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Sexy Adds to Cecile Smutty Hussy's Story

This is Sexy's version of what happened...... Iffff you missed it.. This is the link for Cecile's story...

The author of this story is unknown... for now... They will decide when they want to be known. As for now... this person had quiet a time with me.... **Wicked laughter**

The Bartender’s Story

‘I think we’ve found our contest winner,’ said my employer Ms. Sweet.

I looked up from behind the bar, and saw her talking to her friend Ms. Cecile. Both were smiling and looking my way.

‘He sure is begging for something,’ said Ms. Sweet. They laughed. A private joke, I guessed, as I dimmed the lights, and came out from behind the bar.

Ms. Sweet swooped before I could put my jacket on, and told me I still had other duties to perform. She loosened my tie and slowly undid my shirt buttons, as she outlined her expectations. ‘I’ll make it worth your while. And I’ll see you are well-rewarded’ she said, in a voice full of promise. ‘Just do exactly as you are told, and speak only when you are spoken to.’ I nodded respectfully. Ms. Sweet can be very persuasive.

After removing my shirt, Ms. Sweet bound my hands behind my back, and led me by the tie to the open floor. I obeyed her order to kneel, and waited for her next command. But then she walked away, and left me wondering what I’d let myself in for. A minute or so passed before the measured click of stilettos in the corridor gave me a clue. As the footsteps grew louder, I held my breath in anticipation.

Ms. Cecile swept into the room and strode across the floor with the panache of a ring master. She strutted and postured. She smiled and she snarled. And when barely a few paces in front of me, she tossed her head back and froze on the spot. With her hands on hips, she stared somewhere behind me. I guessed she was demanding the approval of Mistress Sweet, who was watching the performance from the bar.

As I waited, my eyes devoured every inch of Ms. Cecile.

Shiny black Stilettos; black fishnets; garters; pale white thighs; a short skirt, stretched tight; generous hips; a neat waist; a white blouse – unbuttoned at the top; and the smile of a lady who knows what she wants. And so do I. Come and get it, honey.

With a wiggle in her walk, Ms. Cecile moved in. I gasped as she leaned in close and tugged hard on my tie, bringing us face to face. ‘Get up and follow if you dare to surrender to me,’ she snapped.

Glad to take the pressure off my knees, I stood up. ‘I surrender myself to your pleasure, Ms. Cecile,’ I said, the words rasping from my dry throat.

Ms. Cecile played with my tie until she’d completed another silent exchange with Ms. Sweet.

‘I am glad to see that you surrender,’ Ms. Cecile announced loudly, for the benefit of Ms. Sweet. ‘The things to come will be sheer delight to you. I promise you that. We will make a better use of this tie though.’

With my eyes were glued to her sassy ass, Ms. Cecile dragged me by the tie to a room of rich, dark overtones. By flickering candlelight I saw strewn blankets and scattered pillows on a large bed in the middle of the room. ‘One minute,’ she said.

I watched as she made the bed and tidied the pillows.

Sexy as hell, but definitely OCD.

Beside the foot of the bed, Ms Cecile removed my tie and tossed it over her shoulder. ‘For later,’ she purred.

I was ready for action, but Miss Cecile had other ideas. She eased me backwards, and kept backing me up until she’d pinned me to the wall. At arms length, she traced her fingertips across my chest. ‘You sure you can submit, to me?’

You’d better believe it.

If my smile didn’t speak loud enough, I looked her up and down, and allowed my gaze to linger where it counted most. ‘Yes Ma'am, I can submit to you. I said I would surrender to you and I meant it.’

From the sparkle in her eyes, I knew I’d rung her bell. Ms. Cecile stroked the side of my face as she pressed her warm body to mine. With the intoxicating scent of woman in my nostrils, and maybe a little Herbal Essence, my pulse raced. Responding to Ms. Cecile’s gentle, rhythmic motions, I felt a stirring in my loins. Ms. Cecile cupped the back of my head, and with gentle pressure, guided my face down to hers. I expected a kiss. Instead, she whispered in my ear. ‘There is no going back. You understand this?’

Going back? You’ve got to be kidding.

I nodded.

You will have your time to play, but right now you are mine to play with,’ she said, before spinning on her heel and walking away. I tried to follow, but she stopped me dead. ‘Stay!’ she snapped, like I was a wayward dog.

She turned to admonish me. ‘I gave you an order. I did not tell you to move. You will do as you’re told, or you will be punished for it. Do you understand?’

Again I nodded, though I silently cursed the bossy bitch – a Scorpio, if ever I saw one.

‘I will reward you when you are good. To show my word...’

Miss Cecile tugged her blouse from her skirt and began undoing one button at a time. I licked my lips.

Come on baby, all the way, come on.

She undid every button, but though I caught a glimpse of her soft belly and black lace bra, she left the blouse hanging loose. ‘That is for starters, you have to earn more of me,’ she said.

Have it your way baby, but we’ll see who’s in control when it’s time for action.

High on power, she sauntered over and placed a hand on my chest. My muscles swelled, as my body tensed with frustration. I could so easily have broken free from the token binding on my wrists, but I remembered I was a toy in someone else’s game, and I clung to the promise I’d made to Ms. Sweet.

A gentle hand touched my face, soft lips met mine. Release at last, surely, for the tide swelling inside. In this woman’s soft lips, I tasted ecstasy, and my breathing deepened as Ms. Cecile groped at my pants and felt my erection. I let out a groan, but she released her grip and slipped her hands behind me, pulling me tightly against her.

And then, with a backward step, she broke the spell. ‘Go to the bed and sit,’ she said.

Scarcely believing she could take me so far, and then stop, I hesitated. For a moment I stared at her, but her expression challenged my defiance. I did as I was told, sitting submissively on the edge of the bed. Ms. Cecile followed. Standing before me, she leaned in and rested her hands upon her knees. Softly, she whispered in my ear. ‘You are a delicious treat from Ms. Sweet. I must remember to thank her.’

Gentle caresses, whispered promises, and warming breath had sent a surge of wanting through my body. Though I heard her words, they were fused
into the sound of my deep breathing.

‘I want to taste you – all of you,’ she said, as her gaze wandered to the bulge in my pants. Before the night is over.’ Her voice trailed away to a seductive purr, as she nibbled my ear. And then she knelt in front of me.

Come on baby, do it. I’m ready. I want you.

She lowered her head to my chest. I felt her warm mouth on my nipples. She sucked me, licked me, bit me, and trailed the soft wet tip of her tongue down my stomach.

I want to watch you squirm under my touch,’ she said. ‘I want to hear you beg for mercy,’ she said.

And then she pulled away.

I groaned. More torment. But with a little shimmy of her shoulders, her unbuttoned blouse opened and slipped off her shoulders, revealing a black lace bra, and the tantalizing swell of her breasts.

Beautiful, just beautiful.

Ms. Cecile watched me closely, studying my reaction, reading my mind, anticipating my thoughts.

‘You will watch while I strip in front of you. You will not touch.’

Didn’t your mother ever warn you against playing with matches?

She rose to her feet. ‘I will unbind your hands and you will not touch until told.’

Because you’re playing with fire now.

She reached down to untie me. Those beautiful breasts were right in front of my mouth. The temptation was too much. I took a lick.

I said no touching!’ Ms. Cecile didn’t sound too unhappy, but she reprimanded me anyway. ‘Stand!’ she ordered, with renewed belligerence.

Meekly, I obeyed, and dropped my head.

Your punishment will be to simply watch while I pleasure myself. No touching, me or you.’


You will stand and watch from the foot of the bed. You will not move one muscle.’

I’ll try, but one muscle has a mind of its own, and I wouldn’t bet on it keeping still.

A knock at the door – an interruption neither of us needed. Ms. Cecile strode to open it, her blouse open and flowing. I strained my ears, and though I heard the voice of Mistress Sweet, I couldn’t make out what they were saying.

Ms. Cecile closed the door. Surprise, surprise, we had company – a cute little thing with big eyes, small breasts and short blonde hair. Ms. Cecile put an arm around her new playmate.

She’s delicious, but what’s she doing here?

‘Sexy here has been a bad boy,’ said Ms. Cecile, throwing an open hand in my direction. ‘He disobeyed orders and therefore he is fixing to be punished.’

Ms. Cecile’s eyes and hands were all over the girl, who seemed shy and uncertain.

‘Would you care to stay Pixie?" asked Ms. Cecile. ‘Would you like to bear witness to his punishment?’

The girl she called Pixie found her voice, and said she had no wish to intrude.

With wicked eyes, Ms. Cecile assured her. ‘You are not intruding. You have done me a favour. Allow me to return the pleasure.’ She slipped an arm around the girl’s waist, and stroked her cheek. The girl’s big eyes widened.

Do you want to play Pixie?’ asked Ms. Cecile.

Whatever the girl wanted, she was too shy to come right out and say it. Ms. Cecile turned the screw. ‘Pixie... tell me... tell me those words you want to release,’ she said.

‘Smutty, I want to... watch,’ said the girl.

What a disappointment. The girl wants more, but she’s scared to admit it. Ms. Cecile knows it too.

Ms. Cecile placed her hands on the girl’s shoulders and steered her backwards to the side of the bed. She nuzzled her head under the girl’s chin and planted a soft kiss on her neck.

‘You want to watch,’ whispered Ms Cecile. Again she kissed the girl’s neck, lingering a little longer. The girl whimpered.

Ms. Cecile’s intentions were clear when she coaxed the girl into sitting on the side of the bed. The prospect of some girl on girl action had my pants straining, and my heart started thumping when Ms. Cecile straddled the girl and her skirt rode up, revealing even more of her creamy white thighs.

Ms Cecile leaned over the girl. Almost breast to breast, she licked the girl’s neck and collarbone. ‘I want you at the top of the bed,’ she said, her voice filled with unbridled lust. The girl obeyed and wriggled up to the pillow, with Ms. Cecile riding on top of her.

From my position at the foot of the bed I could no longer see what was happening – just the back of Ms. Cecile, and the girl’s legs. ‘You want to watch, I heard Ms. Cecile whisper. ‘But I want to play. Will you let me play? Will you allow me to play—with you?’

Jesus Christ

A kiss, a low moan. Someone gave a little gasp of pleasure – the girl I guessed, by the quiver in her legs. More whispers, and then a little squeal. Maybe I made a noise, too. Because the next thing I knew Ms. Cecile was looking over her shoulder at me.

‘Do not think I have forgotten about you, my dear naughty Sexy,’ she said. ‘Your punishment still stands. You will watch while I pleasure myself.’

Ms. Cecile got off the bed and headed for the nightstand, leaving me to get a good look at Pixie. Pink-cheeked and arms spread, she was lying submissively with her blouse open.

Wondering what Ms. Cecile was doing, I turned my head just in time to catch a flash of her pink Victoria Secret’s as she bent down to pick up an overnight bag.

Ms. Cecile hurried back, talking to me as she put her bag on the side of the bed.

‘Sexy,’ she said. ‘Do not think I have forgotten about the strip tease.’

Ms. Cecile circled behind me. From the corner of my eye, I saw her blouse fall to the floor. Then I felt her delicate touch on my upper arms, a moment before the sensation of her body on my back sent the heat radiating between us. She wrapped a leg around me, and began moving up and down. She was using me – rubbing herself off where a girl loves to be rubbed. Up and down, up and down. And all the while she was trailing her nails across my shoulders.

And yet again, she stopped suddenly.

Ms. Cecile pushed in front of me and sat on the end of the bed.

Take my shoes off,’ she demanded.

Resigned to more frustration, I removed her stiletto heels.

She rolled back on the bed, away from me yet again. But as she did so, she raised her legs and peeled off her pink panties.


Wearing nothing but her bra, raised skirt and thigh highs, she stretched across the bed for her bag.

Ms. Cecile pulled a pink vibrator from her bag, and with a Crest 3D smile, the minx lay back and opened her legs, exposing the glistening sweetness of her succulent peach.

A click, followed by a low, steady drone.

I watched mesmerized as Ms Cecile teased the vibrator up and down her groins, and across her moist, fleshy mound. At the head on the bed, Pixie raised herself on her elbows to get a better look.

I had the perfect view. Ms. Cecile brought herself to the brink by stimulating her love button, before slipping the bulbous head of the vibrator between her petals. Slowly but surely, she eased the vibrator’s full length deep into her pussy.


As spasms became ripples, Ms. Cecile lay panting. When she got her breath back, she opened her eyes and smiled at Pixie and me.

‘Now, it is your turn to come lay down my naughty Sexy,’ she said, in a mellowed tone. ‘You accepted your discipline very well. You did not touch and you did not come. Your obedience will now be rewarded.’

Good – about fucking time, too.

Ms. Cecile patted the space beside her, inviting me onto the bed, but even as I accepted, she’d crawled over Pixie and straddled her again.

From over Ms. Cecile’s shoulder, I looked into Pixie’s eyes. Although bright with arousal, I saw the helpless fear of someone pinned down by the predatory Ms. Cecile.

Ms. Cecile lowered her head to the girl’s, until their lips were almost touching. ‘Do not take your eyes off me,’ she said.

Pixie opened her mouth to speak, but the words went unspoken. Ms. Cecile kissed her fully on the lips, and then lifted her head to give the girl an approving smile, before lowering her head for another kiss. When Pixie opened her mouth this time, it was in submission.

Ms. Cecile broke off from kissing Pixie, to kiss me. Then she rolled onto her back and lay between us. She smiled, and gave a wink as she stared high above. I followed her gaze, and guessed that beyond the mirrored ceiling, Mistress Sweet was more than satisfied.

As Pixie cuddled up to Ms. Cecile and kissed her, I got off the bed and unzipped my pants. Ms. Cecile let out a gasp as the eighth wonder of the world sprang free.

Now it’s my turn to put on a show. I’m in control now. The final act will be played out on my terms. Ms. Cecile is getting what’s coming to her, hard and brutal.

Taking Ms. Cecile by the ankles, I threw her legs up over my shoulders, and rode her to glory.

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  1. That was *clears throat* very nice. Will there be more?

    Stephanie G
    Paranormal Haven

  2. More smut for the people ;=)

    Have a great weekend Cecile

  3. HOT! VERY HOT! Amazing writing! Loved seeing both sides of the char's...really very sexy stuff here!

    What a titillating way to start a seductive weekend...

    When do we get to read Pixie's POV?

    This was soooo cool of you to do Cecile! Super idea!

    Really enjoyed it!

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    And yes, the view was perfect from above. Great show!


    Ms. Sweet

  5. Paranormal Haven~ Hey Stephanie! Glad you like it... Will there be more... humm... Guess you will have to stay tune to see... **evil smile**
    I hope you have a great weekend hon!

    Blodeuedd~ Hey honey! You know me and my smutt! And how I love to share!!! =) Have a great weekend honey! Maybe you can share this with bf??

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    Ahh Sweet~ Hey my love! I am glad that you love it! I think that is the first time I have seen you curse, lol!!
    *Mwah to you too!!*

    Chris~ Is that a stamp of approval? Wicked we are honey!

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  8. elaing8~ Hey honey! Yeah, my mystery writer knows her/his stuff. This is a great job of what the other side is thinking!!!

    Redd~ Hey honey girl!! LMBO! Thought you might like this... **can you hear my wicked laughter**
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  9. Hmm, not bad. Written by a lady, I'd guess. If a man had written it it'd be less subtle.

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  13. Mr. V.. Not bad you say huh... Written by a lady, you think so??
    Well... Then if you think is would be less subtle if it were a man.. why don't you give it a try, lol...

    Tricia!! Hey honey! Thanks for coming over! This story is freaking awesome! I am loving this up! Oh wait, its me in the story, lmbo!!!!!! Thanks for coming over!

    Tanya! Hey honey!! A smutty story.. in a smutty lair!! I am so glad that you like the story, hope you like the first part. This story was soo much fun to write.... The first one... I wrote that one!!!!!
    And thank you sooooooooooo much for the award honey!!!! I popped over there! Thank you so much for thinking of me!!! ((I think you made me blush a bit))

    Janna!! Hey honey!! Girl... you may need more than a fan when I am done with you!! LMBO!!!!!! I hope you had a great weekend honey!! Love ya!

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  15. Yup, written by a lady, I reckon. Thanks for the offer Cecile, but I reckon this kind off stuff is best left to the experts.


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