Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Whew.... What a Party... It's Clean Up Time!

I want to thank EVERYONE for coming to my party and celebrating my blogiversary with me!!

I want to send a special thank you to all the authors that came out to play at the Lair!!!

You guys have made this the best party yet!

Are we counting down till next years???


Now that the party is over....

The clean up crew is here....

Isn't it a joy to watch a man clean......

Just look at the drinks we have shared....

Over good company with each other...

The body shots that were done...

And yea... some were just that good!!!!

Just think of all the men that we got to meet this month... Oh mannnnnnnnnn!!!

My personal service men are taking care of everything for me...

The only thing they are not doing is announcing the winners.

That is coming up tomorrow... April 1st.....

So make sure to stay tune........

No, he really enjoyed doing this for me....

I swear....

Okay, he knew that pink is one of my favorite colors...

Gawd... I love Women Porn!!!!

Now make sure you come back tomorrow to see who won.....

Now if you will excuse me while I get a little rest
This party has worn me out **evil grin**

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  1. Woohooo what a party it was indeed! And the cleanup looks very drool worthy as well! ;) Loved it hon and again a Happy blogversary to you honey! BIG HUGS

  2. Cecile!!! I'm so sad it's over! :(

    Awesome party though. Tell that cleaning crew to stop by at my place after! mwaha

    Oh yeah, and happy blogversary!! :)

  3. You throw a hell of a party! Hmm I have some things I need cleaned can you send your cleaning crew over? I feel like making a huge mess :-)

    Stephanie G

  4. What a cleanup ;) I had to hide the screen a bit since I am in the computerlab at the moment ;)

  5. Great party, Cecile! Can't wait for the next one!

  6. What a riot! Thanks for a great party! I'm gonna take my door prize and head out. See you soon!

    *strolls over to Java man cleaning the floor*
    I adore a man at my feet...
    *yelps as he pulls her into a pile in his lap*
    *giggling ensues*

  7. Wow, Cecile, you throw a great party! AND, you make the cleanup look fun ;)

    Thanks for letting me come play!

  8. Awh, it's really has been such an exciting month and the organazation of it all!! Kudos to you too Cecile :D And as I looked at the final pic the "go to your room" doesn't sound all that bad as it did once in my teenage years LOL

    It has been awesome hon, thanks for all the par-tay fun!

  9. Awesome party Cecile.
    It was a blast.I found some new authors to read and a few

    I can't believe you took a picture of me doing body shots off Luke....and posted it **gasp** LOL.

    So is it ok if I take Luke home with me? you know to help me recouperate **evil grin**

    Until next time tribe ***waves***

  10. JennJ! Hey honey! I love a great clean up crew, lol!!! And I thought what better to end the party than to have my own personal clean up crew. I mean, I have my very own tribe and bartenders... why not a clean up crew, lol!

    Thanks for the wishes honey! I am just glad that you are along for the ride!

    Tori [Book Faery]!! Hey hon! I know, I am sad that it is over tooo... but we always have my birthday to look forward to... or next year's party... =)
    But one thing I am thankful for.. is meeting new people like you!
    And I will send the clean up crew to your place after I am done with them, lol!!

    Paranormal Haven!! Hey there! Thanks for coming to the party! It means a lot for you all to come over to my place ~ but what means even more is that you all enjoy yourselves at my place!
    I will have to start a list of where the clean up crew is contracted out next, lmbo!!

    Blodeuedd!!! LMBO!!! And I can actually picture you hiding the monitor!!! You are soo funny girl!

    host!! Hey honey! I am just glad that you could make the party. I know with things going on in life for you it has been pretty hard and I am just grateful for when you could come over!

    Sweet!! Hey my honey! Thought you would like this one! You are more than welcome for the party! I am just glad that you came and had fun! =)
    Ahhhh, I see you found Java man... and 0_o I see where you two are headed... Okay.. Have a great time...

    Patti! Hey honey! The best part is cleaning up.. or should I say watching them clean, lmbo!! Thanks for coming to my party honey! And thanks a million for pitching in on it too!!

    Leontine!! Hey honey! Yes, it saddens my heart to know that the party is over and it is time to go back to normal blog life... **sigh** But I am glad that I can go to my archives and revisit these post, lmbo!!
    Thank you honey for the kind words... it was a lot of work, but I would do it all over again!!!
    LOL ->"looked at the final pic the "go to your room" doesn't sound all that bad as it did once in my teenage years LOL" You are sooo right! I will enjoy some much needed playtime, I mean rest!!!!! hee hee!!

    elaing8!! Honey, I want to thank you for coming to my party! You rock my tribe out! A party like this is only fun when you have friends to come over and enjoy with you! So Thank you for coming over and being my friend... although... I think you come for my Tribe!!! **snicker with laughter love ya hon**

    *You know I have camera EVERYWHERE... I was bound to catch one of you and Luke doing something naughty!!*

  11. Cecile, great party, I know you had fun. I sure did! my pocket book will get back to you, its having a hard time adjusting LOL. Cant wait for the next one. Thanks for all the work you done on this and Thanks to all the authors that helped you.


  12. Oh my! I'll come help with clean up as long as they are there to show me the way *grins*

    Awesome job with the blog party!!!

  13. Thanks for throwing the party. It was fun.

  14. Bravo Cecile...Awesome party! No one can throw a party like you can!

    To your authors...I enjoyed meeting you all and I've found so many books to all were brave to venture over here and celebrate with all of Cecile's crazy friends...specially me!

    I hope to see you all soon at Cecile's birthday bash!

    Hugs to all

  15. LOL what a party!! The clean up looks just as fun as the party!! hehe

  16. phew! What a party! I love your parties though. *sits back and watches them clean up* mmmm it's so nice to watch a man work hard. haha

    LY girl!!!

  17. Laurie (BittenbyParanormalRomance) Hey honey! So glad you came over for the clean up party! LMBO! I am glad that you had a great time at my party! I enjoyed having you over! Oh girl... believe me ~ my own pockets will be biting at my hands cuz I want so many books now. Not just from the authors that I had over, but from the great recommendations from you guys!

    Hell Kat! Hey honey! Thanks for coming over to play at the Lair for the party!
    Ohhh you are offering to come over and help!! I think the guys might like that! **evil grin**
    Thank you for your kind words!

    Dru!! Hey honey! I am just glad that you enjoyed yourself at the party! The whole reason for having a party... for your friends to enjoy themselves!!

    Houston!! Hey sis!!! Hugs to you! Thank you for your words hon! You are to kind! Blushing @ ->"No one can throw a party like you can!" Thanks hon!
    And yes, I agree with you.. the authors I had over ROCKED the house! They were all awesome!

    Fiction Vixen! Hey honey! Oh believe the clean up.. is just as much fun as the party was, lmbo!!!
    Thanks for coming over!

    Ashlynn Pearce!!! Hey honey!! Thank you thank you! I am so glad that you love my parties... You know we are having one for you right.... You just have to tell me when! **you might have your own little crew when you do come over, heee heee**

  18. Okay sweet Cecile, I too love me some "Woman Porn" and am so happy to say we all had a great time at the party and if you need any help "Handling" the cleanup crew you can count on me any time! I will rush right over!

    happy blogversary again and glad you invited us all to celebrate with you all month long, it was a truly "illuminating experience"..

    jackie b central texas

  19. Glad you survived the month of partying! :)

  20. I didn't comment on all of the posts but I read them and what a party you had! Whoa! I wish I was apart of the clean up crew. ;)

  21. **giggle** You have an amazing cleaning staff. I don't think I would ever go to work and have to make a big mess in the house, just to watch them work. And the treat in the bedroom looks fun. ;) A better treat than the mint on the pillow.

  22. Can I help clean up?!! Oh never mind I think I would be making a bigger mess just to see these guys at work!

  23. jacabur1! Hey honey! Oh... I am in love with Woman porn now!!!! And they can come clean my house any time they want tooo!!!!! Hubby will have to go somewhere for a while, while they **Cough** clean!!! hee hee!!
    And I will call you right over if I need some help **Handling** them!!
    Thank you for the warm wishes and thank you for coming over and being a great friend!!!

    Chris! Hell, I am glad that I survived this. I was not sure for a minute towards the end.. but cleaning crew revived me!! LOL!

    Donna [F.D. Ramblings]! Hey hon, thanks for coming over. I just thank you for coming over. There is no pressure to ever comment! Just as long as you enjoy the time you spend here is all I ask!!

    Melissa (My words and pages)! Hey honey, I am glad to make you giggle!!! As long as you are having fun that is all that matters!

    Heather D!! Hey honey!!! Sure you can help.. come on over!!! Yea, we might have to make the mess bigger just so we can watch them clean up!! Thanks for coming to the party!

    SusiSunshine!! Hey honey! Thanks for coming over!!!


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