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Dane, Oh Dane..... What are YOU giving Away!!!!

I have the honor of having Dane at my place and not only was he **cough cough** nice enough to *cough* come and visit me.... He is also giving away one of his books to one lucky commenter... Keep reading for the rules, lol... of Dane's game!!!!!!!!

From his back side... I mean the back of his book...
As he searches for his missing brother in 1880s Rome, the arrogant Lord Dane Satyr wrestles with his fiery inner demon, Dante. Dane has little patience for the ElseWorld Council’s insistence that he must take a human wife to safeguard his ancestral lands.

Eva, a beautiful social climber with a gift for matchmaking, is determined to throw her humble beginnings in the faces of an Italian society that once scorned her mother. She schemes to wed a human from among their ranks. But she is far from human herself. And if Dane, his brothers, her best friend, or anyone learns what she truly is, all hell will break loose.

When Dane and Eva first meet, they are consumed by intense needs they cannot satisfy alone. Can their scorching passion and growing love for one another overcome the dangers that keep them apart?
Ladies, sit back and unwind.... Dane is here to shed some light on his story! I insist you grab something cold to drink... before you start this one.... Now please let's welcome Hussy Style ~ Dane to the blog!!!

Dane, oh Dane... Where have you been all my life...

Dane: [low, sexy male voice] In ElseWorld, rising in the ranks of the Trackers as I watched for my chance to defect through the gate. A week ago, I finally crossed over to join my brothers in Rome. And to reclaim my ancestral lands. And to meet you it seems… Now that I’m here in your human world, the Council can forget any ideas about dragging me back through the gate. However, to entrench myself in your world, I need a human bride. Perhaps one of your hussies would consider . . . [Masculine glance leisurely sweeping the Lair, caressing each occupant in turn . . .]

**mumbles under her breath... hot damn**

I have been introduced to almost all of your family that Ms. Amber will allow me to meet ((yeah, I know she is hiding more... I will find them… I promise you that -->> insert evil laughter)), but you are the newest member to the family that we get to feast upon, I mean get to meet!

Feast as you will! [Glinting silver eyes slowly make their way up and down Cecile’s hussy form. An approving smile curves Dane’s lips.]

**oh, this man does not know what he is getting himself into with this hussy**

It seems Dane, that you have made your way around the blog world already... I am just delighted that you have decided to stop at my place! So... welcome to my beloved Hussy Lair...

Why don't you tell us a little about yourself? I am sure all the ladies here at my Lair would love to know more about you? Hell, I know I would.

[vaguely suspicious] Interesting that you ask to know more about me. There are things I long to know about myself as well. Dark secrets haunt me. I’m “missing” a year of my life. When I was a boy of twelve, my younger brother Lucien and I mysteriously disappeared one day from Rome. Although I reappeared a year later wandering the Roman forum ruins, my memories of that missing time are locked away in the recesses of my mind, within an alternate personality … one who calls himself Dante.

Ooh! Tell us about Dante:

Dane: [shrugs in an innately Italian manner] He and I are one in the same. Fragments of a single mind. Possessors of one body. When I’m physically stirred by a woman, he takes control. [Eyes flick around the Lair once again, obviously stirred by what beauty they behold…and Dane slips away, overtaken by Dante.]

Dante: [speaking in a velvet voice that lures women to succumb] I surface only during carnal engagements, when I act in Dane’s stead. He despises me for this, but he cannot be allowed to remember his lost year. Lying with a female might bring back memories best forgotten. I only exist to protect him. [low chuckle] Though I cannot deny I take fleshy pleasure in the women we enjoy together, particularly during the Calling when the satyr change physically during the carnal rituals…

Dane: [returns to himself, jaw working in a subtle show of anger] Last night was the Calling. I woke with my body still linked to a woman I have no recollection of having bedded. Because of my strangeness, I had to spend considerable time soothing her and convincing her that we – that I -- am not . . . insane. I’ll not allow us to be locked up and studied, not again. We must be careful. [voice thickens with masculine longing] But I would sell my soul to experience true sexual pleasure with a woman. [takes the measure of the various hussies gathered in Cecile’s Lair, then looks away so as not to become too stimulated and risk the return of Dante]

Is there something else you’ve kept hidden...something that you would like to share here at the Lair? Please feel free to share anything you would like. *evil gleam in Cecile's eyes*

There’s more than one dark secret hidden away inside me and there are pressing reasons why I must solve these mysteries, and quickly. My missing younger brother will soon turn 18, the age at which the satyr first begin to change physically and are driven to participate in the ancient carnal rituals dedicated to the Roman god of wine, Bacchus. The secret to my brother’s whereabouts is locked inside my mind. The clock is ticking.

**oh honey, if you only knew what clocks were ticking... you might not be here...***

Tell us about your home Dane? Why was it so important to you to return to the human world and what is it that makes it so special to you?This is my backyard... The Roman Forum

**Oh my gosh Dane, that is breathtakingly beautiful**

Italy is the adopted home of my ancestors in your world. The sap that flows through the grapevines and the gnarled branches of the ancient olive trees on my land here on Aventine Hill is my life blood. My roots are here, and those of my family. For too long, I’ve been torn away from this land and trapped on the other side of the gate in ElseWorld.

In a woman, what holds your attention the most? What kind of woman do you seek? **Yeah, I have secret motives for asking, so what...**

A human woman is what I require. The matchmaker – Evangeline Delacorte (Eva) – is said to have a gift for matching ElseWorld males to human brides. She reads auras, searching out those which are compatible. But she harbors secrets of her own. There has never been a satyr female born among us. Never in history. Until Eva. Because she must hide what she is, she attempts to find covert satisfaction when carnal impulses overwhelm her. She foolishly believes she will be able to wed a human male and not be found out. [scoffs]

Is there some Lo-Down on your family members you would love to share with us Hussies today?

Dane: Aside from my missing brother, I have two more brothers—Bastian and Sevin--both unwed.
Bastian: And intending to stay that way.
Sevin: Dane’s Eva has plans to see us all married.
Bastian: I have plans of my own. I’ve just made a new find in the forum and we’ve begun digging. A House of Vestals. I believe it holds the secret to the ultimate protection of our kind in this world. If I’m right, there will no longer be any pressing reason that any of us must wed. Sevin: Regardless, I’m far too busy to deal with a wife.
Dane: Sevin is the true businessman in the family—owner of the Salon di Passione. He may not have time for women, but they swarm around him like bees to honey.
Sevin: Oh, I make time for women, brother, never fear. [eyeing the hussies with masculine interest] Although humans are forbidden here at the Salon di Passione, I extend a special welcome to you and your hussies, Cecile. Anytime you wish to explore your fantasies…any fantasies…please do visit us at the Salon one evening. You’ll find willing, experienced partners awaiting your pleasure.

Dane: As for Lucien, our youngest brother, he is still lost to us.

Bastian: But not dead.
Dane: [shaking head emphatically] No, not dead. I sense him somewhere, alive. Somewhere here in Rome. But where? If only I could remember… [runs desperate fingers through his dark, tousled hair]

Now Dane, I guess I should be asking you about your book that Ms. Amber penned for you....What is your story about?? What are my Hussies going to find in between those sheets, I mean pages.... **Come on, just look at that cover, do you know how hard it is to focus** of your book?

My story begins a new trilogy within the Lords of Satyr series. The next book will be about my brother, Bastian, and the third about my brother, Sevin. Their stories are fascinating. As for my book cover, earth tones suit me, it’s true. [arrogant masculine shrug] I am of the earth--all males of my kind are irrevocably tied to the land.

Besides being all hot and bothered... how do you hope to leave readers after finishing your story??

Satisfied. [chuckles, a sexy rumbling sound] Dante and I will eventually reach an understanding in the way we find our pleasure with a woman. We will work together; enjoy her together. Bring her to new heights of satisfaction, both physically and emotionally.

Is there any last thought you would like to leave us with... ** except for the images of this cover burned in the back of mind for all eternity** here today...

To compound the complications in my life, the satyr who masquerade as human in EarthWorld are in danger of exposure in your world. The Satyr have lived among your kind for centuries, always in hiding. We’re everywhere, walking among you. Now that you are aware of this, you will watch for us; know us by our silver eyes, broad shoulders, and muscular physiques. And you will soon come to know our intense, passionate interest in females of all kinds. [sultry, meaningful glance at the Hussies]

**fanning myself... did it all of a sudden become hot in here, damn**

Thank you so much Dane for coming over the Hussy Lair and playing with us!!!
I look forward to having you between my fingers.. I mean, having the pages of your book between my fingers to read, at night... with thoughts of that cover.... at night.... okay okay okay.... Where was I... Oh yeah.. Thank you so much for coming over! I have really enjoyed getting to know you!!! Thank you Ms. Amber for allowing Dane to grace his presence at my Lair today!!!

You’re welcome, Cecile. Thank you so much for your invitation to visit the Lair. As for Dane, when he heard there were voluptuous, sensual hussies here, he was begging to come! His brothers, too!

To read just a teaser of Dane's book... please go -->> here!! It is hot!
To Ms. Amber and the other hot Saytr's brothers... please go -->> here! They are hot!
I hope that my hussies have enjoyed this **cough cough** treat for the day!

Giveaway time.... Our favorite!!!
Ms. Amber has very graciously offered up.. with Dane's approval... An Autographed Copy of Dane!! He wants to satisfy one lucky hussy from US/Canada only... sorry international...
To enter... leave a comment with your email - so I can notify you that you won - and that is all!
It is that easy!!!!!!!! Good luck hussies!!!!!

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  1. OMG! Can I get some of Dane??? Mysteriously sexy isn't he.

    Loved the post, Cecile!


  2. Wonderful interview! I'd love a Dane of my own. ;)

  3. Good morning, Cecile! Thank you for having Dane visit your lair. He has been looking forward to this...

    Hi Hawk,
    Thanks for dropping by!
    I'm glad Dane's mysteriously sexy--sounds like what I was going for.

    Eyre, hi,
    Cecile does a great interview, doesn't she? Dane had a blast answering her questions.

  4. ***repeats over and over in my head***
    silver eyes, broad shoulders, and muscular physiques
    **I've got to remember that while looking** LOL

    Great interview Cecile.
    Dane I look forward to getting to know you and your brothers better**sips drink** and Dante too **wink**


  5. Enjoyed the post today, count me in!

  6. Hon, you rock the character interviews and now i'm soooo jealous my sister is reading Dane for ROOB. He sounds so very enigmatic, I want to figure him out now!!! And his brothers *thud*

  7. Be still my heart, what are you trying to do to us Cecile ;) Dane is one hunky guy for sure, thanks for inviting him.

    I really should start with that first brother

  8. You had me at just seeing the cover, the interview was great. I can't wait to read the book.

  9. Houston A.W. Knight! Hey honey! OMG... Girl, this man is well.. Hell, he is THE MAN! =)
    He is all things I would bottle up and take home with me if I could! Thanks for coming honey! I hope you have a great day! Hugs to you!

    Eyre! Hey honey! Aww, thanks for coming over honey! It is good to see you! I am hoping that I can share some brightness with you! Well, consider yourself entered for a chance to have your own!!! =) Hope you have a great day!

    Elizabeth!!! Hey honey!! Ohhh honey, I absolutely had a blast with you and Dane! He is such a man after my own heart!!! Damn that man!! I enjoying having him too!! ***evil laughter inserted***
    And your words are too kind my friend!! I love doing interviews like this!

    elaing8!! Hey honey!!! Girl, believe me, it was really HARD (lol) to do this interview and keep my focus straight!!! Oh how many times I found my focus going to other places!!! DO you blame me!!! Thanks for coming over hon!!!
    **Clinks glasses with Elaing**
    Oh what fun we will have with Dane... and Dante... We just have to coax that side out of him... lol!!

    tetewa! Hey there honey!! It is so good to see you! How have you been?? Thanks for coming over!

    Leontine!! Hey honey! Awwww you are too sweet my love! Your kind words touched me ->>"Hon, you rock the character interviews"!! You are too sweet! But I do love... coming up *ha* with new ways to do things!! LOL! Yeah, Dane keeps looking at me from my dresser.. He wants me to pick him up... I am trying.. I promise... LOL!! Thanks for coming over honey!!! Hugs to you!

    Blodeuedd, oh girl... YOU MUST start with the first brother!!! They really do know how to jump start the heat! I am just trying to share the lust, I mean love with you girls!!! A hussy does not keep everything to herself!! I do share... sometimes!!! ***heee heee***

    debbie! Hi there and welcome to my lair! I hope you have enjoyed yourself. You are entered! Thanks for coming!

  10. From his back side... I mean the back of his book... <---hahahaha!

    This was a great interview. I don't know why I hadn't paid attention to this series before but I'm definitely interested now! I know you mentioned this book begins a series within the series but can we start with Dane or do we need to start at the beginning of the series? I think I have some catch-up reading to do!

    (almost forgot - enter me please! :D)
    pspinney at cox dot net

  11. Cecile!
    Hi, m’dear. I just got back from getting a massage, using a gift card my husband gave me last Christmas. I’ve been savoring the card all this time, not wanting to use it and have it gone. But now I’m all relaxed and ready to continue with Bastian…

    As for letting Dante out to roam freely here in the lair—I’m not sure about that. He’s all about physical gratification and not much on small talk—speaking of hard interviews. LOL

    Thanks again for having me here and working with me on the date. I can’t believe how fast today arrived!

  12. Hi Patti,

    That line cracked me up, too. Cecile is so funny and a sweetheart, too, isn't she?

    I'm sure Cecile will weigh in on the order. I always like to begin with the first book in the series (Nicholas), but I do believe you can start with Dane and not have any trouble. There's a brief prologue in the beginning of Dane that'll catch you up on what the satyr lords are. I hope you enjoy it if you get a chance.

  13. elain!
    Good to see you. Dane and Dante are both looking forward to it, too. LOL

    Thank you, tetewa! Glad you stopped by Cecile's.

    Debbie, so good to see you, too. Cecile and Dane got along quite well, I must admit.

  14. Hi Leontine,

    Thanks for coming by! Give my (and Dane's) love to Ashleigh and Pearl.

    I think you know this, but just in case...Susi did a couple of giveaways of the German editions of Nicholas and Raine. Thank you for putting me in touch with her. She was so sweet, and those giveaways went really well, and I was so glad to send those satyr boys off to good homes in Germany instead of having them sitting here in a box.

  15. Hi Bloed,

    The covers are enough to give me palpitations. I never know what they're going to look like until the cover flats arrive from my editor. I'm wondering what Bastian's cover will look like now. I have an image in my mind and it would be weird and wonderful if that's what it/he looks like. When I'm writing a book, I usually cut out a few pix of man candy from my bf's Entertainment Weekly magazines to serve as inspiration for each hero.

  16. I love the interview.

    Count me in.

    cindyc725 at gmail dot com

  17. Hi Cecile and Elizabeth and Dane,

    Fun Interview....I've always thought 2 heads were better than one...Hahaha.

    Would love to win this book. I haven't read this series yet, but it's on my wishlist. They all sound sooooo yummy!!!!

    mitzihinkey at sbcglobal dot net

  18. @Cecile - I don't care how long those character interviews are...I always have a hoot reading them *grin* I just had to say it *smiles*

    @Elizabeth Amber - Oh, I'm so glad Susi could make the giveaways a success and she is sweet. Always in for enthusiastic (book)talk :) I'll be sure to send your and Dane's love to Ashleagh and Pearl!!

  19. Hey Dane, you know me well ofcourse, how I am purring in ecstacy and delight while reading your story! I'm sure you can hear me purring every once in a while and no sweety it ain't my kittycats!

    Ms. Amber it's a great joy to read the next installment in the Lords Of Satyr! As soon as my review is up and running I'll give you a headsup!

    And Cecile another great job done hun!

  20. I heart your character interviews, hon! And Dane sounds too good to be true, Ms Amber. ;)
    I think I really have to move to the US now, I'm feeling left out... LOL! *hugs*

  21. OMG Cecile!! Good thing I had the fan on high cuz the interview melted all the ice in my drink!

    Hot damn is right! This is a most enjoyable interview. *grins* Can't wait to see more of Dane and his brothers!!

    And girrlll you kill me! lmao!

  22. Not entering - but when does the contest end? Just in case it's still running on Friday, you know... :)

  23. Hi Cindy,
    Thanks. The interview was Cecile’s idea. I’m hoping to persuade her to do another one when Bastian releases. Pretty please, Cecile…with Bastian on top?

    Two heads are better…ha! Good one. I hope you enjoy the yummy satyrs if you get a chance.

    I so agree. Whenever I see a hero interview, I’m always intrigued enough to stop and read. Who can resist a hunky hero opening up a little bit? They're usually so private.
    Thanks for spreading the love to A and P!

  24. Natascha!
    A long-distance hello to you (and Leontine and Pearl.) I’m glad Dane has got you purring over there across the ocean. I knew I heard something, but thought it was my two kitties! *grins*

    Hi Janna,
    No problem that you aren't in the US though. That’s where blogs like Cecile’s come in so gloriously handy. We can all gather like this at her cozy place and talk books. Thanks for having us over, Cecile. We won’t leave a mess, we promise.

    Hi Redd,
    Cecile cracks me up too. And some of the man candy on this blog—whew! I truly think it’s the source of all global warming (aka climate change as my hubby insists I call it.)

    Thanks for the question, Chris. Cecile’s in charge of the lair, so it’s her call. Friday’s cool with me, or whatever works.

  25. Wow! I loved this...Dane is as hot as he looks!!

  26. You ladies are too much!!
    Thank you all for the kind words... That only makes me strive that much **Cough** harder for my next character interview! I do have to say that these interviews are quiet the handful!!! =)

    Patti! Hey honey! You love my back side comment huh, lmbo! Girl, if I could only turn this book around to see his back side!
    Girl, you have to read this series!
    And yeah, I will push the whole series... but you can pick up any brother and read, lol. Yeah, I have an ocd problem! But you don't have to.

    Elizabeth!! A massage!! OMG!!! So jealous of you!! So that is what you have been doing while I have been doing Dane. Okay wait... that did not sound right. Noo it does sounds right! LOL!
    And don't worry about Dante being let out, lol!!! He is **a wicked man**!!

    Cindy! Hey honey! You are counted!

    Mitzi H.! Hey there! Welcome home! Hope you like it!

    Leontine~@Cecile - Honey, as long as I can entertain that is what I am concerned about!!!

    Natascha! Hey honey! I am glad that you could make it over!! And I am glad that you enjoyed yourself!
    And I love the kittykat comment!! YOU are too much, lol!!

    Janna! Hey honey! I am soooooo glad that you made it over here! And honey you warm my heart and cheeks with your kind words!!! I am glad that you heart my interviews!! Love ya honey!
    Ahh hon, don't feel left out, You know if I could move you over here I would!!!

    Redd!!!! Hey there my honey!! Girl, you know my inner hussy is purring right now with all these comments. She is getting highly stroked right now!! LMBO!
    Girl, just so you know... I did this interview in a walk in freezer, lol!

    Chris! Hey hon! Thanks for coming over! Friday! Yes, that is great!

    Elizabeth ~ Aw, you know I love being different and creative! Especially for my loving for uou!
    Ohhhh are you throwing Bastian on top!! I will remember that one!!!!!!! OH YEAH! iT IS GOOD TO BE ME!!

    Elizabeth=Janna ~ oh you two!! Of course Janna knows this is her home away from home! I welcome everyone. ((we will just kick the hubs out if everyone decides to take me up the offer of coming over, lol)). Don't worry about the mess... I have my own cleaning crew!

    Elizabeth ~ you are way to kind to me, lol. I am glad to know you love my man candy here at the lair! Honey your men just add to it! Global Warning huh... I might have to add that as a warning to my header!!! LOL!!

    Oh drat, I forgot to include that. Well, who could blame me... I mean I had to deal with Dane!!

    FRIDAY is find with me!! Will update post! CONTEST ENDS FRIDAY!!!! WINNER WILL BE ANNOUNCED SUNDAY!!!

  27. I love the interview it was great. This is one of my all time favorite series and I'm always waiting for the next in the series. Dane sounds so hot and I would love to have one of him for myself.

  28. Fantastic interview and the excerpt for Dane MMMMMMMM I so have to have this book plese enter me

  29. Oh I love character interviews! Thanks so much for having Dane and Dante stop on by. *eyelash flutter*

    And he sounds pretty darn dangerous...


  30. Yum! I can't find any other words to describe that interview...



  31. Love thie interview Cecile! "**oh honey, if you only knew what clocks were ticking... you might not be here...***" lmbo!! Can't wait to get to Dane's book!

  32. Gawd, Cecile, I so enjoy your funny, smexy mind. Loved the interview!

    And yes, I want a piece of Dane. So intriguing and mysterious.

    Elizabeth, do you write under another pen name? I read something on and now I can't find the reviewers remarks regarding that particular author's works, but all I remember being speechless.

    armiefox at yahoo dot com

  33. Hi Sherry,
    I was going to say good morning, but I just noticed that it’s after 2 already. When I’m writing, the time goes by ridiculously fast.
    Thanks for stopping in. It’s awesome to hear that you’ve enjoyed the satyr series!

    Wanda, hi!
    MMMMMMMarvelous of you to pop by to read Cecile’s interview with Dane. Thanks!

    Hi Miranda,
    I do too! I think the interviewer really makes a difference in how much fun the interview is, and Cecile rocks. I hope you enjoy dangerous Dane (and Dante) if you get a chance. xox

  34. CJ,
    Thank you for enjoying the delicious yummyness of Cecile’s interview with Dane! Hugs.

    Hi Tricia,
    LOL on the “if you only knew what clocks were ticking…”
    I’m glad you had fun with the interview!

    Cecile does have an amusing turn of mind and phrase. I really get a sense of who she is, and it makes her blog a lot of fun. No, I don’t have another pen name. I’ve wondered if I’ll need to get one if I ever write in another romance subgenre. I’d prefer not have to list any “writing as” names, because that gets confusing to me as a reader, and I don't want to do that to other readers if I can avoid it.

  35. Cecile,

    Friday for the end of the contest works for me. And I'll await news of the Sunday winner announcement. Thanks, hon. Have a great day!

  36. Love this series and dane's story looks like a great one.

  37. wow hes sexy i soo soo wanna read this bok great post!

  38. Just had to come back to get another look at Dane!

    Yah, he leaves me breathless!


  39. I have to say I;m still wiping drool from myself after reading Nicholas. Hot Damn but Dane/Dante is deliciously tempting.I LOVED ths interview. I think between Dane/Dante there's enough for all of us to have a taste. :)Thanks Cecile and Elizabeth,
    Carol L.

  40. WOW... First let me tear my eyes away from that cover... ; )

    Great interview!!!

  41. Dane's back yard is truly amazing. :) Just stopping by to say hello and see how everything is going for you. Hope all is well. :) Everything is going well here, so hope all is the same for you. :)

  42. Sherry! Hey hon! Thanks for coming over! I am glad that you enjoyed the interview! I had a great time doing the interview w/Dane *evil grin*!!! I hope you stick around!

    wanda f! Hey there! Welcome. Thank you for stopping by. Dane is definitely yum!!! Good luck!

    Hey My Sweet! I hope you had a great day! Thanks for coming over honey!! You know I love having you over! And to have some delicious man candy (cover) here too... well that is just a bonus!! Eyelash flutter huh... lol!

    C.J.Gabriel! Hey honey! Hugs to you! I am so glad that you made it over here You know where the party is!!!! Oh honey, did I make you speechless,lmbo!
    Have a great night!

    Tricia! Hey honey, I am glad that you stopped by! And I am glad that you loved it!!! =) A smile is worth a million dollars!!!! Dane is definitely a man!!!!

    Armenia!! Hey there hon! Girl, I am just glad that you came over and you loved the interview!!!! I love doing these!!! They are so fun! Hope all is well!

    lamlovestoread! Hey there! Welcome, sit and stay a spell! Hope you enjoyed your stay and decide to stay! Thanks for coming over!

    SiNn! Another new one! Welcome! I hope you enjoyed the visit! It is always nice to have new ppl over at the Lair!!! Thanks for coming!

    Hawk, you are too funny! Girl, I leave my blog page up... lol just to drool!!!

    Carol L.! Hey honey!!!! Thanks for coming over! it is always nice to have friends over! LOL!! I love that you are still wiping drool from yourself, lol!!!! And I love the way you think!!!

    Lynne Roberts! Hey honey!! It is nice to see you over at my place! Thanks for popping in!!! It is always nice to see you!

  43. Hi Cecile!

    Dane sounds pretty sweet!


    Hope you doing great!

    Dottie :)

  44. J Hali! I am sorry, I missed your post! Welcome to my Lair! I hope you enjoyed your stay! And please come back!!! Love having new ppl over!

    Melissa (My words and pages)! Hey honey!!!!!! Oh girl, isn't that landscaping just amazing!!!!! To wake up to that everyday!!! OMG!!!! Thanks for coming over honey! All is about as well as well can be!! I am glad that things are okay with you! I will be back to peek on you later! Hugs to you!

  45. Dottie!!!!!! OMG, hey honey!!!! I am so glad to see you around. I hope all is well honey!!! Hugs to you!!!

  46. oooh this is something I definitely want to read :)
    throuthehaze at gmail dot com

  47. LOL you know I started salivating when I saw that cover? And then halfway through the delicious interview, I zoned out staring at the Gerard Butler slideshow *fans self*

    Definitely a funny, lovely interview!


  48. What an awesome interview! Wooohoooo!!! What can I say but that is one hottttt man right there! I haven't gotten to try these books yet. Will have to remedy that!


    Hope you are having a great one my dear friend! BIG HUGS

  49. Don't enter me.
    I just wanted to say thank you for this wonderful post.

    Made me smile and I need a shower now. ;)

    Hope you 2 have a great day.

  50. Hi Lovestoread and SiNn,
    Thanks! I appreciate you coming by to check out the blog and interview. And Dane! xox

    Good morning, Hawk,
    That's the truly nice thing about cover hunks—they remain the same sex gods no matter how many times we look. Ten years from now, Dane’ll still be the same lovely, sexy gift from the cover gods!

    LOL Carol,
    You’re very welcome. I’m glad you enjoyed the interview! It was a blast for me, too. And I’m happy you enjoyed Nicholas. That cover remains my favorite I think. Please feel free to drool away. I know I do.

    Hi Lynne,
    Thanks for popping into Cecile’s lair to take a look. Enjoy! xox

  51. Hi Melissa,
    I agree! Imagine waking up to that backyard view every morning. Although August in Rome would be a little too warm for me. I was careful to set this new trilogy in fall/winter/spring! No summer allowed. xox

    Dottie, hi!
    He is a sweetie. Thanks for visiting! I second Cecile’s hugs.

    It’s erotic historical paranormal romance. Something for everyone in there! xoxo

    Hey Tori,
    I’m glad you enjoyed the interview. Yum--Gerard Butler. I have found myself transfixed by Cecile’s candy display at times, too!

    Hi Jenn,
    Thanks for taking a look at Cecile’s awesome interview. Glad you enjoyed it. I hope you enjoy the satyr lords if you get time to try them. Hugs and have a good day!

  52. Susi!
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