Monday, July 20, 2009


I was recently (I know it was a while ago, and for that I apologize) bestowed stwo very special awards by two very special people! And I would like to thank them!!!

First up is Missy's Book Nook ~ She passed down to me...

Then Susi_Sunshine gave me this one...

Now of course, if you know me... I always forget to put what the rules of the award are... but this time I did remember to tell you who gave them to me and link back to them =)!

I started the list of the people that I want to award ~ but Blog keeps screwing with me and not allowing me to do what I want... I am trying to include everyone that stops by my place and leaves comments, but it is zapping me out and not saving... So, please know that if you leave me a comment.... These award is for you too!!! Please take it and shine!

Okay... Now I tried to make my own award... and this time... well... it did not come out as big as I thought it would have...
But this is what it says...

"Why friends are like books...

~ We never judge a book by it's cover. (Okay, we do, but only because we love us sum eye candy!! =)
~ Every book is different to each of us, in it's own special way and every book is special to us in every way.
~The varitey in our books is the same in our friendship... we are all different, but together, we make up one hell'va a story!!!
~ We know that we can always count on a good book to make us feel better!! We call them keepers!

Those are just a few reasons why friends are like books...
I am glad that I happened upon you... just like so many of my books...
You will forever be on my Keeper Shelf!!!
Thank you for being my friend!!"

Please... I have listed some of the people that I am sending this too... but the others... well... blog is not liking me right now and after fighting with making the award.. (I am not that talented) I am giving up trying to put everyone's name right now with their links... So please take this award if you can... I know you may not be able to take the award because of the size.. but know that the meaning holds true!!! There is no special rule to pass it around. I just wanted to make something from my heart to my friends!

Barbara @ Happily Forever After
Anna @ Anna's Book Blog
The Host @ Angel on the Move
Diane @ The Book Resort
Dottie @ My Blog 2.0
Monroe @ Monroe With A Twist
Blanche @ There's No Such Thing As Too Many Books
Amy C @ Romance Book Wyrm
Erotic Horizon @ Erotic Horizon
Ms. Moonlight @ Moonlight To Twilight
Lea @ Closetwriter
Missy @ Missy's Book Nook
Mandi @ Smexy Books
Stacey @ Stacey's Place on Earth
HAWK @ Houston A W Knight
Blodeuedd @ Book girl of Mur-y-Castell
Desert Rose @ DeSeRt RoSe BoOkLoGuE
VampFanGirl @ Lovin' Me Some Romance
I Heart Book Gossip @ I Heart Book Gossip

I am going to post this before I lose what little of my mind I have left and before my vocabulary only consist of one word (starts with F)....
I truly mean that you guys are very dear to me... All your comments really make my day brighter!!!

I will try another night put up everyone's link... and I mean everyone!!!!
Good night!

Oh PS... if you made it this far...
Today was my first day at my new job... that is why you did not see a lot of me around.
They are truly nice people and of course is the first day, so naturally it is good!!! I do miss my friends at my other job =( But I can still talk to them!


  1. (((Cecile))) You earned very welled deserved awards! You bring such fun and happiness to blog-land and I feel very blessed to know you and count you as a friend! :)

  2. Thank you very much Blanche!!! (hugs your way)
    It is nice to have friends like you!

  3. You definitely deserve these, Cecile! :)

  4. Cecile!!! Congrats on your awards, you deserve them!! You are such a sweetie and I'm happy to call you a friend.

    BTW, congrats on the new job and I hope all goes well with it. I hear you about not being able to be online as much. But don't worry, we're all here ;)

    ((BIG HUGS))

  5. Congrats!! Thanks for the award Cecile!! Glad to hear your first day at the new job went well. First days can very stressful.

  6. Congrats on your awards :D So well deserved, I love coming by your blog and chatting with you.

    And thank you so much for this lovely award. You are so sweet

  7. You deserve the award love Cecile and first day at a new job? *eek* Weren't you exhausted when that day ended? Sometimes blogger is giving you a run for its money, do we need that after such a day? No! But you're getting it anyway, Blogger can be a stubborn *peep, edit self*

    Have a great day Cecile (((hugs)))

  8. Congrats Cecile! And thank you for the award - it looks great, btw :)

  9. You so deserve those awards..

    congrats and thansk for passing them on...

    Lovely bunch of ladies to be mxing with..


  10. You are the best, Cecile :). I love your comments and your blog. I'm not as talkative or outgoing as you seem to be so it makes me smile when you drop by. You seem so lively :).

    Your award is awesome! And who cares if it's not perfect! That's the joy of being given something handmade. It's best when it has those little imperfections :).


  11. (((Hugs Cecile)))

    Wow, thank you... And, congratulations to a very deserving lady. You are a ray of sunshine on blogland - truely. :)

    You award is beautiful and I thank you so much.

    You have a great day and good luck at your new job.


  12. You guys are so awesome!! I thank God each day for the friends that I have found here. And I know that one day... I will get to meet you all!! Across the pond and all! =)
    I look forward to going over to your blog and seeing what you have for the day... the brigthen the day, make me laugh... hell, sometimes with those WTF pictures... really make me laugh!!!
    I am so blessed to call you guys my friends! Thanks for always being there!
    I am off to work now... The job is going good of course... it's still new, lol!!! But it is nice.
    I hope everyone has a wonderful day! And I will be back later this evening!

  13. Congrats, my dear, on the awards and the new job!!! Now - deep breath, chin up, shoulders back and go get 'em girl!!

  14. (((GIANT HUGS))) Cecile! Thank you for the beautiful award. And congrats on your awards as well. You more than deserve them.

    Thank you for being my friend. :)

    (((hugs))) VFG

  15. Good stuff Cecile! I like your award. :P

    And how was the first day on the new job?

  16. Thanks you guys!!! You really are an amazing group of friends!! I am very blessed to call each one of you my friend!

    The first two days at work have been nice. It is almost then end of the month and the quarter, so most of the work, they have already done... I am just picking up what has not been done!
    I appreciate you all asking.
    I hope you have a wonderful Wednesday!


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