Monday, July 13, 2009

Mailbox Monday

What is in my mailbox this week.... Well, actually this was a trip to Borders this weekend... and this is what I walked away with... only a few... but I simply had to have this one...

Found out this is a series... and I saw this on the shelf and of course it was screaming that I had to get it, because the other one I bought was #3 and this is #2... you guessed it... now I have to find #1~!
Then, when I started going to Borders, I saw this one and passed it for others. I know... Now, I have read The Vampire Queen's Servant and I really liked the story and this one has been speaking to mind that I must get it... well, after those first few visits it was there... then when I was ready to buy it... you guessed it... it was gone. So, I took that as my sign that it was not meant for me to by at that time... well low and behold, when I went this time... they only had one and it flat out screamed at me to bring it home! So... I did!

What about you... what is in your mail box this weekend or what did you walk out the store with?!?! And how was your weekend!


  1. I have the first whiteside book but yet to read it, but it does sound good.
    Great haul there :D

  2. Hi Cecile, great harvest of books and I just asked on my blog about the erotic vampire series by joey W Hill. I have her Mermaid series on my birthday list but when I came across this series my hormones stirred and was wondering if it was as good a read as it sounded from the blurb.

    Anyway, enjoy your books!


  3. As always, you get great books:)

  4. Blodeuedd ~ Oh... what is the name of the first book??? These books took my by surprise, I just so happen to stumble onto them at Borders and have not looked at the author's web site yet... You will have to let me know as soon as you read the first one, so I can know your thoughts!!!!

    Leontine ~ Thanks!! I have a review of the first book...
    Oh, girl.. I will be over at your place in a little while, I saw a banner that said you are to become a GodMother!!! YAYAYAYAY for you!!!

    Mandi ~ Thanks honey!!! Good to see you today! Hope all is well!

  5. Great haul Cecile...I loved Bond of Blood, the first in the Texas Vampire series followed by Bond of Fire and Bond of Darkness. Very sexy vamps...((shivers))

  6. Cybercliper ~ Oh yummy.. Thanks for the heads up on this series. So, I just need the second one - Woohoo!!! And yummy vampires did you say... **wicked minds we have**
    Thanks for letting me know!! I greatly appreciate it!

  7. Hi Cecile! I think green is becoming my permanent colour :)

    - I got Broken by Megan Hart - thanks Cecile!!!
    - Deadly Competition by Roxanne Rustand.

    - Have three more books by Susan Wigs waiting for me in the post office - I'll pick up them tomorrow.

  8. host ~ Hey Honey!!! Green is not such a bad color... That color keeps reappearing when you show me beach pictures, lol!!!
    I share... you know that.
    And I am glad that you are enjoying Broken!!!

    I am liking what else you got there!!!
    Congrats on the win!

  9. Oooo I have 'Mark of the Vampire Queen' too. Now to find a moment to read it....

    Great Haul!

    Happy Reading,


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