Tuesday, July 14, 2009

My trip to Wal-Mart....

This is what I got from my trip to Wal-Mart yesterday... I HAD to go grocery shopping... and I could not help but pass by the book section. And since I worked this weekend at Madewood.... I figured I deserved a little treat.... and this is what treat I got...

So... what did you do last night?? Something, nothing... cleaned... clothes.... watched tv... what?!?!?


  1. Nice books! Last night I finished reading What a Dragon Should Know! Damn, I love that book. I love her dragons. They are just so fun.

  2. I have Once Bitten on my ebook reader but haven't gotten to it yet. Last night I blogged and then started to read the first book in Deirdre Knight's Gods of Midnight series.

  3. I heard a few about Gena Showalter and how they are licking uhm liking Devyn very much :D

    What I've been doing last night? Watch Aidan...brooding, as Tristan learned him to make the mojito cocktail.

    Or did you mean: What did I do last night IRL? Shared some quality time with hubby, he and I needed some after busy week on my part :D

  4. Great Choices!!

    I met a friend for coffee yesterday evening instead of cleaning and doing laundry so thats what I'm going to have to do this evening instead!

  5. Great haul there! :D
    Hehe, I am planning a little Amazon trip soon. It will be great, mmm books.

    Yesterday i was such a good girl and cleaned the flat for 1,5 hours.

  6. Very nice books Cecile! I have to go to Walmart today and I'm going to try really hard to walk past the books but I'm not holding my breath! I hope they have something good there for me to buy/read!!

    Last night my daughter and I watched the Bachelorette and I'm so mad at her, she sent my favorite guy home! I think she made a HUGE mistake!!

  7. You definitely did deserve them :)

    I was riding on a bike and then went for a drink, and stayed late surfing (not sea but Internet:))
    Have a great day !

  8. Amy C ~ Hey there honey! Thanks!! What A Dragon Should Know... now that sounds like a very interesting book!!! Scribbling that on a piece of paper!

    Chris ~ Good Morning! I have some research to do on the books I have recently bought. Normally, I know what part of the series (if any) they belong to and what order they are in... but since I have been seeing these on a few of you all pages... I could not pass them up! For fear they would not be there!! LOL!! That is what I keep telling myself!

  9. Leontine ~ Hey My Special Godmother!!! Yea, I heard some good things about this Gena book... (of course you know that I love my Lords.... Lord of the Underworld... Lord of the Satyr.... boy... these Lords are takign over my life, lol, but I am not complaining!!!)

    Not sure if this is part of a series... will be checking into all that!!!

    That Tristan!! What a Man!
    Oh how sweet... quality time with hubby... Awww!!

    Amanda ~ Hey there!!! Thanks!
    Oh, meeting friends for coffee sounds like a great thing to do.. especially after a Monday!!!
    Oh, sucks though that they do have faeries that can do our housework for us while we are at work!!! LOL!! If only, huh!!

  10. Blodeuedd ~ Hey there Honey! Thanks... Amazon trip huh!!! **Wicked you are, lol**
    But after cleaning your flat, you deserve a treat like that!!

    Blanche ~ Good Morning! Thank you. I felt kind of proud of myself because I saw a few more books that I would have love to bring home, but I left them there *pouting* But Wal-Mart is famous for their book department calling my name. It's like a hypnotic thing. I just can't bring myself to NOT go in there. Addiction, I know!
    I already have been to my meeting, lol!
    Oh one of the ladies I work with watched that last night too... and she was upset that he went home too! She has told me all about him... But she said that she read some where (spoiler site) that he is supposed to come back in a couple of shows. Cross your fingers!

    host ~ Good afternoon Honey!
    Riding bikes... Girl, I wish I had your esteam to do that! I think that is great though! What about your BF? He went riding with you??
    I LOL when I read the part about surfing. I thought you actually went surfing!!!! LOL!! Not that I don't think you can do it, I know you probably could... but then I read the net... and I couldn't help myself but to LOL!!!
    You are something else!!! LOL!!

    Hope everyone has a great day!!!

  11. Of course you deserved them!! We all need a treat once in a while! Man...I'm green with envy of Amy C. I love G.A. Aiken's dragon books and she just finished an ARC of What a Dragon Should know - but she loved it so it'll be worth the wait. Last night I finished Sharon Sala's The Healer and started Nancy Gideon's Midnight Kiss - fairly older vamp book.

  12. Don't you just love the Wal-Mart book section? There is always some hidden gem amongst the stacks and you can't beat the prices.

    Happy Reading!

    ;) VFG

    P.S. I'm so looking forward to your thoughts on 'Addicted'!!!

  13. Cybercliper ~ Hey there honey!! Glad you could stop by today!!!
    Yes, I love treating myself!!
    New author to me.. thanks for telling me about her!! Going to look that up this evening!!

    VampFanGirl ~ I do love when I can find something at Wal-Mart. And their shelves are always a mess. I am always straighten up! But do I love to find a book or two!!!

    Gril... I am LOVING me up some Addicted... I can't pu the damn thing down!!! I can not get enough of Lindsay!!! And Anais!! OH man, what a story!!!!

  14. Yup a nice trip, first Gena Showalter book, blaming you for that one ;) Those Lords of the Underworld, oh yes
    First larissa Ione, and the 3 first Anne Bishop book. Then I couldnt resist Maria Snyders first book. The shipping cost was huge.

    And now I want to go back, cos I do need JR Wards latest, those yummy Satyr boys and...must resist...no...ok I will wait until I get my first batch of books. Then another little trip

  15. Just an in-between non related comment (my apologies Cecile) But Blodeuedd I understand you bought at amazon.com Do you live within Europe cause I believe Amazon.de has free shipping within Europe, that saves a lot of money! Or at Hard To Find Books they ship worldwide via an Air MBag, cost about 32 dollars for I believe 12-15 books (it depends on the weight)

    Just wanted to mention this since paying so much money on shipping in these days is a very big *ouch* to wallet.

  16. Thanks for the tip Leontine :D free shipping...need to go at once.
    But had to use the US one cos had a giftcard from there. Still great to know.
    Have to go and check out that other site too, have never heard about them

  17. Good books!!

    Last night I finished Branded by Fire!! So good :)

  18. Yesterday was very stressful day because of my exam(went really good, by the way)but it was also great. Sunshine is back in Germany and I could leave early at work. So I had enough time to finish Seduce the Darkness. Great book. I so love Devyn.And I finally started Branded by Fire. So it was a really good day after all.

  19. Hey Hon..

    I can see you and the happy notebook making the rounds at borders...

    love your choices...

    Love the contest you had, gonna pop down and read a bit more....

    took a few days off from blogging - to catch up with my little demons summer schedule - so hopefully i can get back to blogging....


  20. Quote Cecile: That Tristan!! What a Man!
    Oh how sweet...

    Hey Lady C, you come to me on August 3rd and I'll whip you up a margarita and we'll do some talking *grin*

  21. Blodeuedd ~ Hey honey!
    Thanks!! Yea, I could not pass up that Gena Cover!
    Oh man... my Lords!! They are something else!!!

    Leontine ~ Hey there!!! Girl, I do not mind at all if you pass information like at my place!!! If helps one person out, I am all for passing it around!!! And you are right, shipping is a b*tch!!

    Mandi ~ Thanks!!! Oh, Branded by Fire.... Yummy!!!
    And your little men are sooo adorable!!!

    SusiSunshine ~ Oh honey. I am so glad that hear that your exams are over and you did well!!!! And you got sunshine!!!! Wait... and you got to leave work early!!! You just getting all the treats today (yesterday). And you got to finish up Seduce the Darkness and starting Branded by Fire!!!
    Honey, I would say you had an awesome day!!

    Erotic Horizon ~ Hey there stranger!! I was wondering what happened to you!!! Missed you!! You know me and my notebook definitely made our way to Borders and Wal-Mart!!! I don't leave home without it!!
    You might want to check your email honey!!!
    Hope you are having a great night!

  22. Oh my dear Tristan ~ Thank you for making your way to my place!!! I hope you like it here!!!
    I will not miss coming over to Lenotine's place and your bar on August 3rd to see you!!!
    Margarita's... and some ""talking""... oh consider me there!!!
    Oh my love... I cannot wait!!!

  23. F_____ I was wondering who the hell Tristan was Cecile!!!

    LOL I'm so out of the loop here.

    Sorry I'm so late getting by. Work has been a nightmare the last couple of days. I was there until 8 pm both nights. So that's what I've been doing. (Other than looking at little clowns with cactus dicks that is.)

    Anyway, nice haul my friend!! Nice to see you did so well at Wal-Mart.

    You enjoy your books and Tristan. ;)


  24. Hi Cecile!

    I want all three of those books! Great haul!

    I'll have to go to Walmart too!

    Dottie :)

  25. Oh Lea ~ LMAO!!! "F_____ I was wondering who the hell Tristan was Cecile!!!"

    Girl, its all about my inner hussy!! And Tristan is oh so good for my inner hussy!!! LOL!!

    Girl, don't be sorry about being late.. I completely understand about work! Ouch... till 8 pm both nights. The little clowns with cactus dicks is too funny!!!!
    Thank you... Wal-Mart was nice to me that trip!! Sometimes, it is not =(
    Well, you have a great night and wonderful tomorrow!!
    And don't worry... I will be very good with Tristan!

  26. Hey Dottie!!
    I am more than willing to share!!! But I know how we all like to own the books!!! Girl.. I will want to know what you got at Wal-Mart!
    Hope you have a great night and a wonderful tomorrow!

  27. Hi Cecile. Thanks for buying my debut book! Have to say that I loved seeing my cover just above "Oh...What a Man." (Fanning self.) Just got back from National RWA trip yesterday. Sat next to Anne Mallory at Literacy signing & bought her RITA-nominated book, which is great.

    Margaret Mallory
    Knight of Desire-Available Now
    Knight of Pleasure-Dec 2009


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