Saturday, June 5, 2010

Calling All Hussies!!!! Your Vote Is Needed!!!

Hussy's of the Lair, I am calling your attention....
Your help is needed!
I am rallying up support for Ms Lissa Matthews!
Yeah, you all know how much I love this woman's writing...
and her books....
Well, over at Whipped Cream....
their reviewers gave Ms. Lissa's book.....
4.5 Cherries out of 5!!!
How flipping awesome is that!!!
This means that it's up for book of the week!
So, when I found out that her book...

Stick Shift was up for the vote, I immediately knew that I needed to do my part as a reader
and bring this to the other Hussies attention!!!!
Please go here to cast your vote!

You never know you may wind up finding other great books
(Besides her... cuz you should have it already... if not what are you waiting on!)
and new authors to look up!!!
Go Hussy Power!!!!

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  1. Damn girl! When I saw 'calling all hussies' in my google reader I nearly broke my finger I clicked the mouse so fast trying to get over here in a hurry! LOL. How awesome you're supporting your author. You rock girl. I haven't read anything by Lissa Mathews yet but I'll remedy that soon. Have a great weekend! xoxo

  2. Went there, did that hon...XD

    I'ma link to ya love...I'm kinda zombiefied by I gonna bring attention to this entry a yours. XD


  3. Left ya weekend yums, hon...

    have a delightful weekend! XD

  4. I voted as soon as I saw Lissa's post about it!
    Thanks again for introducing me to her books Cecile!



  5. I voted! :) I'm pretty new to Lissa's books but I'm loving everything so far! :)

  6. Fiction Vixen will read my 'food fairy' book as soon as I write it! LOL...

    TY Ce for being so kind... And yes, people should vote for their fave, even if it's not me!

  7. Fiction !!! HHHHeeeyyyyy Giirrllliee!!!!!
    Girl, you know me ~ Kinda like the "Batman Singal"!!! LMBO!! Oh gosh, I am dying!! Thanks for hearing the Call!!!!! Go Hussies!!!!!!!!

    You make me laugh!! I love ya!
    Well, you know if we do not support our authors who will. And I do not care which one is your favorite or whoever... but you know... Supporting them and putting the word out is sooo important. And that is our job as the readers to do that!!
    Gilr, you need to find you some Lissa Matthews reading material... Mr Vixen will love it! Trust me!
    Have a great weekend honey!

    Redd!!! Hey honey!!!! Girl, I knew I could count on you!!! Thanks, you are a doll!!!! And you are sooo sweet to link me up at your place! Thanks for spreading the word!!!!! And thanks for the nomnom... They were both delicious!!!! Yum!
    I hope you are enjoying your book honey!!!! Aren't they great!
    I hope you have a great weekend! And I can not wait to see the review for what you are reading!

    MsM!! Oh Ms. M, you know how I love to give back to the peeps who give to me hon!! I am just glad that you come back to let me know that you love her writing material!!! =) Warms my heart and makes my inner hussy purr!! You are more than welcome hon!

    Blanche!Hey honey Thanks for taking the time to do this for Ms. Lissa!!! I can not tell you how much I appreciate it! Thank you soo very much! And again, it makes me happy to hear that you like her writing!!!!
    I hope all is well Blanche. I haven't seen much of you around... So I hope you and family are okay!
    Love ya honey!

    Lissa!! You are more than welcome honey!! You know I love mad writing skill!!!

  8. Heading over to to my part of the hussie revolution, lol-

    Hope all is well :)

  9. Another Vote cast! :) Hope you are having a great weekend honey! BIG HUGS miss ya.


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