Monday, June 28, 2010

New Author Alert.... & Contest!!!!!

Okay, this hussy has been at hard work lately and today's post is one of those hard working days... I know there are contests everywhere right now and I think we all generally follow (some what) the same blogs... so we all know... but this one author... I am not sure if you have all had the pleasure of getting to know her and her work....

Are you curious as to who I would be talking about... Or pimping out here...
Ever wanna to be one of the leading ladies in the fairy tales we read when we were kids.....
Cinderella... Sleeping Beauty.... Little Red Riding Hood....
What about..... Goldie and the Three Behrs.....

Harris Channing
Published By: Siren-Bookstrand, Inc.

[Siren Allure: Erotic Regency Romance, Multiple Partners]

Some men are too hard. Some men are too soft. But only one man is just right…

Choosing the perfect bed is easy, but sometimes finding the right person to share it with is an adventure!

The Marquess of Blackwood lays eyes on Goldie Locksley, and immediately falls for her. Unfortunately, his youngest brother, Joseph, decides to make her his bride. But when their father tells him no, all hell breaks loose and all three brothers will do their utmost to see that they are a part of her future. But her happily ever after lies in the arms of one man. Will he be able to prove himself in time, or is Goldie destined to a life of misery or mediocrity?

So hurry up.... what you waiting for.... OHhhhhhhh wait... before I forget......

Here at the Lair.... I will have a little review of this little gem....
Ms. Harris has been very kind in allowing me to give away a copy of her book as well.
So, remember.... to come back in a few days to enter!!!!!!

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  1. Lol, Goldie Locksley, that name is so perfect. What a great idea. Looking forward to that review ;)

  2. Thanks you, Miss Cecile. You've made my day!

    Thanks Blodeuedd and Eyre too! Nice to meet you!

  3. I've had the pleasure of reading this and its great!

  4. Blodeuedd! Hey hon! It is so good to see you. I hope you and bf had a great weekend!!!!
    This story was.... well, you will have to wait to see the review, lol!! Hee heee!!!
    I did love her play on names and things in the story!!! I hope all is well for a Monday for you!

    Eyre! Hey honey!!! I hope all is well for you!!! I have been stalking you to see how things are fairing for you!! Hugs to you!

    Harris Channing! You are more than welcome Ms. Harris!!! It is my pleasure to share the wealth of books and authors with fellow readers!!!

    Hey my Sweet!! Thanks for popping in honey!!! You are more than welcome for the heads up!!! You know I love sharing when I can!!
    Hope all is well and hope and hubs had a great weekend!

    Lori Brighton!!! Hey honey! Aren't you a sweetie to drop on by!! Thanks for coming over!!! Ohhh man, this was a..... haaa... gotta
    wait for the review, lmbo!!!!
    Thanks for coming!!

  5. Thanks for the heads up, Cecile.

    Followed the bread crumbs over to Harris Channing's blog to spread some love and enter her giveaway.

  6. I'm already a Harris Channing fan from her Speed Trap days.

  7. Welcome Ms Alice, it is nice to meet you!! Enjoy your visit to the Lair!! It is always nice to have to faces here!!!!
    Thanks for coming and showing your support to Ms. Harris!!!

  8. I remember Harris and chatting with her when she was writing some time back. So good she's back and a sizzling regency to boot! Thanks for letting us know about the contest Cecile!

  9. Hey Caffey!! Ohhh another Harris fan! It is so nice to see other fans!!!Yayay!!! And thank you for coming over honey!!! It is nice to have you here again!

    Chris! Hey hone!!! Ohhh just wait for the review!

  10. Wow, it's so nice to meet all of you and to see some of you again! Thank you so much for taking the time to post comments, stop by my blog and to subscribe!

    Cecile, thank you for everything! And I can't wait for the review either! *Harris says, biting her nails.*

  11. LOL! I heart the play on names. Thanks for the heads up, hon! :D

  12. Any book you label "scorching" I gotta be a part of! haha

  13. Harris Channing! You are more than welcome! Okay... review comes tomorrow!!!

    Lynne Roberts! Hey hon! I am so glad that you came over!

    Smokinhotbooks! Hey sweetie! Make sure you come back tomorrow!!!

    Janna!! Hey honey girl!!!! Ohh if you love play on names, make sure you come back tomorrow!!!! Hugs to you honey!!!

    Hannah! Hey honey!!!!! Miss ya! Oh honey... you are too sweet! =)

  14. Oh sounds hot! Thanks for sharing Cecile!

  15. Thanks everyone, for stopping by. I tried to visit each of your sites to show my appreciation for your taking the time!

    Remember, tomorow Miss Cecile is reviewing Goldie for me. I'm exciated!

    Hope to see you tomorroe!


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