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Review: In The Midnight Hour

I am going to sneak this one in here.. in the middle of my brothers... Because I thought this was a great story!!!

Publisher: Dorchester Publishing Company, Incorporated
Pub. Date: June 2009
ISBN-13: 9780505527721
Sales Rank: 27,573

The blurb:
It was a bed made for passion, a bed made for sin. And even if its extravagance was widely out of character, even if as a studen she could barely afford its cost, the moment practical Veronica Parrish laid eyes on the antique four-poster, possession was required.
Valentine Tremaine knew physical love. In 19th-century New Orleans his name was whispered by many a mademoiselle, and in his bed he brought them bliss. But a new occupant now slid between the sheets, as innocent as she was beautiful. She was a woman to arouse more than the body; her love aroused hope. The mystery enshrouding his murder might fall away like the clothes from her perfect body. With Ronnie, redemption was possible. In ghost stories, happy endings sometimes begin...
In The Midnight Hour...

I have obtained this directly from the back of the book.
The Plot: What can love survive? I know it is silly to have you think the plot is so short, but it true to what the book is about... the ulitmate survival of love... You will see, and I think you will agree with me... It's all about love!

The Main Players:

She is a 27 yr old student at University of Southern Louisiana (come'on... you know this is one of the reasons I bought this book - she lives in my home state and besides Barbara's review rocked!!!) majoring in accounting. She is just your average college student... well, actually no.. because she is older than most of her classmates. She works two jobs to support herself and her schooling. She left home years ago, after her parents tried to "make" her marry the right "young man" for her. Her parents believe that a woman's place is yep... In the kitchen, tending to her husband, children and chores. The duties of being a proper wife. Veronica wants none of that... She wants to graduate college, own her own CPA firm, then maybe find love somewhere along the way after that... But now, she has no room or thoughts for men, love, sex... anything that would throw a wrentch in her plans. So what is she to do when she finds a man in the most unusal place of all... her bed.

Sex on a Stick!!! All the way!! In his time, he had legens of women devote themselves to him and hs generous stick!! He was the LOVER of alll LOVERS! He was known for his bedroom manners ~ which ever they may have been. That was in his time... Now, in our time... he is a ghost... who is stick in the very place that caused so many people pleasure... his bed. He has to figure out what happened when he was murdered... ready for this one... 150 years ago. Once he finds out what happened, who to and all those good details, his soul is released for an eternity of peace of soul. But is he damned when he meets a woman who ignites something deeper within himself. Will he go peacefully... or what!

He is the guy you knew in school to have the hugest crush on you, but all he did was tutor you and never spoke up. Very quiet and shy person, but with so much passion that lies within! He is Veronica's best friend. She would do anything for him and he would do anything for her. I put him in the main players because without him... Veronica would not have had anyone to help her figure things out; to be her sounding board. And without Veronica, Danny would have never delevoped a backbone... oh wait... that would be thanks to Val!!!

My Thoughts:
I loved this book. It was a great short read. I read it in one day. I want to say that it was a sweet read, but it was more than that. I fell in love with Veronica when I first read of her. She is just an average person... Waiting all the good things in life we all want - career, marriage, family... and kinda in that order. She wants to show her parents that life is more than just being a "proper" wife. And she doesn't care that she has to work two jobs to support herself. I think that was wonderful. A real woman. She would never open herself up to anyone romantically because she feared they would get in the way of her goals. So, she buried herself in her books, school and her jobs. Val, oh gosh... what is to be said. I felt for him, because he honestly did not know what happened to him all those years ago. I mean, can you imagine... not knowing how or why you died. Just that someone murdered you. And he is getting the chance to figure out the why... but in the process... he is figuring out what he missed most of all... love. I love Danny too!! There is one scene in there with Danny and when he wakes up to find Mr. Happy!!! You will have to read this part!! I was killing myself laughing... and then when he finds out the "how" Mr. Happy got there... well that was funny too!!! So, this book is everything.. funny, sweet, make you want to fall in love and most of all makes you want to find a ghost to have of your own! The ending is awesome!!!! Oh... ps... I did cry during this book too... it was a slow leak cry, but I cried!!!

Hussy Purr Factor: OH WOW... this book makes me want to go find a ghost now... because if he can do that.. and those things... and he is just a ghost... Hell, I want my very own!!!
Hussy purring through the whole book! It is not an erotic novel, but it still had my blood flowing like the Nigara Falls!
(Side note... Hussy Purr Factor replaces SMUT Factor)

Pleasing Thoughts: Ms. Raye really went out there for this book. The book as a whole made me go look at my bed and wish to see Val there!!! The book never made you feel out of place - because it goes from Val's death way back when... to the current time. I never had to flip back to see something or try to remember anything. I love Veronica... she is an average person. She does not describe herself as drop dead gorgeous. In fact, I loved her because she talked about having a little too much weigh in the hips (raising hand up), a poochy tummy (hand still up) and just being an average person with female traits... It made me love the story all the more because she seemed like me! The relationship she shares with her neighbors and Danny. The relationship with her parents - something that I can defintely relate too.

Displeasing Thoughts: Sorry.. There was nothing disappointing in this book. Not even the fact that one of the main players is a ghost. That was a delight, actually. Nothing can come to mind that left a bad taste in my mouth... if there is something that you felt displeased you, please let me know... so we can talk about it!

Expecting Anything: This book left me expecting nothing... Hell, I was ever wrong about the way it was going to go... with Danny! But don't we look for this in a book... what to expect... and I found nothing that would give anything away.

Unexpected Things: Everything was unexpected, but in a good way. There were turns and twists to everything. Even surrounding Val's death. This book delighted me in the fact that it kept my interest up for a whole night to sit a read it in one sitting!

If you liked the story, please visit Ms. Kimberly Raye's web site --->>> here.

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It's not an erotci novel... but you inner Hussy will Purr!!

Now a new term has been born at my place....
The word after Hussy will tell you what to expect... purring, panting, drooling... you get the idea!!!

And for those of you who don't know... the other term that will be used at this place is a term used to describe my men...
Sex on a Stick.
If a man is hot, sexy, delicious, described as well endowed **wink** in all areas, has that sexual appeal, and is just flat out plain alpha and yummy... then he is now dubbed Sex on a Stick!

Hope you enjoyed!


  1. I ordered this as soon as I read Barbara's your review makes me even more antsy to get this book!

    "Legions of women to devote to his generous stick" - LOL - I love it!

    Nice review!

  2. Thanks Mandi!!! Hey, I call them like I see them... and Val is definitely Sex on a Stick... and well... **evil grin... I know I am bad!!!
    Yea, I went out and bought it after Barbara's review of it also!!! Awesome Book

  3. Cecile!! I;m so happy you loved this one as much as me. I agree, it's not erotic, but it definitely satisfies the inner hussy *wink* Best part of all? It has a HEA!! Something I've never read before in a ghost romance.

  4. Oh it's the ghost book, I still wonder about that HEA in this one. I just am too curious for my own good.

    But who would say no to sex on a stick ghost

  5. Aw Barbara... I feel in love with this story!!! It was such an awesome read! And you are right... I was sooo happy to see a HEA... I was worried about that for a while. And it will definitely satisfy the inner hussy!!!

  6. Blodeuedd ~ Oh... you can't say no to a ghost that is described as Sex On A Stick!!! LOL!!! I hope your curiousity gets the best of you... and you get this book!!! It really was a wonderful book! I actually would say that it is a delightful book!
    Enjoy your day!

  7. Wonderful review Cecile!! It's all about keeping the Inner Hussy happy. LOL

    This one is on my wish list.


  8. Thanks Michelle!!! Yes, all about pleasing the inner hussy!

  9. LOL Cecile! Your reviews never fail to put a smile on my face.

    Great review and it showed some different aspects to the story vs. Barbara's. Ghost stories are tricky cause the HEA has to some how be believable but both yours and Barbara's proclimations that the ending is fantastic has sealed the deal for me.

    ;) VFG

  10. Wow this book sounds good...I love those books that you read the blurb and your like "Idk this sounds a bit out there" but turns out to be the best book! This book will be on my TBR pile!!! Thx for the great review girl!

  11. VFG ~ Hey honey!! I am glad that I can put a smile on my face. That's what it's all about... that, and getting you to fall in love with yet another great author!!!
    I am glad to see that there was a difference of POV between Barbara and I... and yet we both loved it!!! And this ghost story got the most awesome HEA!!!

  12. Monroe ~ Hey girl!! This book is great! And that is exactly what you think when you read the back of this book... IDK because of the ghost thing. I mean really, how can one fall in love with a ghost and fall hard!!!! And have a HEA....well... this book delievers!! Glad to see that I can help put it in your TBR pile!!

  13. Hi Cecile!

    Again with the sex on the stick!! I love it!

    I remember Barbara's review of this, and thought, wow, I've got to get this. Well, it's two for two, next trip to Borders, I'm looking for it!

    Thanks Cecile, great review!

    Dottie :)

  14. Hi! Grerat review! Just stopping by to say hi and see what's going on on this blog - you are behaving yourself! See you on Sunday :)


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