Monday, July 26, 2010

Oh Gosh... I Won... I beat the Bookscase!!!

Do you remember this post.....

Can It Really Be..... Will Cecile get an ACTUAL Bookcase!!

As avid readers... we all know the importance of having the proper lights surround us when reading... Well, over at CSN Lighting Company I stumbled across this little gem.. The perfect lights for me and it matched the nickle plated things in my house! And I say lights because I can imagine two of them on either side of "study chair" while I am reading one of my books!

Now why would I be at CSN Lighting Company and looking at lighting... because Caitlin from CSN Store contacted me to do a review... for a BOOKCASE!!!!!!!!!

Wellllllllll........................... I won............ I beat the bookcase!!!!!!! This is my journey!!!

My UPS driver dropped this off one afternoon... I will say that the shipping was super fast!
See the packaging.... Oh yeah... My fingers were itching...

So, I unwrapped it...
Took all the parts out...
Which were all there...
Yea, I counted.
And I got to work...

Yep, that's my baby...
He wanted to help too...
And yes, that is a meat mallet...
((Thanks Elaine))
**What, like you don't use it?? I can not find my tools**

This is where my books were housed before.....
Triple stacked behind each other...
And a few few row backs....

Now...... this is what the closet looks like.....

Because this is where the books are now!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

And yes, they are in alphabetical order...
Trade size and Paperback...
Okay a few are by series.....
But I am proud of myself....
Did it all by myself!!
Thanks Caitlin!!!!

Remember... Keep it Dirty, Smutty & Hussy!
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  1. Congrats on the bookcase! Looks great. I'd take a picture and show off mine but when I put it together it ended up being a bit sideways. hehe, but it still holds them!

    Stephanie G

  2. Cecile,

    Your bookcase looks fantastic! I bet you were glad to get some of those books out of your closet. LOL!


  3. Yay Cecile! Big Congrats!! It looks awesome! :)

  4. Hi Cecile,

    Love the new bookcase!

    Wow your closet is very clean and tidy! Mine is very unorganized with books, clothes, VHS tapes and DVD's, etc.

    Aw your baby is cute (what's his name?) Also curious to know what breed he is, thanks?

  5. Great looking bookcase, Cecile! And your closet looks awesome too ;)
    I have my bike in mine, sigh. Along with a half million other things that shouldn't be in there.

  6. All by yourself! Good girl :D
    Bf sure took his time putting together my closet.
    That is one fine bookcase

  7. Did you have a bookcase-gasm just by looking at it hon? Cause it looks sooooo purty, all thise books, neatly alphabetized *shivers* I love peaking in other peeps bookcases and I'm so glad you got your books a shiny new hom. Enjoy it hon :))

  8. Congratulations on the bookcase. You did marvelous!

    I love the space you now have in your closet.

  9. Congratulations on the bookcase-and it's good to know that people actually win stuff from that company. (I always wondered if it was legit.)

  10. Woot! Hmm, there's still space on that bookcase - better take care of that!

    LOL - my veri word is doggicat. :)

  11. Congrats on putting the bookcase together yourself. And you're welcome for the hammer
    Your books look happy in their new home :)

  12. Ohh love the bookcase!! OMG your books were stacked in a closet like mine. lol we'd better start taking better care of our babies!

  13. Paranormal Haven~ Hey hon! Thanks! =) Oh girlie... no sweat on it being sideways. That is what gives it character. Believe me, being able to say that mine was put together with a meat mallet... gives it some character of its own, lmbo!!!
    And as long as it holds our precious books, that is all that matters!

    Anna~ Hey girlie!! How have you been? I hope all has been well. Thanks for the kind words, lol!
    Ohhh my gosh, I think I stared at the bookcase for a couple of days.. I would take my book light and put it on my book case - just to make sure I was not dreaming. LMBO!! True story! Then I walk by it on purpose sometimes because I can actually "smell" my books... Now they call to me even more now that they can see me!!! LMBO!!
    Hope you had a great weekend! Hugs!

    Blanche~ Hey Blanche! Thanks for coming over! Haven't seen you in a while. Hope all is well. =)

    Paranormal and Romantic Suspense Reviews~ Hey honey!!!! Aww, thank you! Yeah... my ocd kicks in and I have to have my closet clean and organized. Actually kinda my whole house (except my daughters room) is that way.

    And thank you for the words about my baby!! His name is Lil Monkey, lol. My hubs named him. He is a Mini Schnauzer and a total Mommie's baby. =)

    Cassidy Hunter~ Hey honey!!!! Missed you! Thank you!! A bike??? Wow, girl, I wish I had that much room... If I would have that much room, I would not have needed a bookcase... lol.. Maybe we can take the bike out and make you some bookcase room in there!! =)

    Blodeuedd~ Hey honey! I hope you had a great weekend! All by myself... well, my pups helped me! But I felt so proud of myself!!
    Ohhhh how nice of BF that he put yours together!

    Leontine~ Hey honey!! Oh gosh... "bookcase-gasm" yeah... I had a couple. I just checking in the middle of the night to make sure that it was still there and still mine, lmbo!!! And yeah, my ocd kicked in and made me alphabetize them all. I could not sleep till they were in order.

    Dru~ Hey honey! How are you? I hope all is well!!! Thank you for popping in! Ohhh believe me, after this past weekend... The room in the closet in gone... but in its place are things that needed to be "picked" up.

    A Buckeye Girl Reads~ Hey honey! Thanks!!! Oh yeah... this was legit and I am still waiting to see if there is a catch somewhere... but so far none. That is why I keep checking it in the middle of the night... to make sure the bookcase thieves don't come take it from me.

    Chris~ Hey honey!!! Oh I am rectifying that right now!!!! =) We can not have space left in the new bookcase!!!!!!
    Your word made me giggle.. You know that is what we are combined, lmbo!!!!! Me with my dogies... and you with your kitties!!

    elaing8~ Hey honey! Well, had it not been for you, I have no idea what I would have used for a hammer since I could not find mine, lol! I think I heard my books talking the other night, and they were saying how happy their were to see the light of the bedroom (day, lol).

    Caroline (*pattepoilue*)~ Hey honey!!! Thanks for popping on over! Ohhh honey, I know... we have to take better care of our babies!

  14. well done you.. it looks great...

    I love a neatly stacked bookshelf...

    Let's see how long you will last before you start putting more books in the closet... I am giving you a month...



    Happy Monday hon..

  15. LOL, personally, Ms. C, it was the meat mallet that made my day;)

    Lovely new addition and I see its already nearly full! Congrats!

    and btw, thank you! I loved your extraordinary review and insight to Master & the Muses-spot on!;)

    Amanda M

  16. Congrats on your bookcase! It looks great... and I am now jealous that your closet no longer looks like mine. However the only place I have for a bookcase is in my garage and I can't delegate my books to that space, it would just break my heart to think of them down there with the mower and I am saving that space for a freezer!

    Your post reminded me that I have one that I need to write up for Caitlin as well... I chose something other than the bookcase but I was definitely thinking of my reading time when I chose!!

  17. Erotic Horizon~ Hey honey! Long time! I hope all is well with you and your family!
    Thank you... I was very proud of myself for doing it all by myself... well, except for my pooches help! He was helpful!

    Is there any other way Hon.. Neatly stacked, lmbo!! And now that I have had time to really place, it has changed since I took this photo!

    A month huh... Yeah.. well that is longer than I give myself!
    Hope all is well hon! oxoxoxo!

    Amanda McIntyre~ Hey Ms A! Ohhh I can not take the credit for the meat mallet, that was Elaing8's idea!! She told me to use that when I was lost for what to use! But either way, I am glad that we made your day!!! =)

    And Ma'am, you are welcome. Your book deserved the review I gave it. It was an awesome book!
    I will forever have a soft spot for Thomas... but more for William!

    Heather D~ Hey honey!!!! How are you? Did you have an amazing time on your vacation!!!!! I sure hope so! Have missed you! Glad you are back!
    And you know I stalk you.. so I will be looking for your post to come!!! Heee heee!!
    Oh I know exactly what you mean about where to stick the bookcase.. or books. I have a very small house, so space is an issue I fight with all the time. I am short of moving all of hubs things in the attic, so I can make room for more bookcases, lmbo!!!!

  18. Oohhhhhhhhhh!!! i love looking at peoples bookcases!

    Congrats hun it looks fantastic!!

  19. Oh congrats! It's beautiful! :)

  20. Congratulations on the lovely new bookcase, Cecile! I need to do something about the books stacked to the ceiling in my closet too!! I'll soon have to take over the hubby's space...

  21. Congrats on the bookcase Cecile! I know you've been wanting one for a while! Too Cool!

    Dottie :)

  22. Woohoo you go girl! I knew you could do it! It looks wonderful! And how sweet that your baby wanted to give you a paw with the work! :) So glad your books now have a new home! You enjoy honey you deserve it! :)


  23. That is beautiful! :) I need a few more book cases my self. But it looks lovely, and all full not too! Looks like you will be needing another one soon. ;)

    Hope all is going well! Just had to stop by and say hello and hoping all is well with you. :) Have a great week!

  24. YAY on conquering the bookshelf! Good on ya mate!

    I'm thinking the mallet was an essential part to construction *grin*

    Your books look so pretty in their new home - so tell us...what project will you tackle next, Oh Mighty Talented Smutty Goddess!


  25. Tracy~ Hey hon! I hope all is well after you trips you have been on, lol =)
    Thanks for coming over! =)

    Diana (Book of Secrets)~ Hey there hon!! Thanks for popping on over. Isn't she lovely. Oh gosh.. I love her. I have yet to think of a name for her... But it will come, lol =)

    Dottie~ Hey honey! How are you? I hope all is well in the Tink family! Ohhh you know how long I have been eyeing a bookcase and I finally have one! I am sooo excited!

    JennJ~ Hey honey!! Ohhh my pups and I had a blast putting this together! As you can see. Thanks hon!!!! And I so love yours too!

    Melissa (My words and pages)~ Hey honey!!! Ohh thank you for coming over and peeking in today! I hope all has been well for you! Yeah, I have a feeling now that I have acquired one, I will want more!!!! LOL!
    All has been well hon, thanks for asking.

    s7anna~ Hey honey! Hugs to you!! Thank you thank you!! Yeah, the mallet was the key to putting the whole thing together!!!!
    Ohhh I pet my books every time I pass them, lmbo!

    You make me giggle!!! "so tell us...what project will you tackle next, Oh Mighty Talented Smutty Goddess!"

    Hugs to you honey!!!!!

  26. Congrats Cecile! Oh a meat mallet I bet that works way better than the shoe I use. It's very pretty and now you have all that space in your closet for even more books!! ;)

  27. Congrats, Cecile! I am very jealous of your DIY skills.

    There's nothing wrong with using a meat mallet. I often use a butter knife as a screw driver. :)

    My veri word is undryper. Is that a wet diaper?

  28. Yea! Now you have room for shoes or purses LOL.. Congrats I know your happy to get them out to be able to see them.

  29. Looking good!! Beautiful bookcase, you lucky girl! :D
    Hope all is well with you hun!

  30. Jealous, I wanna bookcase (mine are all stacked in front of my fireplace, that's probably not safe).

    Looks like you been busy while we was gone. Labor Day yet?

  31. LOL! Yep they are watching no matter where you are in the room... calling for you. :D I know that feeling.

    Hope you have a great weekend too. :)

  32. Tricia~ Hey honey! Thank you! Ohh yeah, a meat mallet! And you know that is what I was going to use ( a shoe) before Elaing8 told me about the meat mallet! Oh gosh, the books looks so purrty on the shelf!

    Eyre~ Hey hon, thanks! Girl, don't be jealous, I can teach you how to use your DIY skills. Okay that so does not sound right, lmbo!
    OKay... next, lmbo.... Butter knife would have been my next choice had I not found that blue and gray thing on the floor.. of course it was not charged... so I used it dead. LOL!!!
    LMBO at your word!
    Hugs hon!

    Laurie (BittenbyParanormalRomance)~ Hey hone! Ohhhhh shoes and purses.. things I gave up when books came back into my life!! I never looked at it that way... Although, I may have to use the space for more books... you know to finish collecting all the books in the series that I have now, lmbo!

    ErotRomReader (Janna)~ Hey honey! Thank you thank you!!! All is going okay with me honey! How about you?? How are you doing?! I hope well! Hugs to you!

    Sweet~ Hey honey! Thanks!! =) I do try my best to do a good job with small tools, lmbo!!!

    Hannah~ Hey honey!!! Big hugs to you!!! Yeah, probably not the best place for your books... you never know when the fire will scare them. Think of the nightmares you are giving them... OH my....
    Labor Day here we come!!!! I have to work on a hotel room!!

    Anna~ Hey honey!! They are watching me... and you are right.. no matter where I am they see me... and I hear them whispering.. especially when I add books to the shelves now... They whisper behind my back.. sometimes one or two will scream that they have had enough of the shelf and they want me to read it!! Thanks for coming over!! Hugs to you and have a wonderful week!


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