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You Wanna Quickie ~ Dreamcatcher

Anna Leonard
ISBN : 9781426822445
Published date : 1 September 2008

The Blurh:
You're mine. All mine. I will consume you, piece by piece, and I will never be done...
Emma awakened each morning feeling increasingly exhausted and weak, as though she was slowly being drained of life. And rather than reviving her, sleep seemed to deplete her further. Most disturbing of all was the voice she heard in her dreams threatening to consume her until nothing was left.
With his pale, translucent skin and deep, dark eyes, there was something unearthly about Matthew, the Home Health Aid hired by Emma's dad, but somehow he inspired Emma's trust. So when he asked her permission to use his powers to help her, she gave it willingly. Suddenly he was appearing in her dreams...making love to her...filling her with newfound strength. But in the light of day, Emma was conflicted. Who...or what...had she permitted to enter her dreams...and what did he want from her?

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My Thoughts:
This was a very emotional story but very much worth the read.
Emma is your ordinary person, except that she hears voices in her head (don't we all) but these are a little different... for they tell her that "he" will consume her. The voices make her think she is going crazy. Then she is always extremely tired! In her family, there is no room for weakness, her father will not acknowledge weakness. She is trying to be strong for everyone. To please everyone. But a trip to the ER proves to be her undoing.
Everyone just thinks she needs some time to re-coup and be back in action!
Well, her parents hire her a Home Health Nurse... Matthew.
Matthew is on a mission, not only to help aid Emma into learning how to cope with her new condition. To help her learn how to live with it and deal with it on a daily basis. But Matthew's job is more than just helping her live her life... it's also Matthew's job to take her life... You will have to read to know why.

This is a story with a twist and the twist was very nice. It was a passionate story... it is also a story about faith. I cannot wait to find more of Ms. Leonard to read and consume like this story!!!

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I have two more reviews to go for this book to be complete!!


  1. Hey Cecile,

    A good twist in a book is always nice!!

    Have a great day today! Happy fourth!

  2. I LOVE this cover! Wow! That tat is extremely hot! And that little prologue...You're mine, and I will consume you?????Fanning myself. I hope I can find this one!!!!

  3. Mmmm, now that sounds like a short story I want to read.

  4. Amy ~ Hey honey!! This book has a delightful twist to that was kinda not expected. But it is a very good read! Happy fourth to you as well!

  5. Sophie ~ OMG... The orginaly cover is smokin!! You are definitely right when say that that tat is hot!!! Yummy is more my word, lol!!
    The prologue is what sucked me in. I had to find out what the hell was going on... and wanted him to consume me too.. until I found out... My library is open to all, if you can't get your hands on it!

  6. Blodeuedd ~ Hey! It is definitely something I think will interest you!!! I hope you have a wonderful weekend!!


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