new material at lower prices, discovering a new author and then being willing to invest more in the print books once I know they'll give me a good read.

    Barbara, I think my favorite cover of the series is still the second one, Mark of the Vampire Queen. Something about how they depict Jacob in the jeans with the belt, hands cuffed and Lyssa trailing her nails down his body...still love those covers that involve both hero and heroine (grin).

    Chris, yep, as I said to Hilda, I tend to go on a bit. Hope it was enjoyable regardless, however (smile). Liked your icon with the cats - have four of those myself and my favorite bio picture of me was holding one of them - of course after it got to be about 15 years old I had to go to a new pic, though I definitely liked the younger-looking me, vain creature that I am (chuckle). Thanks again for stopping by...

  9. OMG, loved the interview and OH, OH the eye candy! And this time I got here before me twin!

    Ha ha

  10. Great interview Cecile and Joey! I have to laugh, in the beginning when you said being a Type A personality is a fantastic and traumatic thing, I immediately thought of Monk saying "It's a gift...and a curse." Then when you referenced Monk a few lines down I LOLd!

    I have two of the Vampire books but haven't read them yet as I like to get the whole series before I start so I don't have to wait in suspense!

  11. Enjoyed the interview, I'm always looking for new authors and series to read!

  12. Hi Joey,
    I'm currently collecting your mermaid series so that I can read them in order. I loved reading the interview and am looking forward to exploring your work.

    Happy Reading

  13. Houston, yes, the eye candy was a tad...distracting as I was trying to answer questions (lol). But glad you liked the interview. And Tetewa, hope you'll give my work a try and find it enjoyable.

    Patti, I only caught random episodes, but I love the one where he and the Chief fight over how the box of donuts is arranged. It's so easy to relate to Adrian - kind of scary.

    Understand about wanting to read series in order (Patti and s7anna) - on my site I try to identify which ones can be read as standalones, regardless of the order in which they were written, but of course lots of folks (myself included) like to read series from the beginning, so as secondary characters are introduced who later become main characters in their own book, knowledge of them builds accordingly. It's almost like watching a child grow up (grin).

  14. Great interview. Looking forward to reading the Vampire novels. I love finding new authors. My wishlist is getting so long!

    lizzi0915 at aol dot com

  15. Finally here, I am totally missing the parties cos of my crazy week.

    Awesome interview, so long :D and how nice of you to fill it with hunks.

    Never read any of these books, but yes I have sure seen you all like them.

    Lol, a pedicure, well that I would like to read

  16. great books
    very hot covers

    great interview
    hot men whoo
    kim h

  17. Great interview. can't wait to read about Gideon's story :D although I believe the wait for the second book will be worst lol

  18. Amazing, in-depth interview. I am so happy to have discovered a new author, and I really look forward to reading the books. I especially enjoyed reading the points Ms. Hill had to say about sex being taboo, and the shame associate with something that is completely natural and beautiful. It was also refreshing to read about Ms. Hill's personality and the things that make her most happy! I could relate in many ways and that was wonderfully surprising!

    Thanks so much for sharing! *runs off to Amazon to reign in the Queen*

  19. P.S. Cecile, that picture in this interview........... *heart palpitations* I'm at work woman! *squirms in office chair, drools on keyboard*

  20. Joey, my level 80 feral Druid is waving to whatever WoW character your hubby has LOL If there is one thing I definitely want right now is a week of free reading time and my copies of the Vampire series. I absolutely heart the BDSM theme in books and you know i'm already a fangirl of your author voice *wink*

    Can I just say I read Chris Owen and Jodi Payne's DEVIATIONS series which spans four books about two males in a D/s relationship. I just love it when an author delves in to the psyche of the characters, the emotions and the growth. That's what I get from your books too Joey, I think after the Mermaids books I glommed your whole backlist LOL

    Anyway, thanks for this extensive interview *wink* I always love me some Hugh Jackman, and that pic of the man bound *shivers* He definitely is waiting for some good flogging, or a bit of naughty spanking or waiting for me and a honey jar...hey! He could you know! I can be wicked...honestly :)

    Cecile, thanks for having Joey over and making this month such a blast for us!

  21. Ladies look who just walked in
    **the boys are all smiles**
    Luke,Jack and Max.

    Hi boys..Jean Paul a round of drinks**wink** We missed you,where have you been?**sips drink**

    I noticed Caleb is missing,I guess Cecile is otherwise....engaged ;)

    **Luke gives me a wink**
    **blushes** hi Luke**grin**

    **Jean Paul delivers drinks to everyone** This is gonna get interesting **evil grin**

    Too bad Gideon or Jacob haven't made an appearance..maybe we'll be lucky and they'll show up soon :D

  22. Bethie, know what you mean. I have about 40 books on my shelf and a bunch on my ereader just waiting for the miracle of free time!

    Blodeuedd, it originally started out as a manicure, but my savvy agent suggested a pedicure instead, and when she reminded me of the all important foot massage part of the process, I was sold on the idea (lol). Hope your week gets less crazy.

    Kim H, I've been blessed by the cover fairies, for certain. Though Mark of the VQ is my favorite, that one for Vampire's Claim, featuring my Aussie bushman Dev, is a close second. And Margrete, I know! Believe it or not, that 4 month wait between Vampire Mistress and Vampire Trinity is going to drive me just about as crazy. But they moved it from five months to four months, so at least they gave us that (grin). I know lots of people wait to buy the first one until the second one comes out, but if you go ahead and buy the first one (pitiful look), my publisher will feel like I'm doing well and perhaps continue to publish me (lol).

    Missie, I'm delighted to hear that you enjoyed the interview and related to many points of it, particularly the perspective on sex. It's my favored soapbox, so if you get me started, I may never stop!

    Leontine, hey girl! My husband plays five different characters. I think his highest one is in the upper 50s, and he's working hard toward that level 80 so he can get to all those different realms only open to higher levels (yes, I do pay SOME attention - grin). I'll have to try the Deviations series, thanks for the recommendation - and the visual of you and Hugh (chuckle) - if he googles his name to find out what kind of promo he's getting and stumbles on these comments - plus my blog tomorrow where I actually get WAY more personal about his body (hint/tease), he might be appalled - or intrigued, who knows? ;>

    Elaine, I'm sure if they know you'd like to see them, Gideon and Jacob will do their best to be there - though I know as far as Gideon goes, Daegan and Anwyn have got him, tied up, right now. In a general (and perhaps literal) sense - chuckle. Jacob will graciously handle double the trouble, however, in his brother's stead (wicked grin).

  23. Ms. Hill, first thanks so much for being so interactive with your fans! It is a true delight!

    Second, I'd devour your soap box rants on perspectives regarding sex. In my family, sex was never spoken of to the point where it was something I almost feared. At the same time I was also wildly curious...and still am to this day. As a result, I have a very sordid relationship with sex now. LOL!

    I can really appreciate the way your mother approached introducing and educating you to sex, "she never acted like sex was anything hugely secret, dirty or taboo – it just required responsibility and maturity to handle correctly."


    I'm not a mother yet, but I'd like to think that if I were ever to be so lucky that I'd have a very similar stance.

  24. ROFL merlocks. You should listen to them when your hubby's playing WoW sometime. They make the funniest little grunt-thing-sound ever LOL

    I've never read any of her books :(
    Glad to see you still interviewing plenty of awesome authors Cecile!

    Posted a link to this contest in my sidebar! :)

  25. itsjustme1217!! Thank you for coming over! You have to read this series!!!!! It is freaking awesome, amazing!!! Yea, I said that! LOL!! And no, Hugh can not take a bad photo!! LOL!!

    Beth!! Hey hon! Thanks for coming over! Thank you for the kind words. I have not had a chance to read her mermaids either, but when I am done with the vampires, I am telling you that is the next series I will be reading!
    You like our dinner party huh..**waggles eyebrows**

    Hilda!!! Hey honey!!!! I am so glad that you are back! The post was kinda long... but soooo worth it! Thanks for coming honey!!

  26. elaing8!!Hey honey! I knew you were coming to the party!!!! And I hope you like the new member to the tribe! Isn't he just delicious!
    I am sooooooooooo glad that you are loving up the book!!!!! Aren't such a good pimp!!! Haaa haaa!!
    Yea, my wallet does not like me very either... And I have those two books too!!! I can not wait to read those either!
    And our dinner party... you like it too huh **waggles eyesbrows**

    Barbara!! Hey honey, thanks so much for coming over today! Thank you for the kind words!! Aren't her covers just simply drool worthy! And they give the hints of what the book is about. That is what I love. The reflect what is between the pages.

    Chris... Hey honey! Glad you stopped by! Hey... when you do it, do it with style!

  27. Houston!!! Hey honey! Thanks for coming over!! Aww, thanks for the kind words! I love Ms. Hill's work! She rocks in my book.
    And yes, you did make it before Jes did!!

    Patti!! Hey honey! Thanks for coming over! Thank you. I had a blast with Ms. Hill. Or should I say, we had a blast!
    Oh Patti, if you have these books.... I implore you to read them NOW!! They are that good! Okay... well... goes to the store... look in your email, you might have a Borders coupon... Go. Do. Not. Walk... RUN!!!

    tetewa! Hey there! I am so glad that you could make it! I am glad that you enjoyed the interview! Well, if you are looking for new authors and like this interview, I must tell you to go get her books!!

    s7anna!!! Hey honey! I am so glad that you could come over and play with us today!!
    Ohhhh you are collecting the mermaid series, lucky you. I think I have two so far... I think *cuz I can not see in my monster pile of TBR books* Thanks for coming over hon!

  28. Bethie! Hey there, welcome! I hope you make yourself at home for the next couple of days! It will get hot in here, lmbo!! Thank you for coming over and playing with us! And I am glad that I could introduce you to a new author! She is awesome!

    Blodeuedd!!! Hey honey! I am actually the one getting here late (evil day job)! But I am glad that you made it and you are having a good time!
    Well, you know there are going to be hot guys at my place! I have to provide entertainment for you ladies!
    And yes, you will want to read about the pedicure.

    Kim H! Thanks for coming over. I hope you are having a good time!

    Margrete! Hi there and welcome! It is nice to meet you! And please make yourself at home! Thank you for coming. OHhhh Gideon's interview... it is a very loaded interview!! You will not want to miss that!!!!!!!!!

    Missie!! Hi honey! I am so glad that you could make it!!! Thanks for coming! Thank you for your kind words. I am glad that I could introduce you to a new author. Especially one as great as Ms. Hill. She is an amazing author! The world she weaves is extraordinary!
    It is always interesting to learn about other point of views about sex from other people. Because it is viewed as a taboo, a no no if you will to talk about. And I think that it is the most healthy thing to talk about. Especially in today where the younger generation (I say this because I have a 16 yr) have so much knowledge that they can use to prevent things. And when there is no communication between child and parent, that is when things go south.
    And I am glad that you liked the picture... He is the newest member of my Tribe!!! You had me ROFLMBO!!! and I am at work too!!! =) Thanks for the smiles!

    Leontine!!! There is my girl!! I am so glad that you could make it! Thanks for coming over!
    OHhhh I am so with you on loving up the BDSM in her books. I mean, she is the one responsible for breaking me into that world, lol!
    You are more than welcome. You know I love this woman as much as you, lmbo!!!! She is awesome! And girl you know I had to put Hugh's picture in here. ((Girl that is my man **evil grin**))
    Girl, anytime anytime... Ms. Hill is welcome at my place and I am just glad that you are enjoying the party!!! That is what it is all about!

  29. Tori [Book Faery]! Hey there!! Thanks for coming over to visit!! I hope you are enjoying yourself!
    Sounds like you know your stuff about WoW. Cool! =)
    OH girl, you have to peek on over at Joey's place and read some excerpts... just remember - have a fan ready!!!
    Thanks for spreading the word!!!! I appreciate it!

  30. The men stand behind the bar talking among themselves...

    Jack has a hurricane ready for Elaing...

    Max is looking for Sweet...

    And the rest are a little restless...

    Luke ~ Good evening ladies... sorry we are bit late. Elaing seem to get us at the door, lol...

    Can we interest any of you into something a little wicked for the evening... perhaps a Sex on the Beach drink...

    Elaing... get your mind out the gutter.... Just cuz we found Jean here tied up... Does not mean anything...

    Jack ~ Yea, right... You see what Cecile does to us... Poor dude **shakes his head with a wicked smile on his face**

    Max ~ Yea, I have seen what that woman can do and that is all I'm sayin'.

    So what you drinking tonight ladies??

  31. Ms Joey, I do want thank you - first, for coming play at my Lair and secondly for interacting with the people that came here! That means a lot!
    And honey any time you want to stand on a soapbox, you just come right on over to my place! You are welcome anytime you want to come!

    And Joey... you know you are playing with fire when you say this:
    "Jacob will graciously handle double the trouble, however, in his brother." Hummmm... very intriguing... Might have to see if we can coax Jacob to come out and play with us. I am sure I can sweet talk Lady Lyssa into letting him come out and play!!!!!

  32. Luke..**excited voice**sex on the beach,sex on the beach...oh you mean the drink**pouts**fine, ok I'll have one of those...or three.

    **someone turns up music**
    now we're talking
    **Luke hands me drink,grab his hand,drag him to dance floor**
    you ready for some dancing
    **whispers**notice how Caleb still hasn't shown up..what is that woman doing to him :)

    **waves over Jack**
    oh sandwich..I'm loving this party!!
    **dances with Jack and Luke drink in hand**

  33. Jean Paul ~ Oh we know what that lady is capable of. I think her and Gideon's chick is liek best friends are something... ((lowers his voice)) His chicks runs the BDSM club... **Evil wink**

    Jack looks a little unsure of the words man sandwich

    Luke ~ Dude lighten up... We dont float that way... *Waggles his eyebrows* Yet **laughter erupts and Jack blushes

    Caleb walks in on that note... Don't worry Jack... You are in safe hands. Actually, **Caleb looks at Elaing with that knowing look** you are in pretty great hands with Elaing there.

  34. Missie, one of my favorite things about guest blogging is the chance to interact through the comment section with readers and get their thoughts on, well, everything (grin). And I full support a sordid relationship with sex - think everyone should have that at least once or twice in life (chuckle). As far as kids, I have at least one friend who, before she had children, said she didn't intend to talk to them about sex until 16, and even then I think she was hoping the topic wouldn't arise. My response: Are you freaking nuts?" lol I support your viewpoint and Cecile's on that fully.

    Tori, he HAS called me over to hear those merlocks - in fact, there's apparently a stuffed toy of them he wants so that he can get the free "pet" merlock that follows him around, or some such thing...boys and their toys (grin). He knows I'm a sucker for cute stuffed animals... Thanks for the link on your sidebar!

    And Cecile, I actually tried to bring in two more of Hugh for the blog post tomorrow, the way he looked in that oh-so-form-fitting T-shirt and trousers in Australia, but everywhere I went they were protected so it was a no-no to use them without permission. But at least I could look at them some and drool - just put in Australia, Hugh Jackman, Photos, and you all can see them too (wink).

  35. Cecile, I'm visualizing ANYONE sweet talking Lady Lyssa (lol), though if anyone would have a shot, it would be you. And I think she actually likes showing Jacob off a little bit... ;>

    Jean Paul, I'll take that sex on the beach - with an umbrella, please (wink). I burn easy. And Anwyn might just find it necessary to come with Gideon tonight to help keep an eye on all of you...and see if any of you might need a session at her club to help you know how best to serve the ladies here. She has some great methods to improve your already considerable talents...(wicked grin).

    And Cecile, I love being here!

  36. This comment has been removed by the author.

  37. The Tribe, I'm always up for a Gracioustini! :D

    Man, this post is hopping...I may never leave!

    *flops down on couch and makes self comfortable*

  38. I love Joey! That interview was awesome! Took me all day to read it, lol, but it was so worth it. I almost have every book and my TBR pile is stacked with the Knights and Mermaids, I need more hours in the day for reading.
    p.s. Joey don't forget my invite to the dinner party! I can be dinner, ahem, I can help with dinnner =D

  39. Hey Joey! That was me who left the comment above with the wrong name. Thank you lil cuz for that!

  40. Hey, Mai! Glad you could be with us - don't worry about the glitch (beaming).

    Youngnasty...sigh. I guess I'm just going to have to endure the ribbing about my longwindedness, aren't I? Ah, well - it's not like I don't make fun of it myself all the time (snort). And of course you're invited to be, to the dinner. The guys say they're happy with either proposition (grin).

  41. No Worries Mai,

    I also used a wrong account name to post earlier. I blame the Hot Bods all over this blog. They distract me!

    *sips on Gracioustini*

  42. All right, I'm headed to bed now, but I'll check back in the morning with the blogpost. Elaine, keep all the boys in line (grin) - if Gideon and Jacob show, I know you, Cecile and the other ladies will know how to entertain them - and Anwyn will keep herself occupied with the boys at the bar... ;> Good night all - a fun day!

  43. **still dancing with Luke,looks over at Joey**Ohhh I will keep them in line**rubs hands all over Luke's backside**LOL

    Jean Paul you got my new drink ready..keep 'em coming :D

  44. Joey! Tried to get more Hugh huh, lol!!! Girl... Let me welcome you to my stash some times, lol!!! Haaa haa!!

    Oh, Lyssa would love me!!! I got this in the bag... but she I know she would to show Jacob off!!! And yes... My Tribe can hang out with all of them, lol!
    And I am glad that you like being here Joey ~ cause you are more than welcome here anytime you want!!!

    Missie ~ Be careful, the tribe will give you what you want, lol!!!
    You never have to honey!! You are welcome to stay as long as you would like!

    youngnasty!! Hi there! Welcome over to the Lair! I hope you enjoy yourself!!! LMBO!!! Are you teasing Joey cuz she is a little long winded, lmbo! You want to help with dinner huh.... you sure you want to help, lol!!!

    Joey, Oh don't worry honey... Elaing and I plan on keeping those boys in line, lol! See you tomorrow!

  45. Joey,

    I love your books, you are my favorite erotic romance author in part because your characters have such depth and realness (and also the total hotness :-). It doesn't feel like reading so much as living them. Seems to me too many in the field throw in a bunch of explicit sex and some conflict and call it done.

    This interview was awesome - so much new information (new stuff even though I lurk on your newsgroup, read your blog, etc) and as usual where you are involved, a blast to read. Your wordiness is appreciated - the more words you want to write, the happier we all are.

    I was one of those who took a long time to work up to reading Mistress of Redemption - all because of Jonathan. He was such a vile man in Natural Law. You did a wonderful job with him, and I enjoyed the book, but I haven't managed to move fully beyond what he did to Mac. It probably doesn't help to have read Natural Law so many times .

    Ok, stopping now. Thank you for your wonderful books and being so accessible to your fans.


  46. Hi Susan, it is nice to meet you. Please make yourself at home!!! Another Joey fan is always welcome here!!!!!! I love her to death!! LMBO!!! Glad you are here!

  47. Really enjoyed the interview. Must say that I am glad for your no-no list. Ooooh...and I want to be a fly on the wall of that dinner party, too!

  48. Cecile, my ex-boyfriend used to play it. And he made me watch him play it once. He was like "oh you gotta see these little blue things!" And then his fugly video game character (it was like some zombie with his hair falling off HAHA) ran up to it and it made the noise. I LOL'ed so hard haha!

    I definitely will check her out!

    You should go look at the the book review I just did. I'm not sure if you've read any writing by Laura Stamps before? But the couple of chapters I've read are pretty hawt! I'll be doing an interview with her within the next couple of days :)

  49. Joey, you mean there's like a real life doll of that thing!? Omg I want one just so I could squeeze it and hear the little sound it makes haha!

    And yes... boys and their toys hehe. At least it kinda looks cute :)

    And no problem, anytime!

  50. Joey & Cecile thanks for the fantastic interview. I'm hooked on the 'Queen" series.. can't wait for Vampire Mistress.. my BD prez to myself. reminds me I need to get the last 2 back from my best friend, although I'm pretty sure its her husband that is reading
    Would love to be at that dinner party.. or heck just read about it.
    Thanks for the good read today & the contest.

  51. This sounds gooood! Must. Read.

  52. Elaine/Cecile (dryly) - when I said keep them all in line, I forgot who I was talking to (lol). Like letting foxes loose in the hen house...or maybe in this case that's the roosters' house! And Cecile, I discovered some of your further Hugh stash at the bottom of the page this AM - that was better than a cup of coffee. And Gerard...sigh.

    Susan, when it comes to Jonathan, I think part of his long and arduous road of penance may have to include being subjected to a day of punishment at the hands of my readers for what he did to Mac. Even though Mac wisely hid Violet's firearm when Nathan visited, I think she'd still like to take a piece of his hide, so she'd be at the front of the line (grin).

    Thank you for those amazing compliments, though - I'm always humbled to hear that, and hope to keep delivering that experience for you. Glad you came out to the Hussy Lair, though - it's hard to leave once you get here - all the great company AND the eye candy. Lucien alone was enough to keep me lingering this morning (grin). And I'm glad you found new things in the interview - Cecile was really good to ask the not-so-usual questions.

    Lil, thanks for stopping by! Yeah, sometimes as an author, even in interview, you try not to be too adamant about your beliefs, because you don't want people distracted by what terrible things they know about you when they read the stories (laughter), but those two are the ones that I don't bite my tongue about. And I think there will be a bunch of us flies on that wall - Lyssa will probably wave a hand, wrinkle her aristocratic nose and call for a fly strip (chuckle)

    Tori, yes, I'm pretty sure it's the merlock. There's one for the alliance side as well, the bald eagle looking creature, but I don't think he's as cute as the merloc. Here's my husband's info on them "There are a couple available from Blizzard through their online store. The Griffon(?sp) and the bat looking griffon type thing. The Merloc I have found online before, but not through Blizzard. I'm not sure where to get it, but it comes with a code to get the in game pet."

    Iokijo, I'm biting my nails between now and May as well. I really hope you all like Gideon's story. As you saw in the interview, I'm agonizing over that one! So you'll have to put me out of my misery, for good or bad, once you read it, and let me know if I did them justice or need to fall on my literary sword in shame. Thanks for sharing the vampires with your friend (and her husband!) - that was very selfless (grin).

    Kayla, good morning! Glad they've tickled your fancy. Hope you enjoy them when you get a space in your TBR list! :>

  53. Lil, hey there!! Welcome and enjoy!
    Thank you for coming! The dinner party... oh yes... what a party that would be!!!

  54. Tori [Book Faery], lol!!
    I will be heading over to your place in a minute to check that out! I have not read anything by Laura Stamps. You have me intrigued now!!! You evil woman, lol!

    iokijo! Hi there! Welcome and please make yourself comfy!! I thank you for coming over!
    Ohhhyayayayay another vampire series fan!!! Aren't they the freaking best!!!
    LOL @-->>"although I'm pretty sure its her husband that is reading"
    That dinner party would be one kick ass party!!

    CallMeKayla!! Hey honey! Thanks for coming over!! I hope you are enjoying yourself! This is a MUST READ AUTHOR!!!! If this is your cup of tea... then I promise you, you will love it!

  55. Cecile, I do what I can ;)

    Joey, I knew there was some digital one you could get. I stole my ex's account one day when a mutual friend of ours told me to come look at it. If you click it a lot it makes the sound!

  56. Tori, I'm not sure this is going to work, but my husband sent me the link to the furry critter. Here goes -

  57. Okay, looks like it cut some off. Let me try this way, with hard returns, though you'll of course then want to cut and paste the pieces together -

    If it doesn't work this time, you can always email me directly at storywitch @ (no spaces) and I'll shoot it direct to you (smile).

  58. Awesome interview and I loved The Mermaid's Ranson, fabulous read! Still getting through the vampire series in my huuge TBR pile right now but they're fabulous! And I have to agree with you, so disappointed with the City of Angels ending.

    lilazncutie1215 @

  59. Your books are the sanity keepers in my crazy life... Love them all! Can't wait for Gideons books, May seems so very close yet so very far away. As always Thanks for the happy places to escape. You write and I'll happily read your words. You are the best!

  60. Jeanette, glad you discovered Dante and you're enjoying the vampire series as well. I loved the fact Dante's story allowed me to cross between both series. Having a chance to visit with characters from other books is always a treat, but when I can write a mermaid book AND visit the vampires in it, it doesn't get much better than that. Particularly when Dante gets to tangle with Lyssa. ;>

    And Dotty, you bring such joy in my life - glad you came and joined us tonight. Be sure and come back tomorrow for Gideon's interview with Cecile - not to be missed!

  61. Thank-you Cecile and Joey for a wonderful interview that allowed us devoted fans a small peek inside the life and times of a gifted author. Some interesting little secrets there J.
    Looking forward to the new releases.

  62. Maryde, I thought you knew all my secrets by now? lol Glad you came by!

  63. Wow. what a long read. I loved it and the covers are awesome. Glad I came along.

    dorcontest at gmail dot com

  64. LOL Joey!! The first link worked fine. That is too funny!!

  65. Why does it seem that The Vampire Queen's Servent was just published yesterday? And why am I so far behind in this series???

    AARGH, I have a lot of catching up to do.

    Besides that, I enjoyed the interview and all the other posts; they were great. I look forward in continuing this series and reading your other works.

    Tracey D
    booklover0226 at gmail dot com

  66. Dor, glad you enjoyed the interview and the covers - I've been delighted with those as well and contemplating making them into posters to have at the house or for giveaways.

    Tracey, you're probably like most of us - so many books coming out all the time we want to read, and before we know it, some of the things on our TBR list are a couple years old. I know mine's like that (smile). Hope you enjoy the other books when you get to them, and thanks for coming by!

  67. Wow!! What a fun interview/conversation! I've never been to this site before, but Ms. Hill sent me over from her e-mail newsletter and I think I've found a nice new place to relax on the web (along with getting the dish on upcoming reads!).

    I must admit, Ms. Hill is the first author I've become a fan-girl of and will vow to read anything she puts out. Her stories are soooooo satisfying!

    Take care ladies, and thank you for sharing!!


  68. jeanette8042! Hey honey! thanks for coming over! I hope you are enjoying yourself!

    Dotty! Hi there! Welcome! Thank you for coming over! You are not the only one that can NOT wait for Gideon! That man is driving me nuts!

    maryde! It is my pleasure!! Thank you for coming over and playing with us! I hope you enjoyed yourself! =) Thank you for your kind words!

    dor!! hi there! welcome to the lair! I hope you are enjoying yourself! Thanks for coming over!

    booklover0226 ~ Tracey! hey honey! I hope you are enjoying yourself! =) Girl, you must catch up... but you really do not have to catch up to get Gideon's story... but it is nice. Ms. Joey does list at her place what could be read as stand alone. I love that she did that.

    Bethany!!! I am glad that you made your way to my place too!! Ms. Joey is awesome! Thanks for coming over and please... feel free to stay as long as you like!!!
    I love alll of Joey's book!!! She is a fan-freaking-tastic author!!!!

  69. Hi Joey!

    I adore your Mermaid series, I just wish there were more books! The last book, Mermaid's Ransom, was incredible (talk about a tortured hero!) Looking forward to the next one!

  70. Bethany, glad you made it over and discovered Cecile's place. It's hard to leave once you're here, because there's so much fun to be had (grin).

    Lizzie, glad you liked Dante - he WAS pretty tortured. He actually came out for Cecile's Beefcake Preview night awhile back and managed not to incinerate anyone (think the boys were ready with the fire extinguishers, just in case).

    Thanks to you both (and to you all) for the lovely compliments on my characters and stories!

  71. It was great to find out more about you, and the characters :)
    You know, I was wondering sometimes what your husband thinks about your books, if you ever discuss scenes (and I don't mean only sex scenes, many of my favorite scenes from your books are not sexual) and I guess I was a little surprised when I read that he doesn't read them but what you said explains it pretty well...
    I have to say that he has all my respect, I know I would be so curious in his place :)

  72. Lizzielvr! Hey there! Welcome to the lair, I hope you enjoy yourself! Thank you for coming!

    Ioana!! Hi there too!! Welcome to my humble web home!! I hope you enjoy yourself. Thank you for coming!

  73. Ioana, it might be that "guy aversion to romance thing" as well, who knows? Chuckle. Of course, I can hardly sling stones. He's absolutely addicted to World of Warcraft, and I rate playing computer games right up there with watching grass grow - can't hold my attention worth a darn (laughter). Ah well, it's our differences that make us interesting to one another. Glad you came by!

  74. I love your books they are always a wonderful read. I really enjoyed your interview and I can't wait to read more of your books.

  75. sherry... thanks for coming over to joey's post too!!! she is awesome!

  76. Sherry, thanks so much for that, and my apologies for the delay in responding. Been one of those crazy weeks! Glad you checked out the interview and all the other good things at Cecile's site, and I'll try to keep deserving such wonderful compliments. :>

    Hey, Cecile!

  77. I just finished your story in Unlaced, and it was HOTT!

  78. Hey Ms Joey!!!! How have you been?!?!

    Hey Becky Jean!! Thanks for coming over... and thanks for the heads up on Ms. Hills little book. I have that one on my night stand!

  79. I'm very late, but I wanted to stop by and thank for the great interview and for all the awesome books you have written! I'm so looking forward to every new release, especially in the Vampire series!

  80. Becky Jean, glad you liked Lucas and Cassie. I love writing that series - there's something about a straightforward "white knight riding in to the rescue" plotline, couched in hot, steamy sex and characters that tug my heartstrings, that appeals to my pen, every time. Thanks for sharing that love!

    Cecile, all the usual crazy stuff. Vampire Trinity edits, first draft of Elisa/Malachi, Bookclub Night last night, Savvy Author chat last week - the hamster legs are worn to nubs on that wheel (laughter) - sure it's the same in your chaotic world. Hope it's all going well.

    Eva, you have made a fashionably late entrance (wink). Thanks for stopping by, it's lovely to have you here. And thanks as always for your warm enthusiasm and support. Gideon is coming soon, for sure! :>

  81. Eva S!! Hey there! Thanks so much for coming over here today!!!! Oh honey... day late a dollar short... we accept them all!!!!!

    OH Joey!!! You know I love when you tease me!!!!!!! ->>"Vampire Trinity edits, first draft of Elisa/Malachi, Bookclub Night last night"
    I hear that evil laughter!!! LOL!!! Thanks for still coming over and popping in!!!!

  82. Okay, better late than never. I finally have a book with a Joey Hill story in it now. Reading "Controlled Response" in Unlaced right now and have to get back to Lucas and Cassandra because it is just much better than typing this comment and that is the truth. If the Vampire books are hotter than the first couple of pages of this story than I am in so much trouble!!! :-)

    Warn me next time will you Cecile!:D
    jackie b central texas

  83. Jac... I did warn you!!!! I told you how hot her books get!!! LOL!!! But I am glad that you are loving up some Joey' books! =)

  84. Hi Cecile and Joey!

    Great interview and I love the pics!

    I've heard great things about these series and I have added them to my TBR pile!

    Thanks for the awesome giveaway!

  85. Razlover! Hey honey! I am glad that you could make it over! Ohhhh this is a great series. It is a series that is a must on my list!

  86. If your husband sees my daughter on WoW, have him tell her I miss her.

    Your Vampire trilogy sounds intriguing. Jacob, Gideon, and Malachi. Curious how Malachi got his name if he's Native American made and how he differs from the rest.

  87. I love anthologies I've read so many including Unlaced. Love them! Great interview! Look forward to reading Laced with desire next.


  88. Jackie, the vampire series is probably a bit more hardcore on the BDSM end of things, but I'd say the hotness level is similar (others may of course disagree!). Happy to hear that Cassandra and Lucas sucked you into their world and won't let go (grin). Hope the rest of their story met your expectations and that you enjoyed the rest of the anthology.

    Razlover, I'm honored to be in the TBR pile. Hope you find them to your liking. :>

    Reena - chuckle - I'll mention that to him. As it is, I have to remind him to bathe on weekends and coax him away from the computer with bits of food, like a rabid dog (grin).

    Mal was one of the kids taken from his tribe to be "Christianized", and because of subsequent events that will be explained in the book, never took his name back. I'm still working out the research and timelines, so that may alter slightly, but that's the gist of it. Hope you give the series a try and enjoy what you find! :>

    Christine, glad to hear you enjoyed Unlaced and hope you'll have the same experience with Laced with Desire. It's always fun to share a cover with these ladies.

  89. Reena Jacobs! Hey there! Welcome and enjoy! I am glad you found my little home and enjoy!
    LOL->"If your husband sees my daughter on WoW, have him tell her I miss her."

    Oh believe me Reena, her series is freaking smoking hot intriguing!!!
    I hope you enjoy them!!!

    Christine! Hi there and welcome! Love to meet new people! Thanks for coming over!

    Hey Joey!!!! How you going honey? Here is to hoping you have a great weekend honey!{{hugs to you}}

  90. Doing good, Cecile - and I hope you have a great weekend as well. I'm facing LOTS of yard work, unless the weather gods save me...chuckle. Though we really do need to make things pretty for Easter, so I'd probably prefer not to be saved. Maybe. LOL Have a good one!

  91. I knew I missed this interview when you posted it, because I was preoccupied with our sick kitty. But now I had some spare time, lol, and I needed a lot! But you girls were very entertaining! :)
    I recently started reading Ms. Hill's books - Natural Law and Rough Canvas - and boy are they hot!! I really love the D/s element in them! Now I have added the Vampire novels to my wish list.
    Thanks for the wonderful interview!! I had a great time :)

  92. Janna, so happy you were able to join us, but am hoping your kitty is all better! Have four of those little pointy-eared terrors and know how traumatizing it can be when one is ailing. Thanks for checking out the Nature of Desire series and hope you enjoy the vampires!

  93. Hi Joey! Thanks! With four little monsters ;) you'll certainly know how it is! I had to make a difficult decision and let him go :(
    (I blogged about it:
    It was hard, but I can honestly say that your Natural Law gave me plenty of distraction from my sorrows! Because it was so intense and sexy. Thanks for that! :)

  94. Janna, I'm so sorry to hear that - that's always tough. Glad you had the outlet of your blog AND Mac and Violet (smile). Blessings upon that little departed soul!

  95. When you're writing do you have to fight the urge to censor yourself?

  96. Thank you, Joey! Yeah, Mac and Violet can let you forget everything around you *grin*

  97. Janna & Leni thanks for coming over!!!

    Janna, I am so glad to hear that you are loving up some Joey books!!! Isn't she awesome!! I am in love with this woman's kick ass writing abilities! She blows me out the park!

    Leni, thanks for coming over!!

  98. Leni, I'm imagining my editor rolling her eyes and saying "If what she sends us is censored, God help us if she ever really lets down her hair!" LOL Seriously, when it comes to erotic romance, I follow the muse on pretty much everything, including how intense or mellow the sexual situations are. If the characters are intense, the scenes are accordingly more intense between them. If they have a lighter touch with one another, then that's reflected in their intimacy. One of the many things I like about writing erotic romance is it gives pretty free rein to our sexual imaginations. Which, in my experience, are about as vast as three universes end-to-end (laughter).

    As noted in the interview, there are areas I'll never go (unless a villain is perpetrating the scene) because of how I view sex - as a loving, sacred act of exploration between consenting adults. But that's not so much censorship as personal preference.

    I've been fortunate in my editors in that neither of them have ever censored my work, except in two minor changes, and both of them had to do more with the perception of a no-no area for their publishing policies than an actual intention to convey that in the story. I know you'll ask (Cecile! lol), so one was in Mark of the Vampire Queen, when Gideon and Jacob, who are brothers, share the Lady Lyssa. After climax, there's a point where Jacob leans over and kisses his brother on the forehead. It was intended to be an act of fraternal affection, because the whole scene happens due to teh fact Jacob is worried about how bitter and beaten down Gideon has gotten, but my editor felt, since they were all naked and stuff, it was better to change it to a hair tousle, so it didn't come off the wrong way (grin).

    The other one was in Mistress of Redemption. Jonathan is essentially going through the Redemption layers of Hell, so it's a fantastical setting. There's a part where these snake like creatures come out of the wood work (literally) and start twining around his body, and a couple of them get very personal. My editor felt it crossed EC's line on bestiality, even though they were imaginary snakes, so I changed it.

    I've learned to trust my editors - their guidance is usually very sound, so I had no problem with either suggestion, since neither one changed the nature of the scene or its emotional content.

    Hope that answers your question!

  99. You know me all to well Joey!!! And yes, I was dying to know which parts!!!! So, thanks for sharing those!!!!!

  100. I've never read any of your books, but they look hot. I might start reading them soon.

  101. OH Spav, if you have NOT read Ms. Hill's work... she is really a must. Just be prepared for a little dark side sex appeal!!!
    Thanks for coming over!

  102. Hi Ms. Hill! I just finished reading Beloved Vampire. It was the third book of the three books I was sent to judge for RomCon. Lets just say, you received a VERY high score from me!

    I honestly had never heard of you before, and I was so thrilled immediately, since half the reason I signed up to be a RomCon judge was to discover new authors.

    One of the things I love about vampire novels, is that there just seems to be no real rules. Some vamps can walk in the sun, others instantly burn up. Some have fangs, some don't, etc... I loved the world you've created so much because of the way you highlighted the dominant side of a vampire's nature--particularly when it comes to dominant sex. They're brutal as hell, but also capable of love.

    I also think the third mark thing is brilliant!

    I cannot wait to read the rest of this series now from book 1.

    Awesome interview by the way, and thanks for taking the time to interact :)

  103. Spav,I hope you do, and that you enjoy them!

    Kristin, THANK YOU! Both for the compliments, the high score, all of it. I certainly hope you enjoy the rest of the series as much as you enjoyed Mason and Jessica, but know you've given my day a lift, regardless! And the dominance was one of my key interests in writing a vampire series. As an erotic romance author, I felt the D/s potential of the vampire-servant relationship hadn't really been explored much, and I wanted to jump into it with both feet (grin). Plus, I just really like vampires - :>). Thanks for your kind compliments again, and happy reading!


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