Friday, July 10, 2009

GIVEAWAY & Review: Lyon by Elizabeth Amber

(#3 in The Lords of Satyr Series)
Erotic Paranormal Historical Romance
Kensington Aphrodisia
isbn 978-0758220417
(Over age 18 only please.)
Release date: August 2008.

Blurb from the back cover of Lyon:
The last in a fabled line of otherworldly aristocracy, the Lords of Satyr are born to wealth, power, and a talent for sensual delight that mere mortals only dream of. Commanded to marry, these passionate men will travel to Rome, Venice, and Paris—and along the way will explore desires both shamelessly wicked and blissfully divine…

The youngest of the Satyr brothers, Lyon enjoys working in the family's Tuscan vineyards,caring for his menagerie of animals and bedding beautiful women. But he knows he must fulfill his destiny of taking the last daughter of King Feydon as his bride. And so he travels to Paris to wed the infamous Juliette Rabelais . . .

A celebrated courtesan noted for both her culinary--and carnal talents, Juliette is a voluptuous beauty with a body meant to tease. And with a full moon only days away, Lyon is quickly aroused. But after a night of intimacy, Lyon wonders if Juliette is truly a mistress of sensual pleasure or whether his sexual mastery will be her undoing . . .
WARNING: This is a REALLY HOT book. (Sexually Explicit)

In this erotic historical paranormal romance series set in the heart of Tuscany’s centuries-old wine country, three half-Satyr brothers receive a letter that sends them in search of three endangered half-Faerie brides.
Charming youngest brother Lyon is so ruggedly handsome that his looks have actually caused women to swoon. Though he resents that duty calls him to wed and doubts that he can ever love one woman, he nevertheless travels to Paris in search of the third bride.
At first glance, Juliette seems a good choice for him, for he discovers her to be a courtesan. Their passionate night together leaves him sated beyond his wildest imaginings, but her magic results in dire repercussions that only she can reverse.
All the above is obtained from Ms. Elizabeth Amber's web site --->>> here.

I will give you a dictionary lesson, because I will be honest and say I did not know what a satyr was before reading this and it helped me to find out.
Satyr: Classical Mythology. one of a class of woodland deities, attendant on Bacchus, represented as part human, part horse, and sometimes part goat and noted for riotousness and lasciviousness.
Coutresy of

Since I found the Synopsis, I am not going to bore you with my short review. I am just going to start with my normal review but with my thoughts first... So, in case you want to skip the plot, the players and other comments, you can. Enjoy!

My Thoughts:
Imagine finding your true love/soul mate with just one scent. One word. One look and you knew. But the problem was, you were already bedding someone else... Yea... sucks!
Lyon shows up in Paris basically wanting to get the search for his bride over with... Really... being told that he had to secure a wife for the purpose of protection was not top on his agenda. He also never thought of himself as a one woman man! The reason Lyon is reluctant about this, is he believes that he will never find a woman to love. He wants a woman or many women to bed. Lyon is the randiest of the brothers and that carnal nature will get him into a tight spot.
He finds a "faerie blend" woman, Sibela and assumes that is his bride.... well... she is not what she seems to be.... Quite the opposite, but what Lyon does not know is that he will be tied to this woman whether he likes it or not.
Then he finds Juliette... or rather hears her voice, and smells her. Remember, faerie blend's have a special scent to them. So, he leaves Sibela to "hunt" for Juliette ~ even before he is finished.. ummm... having relations with Sibela. he seeks her out and when he catches up to Juliette, he realizes she resides at a brothel. That does not deter him from seeking her out. But she had a job to do... to bed him, not with sensual delight but with culinary delight. To seek out information from him out the pox virus and how the Satyr's kept their vineyards in good health. Her guardian and boss, Singore Valmont wants the information for his own benefit
In this books, the twists are sharper and the turns will be harder. Without giving to much (because you know I don't) this story is riveting. You will become spellbound. The web Ms. Amber's weaves in this one is awesome. This story is about... Family... Lyon's brothers need him to secure a wife to proceed with the protection of King Feydon daughters and to grant his last wish... Family... Juliette thought she was an orphan; left by her mother at the Hospice des Enfants Trouves (The Hospital of Found Children). She wanted to leave behind the life she was living now... until she finds out the truth of her heritage... This is a story of finding family and love. This is an emotional family/love story. And I promsie you, each chapter will suck you in deeper and deeper... but by chapter 8... you will be SUCKED in!!!

The Main Players:
Lyon: Sex On A Stick!!!
He can bend the Will of others and control their thoughts. What was good about him controlling thoughts and bending Wills is that where ever he went, he was sure to draw an entourage of women. ((In our time... today... Imagine having the power that no matter where you went... men would stare and follow you because they think you are simply hot and delicious.)) That is Lyon of his time.
Juliette chose these words to describe Lyon, "One who chose his own path and was confident enough not to bow too deeply to the whims of style.... For a man so large, he moved with sleek grace... A man who can laugh at himself - a rare animal."
Lyon is not a man to feel jealously over another man wanting a woman, but with Juliette, he wants everyone to know that she is his, he wants to protect her, love her, desires her in all manners...

She is a virgin... an important fact for this time era. When we first meet Juliette she is counting her steps, reciting receipes just to simply cross the bridge. Why, because she is fearful of the outdoors, does not like nature and does not like water. She works in a brothel. She is not the proper courtesan for she is still a virgin, remember. But she has other powers that make her to valuable for the owner let her go. She is also accused of murder when she was young. So, by hiding out (so to speak in the house) she can live free. She considered herself to be a coward of sorts. Juliette is just dealing with what life dealt her. And for that, I feel for her and remember the era we are in... women were not allowed to defy men or speak up or be bold...

Sibela: She is a Nereid. Equal part sea-faerie and she-devil. She is just as her title would imply... she is a she-devil!!! Actully, in the beginning, I called her a b*tch; but towards the end of the story, she actually redeems herself by doing something for someone else.
She is looking for protection from the Elseworld and Lyon is the perfect man to give it to her. She knows that he comes to Paris seeking a wife... and if she can bind him to her (by getting her with child), then she will have his protection.
Every story needs a b*itch in and this comes complete with one! Even a nasty villan who gets his just desserts!!! **yup, I am evil**

Now a few things I will include: This story will leave your inner hussy very satisfied. In fact, you WILL be purring and possibly panting very loudly!! The love scenes in this book are amzaingly hot, passionate, sexy, erotic and completely off the charts!! SMUT... ohhhh HELLLLLL yeah!!!! This book did not leave me displeased at all... the opposite is true, I was very pleased with book so much, I consumed it about a day! The book's pace was great, it kept me turning the pages so fast that I got a couple of papercuts from turning the pages and caught some of the pages on fire, becuase I was turning so fast, lol!!! There was never a moment where I knew what was going to happen; the twists and turns in this book is more than in any other books!! It was an awesome book!!!! I hope to have left you intigured enough to want these brothers in your TBR pile!!

I hope you liked the review... I have one more review to come!! If you liked the book review, please stay tune for more... Please feel free to visit Ms. Elizabeth Amber's web site --->>> here. To read an excerpt of Dominic (click on his name.) To read an excerpt of Nicholas, go --->>> here. The next book is ... then Raine... then Lyon . And to come in the future is Dane's story... And if you want to stay in tune with what's going on with Ms. Elizabeth... please go to her Yahoo Group --->>> here!!
If you missed my review of Nicholas, please go --->>> here.
If you missed my review of Raine, please go --->>> here.

Hope you inner hussy is purring like crazy!!! Mine is!!!

Contest/Gieaway/Free Book... Whatever you would like to call it...
Now for the information you all have been waiting for....
You all know how excited I am that Ms. Amber has made her way over to my place to comment... well... we have been exchanging words... and this is what she whispered in my ear!!!

She is going to allow me to give away a signed copy of one her books to a very lucky winner!!!
I will take all the names of those that have posted comments in Lyon's Review and Dominic's Review... and head to Random Man's place and we will choose a winner!!!
Please leave an email address in your comment, so that if you are picked we can get in touch with you!!!!
It is open to all!!!! And for the fun of it... besides leaving comment... I will pose a question to you... If you were to write a book (let's pretend)... what time period would you put it in and what would your hero Alpha be... a regular human, a shapeshifter, a vampire, a faerie... or what... and why???
The contest will end Sunday @ midnight CST!!! I will draw a name Monday!!!! Just make sure to stay tune.... and leave comments!!!


  1. I have Nicholas and am looking forward to reading the rest of the series. Have you already reviewed Dominic? I just see Lyon, Raine, and Nicholas...

  2. Oooo me please!!

    Just one question though..... is it open to all or just the US and Canada?

    Thanks for the oppurtuinity Cecile!

  3. Chris ~ Hey honey! I will be reviewing Dominic by this weekend!! I did them in order and I skipped yesterday because I knew Heather was hosting Ms. Amber there.
    Have you read Nicholas yet??

  4. Amanda,
    I am sorry, I forgot to put that. It is open to all!!!
    I am going update that right now... And I am going to ask a question... so be on the look out..

  5. Ms. Amber is so sweet!! Congratulations Cecile!

  6. Great review, Cecile!!

    Oooh! I want Raine!!! I love his cover!!

    Um, well..."if" I were to write a hero, I "would" write him in the Victorian Era, and my hero would be the second son of an Earl. He's frowned upon by society. He would be a gambler, a womanizer, a drinker and someone who feels almost worthless. HOWEVER, that's all changes once my heroine came into the picture. *wink*

    You know me and my historicals ;)

  7. Cecile! Great review girl!!

    You've totally got me panting after these brothers! I can't wait to read about these sex-on-a-stick heroes!!

    Have a great weekend!

    ;) VFG

  8. Congrats on snagging such a great author! The covers alone make me want these books and your reviews sealed the deal.

    And my storyline would involve a vampire in modern times-since the paranoia of earlier time periods would be extra dangerous to my hero.

  9. Arghhhh! I hate hitting the enter button too fast. Forgot to include my e-mail....

    joderjo402 AT gmail DOT com

  10. Whoops! I forgot to answer the question. Thanks for letting me know Cecile. ;)

    I'd probably write a paranormal in a contemporary setting with a shapeshifting hero. Is it more than obvious that I'm still immersed in Nalini Mania?? LOL!

    Count me in for the drawing!

    ;) VFG

  11. Hi Cecile!

    Awesome review!!

    If I were to write a hero he would probably be either a cowboy or a SEAL...hey, maybe both! :)

    Happy Friday!

  12. Another great review, thanks!! I think I'll have to reread the books! And I'd love to read Dominic...

    My hero would be a shapeshifter in modern time, a wolf or a big cat, I just love these alpha males (Nalini Mania, yes!)

  13. Ooh what a great giveaway. If I were to write a book, I would do vampire and Urban Fantasy. Why? Who doesn't love vampires in the 21st century?

    Count me in.

    cindyc725 at gmail dot com

  14. My hero would be a contemporary human.
    chey127 at hotmail dot com

  15. I haven't read Nicholas yet. I own it, and books I own tend to get pushed back until after I read my library books. I got a little out of hand with my library books this week... :)

    Hmm. I think I'd set my story in the now. I'd be awfully tempted to write about demons... but that could be because I just finished reading Midnight's Master!!

  16. Heather D ~ Thanks hon!! I am glad that you had such a great day at Six Flags and got to guest blog with Ms. Amber!!!

    Barbara ~ Hey Honey! Thanks! Girl, I know you love you sum... Raine!! What is not to love... and besides his cover is smokin hawt... they are alll.. but I know this is your fave! I also know you love you some historical time era!!! Love the idea... can't wait to see it in print!!! Yea,I am your cheerleader too!

    VampFanGirl ~ Thanks! Girl... panting is not the only thing you will be doing over these brothers.. Yummy!! Your hussy will be purring... hell, she might even be meowing very loudly!!! I hope you have a great weekend too!
    And yes, as soo as I go to Borders I will purchase the first one... if they have it, if not.. I will be ordering it... of Nalini's series!!

    Joder ~ Hi! I hope you like it around here enough to stick around!!!!I love having new people here!!! Please feel free to stay and join in anytime!!!
    Thanks! These are some very delicious covers, I have to say that! I love the idea of a vampire set back in time, because you are right... dangerous... to the hero!

    Blanche ~ Hey there!! Thank you! I figured you for my cowboy hero!! A SEAL... hummm... *delicious thoughts of that one..* Hope you enjoy the rest of your day too!!

    Eva S ~ Thanks!! I think you should reread the books too! Only because they are THAT good... and hot!! Dominic is my next review... You too with the Nalini series... I will be going get me some!! SOOON!!

    I Heart Book Gossip ~ Hey there!!! How have you been!!! I hope well!
    Considered yourself in!! Urban Vampire... nice!

    Chey ~ Hi! Nice to see new people. Hope you stick around and share with us the laughter and lust over some of our favorite novels!!!

  17. Chris ~ Oh okay.. I was wondering why you have not embarked upon Nicholas yet... I mean, just look at the cover... =)
    But I understand about the library books, since they are due back in two weeks! Or at least at my library. Demons... would your demon male/female have a HEA?

  18. Sounds like a good book. *scribbles madly onto TBB list*

    The question... hmm... reality sucks so anything that alternate would be my choice.

  19. Aymless ~ Thanks for stopping by!! I hope to see you stick around... Especially if you love books, eye candy and more books!!! Oh and of course a good laugh or at least a smile!!!

  20. This book sounds just great! Please count me in.
    About my hero - he would probably live in some magical place, where time is not really important. He would be human, but of course, there would be something about him that would make him special. I'm not sure what.

  21. Cecile,
    I just loved your review of Lyon. You had me at hussy...and yup, its purring. I stumbled across your blog and so happy I found you.

    If I pretended to write a book, it would be a historical and my alpha hero would be a shapeshifter. Something about all that animal magnetism and raging testosterone gets me going.

    armiefox at yahoo dot com

  22. Calcamanin ~ Hi!!! I hope you like it here enough to stick around!! I love having new people over!!!
    These books are awesome!!! You are definitely counted
    A magical man... a time not of importance. Human with a bit of mystery, nice!!! =) Hope you stick around!!!

    Armenia ~ Hi!!! I am loving up meeting new people!!! I hope you enjoy yourself here enough to stay a while!!! Thanks you for the kind words for the review. I am glad that I had you at hussy!! LOL!!
    A historical shapeshifter... now that is a twist.
    Hope you stick around as well!!

  23. Hi Cecile!

    Awesome contest, I've put all of Elizabeth Amber's books on my wish list. Lyon sounds just as good as Raine and Nicholas! I'll be looking forward to Dominic - just the name sounds fun. But I'd love to win one!

    My hero of course would be a vampire setting contemporary, tortured needing to find his one true love and discovering it in the most unlikeliest of places. Or maybe he's the bad guy who is saved by circumstances beyond his control. Hmmm.... I think I could keep going.

    Please count me in!

    Thanks sweetie!

    Dottie :)

  24. I already hear my sister rant and rave about Lyon but this seals the deal for me Cecile! When you get excited, you really get excited over a book and though I have a few books to read first I will move Lyon up on the TRP, after VFG's rec of TMT of Toni Blake I will read Lyon! Can't do anything else after reading your review, want to know how Lyon's story goes!

    And a contest YAY always glad to enter *grin*

  25. Was there a question...what kind of hero would I write? A bad boy to the bone, one that is balancing the edge of right and wrong but at the core he has his own code of honor, does the right thing and is quiet about doing it, because, yep, it might spoil his reputation as a bad boy LOL

    He will probably be a shapeshifter, don't you just love it when a guy struggles to control his "animal urges/side" lol And I will probably place him in a fantasy /own created world setting.

  26. Hey Cecile,
    these books sound really great. My tbr pile is getting bigger and bigger.

    As for writing my own novel I think I would put the story in the future but with paranormal beings in it. I love the contrast between scientific and fantastic elements in books. I can't decide on a species for my hero, but I think that is not as relevant as him being a little torn between good and bad. Just as Leontine said. I'm thinking of something like Rhev from JR Ward.
    So count me in!
    Wish you a great weekend.

  27. Great review and fun contest!!!

    In my book my hero would be Fae in the future. The fae can be so evil and creepy (not my hero of course).

  28. Hey Cecile,
    how awesome that you are having a giveaway for one of Elizabeth Amber's books also. No need to enter me. Just droppin by.

  29. I definitely want to win this one.
    Okay, if I wrote a book I'd write one in the present day and have the hero be a Gargoyle. Not many Gargoyles books out there and I'd like to write one.

  30. Thank you so much for being here with us today. I have read Nicholas and absolutely loved it. I would love to read the read of your sexy satyr men.

    I would chose my hero to be a shapeshifting dragon and if I had him I really wouldnt care what time period I was in.

  31. Hi cecile :D
    I am getting in late. Went to my parents yesterday and came back just now.

    Mmm, he sounds nice too, oh yes. And so dos she, but that b&%ch, grrr, i can already dislike her.

    I would set my story in the 12th century, hm, some Norman lord and he will fall in love with a Saxon lords daughter. I could come up with a long story now, but to make it short. her father would not want his daughter to marry him since he dont' like them and his family stole their land. A bit of Romeo and Juliet in the dark ages

    Do I need to say I am in :D

  32. Wonderful review and contest Cecile.

    I have the first 3 of Ms. Amber's Lords of Saytr books on my shelf and they are indeed awesome.

    I would love to win and read the 4th one "Dominic".

    Her prose is very lush and the setting is so beautiful and authentic.

    "If I were to write a hero?" He would live in present day, but descended from an otherworldly race with gifts connected to his ancestors. He would have a strength of character and extremely protective of those close to him.

    Thanks for hosting such a great contest Cecile!

    Best to you.


  33. Lets face it I have a hard enough time writing the reviews; keeping my thoughts straight, remembering that witting comment, etc... but IF I were creative enough to write a book, it would probably be in the present, somewhere in the deep South (maybe my home town Savannah?) and my Alpha male would be one hot Vamp!

  34. Hi Cecile!
    Another great review, the books sound great! My TBR pile is growing :)
    My hero would be a shapeshifter probably some kind of big cat. And for the time period I would chose modern time.
    HAve a great day!

  35. Good luck in the contest everyone and thanks so much for dropping by Cecile's fabulous blog. :o)

    Hi Cecile,
    Sex on a stick is one of my favorite review lines ever!!! Thanks so much for reviewing Lyon! He's physically the most "built" of the satyr brothers and is the most overtly attractive to women. I like writing camaraderie between brothers and guy friends, so he was especially fun to write since he gives and takes some teasing, especially in his book and in Nicholas.

    It is so fun to read the heroes you're all thinking of. I can't help thinking you should take notes and see if a book eventually grows. I have a spiral notebook where I keep ideas that occur so I don't lose them. I always think I'm going to remember, but I don't.

    I hope you enjoy Nicholas when you get a chance. Enjoy the cover in the meantime. :o)

    Thanks, Heather!

    Barbara, I like your guy! I have a feeling you're going to write a book one of these days.

  36. Thanks for your kind words, Joder!

    I am dying to try Nalini’s books, but haven’t yet. Huge TBR pile. I'm sure you know how that is. :o)

    Hi Blanche,
    Have you read Lora Leigh’s Navy Seal books? I liked her Wicked Pleasure.

    Hi Eva,
    Eva is the name of the heroine in Dane. Love the name.

    Hi Cindy,
    Have you read Jenna Black? She’s a local author and is such a sweetie. Her urban fantasties are doing really well!

    My library lets us check books out nine times before we have to return them. Heaven! My former library was only 3 times. Not long enough sometimes.

    You said it—I read for escape. I like real life, but sometimes . . .

    Hi Calcamanin,
    I’d love to be unstuck in time. No deadlines. :o)

    Hi Armenia,
    Have you read Kate Douglas’s Wolf Tales series? They’re erotic contemporary shapeshifters and are very popular. Plus, she’s a sweetie and a half in person.

    Hi Dottie,
    I hope you enjoy the satyr novels if you get a chance. I love tortured alphas!

    Oh yes, Leontine!
    I love bad boys. Especially those that have some good in them.

    Hi Susi,
    JR Ward is amazing, isn’t she? I’m wondering what she’ll do next.

    Hello Mandi and Amy C,
    Thanks so much for dropping by.

    Hi Sarabelle,
    You’re welcome, and I’m so glad you enjoyed Nicholas. I truly loved writing that book. At the time, I didn’t know it would be published and so I wasn’t worried about how it would be received.

    Hi Lea and Host,
    Good to see you!

    I’m heading off to run errands. I hope you’re all having a good Saturday.

    Thanks again, Cecile!

  37. I so have to get my hands on these books they sound really hot.

    If I were to write a book it it would be a modern day paranormal romance the hero would probably be a vampire.

    budletsmom at yahoo dot com

  38. Hey Gang!! Sorry I am so late... I had to work this morning from 10 to 7! But I am here!!!

    Dottie ~ Hey Honey!! I hope your computer problems get fixed soon!
    The reason I can have this awesome contest is because of awesome people like Ms. Amber's!!! And another reason is because I have some great friends like you!!!
    Oh Lyon is such a ladies Man!!! And Dominci... well... just wait for that one. I will definitely count you in!!
    I am surprised your hero is not a faery of some sort... You surprised me!!! =)
    Do keep going with that story and let me know how it comes out!!!

  39. Leontine ~ Hey there honey!!
    I am glad that I could seal the deal for you!! Because this is one series you do not want to miss. I know we say that about a lot of them, but serioulsy you do not want to miss these brothers!!! OH SO YUMMY!!!
    And yes, when I get excited about a book, I really do express it! Only because I want to share that with you all... because that is our passion ~ an awesome book!
    Your hero - a bad boy... oh can we make him a sex on a stick bad boy!!! LOL!!! =) I love tortured heros - how sexy and dangerous can they been.
    Well, if your imagination is taking you to a man that fights his aniaml urges... then you will love my brothers!!

  40. Spain in the late 1800s would be my setting!
    Count me in!

  41. Hey SusiSunshine ~ Hey there!!! I am glad that we are able to get your pile to grow... because gawd only knows that all of ours is way way out there!!!
    Well, a sci-fi person!!! Good luck!!

  42. Mandi ~ Thanks honey!! Oh, now we get a fae!!!

    Amy C ~ Hey honey!! I am just glad that I can share with you guys like you share with me!!!Thanks for stopping by, it means a lot to me!!!

  43. Hey Ms. LadyVampire2u ~ Love the name, and thanks for coming over!!! Thanks for sticking!! Can't wait to see what comments you have to leave!!!
    I will count you in for sure!!!
    Ohhh I love gargoyles!!! Did you read Alexandra Ivy's series of the Eternity Guardian... Off hand I am not sure which book, but a side character comes out and he is a gargoyles - Levet. He is adorable and French!!! I fell in love with him!

  44. Sarabelle ~ Hi there! I am glad to see you here. I hope you like it enough to stay and play with us!!!I am glad that you like Nicholas, he is such my man!!! He is totally my Sex on a Stick!!! And these satyr men are really something else!!!
    A shapeshifting dragon, now that is different!

  45. Blodeuedd ~ Hey there honey!!!I would rather you get here late and never!! LOL!!! I am just glad that you came!! Didn't want you to miss out!! Oh yea, she is a bitch... but she actually comes through the end!!! You have to read this one!!
    Norman lord... now that is different!
    You are in honey!!!

  46. Lea ~ Hey honey! Thank you ma'am, I do try to intice you all!!! Well, I will put your name in the drawing!!! Yes, I have not found anyone that writes like Ms. Amber!
    And of course I love your hero!!!

  47. Heather D ~ Love the hero you picked!!!

  48. Hey Host ~ Thanks honey! Glad to see you made it! Girl, you are not the only one with a growing TBR pile... mine is getting bigger and bigger... I am going to have to find new hiding places for them!
    A Big Cat, I love cats... Tigers are my favorite!

  49. I love your reviews! I love love to win Lyon or Raine. Those two just drew me in!

    As to your question, my Alpha would be either a vampire, werewolf, or gargoyle. I just love the mysterious and those suit me. I would set it in the Black Death Era, just because so much was going on then that my hero would have to overcome.

  50. Ms. Elizabeth Amber ~
    Thanks for visiting the sex on the stick place. I had that first revelation when I was reading some novel.. and thought how yummy he was and if he was that yummy and delicious... and I just so happen to be eating a popsicle at the time... and light blub went off!!! LOL!!!
    I am glad that I could make that your favorite review line!!! I think it makes people smile and think a lot about the lead man!
    It is my pleasure to review these hot books!! I have been having so much fun! And yes, he is the one that is the that is physically "built" the most! And oh man what a man!
    I do love the camaraderie between brothers and guy friends. I am glad that you enjoy coming over to my place!! Hoping to see you around more often!!!

  51. Budletsmom ~ Hi there! Glad to see a new face around!!! Hope you like this place well enough to stick around!!! Or if not, hope you like it enough to just visti!! We love to have fun here!!!!
    Good luck!!

  52. Etirv ~ Hi there... Another new face... I am so loving this up!!!! I hope you decide to stick around!! If you love hot guys and awesome books... then you need to stick around! Consider yourself counted!

  53. Wow - love your review! My favorite books are paranormals, historicals, or erotica. And this one has ALL of that!!!

    If I were to write a book my hero would be a shifter. Some kind of feline like a panther. He'd also be some kind of military guy. Perhaps a spy in Regency times. Maybe I'd use a futuristic setting and he'd be law enforcement instead.

    lynda98662 at yahoo dot com

  54. OK - I forgot to say why. I'd want a feline shifter because the big cats have so much supressed power and look so sleek. Military of law enforcement because I just love those guys. Love the alpha hero types. Futuristic or Regency because those are my two favorite types.

    lynda98662 at yahoo dot com

  55. Hey Hon,

    Sorry I haven't come as often as I should, I've been having a lot going on and I'm leaving for the Nationals this week.

    Hey, I love the fact that you didn't seem to mind the one Author who took the time to build the story and draw the reader deeper into her tale, you said by chp. 8 she had you!
    It's always stressed to writers that the readers want everything right off the start, which is fine, but some stories can't be told like that. I'm happy to hear there are those who still will wait and allow the story to build.


  56. I have all of Elizabeth Amber's books on the Satyr series and I have to say that Nicholas has been the best so far. I have gotten through his and Raine's book so far and would love to see the series continue past Lyon and Dominic and Vincent.

  57. Krystal ~ Hello there!! I am loving meeting new people. I am glad that you came over to play with us!!! Thank you for loving the reviews!!! You will thrown in the drawing!!! Wow, the Death era! I hope you stick around for all the fun!!!

  58. Kytaira ~ Hey!! Glad that you could make it!!! And also glad that you liked the reviews!
    Wow... really loving your hero up!!! Girl, you better get a notebook and start writing!

  59. Hey Ms. HAWK!! I am glad to see that you could make it!!! I understand what a lot means.. even if it different for all of us!! I am just glad that you were able to come!!
    Actually that is one of the things I loved about Ms. Amber's books, they built and the characters came and went but you never felt lost of left out or anything. And I love how she built the story, because it was smooth and easy to follow and it was done in a way that you were patience with. I loved it!!!
    Awesome is right!1

  60. gaby317nyc AT gmail DOT com

    I write about a regular human but I'd like him to be very very strong and perceptive. I'd like to set it in Boston during the time of the American Revolution - it's a time that fascinates me.



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