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Review & Giveaway: Goldie and The Three Behr's by Harris Channing

Harris Channing
Published By: Siren-Bookstrand, Inc.

[Siren Allure: Erotic Regency Romance, Multiple Partners]

Some men are too hard. Some men are too soft. But only one man is just right…

Choosing the perfect bed is easy, but sometimes finding the right person to share it with is an adventure!

The Marquess of Blackwood lays eyes on Goldie Locksley, and immediately falls for her. Unfortunately, his youngest brother, Joseph, decides to make her his bride. But when their father tells him no, all hell breaks loose and all three brothers will do their utmost to see that they are a part of her future. But her happily ever after lies in the arms of one man. Will he be able to prove himself in time, or is Goldie destined to a life of misery or mediocrity?

A Siren Erotic Romance

I obtained the above information from

I do not judge short stories on the rush of their relationships, because they are just that - short stories. So, yes the relationships always could have been drawn out more, yea it seems like they fall in love to fast and of course the story could have been made longer... but it is a short story. So with that said.... here is my review... Let the fairy tale begin!

The time is May 1819 and place is England. Now close your eyes and allow the drift back music take you back... There you go... you are floating back in time... Open your eyes....

We are in a time when ladies were either considered proper ladies or whores - you could not be both (and you know what I mean ~ you could not be good in bed without having slept around). Men on the other hand were gentlemen and rakes all at the same time. Gotta love the double standards. But anyway... Keeping the time period in mind, you have to remember to lose one's virginity without being in the confines of a marriage meant you would have a damaged reputation. But to take the said virginity from a man's position got you a slap on the back and the rise of the port glass. Okay.... moving on... =)

Goldie Locksley is not of the highest social standing. But she is a gorgeous creature, hair of silk blonde, big beautiful blue eyes. She is a woman with a woman's heart. Her life has not been easy, but it also has not been the roughest either. Things for Goldie was going good... till one fateful day when her eyes were set upon a man that stole her heart.... But another pair of eyes were going to steal her away....

Let's met The Behr brothers: Joseph, Edmund and William.

William is the oldest of the brothers and soon to be the Duke of Worthington. And since he is the oldest, there are more demands of him. There are some things his other two brothers could get away with that he would never dare to try to get away with... Being pledged to someone else also is what comes of being the oldest. William was not expected to find a bride, for one was found for him. Did she make his blood boil, did she bring him to rise on the occasion of just glancing her way, did one kiss sear him to his soul??

Edmund is the middle brother. His life is not planned out for him like William and he is not the trouble maker like Joseph. He is kinda the forgotten one. But I will tell you that I loved Edmund. His passion for seeing those of deserving happiness out weighs his own. He sees the soul of the angel and wants to do any thing and every thing in his power to help this angel... But at what cost does he have to pay to help this angel?

Joseph is the youngest of the three. And his is one bastard you want to try to love. Really you do. He causes mayhem where ever he goes. He is a rake of the best. Always looking for a place to plant his *cough* steed and really not caring about where it may be planted. Until he lays eyes upon an angel. Can this angel turn him an honorable man? Or once a bastard always a bastard??

Looks like you will have to read to find out what really happens between Goldie Locksley and the Three Behr's.... But to give you a tease....

The language of the book is set for the 1800 but at the same time, Ms. Harris makes the characters real with their language. Can you imagine this:

((This is a conversation between mother and daughter..... And tell me if you can't see this being you and your mother ~ no matter the time period))

"The shrill tone in her mother’s voice had her turning to face her. Her heart hammered in her chest at the sight before her. Her mother’s face flushed a deep crimson, her blue eyes bulging.
“Why would I want to marry that cad?” she asked, hoping to calm the woman. God knew she didn’t wish to cause her any further stress."

I will say this story is not as it seems; which was very intriguing. I went into the story thinking it was going to go one way... only to get the turn of events to go some where else. It was interesting to see the twists and turns of events in this story.

I have to commend Ms. Channing for making this a very light, fun and sexy read. There are emotional draws in this book, it is not all sugar and spice and everything nice... No.. that would be just a "goodie-to-shoe" kinda read. She took a fairy tale that I use to read when I was a kid, ahh hell who am I kidding, I still read the damn story... anyway... She took that story and turned it all adultish for me! What was nice to see is that Ms. Harris penned a few tongue in cheek humor in this fairy tale. It was nice to see the references to the actual story.

What happens when social standing - stands in the way of what your heart wants?
What is to come when you are double crossed by your own blood?
Can you control who you fall in love with? If you could control it, would you?
What do you do when you feel like your life is hanging in a balance and you don't know which way to turn... or who to turn too??
I hope you enjoy your story as much as I did....

If you scroll a little farther down when you click on here... you can read a hot excerpt of this book!
To go check Ms. Harris out, please visit her blog -->>> here! Drop by and tell her Hi!

Now, time you have all been waiting for...
Giveaway Time!!
Ms. Harris Channing has been so kind to offer up a copy of
Goldie and The Three Behr's (ebook)
To one lucky winner....

What do you have to do??
Answer this question and make sure you leave your email address...

If you could be the heroine in one fairy tale ~ which would it be... and WHY??
Contest will end July 3rd ~ Saturday
And winner will be announced
July 6th ~ Tuesday
~Good Luck Ladies & Gents~

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  1. It Would be Beauty and the Beast always love that tale.And your storie looks like a good one two. can't wait to read it.


  2. Who would I be, they all suffer so much. But Jasmine from Alladdin lives in that great big palace and has it pretty good :)

  3. I would say Goldielocks! How can you pass up 3 sexy men!!!! yum, yum!!


  4. Hey Ladies! Thanks for coming over!

    Hey stacey! How are you?! Hope all is well. Ohhh Beauty and The Beast. Good choice!
    This is a very fun/hot read! Thanks for coming over!

    Blodeuedd! Hey honey! Well don't we all "suffer" in love. To obtain what we want, we have to suffer a little. Jasmine... magic carpet rides, genie in a bottle, princess...
    Thanks for coming hon!! Have a great day!

    Brande!!! Hey honey! Hope all has been well for you!
    Ohhh you like the Three Bears huh... lol! All alone in the forest with them... No one around to hear a thing, lol. Thanks for coming over and playing hon!

  5. Great review Cecile.

    How about Little Red Riding Hood because then I'd get to kick the big bad wolf's ass...ok I wasn't much for fairy tales as a kid...or how about Snow White..who doesn't want 7 men working their fingers to the bone to bring home the bacon and I sit on my ass all day and do nothing,then find my price charming, which again would lead me to doing nothing all day again just in a bigger and better home :D

  6. Hi ladies! Thanks for stopping by! Stacey, only if the Beast looks like the 'after' shot!

    Blodeuedd---yeah sitting in a castle all day does sound good!

    Brande--Yep, I have trouble picking my favorite Behr too. Of course, Edmund is off the market before the story starts!

    You know what, Elaing, the woodsmen could be interesting! I feel a story brewing!

    Hi ya Cecile! I love, Love LOVE the review! I'm going to put it up on my blog right now!

    And gals, even when this is done, I have my contest going on over at my site...although I think most of you sweeties have already visited!

    Hugs to all of you!


  7. I would be Snow White because she gets to live in the woods and all the animals love her... and she gets seven men to serve her *wink* each with a special talent.

    mdwartistry at yahoo dot com

  8. Yeah Sweet V! Who's to say the men have to look like Sleepy and Dopey! The possibilities are endless and Snow White could totally be in charge!

  9. Elaing8!! Hey honey! Thanks for coming over today and playing with us! You crack me up!!! You would be my Bad Ass Heroin huh... Kick the Big Bad Wolf's ass!! LMBO!
    Now there is a thought.. 7 men to see to all of your needs... That is a very nice pick my dear!!! Even after you secure a prince...! Then you would have 8!
    Thanks hon!

    Hey Harris! Awww, thank you for coming over today! It is nice whtn the author comes over to sit with us while we play!!

    And I know you wrote the book... but what fairy tale would you be??? Inquiring minds want to know!! Ha!

    And another question... Why did you pick that time frame for your story? Will the other brothers have their story too or is this just a single story?

    My Sweet! Hey honey! Thanks for popping in today! Ohhh another Snow White fan... I mean really, who could blame you ladies for picking her! =) And each with a special *wink wink* talent! Love your hussy mind!

  10. What fairy tale would I choose? OMW! I don't know!!! I'm already Cinderella...I scrub floors, clean toilets and hang out laundry! My prince charming tries. ;)

    But seriously, I don't think I'd want to live in a big castle and have people all in my business all the time. Maybe like Giselle in Enchanted. She gets her happily ever after and Patrick Dempsey!

  11. Why did I pick the time frame? Well, a contemporary just didn't fit my vision of the story. All my stories to date have been contemporaries and I wanted a change of pace. Basically, the Regency era just felt 'right'.

    No, I don't think there will be other stories...unless you all think Joseph is redeemable? What do you think?

  12. Come on now... You did not expect to get off scott free with no questions today, lmbo!!!

    ***Insert the giggles*** I guess that makes me Cinderella too then.. Except my Prince does not try.. **sigh**

    The era did fit the story.
    Now you know I can not give away details here... But Joseph... redeemable... Humm... I will have to email you my thoughts on that one. I do not want to spoil it for anyone else.

  13. Not entering the contest, but you know I'll mention it Friday!

  14. Yes, do let me know what you think of Joseph! You don't suppose I gave too much away, do you?

  15. Well my fave story is Beauty & the Beast (well except for the part where he turns into a prince)...who wouldn't want to play with him *rowr*! I'd be Belle naturally *grin*

    I enjoyed reading the review hun. :-)


  16. Harris, not at all.. Just enough to make the interest in Joseph go up that much more!!! LOL!!!

    s7anna!! Hey honey! Thanks for popping in today!!! Ohhhh another B&B lover... Ohhh you know what.. He was the first shapeshifter.. think about it!!!! LOL!!! Hot!!!

  17. Okay, I'm a smutty hussy too...does Beast like to do it doggy style? I'm all know it!

    Thanks for stopping by, Anna

  18. Harris this is the best place to get smutty!!!! LOL!!

    Ohhh doggie style huh... Well I can see him being in control... A little bdsm with him....

  19. I need an e-reader!

    Love the idea of this fairy tale remake. I'm not sure who I'd choose, probably Beauty. don't enter me though.

  20. Great question, I think I go for Snow White (if that's her English name) because she's beautiful and an independent woman, sort of. :)

  21. LOL that is a very interesting take on Goldie locks there...

    BIG HUGS my dear hope you are having a great one.

  22. carolsnotebook! Hey hon!! Oh... honey an ereader would be nice! But I just lower the contrast of my computer and it helps the eyes.

    Ohhh another Beauty!

    Janna!! I figured you for Snow White... Sure, it's for the independence.... you sure it has nothing to do with being alone... in the woods... with 7 (including prince) MEN...... all with special talents of their own, lol...
    Thanks for coming over my dear!

  23. Hey Jennj!!!! Isn't a neat little spin! Thanks for popping on in today!

  24. *blush* you know me to well, hon! LOL! :)

  25. No need to blush my love.... You are here at the Hussy Lair Janna... You know ~ Where a Hussy can be a Hussy!!!

  26. Oh right! How could I forget, LOL! *doing the smutty eh.. happy dance*

  27. Oh hon.. LOL... I will join you in the smutty.. I mean happy dance!!!

    Girl, how could you forget where you are!?!! lol =)

    The smuttier the better!!!
    7 men... at your beck-in-call... hummmmmmmmmm.......

  28. LOL! That'll make for sweet dreams, won't it! I'm off to bed now, so... ;)
    Have a great day/evening, honey!!!

  29. I just started reading this book and can't wait to get back to it.

  30. Oh wow, interesting question Cecile. Ms Channing's story sounds really good BTW.

    Um.. I think it would likely be Cinderella I loved the way she gets the handsome prince and has vengeance of a sort on the nasty stepmother and sisters. lol

    You take care and enjoy your weekend!

  31. Hmm odd I knew I was following your blog before but it said I wasn't. Stupid @ss blogger!

    Any who, my favorite has always been Bell from Beauty and the Beast. Sorry to say that I've only saw the Disney movie and haven't read the book. I just loved how smart she was and hello, who wouldn't want their own library?

    Stephanie G

  32. Carole, thanks for stopping by. I'm sorry you don't have a reader! You know what? I don't either. I just use my computer and sometimes the eye strain is a bit much. Of course, I could put on my glasses...

    Hi Janna, thanks for stopping by. Snow White, huh? She and Beauty seem to be everyone's favorite!

    Hey JennJ, thanks for commenting. Yeah, a smutty fairy tale!

    Alice, thanks for the compliment. I hope you're still enjoying the story. I know, you feel bad for Naomi, sorry!

    Lea yeah, it is good how Cinderella gets the last laugh. But I wonder, does Prince Charming leave socks and underwear on his bedroom floor?

  33. Hi Stephanie! Another Belle! Yeah, she gets her own library AND a talking teapot! Of course, my teapot sings...but only when the water's boiling!

  34. This is a very hard choice but I think I would pick Goldielocks I like the ideal of having three alpha men that would be so hot.

  35. This book looks like one HOT read.

    I've always liked Cinderella as she gets to stick it to her stepmother and stepsisters.

  36. Alice Audrey! Hi there! Welcome to the Lair! I hope you enjoyed your visit. Please do come back! and you must come back here to let me know what you thought of the book!

    Lea! Hey girlie!!! Thanks for coming on over! IT is nice to see you! Thank you Lea! I do try, lol! The book is really a good read!
    Ohhh a Cinderella fan!!!

    Paranormal Haven ~ Stephanie! Hey honey! Thanks for coming over here! Hummm yeah you are right blogger can be a stupid a$$. I am sorry about that... I hope all is okay now and you are following!
    Another Beauty!! It is okay, you do not have to read the books, lol. It's all a fairy tale!
    Never thought of the library thing!!! Humm, now there is a thought!
    Thanks for coming over hon!

    Sherry! Hi there! Welcome and hope you enjoy your visit! LOL... Goldielocks huh... Well.. You would have your choice of *cough* Behr's! LOL!!

    Andrea! Hey there! I am so happy to see some new faces!!! Ohhh a Cinderella fan!! You are in honey!! It is nice to have you here hon!

  37. Hm.. not an easy questions.. I would either like to be Jasmine from Aladdin (love all that magic and I would so love to fly on a magic carpet!) or Cinderella (it was my favourite fairy tale as a kid, loved how she was friends with all the animals :-D). But I agree, Bell is the closeset to a modern day heroine and our life: she is independent, smart and all those books.. *sighs*

    stella.exlibris (at) gmail (dot) com

  38. Stella (Ex Libris)! Hi there! Welcome! Pull up a chair and make yourself comfy!! I hope you enjoy my Lair! Thanks for joining us!
    Ohhh, I see you like the princesses! =)
    Jasmine... Cinderella... But Bella wins!! You are right that damn library wins every time,lmbo!!
    Thanks for coming and playing along!

  39. hmm yeah I'm going to go with Bell on this one, a Beast and a library although Goldie sounds very tempting with three...

  40. Tricia! Hey honey, I am glad that you could make it over today! Another Bella huh!!! =) But Goldie is coming in strong, lmbo!!

  41. i'm gonna have to go with beauty and the beast, but it only narrowly beat out snow white...:)

    k_sunshine1977 at yahoo dot com

  42. This comment has been removed by the author.

  43. Okay, here's my take on fairy tales...if you really look at them too closely.

    Let's start with Belle, from Beauty and the Beast. Think about it! Imagine all the fur Beast leaves everywhere he goes. And can you imagine the shower drain...that is if he showers at all. He is a beast after all.

    Jasmine's next. I think she's got it pretty good. Nice house, a dude who's not only cute but has magic to back him up and street cred! in my version she gets her happily ever after. But in the original...well that kid is a turd! Breaking into the the bears home, destroying their furniture, eating their food and lounging in their beds. She totally needed a spanking!

    On to Riding Hood. Yeah, she's a tough little girl, but stupid. I mean, shouldn't she know what her grandmother looks like?

    All right--Snow White. You know what? The hero in that book is LAME! All he does is kiss her. The true heroes are the dwarfs. They fed her, took care of her, loved her unconditionally, fought a nasty villian for her and then let her go when it was time.

    Cinderella...Prince Charming is a bum! What, he gets a boner for her at the dance and then sends some flunkie out to find her with only a shoe as a clue! Dang, he didn't even pop the stepmother in the nose!

    No one mentioned Aurora from Sleeping Beauty. Well, now her man was something! He fought a dragon for her, beat back thorny vines to get to her, let her take a nap and then kissed her! He's the MAN!

    Did I miss anyone? I hope not!

    Anyway, I didn't thank Sherry, Andrea, Stella, Reading Addiction and K_Sunshine for stopping by. Oh heck, thanks EVERYONE for stopping by! And thanks to Cecile for hosting this party. I had a great time!!

  44. Harris!!! You are killing me!!!!!!!!!
    Oh how I love it!!!!!!
    I am so glad that you have stopped by and joined in on the fun... I might give you mine tomorrow, lmbo!!!

    Thank you all of you!!! For coming over to my place and playing with us!!! Good luck to all!!!!!
    And remember it does not end till Friday!!!

  45. If I were a heroine in any fairytale, I'd be Princess Jasmine. Beauty, wealth, with a hot man and a genie? Well, dream come true! Plus, with a magic carpet, the possibilities are endless!

  46. Hey Dwayne... Welcome!!! Thanks for coming over!!! You are entered!! Hope you enjoyed your stay at the Lair!

  47. I’d have to say Goldilocks too. 3 yummy furry men….Hehehe.

    mitzihinkey at sbcglobal dot net

  48. Little Red Riding Hood for me! I'll get saved by the handsome woodsman (and we all know he's buff by swinging that ax all day!)

    Tracey D
    booklover0226 at gmail dot com

  49. Mitzi H.! Hey there! Thank you for visiting! Ohhh yay another Goldielocks!!!! Yayay!!! LOL

    Tracy D!! Hey honey!! Thanks for coming over honey!!! Ohh a Red riding hood fan!! Gotta love the outdoories type....!!! Thanks for coming honey!!

  50. Hi Harris, Hi Cecile! I was posting on other link of yours with this, glad to find you here too! I so love those fairy tales in romances! I remember when i first read Christina Dodd's Governess ones with like 6 fairy tale books! And love them sizzling too! Its hard to pick one but I so love the fairy tale of John Francis Campbell. He had alot set in Scotland! Check out :The King Who Wished to Marry His Daughter" I'd so love to get his collection of stories again!

  51. Caffey!! Hey honey!! I am so glad to see you here!! Oh man what a story! Well... I am not sure who I would be... But I am still thinking.. I might mention my princess when I announce the winner, lmbo!!!

    I hope all is well honey and have a great weekend... and a safe fourth of july!!


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