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You Wanna Quickie ~ Mahina's Storm

Mahina's Storm
Silhouette Nocturne Bites
ISBN-10: 0373250932
ISBN-13: 978-0373250936
eISBN 9781426823565
Available October 1, 2008 / April 1, 2009

The Blurh:

She was a tough-as-nails cop, all business and always in conrol. But Mahina Garner was also lycan, with strength, speed...and a powerful primitave nature. So when she was barely missed by a silver bullet during a raid she led, it ate at her confidence and disturbed her peace of mind. Only was it the near brush with death that so unnerved her, or the fact that she'd been saved by Ren Calder? Mahina had always preferred her relationships uncomplicated, temporary and lightweight. But Ren stirred something in her that made her seriously uncomfortable. Determined to get him out of her system, she escaped into the night and into her wolf form, to quiet the turmoil within her. So she was surprised...and surprisingly find Ren following her, equally determined to make her his own.

My Thougths:

This book is explosive, as are these two characters.
Mahina is the Captain of her police department. So, you can only imagine what kind of woman this is... yep... take no crap, balls of steal and determination!! If there is one woman I would admire, it is this kind!! So, I fell for her and felt for her!
Ren, he is on her squad... and he wants to be on more than that... But Mahina kepts her heart just like she keeps everything else... closed. To remain on top, there is no room for weaknesses or "emotions".
The story starts off with them on a take down... and the take down goes well, but Mahina is injuried... and her pride! But Ren is the one that takes the blunt of it and does not tell her. So, with the chip on her shoulder that things did not go well... she takes to the gym to beat the crap out of what ever she can find...
I enjoyed this story very much... Mahina trys to fight her feelings, but that is never a good thing... and Ren is trying to help her accept things for what they are... Will the two be able to come together... or will Mahina's chip be to much for them!
Awesome story... hoping you will like it...

The blurh and picture at the top was provided by Vivi Anna's web site. Please go --->>> here to check out the book.

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One more left to go ladies... hope you are enjoying that ride!!!


  1. Hm, kind of liked that previous story more. But great review there :)

  2. Hey Blodeuedd ~ This was a good story. It is not as intreging as the others, but it is still a good story to be in this book... especially knowing that they are not just human either...

  3. Hi Cecile!

    I lovin these Nocturne Bites, I'm going to have to pick up more of them.

    Dottie :)


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