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Review: Damaged Goods by Destiny Blaine

Damaged Goods by Destiny Blaine

Sports Wives Book #4
Published By: Siren-Bookstrand, Inc.

A no-strings relationship works well until Suzy meets the man who can keep her bound to his bed with minimal effort. Marco Giovanni is young blood, a rookie quarterback with a bright career. Suzy Illiani has a reputation but Marco doesn’t care about her past. He’s only interested in how she fits into his future.

When Suzy discovers Marco is headed to the Dallas Rascals, she makes a strategic move. Calling in favors, she aligns herself with a man destined for football greatness.

Even though Marco’s peers view Suzy as damaged goods, Marco falls in love with a woman he plans to change, but taming a vixen isn’t as easy as it looks. Soon, Marco realizes the only way to win Suzy’s love is to train her for submission. But the real challenge he finds is in the lack of control he feels whenever he’s holding her in his arms.

Note: May/December romance with a 19-year-old hero and a 30+ heroine. Also contains light BDSM and sex toys.A Siren Erotic Romance

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I was asked to review this book by Strictly Reviews... However, all thoughts and comments regarding this review are solely mine!

I do not judge short stories on the rush of their relationships, because they are just that - short stories. So, yes the relationships always could have been drawn out more, yea it seems like they fall in love to fast and of course the story could have been made longer... but it is a short story. So with that said.... here is my review...

Okay, this is Suzy's story. You meet her in the first three books of this series (see links below). To get her true back story, you would have to read those books. But Ms. Blaine gives you enough information in this book so you do not have to "technically" go back.

I will not sugar coat this review... Suzy is a forty year old cougar who is on the prowl. She loves sex like other women love shopping. If you try to analyze her from the beginning you would think she was a football groupie. But if I have learned one thing, never judge a book by its cover. And Suzy is one of those books. Her life ~ if you look at it from afar seems very "fake."
She is living off alimony from an ex-husband (who happens to be a professional football player), has the huge house, the fake boobs, three cars in her garage... But does she truly have it all.
Suzy is a very materialist woman. A bank account and a man's penis need to be the same size, huge... to even give her a hot flash.

With that said, Suzy has developed a reputation around the league. It is not the best reputation that is following her; but she does not care. She is out to have fun and she will manipulate any one any way she can to fit her needs, desires and wants - regardless of what they want. But does manipulating and using other fill your heart or feel the need between your legs? Always use to getting her way and being control ~ Suzy meets her match. Enter Marco. The strapping 19 yr old, new rookie quarterback. Marco knows of Suzy's past and yet, there is something about her that drives to the brink of losing control.

What happens when old meets new? What happens when both want to control? Does age really matter? What happens when one person can make you feel this:

"Marco Giovanni is my lifeline, my soul mate, and quite possibly the only reason I didn’t self-destruct. I’m in love with one man, a man who trained me to submit by first teaching me how to love."

Wanna find out how a materialistic, controlling woman like Suzy could come to feel this for a man... You will have to read her book!!!

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  1. Cecile, while reading your review I thought; "Hhhhmmmm, am I even going to like this woman?" and then you give me a quote like that! You're right, now I want to find out what her story is LOL But that was your master plan all along wasn't it Ms. Smutty Hussy *grin*

  2. Apart from the heroine being not very likable, I have troubles with the HUGE age difference between her and the hero. I don't think I could enjoy their story. You don't say, but did you enjoy the story, Cecile? Or do you want to keep that a secret? ;)

  3. That is one prowling cougar, is that boy really up for the challenge, I guess he is ;)

  4. I am not a fan of the first three books in the series but stuck with it to read Suzy's story.I actually liked this book.It didn't bother me he was 19. He was very mature and has been through alot for his age.
    Marco is smutty hussy worthy :D

  5. ...40 and 19...hmmm...LOL! Idk about that one! And she doesn't seem to sound like the best heroine but Id give anything you read a try! =)

    Loves ya!

  6. The May-to-December thing just doesn't work for me...

  7. Leontine! Hey honey! Thanks for coming over! Well, believe I did not think I would like her either.. And you are right, that was my master plan all along... Now just wait for the next review... Cuz it is the continuation of her story.... =) Oh yeah... master plan!!!!
    You know me and my smutty hussy plans!!!! Love ya hon!

    Janna! Hey honey! Okay... I have to admit that their age bothered the shit out of me.... But once you get to know Marco... OMG... the guy might be 19 but he is all man and all in control of himself and his body parts and omg... his body parts!! LOL!! But I struggled with the age.. It would have helped if he would have been like 21 - 24... Yeah... but hey I did not write it... So.. taking what I was given... I read forward... And Marco really is a very Mature 19 yr. Believe me, his past - was not very nice. He was dealt some not nice things. And he is ROAR material honey!!!
    Well.... to see if I enjoyed the story... You will have to stay tuned for the next review to come!!!!! Yeah, that is my evil laughter you can hear way over there!!!!!!!!!! Love ya!!

    Blodeuedd! Hey honey!! Ohhhhhhhh this boy **Correction** Man is up to the challenge.. Hell he is the one that is issuing the challenges out!!!! And believe me... He is all sorts of Sex on a Stick!!! OMG!!!

    elaing8! Hey honey. You are right, I am not a fan either of the first three books. The main character... we won't eve go there... but I do love these last two books!!! And you are right.. Marco is definitely Smutty Hussy Worthy!!!
    Thanks for coming over!

    Monroe Dawson! Hey honey... yeah, like I said, I was not a big fan of the age. But once you read, you will see... OMG!! He knocked my socks off!!!

    Chris! Hey dear, okay.. can you explain that to me.. The May/Dec thing. I seem to be clueless when it comes to that. I saw that somewhere else and shook my head.

  8. Hehe, sorry but whenever a man poses like the one on the cover does it makes me laugh. A bit cheesy. Love the quote. That alone would make me think about reading this book.

    Have a great 4th of July!

    Stephanie G

  9. Paranormal Haven ~ Stephanie! Hey honey!!! Thanks for coming over...
    I can see you getting the giggles.. You should visit Chris' page when shes does the stories on stock photos lmbo!!! I will have to send you that link... She can make anyone giggle!
    When I read that quote I knew I had to use it!!! IT screamed at me to use it! =) I hope you do read the book! It was good and like I said... more is to follow!

  10. Wow! Suzy doesn't sounds like a very likable character but the story has potential.

    Not sure I would be able to read this without starting at the beginning of the series but thanks for the review!


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