Friday, July 31, 2009

Oh My Cover Gods... Look What Has Come In....

Oh my dear... Look at what this hussy has drugged into her place... Oh my dear hussy!!!
I would like for you meet my lovely, handsome, seductive and such a woman pleaser...
Lord Matthew Wallingford.... You will fall in love with him....
Ms. Charlotte Featherstone gave me Addicted... with Lindsay... now she has given me... Matthew in Sinful!!!! Although, he will not come out of my closet until May 2010... Yea, he will be a busy boy... ***evil hussy that I am***

Now let me introduce you to my art teacher...
Isn't he handsome! Ms. Amanda McIntyre has the wonderful pleasure of having him all to herself until she finishes his story... She is not releasing him.... until she is completely satisifed.

These two ladies can be found together at Lust In Time blog. Please visit them and let them know what you think!!!
***oh man, my hussy is so full right now, she is having a hard time breathing***

Now, don't forget......

Now, please do NOT forget to check out my contest.... You have to leave a comment --->>> here to be entered in for a chance to win!!! It ends August 5th @ Midnight CST!!!!


  1. Isn't The Master and The Muses beautiful?? That Thomas Rodin! He can paint me anytime he likes :).

  2. I wish there were posters of cover art. :)

  3. Thanks for posting Sinful! That Matty does live up to his name!

    Chris, we authors get cover flats of the cover, and I'm pretty sure that we'll be giving away copies as prizes, and such. check out newsletter, but more likely Lust In Time blog in the coming months for those!

  4. Hi Cecile,
    Oh, oh, covers!! I do love a great covers and those are yummy.

    Must do the pimping for your contest tomorrow, internet disappeared yesterday and I managed to get some things done at my boyfriends computer after I rushed over (luckily he has two). Today I am catching up cos suddenly it's back, it's a mystery and it's driving me insane. I am obviously addicted ;)

  5. Sigh...HQN Spice has one very talented art department. Kudos to them.

    I love these covers. Thanks for the heads up on Amanda's. It's gorgeous too!

    (((hugs))) VFG

  6. ((waggles eyebrows)) I think Matthew needs some company while he's in the closet...I don't mind small, dark spaces :-D

  7. Oh my goodness, I think I need a moment....or more. Gorgeous, both covers, absolutely yummy.

  8. Covers are HOT! Thanks for sharing :)

  9. ~Amy C
    Oh man... beautiful seems like such a plan word for this cover!!! OH... I will have to google that name and see what comes up!!! I agree with you on him painting me anytime he wants!!

    Cover art poster... Hubby might get a tad jealous... Especially if I hung it on my ceiling in my bedroom!! LOL!!

    You are more than welcome!!! Oh we will be stalking your sites now... We love those "goodies"!!!

    Thanks for the wonderful pimpage about this!! Thank you! And girl... are those covers just smokin hot or what!!!!

    You are so right about HQN Spice ~ Very talented art department. Isn't Amanda's very *still looking for the right word to use*

    Honey, I have Matthew all to myself in my closet!! LOL!!! But I will let you know when he comes out for some air!! LOL!!! Again... Yum... ME!!!

    Gorgeous, absolutely yummy.
    Still lookin for the right word to use!!!

    You are more than welcome for the share... How can one not share!!!

  10. Wow!! These said click on it?...well... could we please have some more options?

  11. Hey Sweetie,

    Thank you for the side bar PROMO! These authors work so hard to write their's nice when everyone comes to visit them on their give - aways.

    Yes, you'll have to work for it BUT you know you'll have fun doing the contest...gulp, I hope you have fun, anyway. I try to make it fun.

    Hugs darlin' again thank you so much!


  12. Wow - The Sinful cover has me speechless... um... yeah... wow... in my own fantasy world now... with Matthew... god...


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