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How many brothers you think you can handle?? Come find out with Ms. Elizabeth Amber! And a Giveaway!!!

Are you ladies having an awesome time at the party!!!!
I hope so!! I am having so much fun!
And today is no different...

Today, I want to to introduce to you a woman whose writing I absolutely love!
(I personally bow down to her cover
~ just gaze upon them all here )

Please welcome to the Hussy Lair...
Ms Elizabeth Amber!!!!

I would normally tell you to grab a cuppa something hot...
but today will be a little different.

You might just want to reach for something ice cold...
Cuz it will get all kinda hot up-in-hera!!!!

I will give you a little back history on how I came to know Ms. Amber.
I accidentally stumbled upon her books in Borders one day.
I was just looking for a new book, nothing major...
Taking my time... strolling the aisles... when I saw the spine.
Plain and simple...
Although something was unique... The title... One name... Simple... Plain...


I pulled the book out... and holy shit... This is what seared my eyes....

Oh hell yeah, he was coming home with me.
You have to be dead to think I was not bring this home with ME....
Then I read the blurb and had my first blushing episode in Borders.
Oh yeah, he was coming home with me...

I put a big ol'sign on my book shelf (aka as my closet shelf)...
Wanted to make sure there was no mistake what I meant...
This book is not leaving my house... NO way, no how...
And DO NOT Even think about borrowing it....
Hell to the NO!!!!!!!

So, immediately I went to work on Google and looked up
Elizabeth Amber...
She was my crack and I her addict.
I had to have more... HAD TO ~ YOU HEAR ME!!!!!!
So, when I typed in...
Elizabeth Amber
I thought I hit the freaking mother load....

He has brothers and nephews!!!!!
Holy Mother... Flipping Hottness!!!!!
Brothers... More.... OMG!!!!

So, I immediately went back to Borders...
and bought them alll!!!!!!

Now, that I have wet your taste buds... Let me introduce you all to Ms. Amber!!!!!

Welcome Ms. Amber to the Hussy Lair!!! I want to thank you for coming over and hanging out with us today!!!

I found these few paragraphs at Ms. Amber's website.... This is a little of what she had to say about herself....

I write erotic historical paranormals romances for Kensington Aphrodisia. I have a great husband, cats named Chelsea and Biscuit, and a bf named Eva. My sister and mom are two of my closest friends, and we all love animals.

I'm also a museum junkie and am intensely interested in history and archeology. When I was an art history major at university, I became fascinated with Greco-Roman artifacts. I’ve visited many archeological sites and museums in Italy and Greece. All those ancient urns, frescoes, and amphorae decorated with satyrs (the carnal followers of the Roman god of wine, Bacchus) and maenads celebrating the annual grape harvest inspired The Lords of Satyr novels.

I wrote Nicholas — the first novel — not knowing if there was a market for the type of book I was writing or if anyone would publish it. But I was intrigued with my story as it unfolded, so I forged ahead. Once the rough draft was completed, I went to an RWA conference. Afterward, I submitted three chapters of Nicholas and a series summary to Kensington. Six months later they called with an offer.

Writing this series has been a pleasure, and I've written five Lords of Satyr novels thus far. In order of publication, they are: Nicholas, Raine, Lyon, Dominic, and Dane. Bastian and Sevin are under contract and in progress.

I'm not sure if there will be more beyond these, but I love hearing from readers with their thoughts on what characters they might like to see get their own novels.

I hope you enjoy these books. Let me know.

Ms. Elizabeth, why don't you tell us something unique about yourself... Something we can find out by googling you... lol....

Well, I named the heroine of Dane, The Lords of Satyr after my best friend, and she doesn’t know it yet!

How cool is that!!! I hope you direct her here so she can see the news!!!
So, if you could sum up who is Elizabeth Amber is in five sentences... What would they be?

E.A. is the author of erotic historical paranormal romances.
She’s the daughter of divorced parents, who were surprised when she began writing erotic romance.
She’s happily married.
She has known her best friend since middle school.
She loves animals of all kinds, has two cats, and volunteers at a local animal shelter when she can.

For those that are new here at the Lair and with your writing... could you please tell us about your writings... what are your books about?

Sure…In the 1800s, half-satyr/half-human lords guard ancient secrets in the heart of Tuscany’s and Rome’s centuries-old wine country. They receive a letter that sends them in search of endangered half-faerie/half-human brides. For not just any woman will do as a Satyr wife. At times, these satyr lords change physically and are driven by the darker side of their natures to indulge in a nightlong ritual in a sacred gathering place ringed with statues of Bacchus, nymphs, dryads, and fauns.

And believe me ladies... You do not want to miss these stories. The story themselves are quiet delicious and coming from this hussy... well.. *grinning like the cat who ate the canary** let's just say... you really need to put these books on your TBB list!
Could you tell us about your heros... help those who have no idea who they are or what they stand for... fall in love with them....

Nicholas and Dominic are both very sexual and are driven by duty and neither expects to find love. Raine and Lyon enjoy women, but don’t want to wed. Raine has been wed before to a woman who betrayed him, and Lyon simply enjoys women too much to settle on one. Dane—the hero in my upcoming June release--conceals a demon within him that subjugates him during any sort of carnal encounter. As he fights insanity, sexual frustration, and this demon with an inhuman strength, he finds an unexpected love in the very unusual Eva.

These men oozzeee out SEX A ON STICK!! The whole lot of them... they are just... wow! Yeah, that good...
Ms. Elizabeth, was the storyline of The Satyr's easy to write? Did they write themselves....

Once I know who the satyr in each book is—his inner character, his desires, his longings, what moves him to anger, laughter, love—then his story become easy to write. Until I know who he and his heroine are, writing the book seems like a huge mountains to climb.

Do you have anything else brewing besides the The Lord of Satyr's family?

Yes! I have an idea for a new series that’s a little different, but for now I’m concentrating on writing the next two books about Dane’s brothers, Bastian and Sevin.

Oh crap... Two more men to read about... Honey, you have just made this hussy's day!!
**fanning myself**

Okay.... Nice questions over... hee hee... Smutty time...

Your books gave me fits of blushings, tons of paper cuts and some serious hot flashes!! Yea, it did all that. What books have done that to you lately?

I’m so glad you enjoyed them, Cecile.

*Enjoy them... Honey it is more like devour them!!!*

When I think of erotic romance I think of Lora Leigh. She is amazing. And so many others—Anna Campbell, Lisa Valdez to name a couple. Oh, and I’ve just discovered Nalini Singh’s books! (fanning self)

Now you see how I feel about your books, lol!!
In one book, you have two men sharing one woman (no, I am not telling you will have to find out yourself, lol)... can we expect more menage trios, or anything like that in the future books?

Probably. I let the sex scenes grow out of the characters. Nicholas, for instance, was very sexual and he was accustomed to having sex how and when he liked, so he continued to do so even after he met Jane, sometimes with other women, which hurt Jane. But then he fell in love with her and no other woman than she would do. In my new release, Dane, one of the scenes takes place in a passion salon owned by Dane’s brother, Sevin. So there are some voyeuristic carnal things going on all around Dane and his heroine, Eva

Hot damn.... I soooooo can not wait for Dane now. A taste of this book and I am drooling already! You are an evil tease, lol!
Did you ever think you would be writing erotic novels? Who are your go to erotic authors?

As a teen, I read Georgette Heyer, Jane Austen, and Victoria Holt, and I occasionally thought about writing a romance, but never did. The idea for the Lords of Satyr series came in those moments just before I was falling asleep one night. I didn’t write it down at first, but I kept thinking about it and embellishing it in my mind. Then I began taking notes, and eventually I finished Nicholas and a series proposal.

If you could be seduced by any of your heros.. which one would it be and why?
(Yeah, I am evil, lol).

Oh, you are bad, Cecile. :o) I love alpha males, and each of the satyrs has a different appeal. So maybe more than one?

**hot damn... my kinda woman.. especially with all your damn sexy - sex on a stick men - why chose just one...**

Nicholas because he’s the oldest and is verrry experimental; Raine because he’s a wounded soul with a deep, sexy inner strength; Lyon because he has a sense of humor and is loyal to his woman--oh, and because he’s hot; Dominic because he protects his world without complaint and doesn’t expect a woman’s love of his own; and Dane because he’s complicated, tortured, and alpha, and he fascinates me.

Just in case you need some visual aid....

Okay.. quickie time.... You ready??

Coffee or Tea: Tea, almost a whole pitcher a day!
Milk or Dark Chocolate: Both, yum.
Hugs or Kisses: Hugs. Kisses. No, hugs…
Sunrises or Sunsets: Sunsets. I’m a night owl.
Emails or Texts: Emails

Paperbacks or Ebooks: Paperbacks until I find the perfect e-reader.
Cakes or Brownies: Cakes—the white wedding kind.

Okay.. now finish these sentences:

When life hands you lemons....friends and family help.

If I were a man, I would....find out what it would be like to have sex as a man with a woman.
When I dream, I dream....deeply.
My favorite thing to to Europe.
When I am stressed out, through it or go for a walk.
Do not think you can drag me....because I won’t let you.
I get the giggles when...I’m with my bf.
What I love most about my life friends..

Ms. Elizabeth, I want to thank you for hanging at the Lair today!!! It means the world to me that you would stop by!!!!

This is one of my favorite interviews ever, Cecile! Thank you so much. Invite me back anytime. Pleeeese. :o)

Okay... Our favorite time...!!!!!
Giveaway time!!!!!!!

Ms. Amber has kindly offered up winner's choice of either Nicholas, Raine, Lyon or Dominic!!

The Giveaway is open to USA and Canada only.

All you have to do is leave a comment/question for Ms. Elizabeth and your email addy and you are in!!!! How easy is that!

Now ladies... if you stay tuned to my blog... Ms. Amber will be back when Dane makes his appearance. I may even get to snag an interview up with him... **evil wink**

Ohhhh and Ms. Amber has informed me... When she comes back... There will be a chance to snag Dane for a lucky winner!!!!

So mark your calendars for June!!!!! Thanks for coming to play with us!

To find out more about Ms. Elizabeth, please go to her web site --->>> here.
I know she would love to hear from you. Okay... if you don't want to drop her a line... You might want to go to just drool over the covers... I mean come'on... Who would not want to drool (or pet) these babies....!!!!!!! ((I know I have... sssshhhhhh))

What is going on.... What is she writing....

Bastian is Dane's older brother, and he's the guy I'm spending my time with these days. There's something about an eldest brother that is so appealing. They're inherently powerful—the one the other brothers look up to. I'm enjoying this one immensely.

Stay tune for a hot Hot HOt HOT HAWT excerpt of Dane..... Just remember... Stay Tune....

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  1. This is SO my kind of giveaway. My question is do you need to be alone in the room when you write your explicit scenes?

    Stephanie G

  2. Hi Elizabeth and Cecile! I enjoyed the interview! LOL at Cecile (and hands her a towel for her drooling.)OOOOOOO Please count me in i would love to get my hands on one of those guys ah er books! lol. They sound great! I haven't tried these yet I have sure noticed the covers before though!

  3. OMG! I loved the interview. I have been looking in getting these a few months no. I know if you enjoyed them Cecile I will. Please enter me.

    Thanks! laides.

  4. Hi Cecile and Elizabeth!

    I have been waiting for Dane for what seems like forever, so I am so excited that it's release is right around the corner.

    I first found EA with Nicholas...sigh. It was the cover. I saw it and much like you, I knew I had to have it. I've been hooked on the series ever since, but Nicholas remains my fav.

  5. Not entering the contest - just admiring the covers. :)

  6. WEll I for one...ok not really for one because we are all thinking it...LOVE THESE STINKING COVERS! I have to admit that is at the top of 'why I bought this book' list! ;o) Count me in on this giveaway and I have to say since Ive never read this author before Id love to have the first book about Nicholas! :o) Thanks for the chance to win one of these awesome books!

    Oh and Cecile thanks again for a wonderful interview! You sure know how to entertain! ;o)Nice to get to know more about the authors we all appreciate so much!

    Monroe Dawson

  7. What a fantastic interview and absolutely gorgeous covers!!! I want one!!! LOL

    Elizabeth would be a new to me author but I just have to start reading her books.

    Please count me in!!

    ktulanko AT aol DOT com

  8. Good morning Cecile and Elizabeth,

    Those are some smokin' hot covers,smoke was coming off the

    Great interview (once I got past oogling those covers) I did scroll back a few times :) This is a series that is definiately going on my TBB list.

    Elizabeth which cover is your favorite?

    **Caleb hands me my drink** I like when I don't have to ask *wink**

  9. Hi Elizabeth and Cecile

    Wow, what a fun interview!!!

  10. WOW!! Those covers are so hot. But I did manage to peel my eyes away to read the interview, which I enjoyed by the way.
    My question is do your friends read your books and does that make your nervous.

    lizzi0915 at aol dot com

  11. Oh my... I think these books would have to go on the book shelf in the bedroom for sure. Too hot for the living room! Dominic is my favorite, hot man & green silk-SWEET!

  12. Paranormal Haven! Hey honey, glad you could make it over here! Thanks for stopping by.

    JennJ! Hey honey! Thanks for coming over and playing with us today! I needed that towel, lmbo! The covers are stunning.

    Laurie (BittenbyParanormalRomance)
    Hey honey! Thanks for coming over. I enjoyed them. I recently read a review (Over at Smexy's place) that she did not care for the emotions between Nicholas and Jane. I know the books might not be for everyone... but I enjoyed them.

    Booklover1335! Hey there! Thanks for coming over today! And I soo agree with you.. I have been waiting for Dane for what seems like FOREVER!! And I also agree with you.. Nicholas was my first and remain my favorite... although I do love all the brothers/nephews too!! Hee hee!

    Chris!! Thanks for coming over honey! I hope all is well. Admire away hon!

    Monroe Dawson! Hey honey! I hope you are well! LMBO ->>"LOVE THESE STINKING COVERS!" For sure!!
    You are so welcome Monroe! Thank you for coming over here!! I do try hon!!

    Kara!! Hey there! Thanks for coming over today! And your kind words!

    elaing8! Morning honey! Thanks for coming over to play with us today! I thought of you with all these hot, delicious covers!!! Kinda like donuts... can't get enough of them!!! Very tempting!
    ~And I see you coaxed Caleb out of hiding... hee hee~

    Book Junkie! Hey hon! How are you? I hope all has been well. Thanks for coming over to play with us at the Lair!

    Bethie! Hi there! Thanks for coming over! Hope you enjoy yourself!

    Sweet Vernal Zephyr! Hey honey! Thanks for coming over to play with us today! Oh honey... the covers... *sigh*

  13. Elaing darlin... When are you going to learn that I know what you like to drink...

    Think we can kick this party up today??

    **Looks around the bar**

    The rest of the crew will be coming. My Smutty is trying to get us all in one room at the same time to take pictures. She has this evil grin on her face when she said this... So... I know she is up to something...

  14. Hi Cecile!
    I love this blog and your humor and enthusiasm. Thanks for having me here today!

    I do need to be alone to write. It’s easier to write with strangers around than with family or friends nearby though.

    Thanks for the towel for Cecile. :o)

    I hope you enjoy them if you get a chance. I do giveaways via my e-newsletter every month or so as well.

    Thank you! I’m so glad you enjoyed Nicholas. I definitely enjoyed writing it.

    Thanks, Chris. Kensington certainly started the series off with a bang with that cover.

    Hi Monroe and Kara,
    The satyr books are more historical-erotic romance than paranormal, but there is a little paranormal mythology mixed in. I hope that’s for you! The covers do rock, don’t they? I don’t have any say in them, but Kensington does a nice job making the group look cohesive…and hot!

    My favorite cover is definitely Nicholas. I think Lyon is my second favorite.

    Hi Book Junkie,
    Thanks! Cecile is an AMAZING interviewer. She not only cracks me up, she’s a sweetheart, too.

    Good question, Bethie,
    I try not to think about that because I don’t want to wind up self-censoring when I write. Not all of my friends know I write romance. If they don’t read romance in the first place, I figure they probably wouldn’t like my novels, so I just keep it to myself.

    Hi Sweet VZ,
    Dominic’s face is more visible than the other more ‘headless’ covers. Sometimes I like a ‘headless’ cover because I can imagine my dream man’s face on whatever hunky body is featured. But sometimes, a nice, strong male face can be wonderful!

  15. Love this post!

    My question is to Elizabeth: What is your muse when writing your books?

    Please count me in.

    cindyc725 at gmail dot com

  16. **waves at Ms. Elizabeth**
    Thank you so much for coming over to the Lair and playing with us today! I had so much fun with this interview! Ladies, this is a wonderful woman!

    Cindy! Hey honey! Thanks for coming over today.

    Ohhh, Ms. Elizabeth, I have a question too... In Nicholas' book, do you think that Nicholas was to harsh on Jane?

  17. I've read Nicholas and Raine...I somehow missed the others! Gah! I loved them. I found her at Nationals in 2007. Her bookmark with the cover of Nicholas was my all time fave. *drools* Love your covers Elizabeth!

    It didn't surprise me at all that you read them, Cecile. hehe You're such a bad girl! haha

  18. YAY!! The tribe will be here today **fixes hair and clothes,checks makeup**

    Caleb I know we know each other....quite well in fact **wink** but you surprised me by having it ready this morning :)

    I do believe I owe Lucien an.....apology when he gets here **evil grin**

    Another drink please Caleb
    music too
    I feel there may be some table top dancing today **winks at Caleb**
    **sips drink**

  19. Hi :D
    Awesome interview as alawys. And wow those men sound hot, very hot, and then I am not even wondering about their strange physical, hrm, thing that shows up *giggle.

  20. Wow, story premises and covers are sizzling. I am very curious now about Nicholas and Jane, usually in romance the sleeping with other ladies is a no-no.

    Please count me in, would love to read one.


    P.S. looking forward to your Monday post...I'm not sure if it's supposed to be a secret but PC mentioned it on her blog. Can't wait, Cecile!!

  21. Ashlynn Pearce!! Hey honey! Thanks for coming over!! Oh another fan!! LMBO -> "It didn't surprise me at all that you read them, Cecile. hehe You're such a bad girl! haha" You know I live for books like this!! Ohhh the cover Gods have shined down on her! They are hot!

    Blodeuedd! Hey honey. Thank you very much for coming over today! And thanks for taking in both accounts, Mandi's review and her interview. The surprise of these brothers is very... unusual. But paranormal... Yes. These men are hot. They all want to serve and protect their world as much as the human world. They are the protectors of the Gate to the Otherworld!

    Scorpio M.!! Hey honey! Thanks for coming over today! Ohhh these stories will definitely sizzle you. And yes, Nicholas and Jane's relationship is very unusual at first. But I fell in love with Jane because she took charge of her marriage. And you gotta love a woman for that. Now that being said, she was a virgin... so you can only imagine what must have been going through her mind when his change happened and she had to prove for both. But you will see through the story... and the other stories.. they were made for each other.
    I hope you give them a chance and enjoy!

    And on your P.S. - thank you.. I hope I can deliver to you!!! =)

  22. I was just reading a review of Nicholas that wasn't so positive. But this interview makes the books sounds wonderful. Do you fell like people seem to either love or dislike your books, with little middle ground?

    carolsnotebook at yahoo dot com

  23. Don't count me in the contest because I have all of the books except Dane and I can't wait for it. I love Elizabth's books they are great. I found them at Borders just like you and the cover caught my eyes then and I read the back of the book and I knew I just had to have it.

  24. I love your Satyr series!!! Thank you for this blog! I just want to know when the next one comes out, any hints on it? Please?

    Thank you Ms. Hussy for this amazing interview and take care everyone have a great weekend!

    Helen G.

  25. Hi Cecile!
    Hi Elizabeth!

    Thanks for the blog spot C! I enjoyed it a lottttt!!!

    Thanks Elizabeth for stopping by, and more hints, yes? Please?

    Lots of Love

    Helen G.

  26. Helen G says

    I love these books!! I can't get enough!!! Thanks for the post Cecile! and Thanks for stopping by Elizabeth!!

    Helen G.

  27. Helen G says...

    I totally love these books and I can handle just about anything!!

    Thanks you guys great interview and blogsite!

    Helen G.

  28. Love this post OMG cant wait for the next ones!

    Thanks Cecile, Thanks Elizabeth, and keep'm comin'!

    Helen G.

  29. I second Cecile’s thanks for everyone dropping by her blog today. You’ve got some very cool friends and an extraordinary lair, Cecile!

    I brought the wine. I’m toasting this party!

    My muse is part deadline, part dedication to the characters. I feel as if I’m letting them down if I don’t tell their story as best I can.

    Do I think Nicholas was too harsh to Jane? I’m wondering if you thought he was. Yes, I guess he had a bit of a cruel edge because he visited his other ‘ladies’ after he married her. It was only once and it showed him how wrong it was and that he cared about Jane more than he wanted to. He couldn’t help thinking about her and had to force himself not to go to her. Sometimes a hero who’s a bit hard to win over is all the more delicious when he’s all yours…

    I’m so glad you enjoyed Nicholas and Raine. I couldn’t help writing Raine’s lady Jordan as a hermaphrodite after I saw some statues of beautiful life-size female hermaphrodites in two European museums on vacation, then I read about how hermaphrodites lived in the 1800s. I felt a lot of empathy for them. A couple of readers have told me they loved Raine because he loved Jordan unconditionally and accepted her right away as a woman.

    You look lovely—nice hair and fab clothes! Let’s see some of that table top dancing.

    Welcome! I hope they’re hot! :o)

    Hi Scorpio,
    I know, I got called on the sleeping with the other ladies by some readers. But as I told Cecile (see above in this comment), I felt that this behavior was within Nicholas’ character in the early stages of his marriage. He’s the eldest brother, is rich, titled, and accustomed to having his way, doesn’t want love, and is all about protecting the satyr secrets. Love would make him weak. His feelings for Jane blossom through the novel and he no longer wishes to cheat. They are together in an HEA in the end. That was my thought process.

    Hi Carol,
    I think a book that engenders a strong reaction either way is better than something bland. I’d rather have readers talking than snoozing, but at the same time, I always feel bad when someone doesn’t like my book. I don’t want to let readers down, and I think most authors feel the same way. I hope you enjoy the book(s) if you get a chance and if you think they’re for you.

    It’s weird, but sometimes I buy a book because of the cover. That doesn’t make a lot of sense, but most of the time it works. It think there are cues in covers that tell us what’s inside, at least sometimes. For instance, if I see a leather-clad, tattooed female with a gun or knife alone on a cover, I’m thinking urban fantasy right away. I love Yasmine Galenorn’s covers and Anna Godbersen’s covers, and the Twilight series. And the books were good, too.

    Hi Helen,
    Thanks for the question. Dane releases around May 25th, and Bastian (Dane’s older brother is either 2010 or 2011, then comes the last bro, Sevin. Bastian is the eldest and I love those older brothers (like Nicholas). He’s an archeologist, excavating in the Roman Forum, and he has some unusual talents and makes a very unusual discovery! Sevin is the middle brother, an astute businessman, who runs a secret passion salon, which caters to the ElseWorld community, smack in the middle of an unsuspecting human population in Rome.

    There's no excerpt for Bastian or Sevin yet, but the Dane excerpt is at

  30. Hey Girl! Talk about some reveiling eye candies. :) These are some amazing covers.

    So, did anyone else find themselves leaning to look around the words or towels? lol.

    Enjoyed the post.

  31. **stumbles out of back room adjusting shirt,luke in tow**

    Did I hear table dancing**leans over bar** Drink first**winks at Caleb**

    **Sips drink,places on bar**
    **grabs Elizabeth's hand**
    Let's go you wanted to dance on th etable tops**climbs up**

    Turn up the music Max :)

  32. Someone recommended your Lords of Satyr books a while ago to me. I'd completely forgotten. Thanks for the reminder. I would love to win the first book for a jump start into the series.

  33. Nicholas definitely pressed beyond the heat level of what I had previously read in erotic romance. Your books work so well for me because for all of the fire in the sex scenes, you write the growth of the relationship and the fall into love in a way that I believe it. Truly love your books.

  34. Elain,
    Thanks for the dance. I’m hopping down in awe of your moves. The table top is all yours and all eyes are on you…:o)

    Thanks for coming by tonight. I hope you enjoy the novels if you get a chance. I know what you mean about forgetting recommendations. I had heard about Nalini Singh’s books and finally read her Slave to Sensation. It’s fab-u-lous.

    Thank you! What a sweetie. I appreciate that. Especially when I’m in the middle of writing Bastian and am at that place where things are a tangle. Your words are a nice boost.

    Night all!
    As Cecile says...wishing you hugz and smiles.

  35. Ms. Amber - would you say your 'Satyr' series could be read by women AND men for your unconventional romance views on love and marriage?... consequently, do you acknowledge that some (traditional) romances readers could be put-off by the 'romantic' elements in 'Nicholas'...?

    In 'Nicholas' the male protagonist cheats on his wife (unashamedly) early on in their marriage. He also has strong opinions about wives being for child-rearing, and mistresses being for pleasure... which leads to his wife not particularly enjoying their marital bed, until she asks to be used like a prostitute.

  36. Thanks for the great interview/post Cecile, and Elizabeth. Love this series and can't wait for Dane.. getting close..
    I've had to laugh at some of the comments about Nicholas.. considering his atitude and behavior were the norm for that time. The upper class bred their wives for heirs and had sex with their mistress. they didn't even take all their clothes to do so was considered demining to a lady. I thought the story line played out great. Hope there are more Lords after Dane, Bastien & Sevin.. and hope the new series comes about..

  37. Holy sweet baby Jesus....You had me with the paranormal elements. Then I see these pictures!?

    I'm drooling more than my dog does when he sees food LMAO Okay yeah, I need to stop looking back at those pics.

    Definitely count me in for this giveaway. I needa start this series!

    Oh yeah, and I would totally want to have sex as a guy too, Elizabeth lolol

  38. iokijo - true.
    But 'Nicholas' was published by 'Aphrodisia' and is tagged as Fantasy/Erotica. Hardly an historical expose commenting on women's roles in the 18th century.

  39. OK, I'm in trouble, I think I might have just ruined my computer BECAUSE I DROOLED ALL OVER IT!!!!! OMG, sorry for the caps but wowza! Hot hot hot covers! You can keep your brothers Cecile, just hand over those cover models to me though! hahaha

  40. Hi Cecile and Elizabeth,
    Let me say that reading Nicholas almost ignited the chair I was sitting in. That was some Hot reading. The sex was unbelievable and the story came together nicely. I can't wait to read the rest of these. These covers are beautiful. :)
    Carol Luciano

  41. Wow.....great interview Elizabeth and Cecile. I have now bookmarked the site in my favorites.
    I have my countdown going until Dane is released. The Satyr series is a wonderful to read and hot, hot, hot. Thanks Elizabeth for the great stories and keep on writing because you know I will keep on reading.

  42. Hugs and happy Friday, everyone!

    Great to see you at Cecile’s hussy haven, m’dear. Your thoughts follow mine pretty closely. I’m so glad you’ve enjoyed the satyrs as much as I’ve enjoyed writing them.

    I know! These covers are amazing, aren’t they? I had nothing to do with their amazing-ness. Kensington just sends them my way to enjoy.

    LOL, CallMeKayla. Hot is so apt. I always wonder who these guys are. I never know. They could be that hot guy passing me on the street. The one in jeans and a nice tight black tee shirt. And I wouldn’t recognize him. That’s the nice thing about not showing faces in cover photos. The guy could be any guy I want.

    That’s what I call a hot seat, girl! Thank you so much for your kind words. I’m glad you enjoyed the stories and covers. Many hugs to you.

    Thank you for reading and for being such a sweetie. Much appreciated. The satyrs love you and so do I!

    And Cecile hon,
    Thank you again for having me drop by. What a wonderful group you surround yourself with! All the eye candy is to die for. I’m finally going to see New Moon this weekend with my bf, and you’ve whet my appetite for sure. xoxo

  43. Carolsnotebook! Hey there! Thanks for coming over! I hope you are enjoying the party!

    sherry! Hey honey. Aren't Ms.
    Elizabeth's books awesome! Those covers are just amazing. Thanks for coming over!

    Helen G! Hi there and welcome! I hope you are enjoying the party and make yourself at home!
    I am glad you took the time to come to my blog! Thanks for the kind words!

    Elizabeth!!!!! Hey honey! Thanks for popping in to see what's going on. I thank you so much for coming over! You are an amazing person! Thank you! And thank you for your kind words about my little haven here!

    In the book, I would not say that Nicholas was harsh to Jane... just that like I said in my review (way back when, lol) he was told - this is what you have to do. He was not keen on the idea of having a wife and being with only that one person. And like I said, back then women did not have a right to say anything to their spouse for having mistresses. That is when I fell in love with Jane, cuz she said screw this, he is my husband!
    He was a bit cruel... but that is what gave him the edge of being a dangerous man. But through the book, he came to her and only her.
    And yes, you are right ->"Sometimes a hero who’s a bit hard to win over is all the more delicious when he’s all yours…"

    Melissa (My words and pages)!!Hey honey! I am so glad that you made it over to my place! Thanks for coming! Ohhh honey, I even trying blowing to see if the towel would move a bit, lol!!! Even titled the book too!! Haa haa!

    Reena Jacobs! Hi there! I am glad that you found my little place and I hope you enjoy your stay! I am glad that we could remind you, they are awesome books!

    Lil! Hi there and welcome! Thanks for coming over! I am glad that you enjoyed Ms. Amber's work. Isn't she just amazing!

    Danielle87! Thanks for coming over and voicing your thoughts. It is all appreciated.
    I am going to add to this.. When you speak of ->"consequently, do you acknowledge that some (traditional) romances readers could be put-off by the 'romantic' elements in 'Nicholas'...?"

    Why would a tradition romance reader pick up the book if it is labeled erotic. I mean that would be like a tradition romance reader picking up a m/m book. They would for sure be put off by the gay love... So what is different with Ms. Amber's work

    In regards to this statement ->" In 'Nicholas' the male protagonist cheats on his wife (unashamedly) early on in their marriage..."
    Most men in those eras had mistresses galore. And thought those things about their wives. Wives were supposed to prim and proper in bed and a mistress could be loose and uninhibited.
    Thanks for the discussion Danielle.

  44. iokijo! Hi there and welcome! You are welcome for the interview. Glad you read it. And thanks for the comment!! =)

    Tori [Book Faery]! Hey honey! Girl, you are too funny!!! Thanks for coming over! Glad you could stop by! I am glad that you enjoyed yourself! =)
    You are counted in my dear!!!

    CallMeKayla! Hey honey! Thanks for coming over! ROLFLMBO->>"I think I might have just ruined my computer BECAUSE I DROOLED ALL OVER IT!!!!!" You had me cracking up!
    I can keep my brothers huh.. lol.. You just want the cover models. Girl I do not blame you!

    Carol L.! Hey there! Thanks for coming over and I hope you enjoyed yourself! I am glad to hear that you loved Nicholas! And the rest to come will make you fall in love all over again!

    afstone3! Hi and welcome! I hope you enjoyed yourself at my place! Thank you for your kind words, but Ms. Amber made the interview a whole lotta fun!

  45. I'm here staring at all the pretty covers, wishing there wasn't a towel obstructing my view.

  46. Smokin ~ you are not the only one. I own all four.. and can not tell you the times I have tinkled my nose like "Bewitch Woman" just to make it move!!LMBO!!!

  47. I have wanted this series forever. I love the storyline and the fact that there's one hottie after another. And I wish I could turn the covers into pillows, that way I could cuddle with them whenever I want.

    joderjo402 AT gmail DOT com

  48. This series has been on my wish list FAR TOO LONG. I've heard so many good things about these books...not to mention the covers!

    Tracey D
    booklover0226 at gmail dot com

  49. Loved reading the interview! I've read Nicholas and loved it! Please count me in!

    lilazncutie1215 @

  50. These books have got to be the HOTTEST covers I've ever seen!!! Wow, I and their story sounds fun too. Count me in, please.

    mitzihinkey at sbcglobal dot net

  51. Hey Cecile and Elizabeth! I am a huge fan of Elizabeth's. I love the Satyr series so I must definitely throw my name in for this one!!

  52. joder! hey hon. thanks for coming over! oh honey, if you have wanted this series forever... wait till the contest is over to see if you win.. and if not... you need to get this one!!!
    her stories are absolutely freaking amazing!
    You make me smile and giggle (wanting the same thing) with your words, "I wish I could turn the covers into pillows, that way I could cuddle with them whenever I want."

    booklover0226!hey tracey!!! thanks for coming over! this is an awesome series! and i can not wait for the other two books to come!!!

    jeanette8042! hey hon! thanks for coming over today! glad to see you. you are counted in honey!

    Mitzi H.!! hi and welcome hon! hope you enjoy your visit!!! please feel free to come back for more, lol! =)

    Heather D! Hey honey!!! How are you?? Ohhhh if there is one person who shares my love of this woman and her books ~ it is you!!!!

  53. Do the ideas for your books come first or do you imagine a hero first, and then write his story? Your stories are very enjoyable.

  54. Smokinhot, when Nicholas first released, I got many emails begging me to ‘drop the drape’! If only I had that power…but then, maybe it’s better that he remains a mystery. We can imagine whatever we want. [sitting here, imagining]

    Cecile, ha, Bewitched! But what if you found out you didn’t like what was under there? What am I saying? It has got to be good, right?

    Joder, a Nicholas pillow. Good idea. A friend of Kate Douglas’s made some Wolf Tales tee-shirts. A pillow would actually be pretty easy to make. I should have thought of them as giveaways. I did give away wine wrapped in the book covers, and that was a huge hit, but expensive.

    Tracey! good to see you again. I hope they’re something you like if you get a chance to try one. There really are way too many novels to read out there—and I’m glad because I wouldn’t want to run out of novels. I might actually have to clean my house if I had nothing to read. One of my favorite romance novels (historical) is Lisa Valdez’s Passion. Her Patience releases today!!! I’m excited, because that one has been on my list for 5 years.

    Jeannette, hi! I’m so glad you enjoyed Nicholas. Thanks for letting me know.

    Mitzi, the covers are hot. I thought it was the spring weather, but maybe it’s those covers that are making me turn on the air conditioner in my office. Kensington really did a great job, especially with Nicholas, which started the series off right. They got placement on the front table at Borders for a while, which was amazing to me to see my first novel right smack in the front of the store.

    Heather, so good to see you, sweetie. Thank you for being a fan and for tossing your name in. Cecile’s blog is so much fun to visit.

    SciFi lover, good question…I think the bare bones of the story are what come to me first. A situation or a beginning or a problem that has to be overcome. Next is the character of the hero, and the heroine. Then there’s a lot of back and forth, as the hero’s character changes the story and vice versa. At many times, it feels like a ball of tangled ideas that I have to untangle. Another author I know says that to her the writing process feels like a chipping away at a block of stone to discover the statue that’s underneath.

    Cecile, thanks again. You’re a sweetheart!


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