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You Wanna Quickie ~ Captured

Captured and Midnight Cravings (with Captured story)
Story in Unbound series
Publisher: Silhouette Nocturne
Captured: Nocturne Bite, eBook
Midnight Cravings: Anthology of Bites, Trade Paperback
Captured ISBN: 9781426825927
Midnight Cravings ISBN: 978-0373250936
Genre: Dark Paranormal Romance
Release Date: December 2008 and April 2009

The Blurh:

The dark elf who slashed him must have graced the tip of his sword with a drug. Because that was the last thing Gray Barsk remembered until he awakened in a dark cell…and he was not alone. Immediately he sensed a female nearby. Then she attacked!
After years of captivity, Leve refused to surrender. This male was the latest in a series of hellhounds they’d forced on her. But Gray was different…unlike the others, he somehow had control over his primitive instincts and could not be manipulated by their captors.
Now, for a chance to turn the tables on their tormentors and escape the nightmare of Kamp Arena, where hellhounds were bred for fighting, Leve would have to overcome her fear and distrust, and join forces with this singular male. But to fool their captors, they had to pretend to be avid mates…and their ruse was stirring very real passion in both of them

Let's just say that if I ever wanted a man in my corner to back me up, I would glad chose Gary to be that man!!! Hellhound straight from heaven!
And if I ever wanted to be a kick-ass chick... let me Leve!!! Her past life along won her a ticket of *bowing downing* to her for the rest of her life! She deserved to be happy and safe.
Put these two together and watch the fireworks go off.... really!
Being trapped in a cell, with no way out but to have those that put in there think one of you is dead and the other one is knocked up... well, let's just say that these two fight it out amongst themselves and come to grip with what the other is offering.

Again, this was a fantastic short story to be included among others... this book is like a cake... each layer I strip away, it just keeps getting better and better!!!

I have told you all before, I am not a fan of short stories, because I like to feel the whole story, but these three books so far have left me very hussies satisifed!!! VERY!!! But I will tell you this... I will be following up with with these authors and seeing what they have to come and what was in their past!!!

Now, please without further hesitation....
To read an excerpt of this story, please click --->>> here.
Please visit Ms. Devoti's site --->>> here to see what's going on in her world!

I also found this cover to this book on Ms. Devoti's site as well... hope you enjoy!
The cover does rely some of the message behind the book, but for me... I was left wanting to see Gary behind her! But I have a thing for my eye-candy men!!

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  1. Hey Cecile
    I have an award for you on my blog.Come on over!

  2. Hi Cecile,
    Sounds strange and cool, yes I got interested

  3. Cool...sounds verra sexy ;)

  4. Yvette ~ Thank you so much!! That is very kind of you to share that award with me!!

    Blodeuedd ~ This was very interesting. Because from what I gathered, this was a glimpse into the world of this culture... just one... Very interesting to say the least!

    Mandi ~ Gary is one sexy man. Not just in his description, but in his nature as well. That is what drew me to him instanly!

  5. Hi Cecile!

    I really need to get this book out and read it. I have so many request for reviews right now, I'm not reading any of the TBR! But I will this weekend, this is first on my list!

    Dottie :)


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