Monday, July 12, 2010

Can It Really Be..... Will Cecile get an ACTUAL Bookcase!!

As avid readers... we all know the importance of having the proper lights surround us when reading... Well, over at CSN Lighting Company I stumbled across this little gem.. The perfect lights for me and it matched the nickle plated things in my house! And I say lights because I can imagine two of them on either side of "study chair" while I am reading one of my books!

Now why would I be at CSN Lighting Company and looking at lighting... because Caitlin from CSN Store contacted me to do a review... for a BOOKCASE!!!!!!!!!

Well, she did not say it was for that exact purpose, she just asked if I would be so kind as to pick an item and do a review... and we all know that my books live in the darkest place on earth... in my closet. I know for shame on me...... So... I went shopping and this is what I found!!!! I will be doing a review on it as soon as it comes in ~ you know.. to let you know how it goes with me assembling it all by myself, lmbo!

So... be sure to check back.. You know... to see if I lived or the bookcase became scrap wood...
To see who wins...
Stay tune...

And no you can not bet on the bookcase winning... LMBO!!!

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  1. Hi Cecile,

    Hope you have fun with it. Mine was pretty easy to put together. But it is metal, so it was much lighter.

  2. Girl I'm so envious! I kind of wish instead of doing the giveaway, I did the review. I could so use a bookshelf too LOL

    I hope you enjoy it!

  3. Assembling it yourself, wow, good luck :) I am so leaving that for bf

  4. Cecile!


    I just put three bookcases up in my den! So...I feel your excitement! And no, you'll win...desire can bring us through even the toughest of assembly jobs!

    This is exciting - I love books and bookcases! Oh, you've got to take a picture of it when you're done so we can all OH and Ah at it!

    Love the lights - r u getting them too?


  5. Wow! Lucky you! Good luck with the assembly. I hate those DIY things.

    Have a great week!

  6. Good luck setting it up. I know your going to use it wisely LOL.


  7. I have faith that you'll be able to assemble it. :)

  8. Hey ladies!
    Thank you for the support! I just bought rechargeable batteries over the weekend for my camera. Damn things keep dying on me way to fast. Soooo, now I will be able to take step by step photos of the bookcase kicking my ass, lmbo!!!!

    If it is not to late... you all need to tell me how was your weekend?? I hope all went great for you all?!?! Hugs to all!

  9. I've assembled plenty of bookcases in my time and the first hint is to take every thing out of the box and separate according to parts. That will make the job easier and go faster. Also have a glass of water or juice nearby (if you are a drinker, then a glass of wine).

    Good luck and I can't wait to read your review for this.

  10. This should get
    Good luck with putting it together.
    Your poor books deserve to come out of hiding :D

  11. Yeah, Elaing... I thought it was high time they came out of hiding. They should be forced to stay in that dark closet any longer.

    Tori, I wanted to do the giveaway and be the bigger person, I really did... but when I got the email... for some reason I had to go to my closet to get something and a book fell down on me.. I knew it was time to do something for myself.

    ***ssshhhh... and I figured I will be having a party sooner or later to do giveaways... soo.. I would keep this one for myself***

  12. Cecile! My money's on you! You can fix lawn mowers for goodnes sake! :P

  13. You can do it, can't wait to see how you managed :)

  14. The first time I almost got a divorce was due to furniture assembly. Hope you have more fun. Caint wait to hear all about it as I am in desperate need of a bookcase!

  15. If this CSN place is as easy as problem!!

  16. somehow when I put together a bookshelf or furniture in general I'm always have left-over parts O_o But hey if it looks good I'm sure I didn't really need 'em...right?

  17. I'm doing a whole MONTH of giveaways soon, and I still gave the shelf away *sob*

    Well, it's not like I actually had room for a bookshelf, so I guess I shouldn't feel too bad ;)

    I demand a picture once you get it assembled!

  18. Cecile: Have you seen my blog photos of my Great Wall of IKEA? I put the whole damn thing together by myself!

    *struts and flexes*

  19. Smokinhotbooks ~ extra parts.... hell who needs parts, lmbo!

    Tori [Book Faery]... Don't sob honey... You are awesome at giveaways honey!!!! Never fear!!!

    Chris... Oh I will have to go hunt that post down hon!! Go you!!!!!!
    Pics you will get!

  20. End of January, beginning of February 2009. :)

  21. Hey hun,
    Hope the shelf comes together easily. I'm all thumbs when it comes to putting stuff together - thank gawd for the option of having things assembled by the dudes who deliver it (in my case, Ikea)

    Hope all is well with you.


  22. Chris~ I will go back and see..
    Thanks honey!

  23. I have a great shopping experience with CSN and hubs put our bookcase together in no time flat. Enjoy your case!!

  24. AWESOME That is wonderful girl! you can do it and with all those guys around the house there I'm sure you can persuade one of them to give ya a hand right! ;)

  25. Hey Hon! Oh, I hope you enjoy what you get. :) I am waiting for my want to come back into stock at the site. :) Hope all is going great for you. Have a great week!

  26. I am so excited! Thanks for coming over!!! If you all lived closer, you know we would have a put together party!!!!!
    Hugs to you!


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