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Mini Review: Wicked Ride by Gina Gordon

Publisher: Breathless Press
Publication Date: May 28, 2010
Price: $2.45
Word Count: 2,463
Format: Ebook
Cover Art: Annie Melton

Kayla has been squirming in her seat for months. Every day the gentle hum of the engine pulses between her thighs as she sits in the back of the bus waiting for the hard male body to board. Today must be her lucky day. He decides to squeeze himself in the backseat beside her. It is the perfect opportunity for her to make her move. After months of empty orgasms, Kayla is finally ready to put her money where her fantasies are.

This book can be found at Breathless Press

Since this is super short story, I will entertain you with a little conversation that went down me
with me and one of my bartenders, Raul. Please meet Raul..... Yeah, I have been hiding him from you.. Do you blame me!

Raul was bringing me my drink one day when he saw this cover on my computer screen. Now he is my personal bartender, heeeheee.. Yeah, being a hussy has it perks!

Anyway... He asked what was I reading....

Cecile: Well Raul, I found this new author the other day over at a blog that I visit. Read the blurb and was pretty much sold on the idea of having to have her books.

Raul: Okay, what was about the book that made you want it?

Cecile: Hello, did you see that cover! What woman does not have fantasies about that being her. And the story itself... Come on Raul. Tell me you have never fantasizes about a woman in a **cough** position like that...

Raul eyes Cecile... and mumbles something about Cecile being in that position.....

Cecile: Okay, okay... Anyway... I wanted to read the book! Like my cookies, I wanted it now!

Raul: So, how did the story live up to your **ahem** fantasies? Or do I have to ask... is that why you had me... uff... **Cecile nudges Raul in the ribs**

Cecile: This story lived up to every hot, steamy, erotic, quickie sex scene that has passed through my mind. And Raul... I have a treat for the lair...... **Cecile's eyes take over this wicked glean in them**

Raul: I am kinda scare to ask..... Never know with you...

Cecile: I have another mini review of another one of Ms. Gina's books tomorrow... and the next day...... Ms. Gina will actually come to the Hussy Lair!!!

Now, I normally do not quote from a book... but I had to tease you with just two... Yeah, I am evil like that!

Without thinking, her hands made their way to her thighs, inching the hem of her skirt further up with every gentle stroke. “Would you say you were the kind of man who can get things

"I can’t wait to see your lips wrapped around my cock, but we’ll get to that.”

Okay, now that I have tempted you... let me treat you! If you noticed the word count, this book is super short! But let me tell you, Ms. Gordon did not leave anything out. This book is what fantasies are made of!!! Now, I want to go find my own bus to *wink* ride!!!!

This is story is will leave you breathing very heavily and wanting some quickie hot sex! Her story will also leave you with fantasies of your own! Now I just want to see if Kayla has more fantasies and what she does with them or him **evil wink**!!!!!
Great job Ms. Gina!!!

To find Ms. Gina Gordon, please visit her website --> here.
She loves to hear for people!
To see Ms. Gina at her blog, please go -->> here.

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  1. Ooh I can't wait to read this! Gina's first release, Her Five Favorite Words, is also awesome.

  2. This sounds HOT! Thanks for sharing this!

  3. Mm hot, and then I stared at the side with Butler with his tongue out *fanning herself*

    Nice job Cecile :)

  4. wow wow wow sounds really hot! should have shared him nom nom nom

  5. I liked the way you reviewed this book....Hi Raul :D
    Sounds very steamy,and who hasn't gone back and stared at that cover a second forward to the rest of the week.

  6. Sonya Clark! Hi and welcome! Thanks for coming over today!
    Ohhhh, I can't wait for you to read it either! You must let me know what you thought!
    It is an awesome read!

    Jamie!! Hey honey!!!! Thanks for stopping by today! Oh girl... sound HOT, this book is freaking hot!!! I mean besides the cover... damn! You are more than welcome for the sharing... Just love spreading around a good thing when I see it!

    Blodeuedd!! Hey honey!!! Ohhhh you would like this book.. Might have to leave it open so boyfriend can see it and read.. It is really quick!! **evil wink**
    And I thought of you last night... I started looking for pics to update our two slides (of Gerard and Richard). When I am done, I will let you know honey! Hope you have a great day!

    Caroline!!! Hey honey! Girl.... You can keep woowowowowowow, this book was just that good! I am sharing Raul now... **teases Caroline..** He is all sorts of nomnom!!

    Elaing8!!! Hey honey! Thanks for coming in today! Aw, thanks hon!
    Raul is definitely something.... Nom!
    This books is awesome!!! And the rest of the week only gets better!!! **Evil laughter**

  7. Sounds great (and very hot)!

    Thanks Cecile!

  8. Mmmm... eye candy... wait, did you say something? ;)

  9. Hey Cecile! I love a steamy quickie ;) and that cover is hot!

  10. Hi everyone, work day FINALLY over! Been waiting all day to stop by.

    I had a blast this past week discussing all things smut with Ms Hussy!

    Hi Raul! **gives a flirty little wave**

    Nice to hear you love the cover art. When Annie sent it to me I was so excited I actually replied with inappropriate language-it's that good! I just want to grab his bum with both hands - it's so tight!

    Thank you everyone for stopping by today. Don't miss the interview on Friday. Cecile and I make Raul blush!!

    Cecile, you are the Queen and I bow to your smuttiness!

  11. Man that snippet left me a bit...tingly...*cough cough...

    *Monroe looks around nervously then fans herself. Youre to evil my sweet!

  12. Ooh, this sounds fabulous! I can see why you were hooked by that cover.

    Veri word--dorki

    I think Blogger is trying to tell me something. I am offended.

  13. lol

    Fun review Cecile - sounds like a good one, the eye candy is hot too. ;)

    Thanks for sharing

  14. So, Breathless Press huh, that sounds like the place to be for all things scotching hot and sexy *grin* Great way to review a book Cecile *grins again*

  15. host! Hey honey!!! This is a very hot read! You are more than welcome! You know I love to share! Hope all is going well my friend!! Hugs to you!

    Chris!! I love ya honey!! I love sharing my eye candy with you... gives you something to nibble on!! LOL!

    Fiction Vixen! Girl.... vveerrraaa sexy! I think the Vixen in you would like this one!

    C.J.Gabriel! =) Thanks honey, I do try!! LMBO! This book is yummy... Thanks for coming over!

    Tricia!! Hey honey!! Ohhh Ms. Gina is wickedly good at steamy quickies!!! LMBO! And yea... that cover just speaks to me, I do not know why, lmbo!

    Gina Gordon!!! Hey honey!! I am glad that you could finally make it here!! Girl, I think everyone loves your book, lol!! Thanks for coming over!
    Awwww... honey, you are to kind! I love smutty talk!! I surely cannot wait till Friday!!! The real smut comes out! Hee heeee!!
    Oh honey, love the cover art... that is one cover that I wish I could print out and leave on the side of my dresser, lmbo!
    Oh grabbing his ass was one thought that came into mind... along with a million other ones, lmbo!
    QUEEN!!!!! OMG!! You are too kind honey!!! And I love it!

    Monroe Dawson!! Hey honey!!! Ooooo, I am glad that the snippet left you feeling that way! Then I did my job again, teasing!! haaahaaa!!!
    Ohhh you only know half the evil I can be!!! **evil laughter filtered through the lair**

    Eyre!! Hooked... oh yeah that I am for sure!!!!!
    **Rubs Eyre's back.. oh honey, don't be offended... I have been called worst, lol**

    Lea!! Hey there honey! I am glad to see you around! I hope all has been well! You are more than welcome honey for the candy! I seem to be having a huge sweet tooth lately!! Hope all is well honey!

    Leontine! Hey honey! Ohhh isn't that a great press name for some books like this!! Breathless Press! And yeah... I think that place is the place for us hussies to go and *cough* seek out these books!! Thank you honey!!!

  16. Hey! Stop nailing Raul in the ribs, I wanna hear those secrets on his lips. :D But I guess I can imagine other places for those lips to be... I just might need my own personal bartender!

  17. Sweet ~ lmbo... you are too funny honey! I had to keep nudging him... trying to give away my secrets like that... naughty him.. I disciplined him later, *wicked laughter*!


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