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Being Nosy, Getting Smutty and New Releases with Ms. Fiona Jayde

Today, I want to welcome an amazing lady to the Hussy Lair ~ Ms. Fiona Jayde!
Fix your drink, grab a seat and get comfy cuz we are about to rock the house with Ms. Fiona!

Ms. Fiona, I want to thank you for coming to play at my Hussy Lair. Make yourself at home! =)

FJ: Thank you Brain (Oh sorry, I mean Cecile.. You may want to explain that one to the readers lol!) Pleasure to be here at the Hussy Lair!

Oh gosh.... LMBO!!!! Okay 'splaining time. In the process of doing this pimping for Ms. Fiona, we have been talking - alot! And we have come to find out that we are just alike, yes... as if there could be another me out there!!! Well..... in our talking we have figured out that we are the inevitable awesome due of "Pinky and The Brian." I am not sure if you remember the cartoon show, "Pinky and The Brain,".... this is us::::

: "Gee, Brain, what do you want to do tonight?"
The Brain: "The same thing we do every night, Pinky—try to take over the world!"
obtained from Wikipedia

And yes... one day Fiona and I will take over the world!!!!!! OKay..... Now that we cleared that air! Yes, we really are geeks, lmbo!!!

Ladies, let me give you a little of what I found online about Ms. Jadye from her web site:

And no... I did not take him from her place... This is actually another new member to the tribe. His name is Luke.

Okay, back to Fiona!

Fiona Jayde is a space pilot, a ninth degree black belt in three styles of martial arts, a computer hacker, a mountain climber, a jazz singer, a weight lifter, a superspy with a talent for languages, and an evil genius.
All in her own head.

In life, she is an author of kickass, action packed, steamy romances, possesses a brown belt in Tae Kwon Do and blue belt in Aikido, a web developer, scared to death of heights, loves jazz piano, can bench-press about 20 pounds — with effort, speaks English and Russian fluently, and when not plotting murder and mayhem enjoys steamy romance novels, sexy spy thrillers, murky mysteries and movies where things frequently blow up.

Well... hats off to you Ms. Fiona!! You gotta love a woman with a sense of adventure and a sense of humor!

FJ: LOL thanks!

With that being said Ms. Fiona.... why don't you tell us something we can't google about you, heee haaa (yea I am evil).

FJ: Oh man.. Lets see... I have a punching bag in my patio - I even wrote an ode to it once. I love that thing! It takes about 2 minutes to go from steaming mad to exhausted and serene. Gotta love that....
I'm also a cover artist - check out Noble Romance to see some of my work!

What makes you write, what inspires you to keep going?

FJ: I can't get scenes out of my head! Sometimes I have characters or scenes for DAYS - I may not know how they fit into what I'm currently writing, but they won't shut up until I pour them out onto paper (or onto the keyboard).

Out of all your work, which one has been the funnest to write? Why?
The most endearing to write? Why?
And yes, the dreaded question... which on was/is your favorite to write?

FJ: This is like picking out your favorite kid. (Or a favorite cat in my case). I'm not sure how to answer that. My favorite work is the one I just finished the second draft on, and now all it needs is to smooth out the loose ends. (My hardest work to write is that same book, but before the second draft... This is where I tend to question my sanity!)

Do you have the stories floating around in your head, voices that talk to you... demanding your attention? If so, what do you do... stop what you are doing to write it down...??

FJ: Oh yeah, I have voices and scenes and everything in between. I see story possibilities in everything - I'm always on alert for input. I have an email account which is a repository for story ideas - this is where I send news articles, titles, snippets, ideas to myself for harvesting later. At least until they invent the memory-extension-Google-chip I can plant in my neck:)

Besides writing... what do you do to unwind from a typical stressful day?

FJ: As I mentioned, my punching bag is my best friend when I'm stressed. I also play piano (I love to bust out with Moonlight Sonata on a rainy night), play with my cats, or play Wii with hubby.

We all have those days where nothing goes right, everything goes to crap in hand basket from the minute we wake up... what is a girl to do?

FJ: Dood, I'm not the only one who has those? LOL. Usually Chocolate is the answer. Everything seems better with a mouthful of chocolate.

What is your favorite genre to read?

FJ: I love to read Romance - anything that is action packed with a tough heroine and a sexy hero. I used to love historicals a la Johanna Lindsey, but recently I tend to stick to contemporary or futuristic suspense, action adventure, and sci-fi.

What is your favorite genre to write?

FJ: LOL pretty much the same as those I read!

Do you have a story that you have wanted to pen down... but have not been able too yet?

FJ: Actually I do! I can't tell you much about it (yet) but I've had a story in my mind for sometime involving a martial arts teacher and one of his female kickass student. I'm just not quite sure what to do with them yet :)

Now for the smut questions.....

FJ: You are making me blush here!

Oh I am trying, believe me.... Oh and ladies... Meet Jack... He is the newest member to the Tribe.... He will serving you all!

What does it take to make an "AHA awesome" sex scene?

FJ: I love romances with sexual tension - so for me an AHA awesome sex scene is full of "we shouldn't be doing this but man it feels so good" moments. Its all about the angst lol:)

What makes it work for you?
What makes it not work for you?

FJ: I think the above questions can be answered together: I love gritty realistic language. Not necessarily curse words, but I don't like too many "swelling waves of desire" either. I think that is why I enjoy contemporary novels so much.

What makes your inner hussy purr when reading or writing the climax?

FJ: A really good wind of sexual tension, coiling to the boiling point. When my toes are curling, I know I'm hitting just the right notes when writing!

What does hubby think of your scenes?

FJ: Funny story on that:) The first complete book I ever wrote was GrimJustin: DeBriefed. I was so proud of myself for finishing something and getting it published! Of course I sent it to hubby to read - at the time we were living in two different cities, and he had roommates. It took him a very long time to actually read it, and when he finally did, the only thing I got was: "You got the reaction you were looking for". LOL

Have you blushed at reading (yours or anyone else's work) smutty scenes - EVER?
If so... care to share..... **batting eyelashes**

FJ: I don't think so! But I'm pretty vanilla in terms of what write (and read) compared to some truly erotic things out there! I have been known to whip out my notebook and feverishly jot down words and passages. Can never have too many words you know!

Hummmm... will have to ponder my Pinky mind to turn Fiona over to the dark (chocolate) side of the some smut lovin.... hee heeeee **rubs hands together**
Okay, now that I have asked this question...

FJ: I can ask what author can get your panties in a bunch... What author rocks your world and why?

FJ: Oh man - I can go on and on here!! JR Ward and JD Robb, Linda Howard, Anne Stuart, Beth Kery, Lacey Savage, Shiloh Walker, classic Johanna Lindsey, Catherine Coulter...

What does their style of writing say to you?

FJ: Umm.. Mostly it says that they rock? Seriously though, their styles are so different, and yet the have this whole "page turning story" thing down pat!

How does their storytelling different from any other author you read?

FJ: Ability to keep my interest. I'm a very picky reader and I get bored fairly quickly. My favorite authors can keep me up through the night!

And for my favorite... have you ever had a fangirl moment!?!

FJ: You mean aside from when I squealed all over you about JR Ward's next release? LOL. Not yet. But that may change come May:)

Okay... Quickie Time... Don't be scared... I promise to be nice... **Evil smile**

Tea or Coffee: Tea! Coffee will keep me on the ceiling!

Milk or Dark Chocolate: DOOD - Dark Chocolate. Not even a question!

Sunrise or Sunset: Sunset. Sunrise is for sleeping.

Cook or Clean: Clean! I would burn water given half a chance.

Email or Text: Email. Text messages are too quick and the little buttons get annoying.

Hot or Sexy: Sexy. Definitely sexy.

Kisses or Hugs: Hugs. I can have the worst day ever, and all it takes is a hug from my husband to make me feel better.

Stilettos or Flats: Hmm... I should wear stilettos, but I'm afraid of falling over. Flats, I suppose. I make up for the lack of height with personality.

Kinky or Fetishes: Umm... what's the difference?

I am not sure... I just love saying those words!!! Haaa haaaa!

For more Q & A - provided by Ms. Beth Kery actually... please go --->> here.

Ms. Fiona, I had a blast today. Thank you for coming over and playing with us.
I have really enjoyed getting to know you! =)

FJ: Thank you so much for having me!!!

Ladies, Ms. Fiona has graciously agreed (okay, so I bribed her with some of my eye candy that I stash in the back) to stay and play with us for the next few days...
And on her last day...
She has a surprise for us... For being so good of course!!!!!
So, stick around and make sure to comment!
They count towards her surprise!

Genre: Futuristic Science Fiction/Space Opera
Length: Novella

Intergalactic warfare has not been kind to humans. Convicted pilot Zoya Scott has the chance to avenge her family, redeem an act of desperation with that of sacrifice. She’ll end this war if she betrays the man whose touch burns through her soul, the man whose ship and crew she must destroy. The man who is her bloodmate.

Commander Galen Stark never expected the convicted pilot on his ship to be anything more then a good looking inconvenience. A small brush of their hands grips him with vicious lust, a need he can’t control. She is his bloodmate – a biological reaction burning through his veins.

Except she carries an explosive. And Stark may have to give the order to destroy them all.

Available for purchase here.

Stay tune... You do not want to miss the fun........ Mmmmaaaaaahhhhhhaaaaawwwwwww

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  1. Oh La La!Cecile!

    Awesome party, sweetie...I think the guy on the bike did me in this morning! HOT shot! Cute A**

    Ms Fiona...the book sounds's on me list for a sure buy!

    Hugs to you both

  2. Hi Fiona...
    I'm looking forward to reading your latest release...That's a gorgeous cover by the way.

    Cecile, as always you never disappoint with the yummy man candy. Kudos my lady.

    hugs & kisses

  3. Good morning Cecile and Fiona,

    Hello Luke and Jack**wink**We'll chat in a minute :D

    Awesome interview.Fiona you are a new author to me.I'll have to check your books out.
    I agree with Anna that is a great cover.

    And a surprise for us..Can't wait to find out what it is.

    Now,Luke,Jack..who will be servicing...I mean serving**blushes** me today...I'm guessing you know my choice of morning drink :D

  4. Huh? Was there an interview? *wipes drool off chin*

  5. Tats and a motorcycle - the perfect combination!

    That was a fun interview!

  6. Hi Cecile and Fiona

    Sci-fi, bloodmate, explosives, that blurb got to me

    Mmm more men of the tribe

  7. Houston!! Hey honey!! Thanks for coming over!!!! Hugs to you! Thank you , I hope you are enjoying the party!
    You know I have a weak spot for guys on bikes... **Evil laughter**

    s7anna!! Awww honey, thank you! I am just glad that you come over to play ~ or in this case drool, lmbo!!!
    Isn't her cover gorgeous!

    elaing8!! Morning honey! Tanks for
    coming over and playing with us today! Gotta love Luke and Jack huh... **wicked wink**
    You know, I am full of surprises!!!! You have to stay tune for the surprise! *Evil laughter**

    Chris! Hey honey, glad to see you approve of my delicious candy. Aren't they just... yummy!

    Patti!! Thank for coming over honey! Oh man Oh man.. that man took my breath away when I saw him!

    Blodeuedd!! Hey honey! I am glad that you could make it! And oh yea... more men from the tribe. When they heard about cast calling for more members, these two jumped me, I mean jumped on the chance to be a part of my smutty hussy club!!

  8. the eye candy. And of course, nice interview.

    Love the cover of your book, Fiona.

  9. Luke ~ Welcome Ladies. Smutty Hussy has told us we are on a trial basis here. She wants to see how well we preform before we are fully accepted into the tribe. And I know that I will do just fine **cast look over his shoulder to Jack**.

    Jack ~ **Gives Luke a wicked look** Dude, don't even go there. I will so win this. You might want to pack your bags through...

    Luke ~ Whatever...

    Jack ~ Morning ladies! What can III serve you?? It will be my pleasure to give whatever you need.

    Luke ~ **under his breath, OH brother** (from the other end of the bar) Ladies, what ever it is you want, just let me know...
    Elaing, you will have tell me what you want hon... We were not privy to information about you lovely ladies.... **gives her his sexy eyes**

  10. Now now boys settle down..there is enough of us ladies for you to please.
    **leans over bar,waves over Jack and Luke,whispers** If your here Cecile already has accepted you into her tribe,she just wants to see you jump through hoops for her ;) **sits back,winks**

    **rubs back of Lukes hand resting on the bar**
    Soooo,no one told you about us huh?**evil grin** I hope you have your dancing shoes on :)

    As for my drink I think I'll have a Hurricane? Can one of you mix that up for me**bats eyelashes**

  11. I lurve sci-fi, I need to add another one to my TBR pile.

    Psst today's man candy is verra verra nice.

  12. Luke ~ Humm, I might have to make her jump through a few hoops tonight... or other things... **slyly smiles**

    Jack ~ **looking at Luke** She is a woman worth a few hoops. *Turns his head to Elaing* Thanks for the heads up there darling. Let me getcha that Hurricane. I make the best... **Evil eyes gleaming**

    Luke ~ No one told us thing about your darlin, I would have remembered. The rest of the tribe said that this was our initiation process.. **his deep laughter erupts**

    Both look at each other ~ Dancing shoes??

  13. Armenia!! Hey honey! Thanks for coming over today! You know I love me some delicious candy! Hope you stick around, there is more to come!!

    Elaing, you were not supposed to give away my secret just yet.. lol

    Smokinhotbooks! Hey honey! Glad you made it to the party! Hope you are enjoying yourself! Gotta love that calorie free candy huh!!

  14. Daum this party is in full swing! Am I fashionably late?

    Thanks for throwing me a partay Brain (I mean Cecile!)

    @Houston - thank you! I hope you enjoy! And man, that guy with the tats on the bike is HOWT!

    @s7anna - (cool name!) Thank you - Anne Cain did such a terrific job on the cover! Totally fit the book:) And LOL Cecile sure knows her man candy:)

    @Elaing8 - morning! Glad you enjoyed the interview! You'll have to wait till Wed for the surprise *evil grin*

    @Cris - LOL! I could oogle those boys all day:)

    @Patti - thank you - glad you enjoyed!

    @Blodeuedd - glad you liked the blurb!

    @Armenia - thanks! Awesome to see you here!

    @Smokinhotbooks - same here!I looove sci-fi romance so this one was really an indulgence on my part:)

    *Walking over to chat up Luke and Jack*

  15. Luke & Jack watch as Fiona approaches the bar..... They give her a knowing look.

    Jack ~ Morning Darlin. It is a pleasure to meet you. My name is Jack and I will be at your service today.... **puts his sexiest smile on**

    Luke bumps into him on purpose ~ Good morning there... What can we **looks at Jack ~ WHAT** get for you this morning?

    Jack ~ So, you the lady that My Smutty woman is throwing this party for?? **said with a wicked rumble that goes down to your toes...**

    **they watch as Elaing drains her first Hurricane**

    Jack ~ Elaing hon, want another one??

  16. wow..Jack,you sure know how to mix a drink**wink**
    And another one? LOL hell yes!!!

    **takes drink from Jack,sips** ahhh smooooth...ladies get this man to make you a drink.

    Luke,turn the music on and get your behind over here and dance with me**evil grin**

    **music turns on**

    **grinding up to Luke on the dancefloor,drink in hand** :D

  17. *Downing her drink and fumbling for her recorder* These boys are about to tell me what turns them on - when they are done dancing!

  18. Howdy Cecile and Fiona! Fun interview. I would personally pay good money to see Fi wearing stilettos and grinding on the dance floor. that guy on the motorcyle real, or CGI? I thought maybe he was one of Fi's creations. She does make men for us for parties...
    Cecile, no need to put me in the draw; just wanted to say 'hi' and poke at Fi a bit. :)

  19. Jack to Elaing ~ Honey, that is only the beginning at what I am good at... Another one on the way darlin....

    Luke to Elaing ~ As you wish hon... **comes from behind the bar, takes Elaing's hand**

    Luke & Jack turn to look at Fiona who just finished her drink ~

    Jack to Fiona ~ Wanna another one darlin? You wanna know what turns us on... **Jack grabs Fiona's hand** Why don't you come dance with me and I will tell you my dirty little secrets..... But you might wanna down that other drink... **Evil glean in his eyes...**

    Luke & Jack at the same time ~ Welcome to the Hussy Lair Ms. Kery... We did not get to meet you when you were here. It's a pleasure.

  20. Phew...that man can dance..handsy too,just the way I like 'em :D

    So Jack,tell me,what else are you good at..better yet you can show me**runs finger up & down his arm**wink**

    **looks at glass,hiccup**empty already,Luke let's see what you can stir up for me **big grin**

  21. *Fi is close to having a major case of screamingohmygods*

    I can't dance in these shoes! (Beth made me wear em!)

  22. Well Ladies I am glad to see that you are taken a liken to the new tribal members, lol... Aren't they just... dee-lic-ious....

    And yea Elaing, I guess Luke should have come with a warning that he is handsy... I picked him up at a bar... lmbo...

    And Fi... don't be going blame Beth for those shoes you are wearing. You look like a knock out in them!!! And don't worry, if you get clumbsy.. I am sure Jack would not mind giving you hand to help you *cough cough*

  23. Luke ~ Handsy huh... You haven't seen anything yet darlin... We just getting started!

    Jack ~ Elaing hon.. you might wanna have another hurricane before I show you what I am good at... **evil glint in his eyes**

    Luke ~ Elaing darlin... you might wanna try something a little less strong... you wanna make it all night right....

    Luke & Jack ~ Fiona we love those shoes.

    Jack ~ Fi, you know what they scream dontcha... **very wicked now** And you will be screaming OMG if I tell you what I am good at....

  24. oh Luke**blushes**I can hold my**hiccup,sways** Liquor**wink**
    But for you I'll slow down

    **looks over shoulder at Jack,watch him mix me a drink,passes to me**
    **shrugs shoulders** What,I need to know what he's good at
    **evil grin**

    Fi just kick the shoes off..have a drink
    Jack,get the lady a drink

  25. Looks like the party started without me, at least this one.... *smiles sedately*

    Did I hear a rumor about hot sci-fi cookies? 'Cause I'm pretty sure Jack is outta this world! *blushes and giggles*

    What! No one used that one yet?

    JACK darlink, one straight shot of Jose Black and a nice hot irish coffee please....

  26. Ms. Fiona sounds like a very fun lady. I loved the interview!
    Thanks for the good party time and the delicious eye candy :)

  27. Awesome interview! Hawt pictures ;)

    "scared to death of heights" = ME TOO!

    And I agree... Everything is 500x better when you stuff your mouth with some chocolate

  28. Hi Cecile & Ms.Fiona! Great interview ladies and some verra nice additions to the tribe!

  29. Hey!!! I really enjoyed your review, I havent read anything from this author, and your review drew me in so I am defintely going to read some of her books!!!!

  30. My goodness Fiona, you are super busy! And I agree with the authors you love. Those are some of my faves too.

    Btw, the pic of tattoo boy....will he be serving us anything today. Whatever he's offering, I'd like to have. He's droolicious!

  31. Elaing8, girl you better watch those Hurricanes! They will kick you on your butt.. You better be lucky that Luke is controlling you... lol!

    Sweet! I am just glad that you made it hon! Hope all is well with you! You are too funny honey...

    Janna!! Hey hon, hugs to you. You come on over when you can! I know this week will be hard for you... so know that I love ya hon! And I will provide you with eye candy all week long!

    Tori!! Hey hon! Thanks for coming over! Oh another Chocolate lover!

    Tricia!! Hey honey! Thank you for coming over!! I am so glad that you could make it!

    Queen of Romance!! Hey there!! Welcome to my place hon! I am glad to see you here!! Oh you must read some of her work. She is awesome!

    joder! Hey there honey! thanks for coming over.

    My tat guys will serving pic of tattoo boy....will he be serving whatever you want honey...

  32. Hi Fiona and Cecile great interview ladies and some verra drool inspiring eyecandy there have mercy lol...

    Looks like I have another new to me author to check out! :)

  33. JennJ!!!! Hey honey!!!!!! Hugs to you! I am so glad that you could make it. Girl if you only knew about those candy bars up there, lmbo! They are something else! Oh yes, you must check out Ms. Fiona, she is awesome!!! Have a great day honey!

  34. It is hard to concentrate on the interview with that eyecandy.... not fair to Fiona! Great interview!

  35. Marissa!!! I am so glad that you got to make it today!!!
    I know... Ms. Fiona just had a hard time with the interview with all these men around!!!


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