Friday, June 4, 2010

I hope you come visit!!!!!

This hussy has been asked to go somewhere Monday where I have never been...

I recently stumbled into a new author... How does one do that.... Well, just be me!!!!
It is my pleasure to welcome to you... Ms. CJ Gabriel!
She is interviewing me at her place... Can you believe that... Me... And of course I plan on making things entertaining to say the least...

So, authors and readers are welcome by the boat load... Why?? Cuz I am there DUH!!!!
No, seriously... We, Ms. CJ and I, are having a give away!! An awesome giveaway if I say so myself!!!

Look for my review coming on this book.... I cannot wait to start reading this!!!

A little taste..... From Eternal Press

For seven years she’s fought her demons, but now a stranger has arrived and the real battle is about to begin…

In the wild Wyoming Territory, controlled by an evil cattle baron and his outlaw’s guns, one woman is hiding from her horrific crime and one man is seeking revenge. But when a deadly stranger comes to town, Evil takes on a terrifying new face. Now hiding is no longer an option and a revolver cannot kill the supernatural presence that is waiting in the dark city to claim the souls of those foolish enough to stand against it....

I will give you an even bigger taste of what it is about... I obtained this from Ms. CJ's place!!!!!

Somewhere in the Old West....

A woman is hiding from her crime. A gunman is running from his past. A cattlebaron is plotting his next kill... and a Demon is just arriving in town for the showdown.

~Excerpt From Chapter 10~

Rian awoke with a start. Cold sweat was running down her back. She sat up and felt not the soft down of her bed, but the hard grit of gravel and dirt beneath her finger tips. She looked about in confusion. Then, with terror, she recognized her surroundings. She had been here many times before.

It was twilight. The sky was still an ugly, murky orange marbled with engorged, blackish-red clouds. She shuddered as she looked up the empty street. The buildings on either side stood dark and stared vacantly down at her with windows that were hollow, ominous eyes. Their shutters flapped sluggishly despite the fact that the air was eerily still and malignant. A chill ran down her spine as she turned to look along the other side of the street.

At the far end, just at the town's edge, was the outline of a man sitting on a horse as black as the Devil's heart. It was not the horse, but the man, injured and slumping atop the horse, that drew her attention. This time, she knew who it was.

She could not make out his face but the picture was all too familiar. A scream, silent and gagging, wedged in her throat. Rising with the horrid sluggishness of one trapped in a nightmare, Rian ran to the horse. Her footsteps clanged like the fall of a blacksmith's hammer on steel as they struck the ground. "Bradyn!" she cried in a voice barely more than a mocking whisper. "Bradyn!"

Limp and lifeless, he sat upon the horse whose eyes glowed with the raging fires of Hell's brimstone. His body was riddled with bullet holes, but only a thin trickle of blood ran from his chest. She screamed out to him again and this time he lifted his gaze to her. Rian felt her blood run cold as she looked at his face. He was missing an eye and his mouth was nothing more than a bloody, bashed-in hole. She saw that his hands had been sliced and bruised, then tied to the saddle horn in horrible reminiscence of the day she'd first seen him.

Fierce anger and numbing fear drove her to his side. Stumbling up to the horse, she worked frantically to untie him.

"I wouldn't touch him if I were you." A voice as deep as a river and as electrifying as a jagged streak of lightning filled the street. "I wouldn't touch him."

Rian turned slowly and felt the fury of a thousand hurricanes begin to churn through her blood. Two figures stood at the other end of the town. They were black against a dismal setting sun. Their dusters flapped lifelessly in the heavy, unmoving air. Why were there two men now? Who had the demon brought with him?

"Stay away from us!" She heard her voice, a foreign and distant shriek, echoing down the dead-calm street.

A rumbling chuckle drifted through the town. Quiet at first, it grew in volume until it was an eerie, ubiquitous thundering. Ravens gathered by the hundreds on the roof tops and along the streets, their cackling caws blending with the demonic laughter.

To visit her home page, please go -->> here.
To visit her blog page, please go -->> here.

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  1. Monday? Ok will be there then.!!

    I have been reading this one too, I just had to cos of the way she asked. She had humour and could joke about herself.

    Gonna finish it today and post a review.

    Happy weekend hon!

  2. You know I'm going to be there and this book sounds AWESOME!!! It is so going on my buy list like, right now!! Can I already buy it, I wonder? hhhmmm, looking forward to you being interviewed, and I just can imagine the partay it is going to be LOL

    Hope you're doing good hon!

  3. This book does sound good!

    Have a great Friday!

  4. Monday I'll be there with bells on and she couldn't have picked a better guest! :) BIG HUGS hope you have a great one hon.

  5. Hey Cecile!

    This definitely looks interesting. :P

  6. You are being interviewed? A-ha! The tables get turned!

  7. What fun! See you there! Have a great weekend too. >^..^<

  8. uhoh..Does CJ know what she's goten herself should be interesting :)
    I'll be there.

  9. Blodeuedd! Hey honey... Yeppers Monday! I do hope to see you there! I did love your review of her book and I can not wait to start it for myself! She is a great person!
    I hope you and boyfriend have a great weekend honey!!! Hugs to you!

    Leontine!! Yay, hey honey! I need to email you... will doing that soon! OH I do hope you will be there... She brought more of the hussy out in me **can not blush**!
    It was funny having the tables turned on me... Just hope I did alright, lol!
    I am doing good honey! I hope all is well with you and hubs! Have a great weekend!

    Eyre!! Hey honey! Hopefully I have my review of it up soon... That means I need to have the whip cracked so I can start reading, lol.
    Hon, I hope you have a great Friday and an even awesomer weekend! Yeah, I just made that word up Ms. Teacher, lol!!

    JennJ! Hey honey! I love ya!!! Bells on! Girl you are crazy!!! But I will be delighted if you do come over! Just to have my friends there with me will be a treat!!!
    And you get a chance to win something.... **a book... or two.. trying to entice**
    I hope you and your family have a great weekend!!!

    ~ames~!! Hey honey!!!!!! How have you been?? Glad to see you here! This will be quiet interesting to say the least! And her book... so far... from what I gather is really good! I cannot wait to find out for myself! Thanks for coming over! I hope you have a great weekend!

    Chris!! Yeah... **nervously fidgets with fingers** I was interviewed... Tables turned big time. Not sure I am ready to go public with those things, lol!!! Eeeekkk guess we will find out!
    I hope you and the kitties have a great weekend!

    My Sweet!! You know what I love!!! You are too sweet to me! You have to come over... **eeekk** Not sure about being interviewed... I like to be in control, lmbo!!!! But it was fun and Ms. CJ is a great woman!

    elaing8!! Hey honey! I am not sure if CJ knows what she is getting into or not.. I did try to warn her!!! But.... I told her I am not that entertaining, lmbo!!! Guess I will have to find out how I did Monday... Kinda nervous! Thanks for promising to go!!! I hope you have a great weekend!

  10. How neat Cecile!! :)

    I'll be stopping by to visit, can't wait! :)

  11. Hi Cecile!

    That book sounds like a good one - I'll have to check it out. Thanks for the heads up!



  12. Oh, I definitely want to read that interview, hon!! I'll try to stop by! I'm 3 days without internet next week, but hopefully I can swing by before that. :)
    The book sounds great, I just read Blodeuedd's review, and I can't wait for your thoughts, Cecile! :)
    Hope all's well with you!

  13. Sounds good. Something to look forward to. Enjoyed the excerpt, too.

  14. Blanche!! Hey honey! Yeah, I feel honored that someone wanted to know about me.. Go figure! I really hope to see you there!!! Hope you have a great weekend!

    MsM! Hey there hon! I hope all is well hon! Thanks for stopping in! Yeah, the book does sound pretty cool. I cannot wait to read it! Oh please do come by Monday, I will have the link up and ready to go to come over and see me!
    Hope you and yours have a great weekend!

    Janna!!! Oh hey honey!! I hope you are seriously feeling better!!! Oh gosh, you are probably going to kill yourself LMAO!! at me!!! But it will be so much fun.. cuz I can laugh at myself!!! LMBO!!!! Swing on by honey! You know I want you there!!! Have a great weekend!

    Mr V! Hey there! I am glad that you could make it! Ohhh it is something to look forward to, I can promise you that... Might laugh a few times too!! I never did an interview about myself before... Kinda nervous! Oh welll... it is me being me!

    How is the kitchen treating you??

  15. I will be looking forward to Monday!!! Can't wait to see what happens...*smiles* You'll be fabulous, dahling...XD

    I luv finding new authors to read, makes for a fun week. =)

    Have a fantabulous weekend, C!

  16. Monday? I'll make a note of it my dear hussy! xoxo Have a lovely weekend.

  17. Redd! Hey honey! Thanks for popping in over here!!! It is also good to see a fellow friend! =)
    Ohhh girl, I can not wait to see what you guys think... Interviewing is nerve wracking, lol!!! I hope I do you proud, lol!
    Hope you have a great weekend!

    Fiction Vixen!! Hey my hussy love! How are you! I hope all is well! Thanks for coming on over today! Ohhhh mark your calendar!!! The more peeps the merrier time we will have! I hope you have a smutty weekend honey!

  18. I can't tell everyone how excited and honored I am to get to interview the lovely Cecile! It's going to be a blast...and an interview most won't soon forget!

    Can't wait to see you all there...but be sure to come with your party hats on and your fingers ready to type because two lucky commenters will win a free copy of my novel...and Cecile is going to be giving up a prize or two herself (although she's keep in me in the dark as to the prize she's got in mind, the vixen! =D)so be sure you get your word in edgewise to win a prize!!

    xoxoxo until Monday!


  19. I'll see you there on Monday....and I'll see you in Lake Charles on Saturday!!!!!

  20. C.J.Gabriel!!!Oh gosh our day is almost here!!! YAYAYAYAY, I sooooooooooo cannot wait!! We are going to rock the house, even if it is only us!! LMBO!!!!!!
    CJ, I am very honored that you would ask me to go to your place! You are a sweet person!!!!
    Thank you!!!
    I have to keep some secrets!!!! Mmmaaaawwwwwhhhhaaawwwww!!!!

    Patti~ Oh gosh!! I cannot wait to 'see' you to Monday... BUT OMG.. I can not wait to SEE you next weekend!!!! OH Gosh.. this is going to be awesome!! Both parties!!!


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