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Getting To Know The Smutty Side of Gina Gordon

Ladies and Gentlemen of the Hussy Lair, today I present to you an author I have just recently found... Please raise your glasses to Ms. Gina Gordon!

Now, this is not a normal meet and greet author at the Lair today... Noooo... When I read this woman's bio, I knew I had a fellow smut talk hussy on my hands!! Come'on.. Megan Hart turned her hussy first. Now, I get to play with her... Okay that does not sound right, but you know what I mean!!!!
**all of you know how much I lust after Megan Hart**

So, I did a little digging and this a little information I got on her from her website!

I knew I was in love with the written word when my collection of Fear Street and Baby-sitters Club books migrated from my tiny bookshelf to taking up half the linen closet (thanks for the extra space Mom!)

After a university education and too many years spent stagnant behind a desk, I decided to follow my dream. I would become a published author.

I was surprised when my plan to pen the next great Chick-Lit novel turned south. Or so I thought. My characters demanded hot and steamy sex. Great sex! And lots of it! I have no one else to blame but Megan Hart.

It was a poor attention to detail (not the best trait for a writer) that caused me to overlook the little asterisk beside the book club item number. The little asterisk I later realized indicated sexually explicit content. It was the best mistake I have ever made.

Megan Hart introduced me to erotic romance and turned my brain into a dirty talking, orgasm seeking monster that can't be stopped. I don't think I ever want it to. So began my journey into erotic romance, a journey that seems meant to be.

When I'm not in front of my laptop, dreaming up dynamic characters and storylines for others to enjoy, you'll most likely find me sipping Starbucks, strolling through a book store or lounging in front of the television trying to catch up on my favourite shows.

I live in Ontario, Canada with my husband and a dog who thinks she's human.


Now, it's time to get comfy and make sure those glasses are full cuz we are about to have some Girl Talk up in here!!!

First Ms. Gina, let me welcome you to the Hussy Lair. I hope you enjoy yourself here. Please get comfy and unwind!!!

G: Thank you so much for having me.

You are more than welcome. I love learning more about the author and their writing! And I especially love introducing them to my fellow hussies!!! Now, would you care for something to drink??
**Cecile makes a gesture towards her bar**
Please allow one of my bartenders to get you your
favorite flavor....

G: Why thank you...a Dos Equis please.

*Cecile looks over her shoulder at Raul standing - waiting for her to speak*

Raul, would you please get Ms Gina a Dos Equis.

**We both watch Raul as he leaves us... Damn that man has an ass on him.... Damn**

Okay, yes, right where were we... Oh yes.. Welcoming you to the hussy lair!!!

**Gina stares at Raul** Trying to distract me with a hot man. It just might work!

Oh honey... I am not trying to distract you... This is my way of living! We will start off slow... unless of course you would like it hard and fast.... **Cecile notices a little pink to Raul's face... he flusters easy.**

Ms Gina, we will start slow since this is your first time.....

Why don't you share something with the Lair that you would normally not share anywhere else.

G: I love cock- **cough, cough** Sorry, I had something in my throat. **Gina regains her composure** Cocktails. I love cocktails.

**Raul almost spilled Mistress Cecile's drink at Ms Gina's comment... and there is a dark blush on his checks**
Oh Gina... Here at the Lair... We love COCKtails too!!

**Glances back at Raul to see him walk slightly away shaking his head mumbling something women and cock...**

Gina, how did you come to writing these short stories?

G: Both of my short stories were spawned from my daily routine. I thought it would be fun to dirty up some everyday situations.

Oh Gina, stick around.. our everyday situations are always... dirty! Do you see yourself writing longer material? **Looks to Raul, we are talking about books here Raul... get your mind out of my bedroom**

G: Don’t you worry Raul. Length is my first concern when creating all my heros. **Gina wiggles her eyebrows** I do have longer material, a couple of novellas as well as my pride and joy, Fire and Icing. It’s not done yet. These short stories seem to keep me busy. Too many ideas, too little time.

What is about these stories that boils your blood?? I ask this question because I read Her Five Favorite Words at work and believe me I was counting down till knock off time! It was hot!

G: It’s the dirty talk. **Gina takes a swig of her beer** Even when I’m reading for my own enjoyment, that one strategically placed word or phrase can put the scene over the edge turning it from hot to searing.

Before I got to farther with the smutty questions, let me play nice...
Tell us a little about your writing style, it seems very **cough** deliciously wicked.

G: My writing style isn’t so wicked. **Gina shrugs her shoulders** I would call myself a plotting pantster. I start off with a detailed plot outline and by the time the story is done it looks nothing like the original idea.

Admittedly, I am not very disciplined. I am not the kind of writer who can sit and force myself to write so many words a day. I’ll write a little bit here and there and then one day, out of nowhere, I can sit down and hammer out the rest.

Where do your ideas come from...?? Oh yea, I will ask if you ever did it in the back of a bus.. or in an elevator... (Those answers will come later, mmaaahhaaaawww) I know a thought can strike at any moment from anything... So where do you look?

G: My ideas? Hmmm......Ideas for a plot spring from things I read or see people doing. But the it weird for me to say that my characters tell me what to do? **shakes her head and raises her hands in defense** Really, they are the dirty ones, not me.

Sure, they tell you huh.. Or do they show you *raise eyebrows... oh yeah...*

G: I may get the idea that I would like to try writing a ménage scene but once the time comes to sit down and write, it just comes out. It’s sort of like a movie going on in my head.

Where has been your strangest moment of "ahhh this would be great"? (ie. Grocery store line with Mr. Sexy behind you.... bank line with Mr. Sexy being your teller, lol. Are you ladies taking notes, lol).

G: The line at Starbucks. Totally uninteresting but true.

Okay, last safe question, I think, what has this writing/publishing experience been like for you?

G: Two words-fast and dirty. Fast because it wasn’t too long ago that I made the decision to pursue the writing career seriously. Dirty because of what I write.

Hell those are two of my favorite words... And you do it so well Gina!

**Insert the evil hussy laughter.... See the gleam in Cecile's Smutty eyes.... You can feel the atmosphere changing from light... to slightly
wicked.... There is a certain feeling in the room... dark... and naughty**

So, Ms. Gina... your books are very quick and to the point. They kinda remind me of a race car... zero to 100 in a matter of seconds. How long *cough* does it take for you produce such an erotic piece?

**Gina giggles** A lot quicker than the sub-text of your question. **Puts on a serious face** My two short stories were quick to write, maybe a week. It’s the polishing and the analyzing that makes the process lengthy.

Do your stories reflex any personal experiences? Told you I would come back the back of the bus or elevator story. Sorry, some hussy minds just need to know.

G: I’ve been waiting for this question. *wink* Alas, my answer is boring. I have not written from personal experience. No, I have not had sex in an elevator. No, I have not had sex in the back of a bus. *Gina leans in closer* But it’s totally do-able. That’s the beauty of having an over-active imagination. Sometimes I am experiencing things for the very first time right along with my characters.

*Cecile leans in... Out of range of Raul... Oh honey... anything is DO-able, lol*
In your stories, it is the woman who has the fantasies. Do you think you will be writing one from the guy point of view of having the fantasy?

G: In my longer stories I cover both the hero and heroine POV. I prefer to incorporate both points of view. It makes a better story and increases the conflict. As for a story based soley on the male POV, I might have something up my sleeve.

**Cecile looks over Gina... she is sleeveless today.. hummmm.. will have to investigate what she has up her sleeve...**
Oh and speaking of guy's in your stories... Inquiring minds want to know if you will write another story with Jordon and Becca... the office desk?? ((Oh readers, you have to read this story to find out the **cough cough** story behind this one!!! Believe me ~ you need to read this one!!))

G: I do plan on giving Becca and Jordan a happily ever after. I have two more stories in mind.

**Yayyayay.. Cecile pauses to do the Happy Dance**
Is there a story you are dying to try your hand at, book speaking of course? Like f/f genre, m/m... m/f/m...

G: I would really like to try M/F/M ending with a committed ménage but I don’t think I am there yet. I am more interested in a sub-genre change....something witchy.

Ohhh.. I like menage stories... Something witchy huh... is that a sub-text, lol! Is it hard to cross over from the m/f role?

G: I have a lot of ideas that include same sex situations but I have never put them down on paper. I don’t think it would be hard to cross over. Other than maybe learning some new mechanical situations, love is love, romance is romance. At the end of the day, I don’t think it matters what sex you are writing.

How do you feel about bondage in your stories, is that something you have given any thought too?

G: I am very interested in BDSM. Forever in Lingerie has some light, light bondage in it. I plan on the third story in the lingerie series to be a little harder, including BDSM scenarios. That’s the plan anyway.

A woman after my own heart. I love BDSM stories! Your female characters are very sexually driven, which I admire that about your writing style. What... it is true... Women are very sexual creatures and I think that is great when an author can write it like I seem, lol... Anyway... getting back to the question... Why do you write them this way? I think it is intriguing to find out what pushes the authors button when deciding the character traits of the women and men we read about.

G: The older I get the more I own my sexuality. I think that has a lot to do with it. My characters are sort of my own sexual experimentation. They can do whatever and whoever they want and I won’t get in trouble, divorced or ostracized. **Gina laughs out loud**

That is a lot of truth in that statement honey. A woman has to be comfortable with their own bodies.. before they can pleasure someone else. But pleasuring yourself and knowing yourself... Oh what fun!! What... like you never did it or thought of it. If you have not... go get to know yourself now... and love yourself! Hell, you only have one life and one body!

G: Nobody wants to read about a heroine who just lets the sex happen to her. A woman who knows what she wants sexually has studied her own mind and body and is completely comfortable in her own skin. It’s empowering. No damsels in distress for me.

Okay... easy time over.... Now get ready for the best quickie you ever had!!!!
Kinky or Non Kink: Kinky
Spanking or No Spanking: Spanking
Tie Up or Tie Down: Tie Down
Biting or Licking: Licking
Top or Bottom: Bottom
Boxers, Briefs, Comando: Can I say boxer briefs??
Lingerie or Naked: Lingerie
Outdoor - Winter Sex or Summer Sex: Summer sex

What drinks come to mind when you think of sex: Well, that’s a no-brainer. Grande, Vanilla Extra-hot Latte. It’s thick, warm and sweet in the beginning then the espresso takes over and revs up your heart rate. In the end you are completely satisfied.

*Raul... I have something that is a no-brainer and it is not a latte honey*
Oh now the man wants to put in his two cents... This should be interesting!
And Gina... believe him..... He is like the whip cream on top!!! Ha!!! OH yea!

Favorite part of the male body: The indent of the pelvis. You know, the “v” that points to the waistband. *Gina’s eyes draw up to the ceiling in deep thought and she sighs* The best indent, Ian Somerhalder.

**Oh I gotta V for ya doll... And there is no need to look at up at ceiling...**
Raul must be dipping in Cecile's drink.. his tongue has loosen up... LOL!

Favorite part of the woman body: The thigh. Especially surrounded by a trim of lace and a black satin strap

**Okay, this is a no-brainer... Her whole body. The woman's body is a pure work of art. Especially when laying at just the right angle. Okay.. okay.. Her body... Really all of it.. Just like you two ladies**
Raul honey... you are such the sweet talker...

Favorite place to have sex: Anywhere as long as I am taken by surprise.

**Gina... I must show you the grounds after Mistress Cecile is *cough* done with you**

Favorite to day dream about sex: Well, now you are asking me to give away all of my story material. I will say that my husband is always the leading man.

**Oh damn, okay making mental note to ask the hubs for permission**

I want to thank you Ms. Gina for coming over to play with us!!! I hope your visit to the Hussy Lair was everything you expected!!! I know I had an absolute blast getting to know the Smuttier side of Ms Gina Gordon!!!!!

Thanks again Cecile. I seem to have come out unscathed.

I told you I do not bite ~ much!!! I had a blast!! I hope the ladies of the Lair enjoyed themselves!
Please go check out Ms Gina's place -->> here!


Here is a taste of what to expect from Ms. Gina...... Hot Damn!!!

I love lingerie. The soft fabrics combine to make a garment that has the ability to make a woman feel beautiful and sexually confident. When a woman wears lingerie she transforms into a woman who can do anything, be anything and get any man she wants.

Since I love lingerie so much, it seemed fitting that I would write about it. So the idea for the Bare Naked Designs series came to be. Each story is based on one item of lingerie. Of course, in order to make things interesting, the hero just happens to see the heroine wearing the item and what unravels is a love story full of hot sex and romantic lace.

The first story in the series will be released by Lyrical Press November 22, 2010. It's a long way away but it doesn't make it any less exciting for me. So I hope you will join me on my journey to a happily ever after through lingerie.

How far would you go to hold on to forever?

Martina Jackson spent the last two years running from her past. Through the practice of Holistic Medicine she has meticulously transformed into a self-fulfilled woman, with one tiny exception…hot, steamy sex with no strings.

While she waits for the job offer of a lifetime, why not quench her sexual desires with an eager man willing to push her to the limit? What she doesn’t plan for is, the fling is exactly what she’s been running from.

Rob Taylor has been waiting his whole life to find the woman he can call forever. He didn’t expect to find her in his parents' living room wearing nothing but white lace and stockings. When he overhears her discussing her secret sexual fantasies, Rob decides to give her what she’s been missing.

As they play out each fantasy he connects with Martina on a deeper level, confirming what he knew the very first moment he heard her voice…that she is the one he’s been waiting for.

Content warning; explicit sex, ménage and the use of Holistic Medicine as foreplay.

I obtained this information from Ms. Gina's website!

To visit Ms. Gina webiste go here!
To visit Ms. Gina blog go here!


  1. Nice interview ladies :)

    Though I did stare at one question, outdoor - winter or summersex?
    Would be rather chilly here, would freeze something important off ;)

  2. Yeah, not a lot of outdoor sex here in Minnesota in the winter, either. :)

  3. Great interview! Honestly, I had to skim 'cause I'm at work and my blush would prompt questions! LOL

    I too am in love with Megan Hart's stories... humm.... and BDSM is a fav or mine... looks like your lingerie series is going on my list.

    :D Miranda

  4. I don't know about the winter sex...I just wrote a new story where a little hanky panky took place outside in the middle of winter...there are a few ways to keep certain appendages warm!!

    You are all very kind and thanks for stopping by the last three days. I had a lot of fun!!

    An inside tip...story 3 of the lingerie series is going to be BDSM focused so stay tuned.

  5. Ladies, that was fun!! Makes me not want to get out of the recliner and clean house....want to read!

  6. Hi Gina **my fellow Canuck Hussy** and Cecile

    great Q&A.
    Winter sex can get hot fast and can melt the snow just as fast ;)
    I'm looking forward to reading the books and Forever in Lingerie sounds great.

    Raul you frisky boy**wink**You just had to get in there..ummm..I mean..well..err..**blushes**
    I think I'll have a drink now :)

  7. LMAO!
    OH Cecile you sure do have a talent for interviews! Nothing else like it on the web!

    Hello Gina! It's wonderful to get to know you.


    MsM <-dreams of one day being at least half the wanton hussy Cecile is *grins*

  8. Fun interview!! I love the saying 'own my sexuality'! :D

  9. Great interview ladies! Sounds like some very hot reading there. I don't think I would want to try the outside nookie in either extreme cold or hot but in between could be fun huh lol. Tho I doubt I would ever get the nerve up enough to try it in RL.

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    I totally adore Megan Hart and your books sound wonderful too.
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  14. First I want to thank you all for coming over here. If you subscribed to this post, I do apology for not coming here Friday... or over the weekend. Things were a little crazy Friday. If you are here and subscribed... I put my daughter on a plane to fly halfway across the world... So, it was a little hectic Friday for me....

    But on a happy note... I am so glad that you welcomed Ms. Gina in such the hussy way!! Thank you all for coming by to at least say hi!!! Hugs to all of you!!!!

  15. LOL! what a wonderful interview, loved reading it. Poor Raul! he needs some Sparkly comfort at once ;)

    Must read this book, sounds deliciously awesome!

    Winter sex...Brrr!! you'd have to work like a jack rabbit before your bits got frost bite. *teehee*

  16. Sparklybearsy! Hey honey! Thanks for coming on over to my place! =) Thank you for your kind words. Gina is a wonderful lady and a true delight to have over!

    Raul... well, let's just say that he is alll better now, lol!!!
    Glad you could give him some Sparkly loving!

    This book is delicious!
    And winter sex... girl you made me giggle!!!


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