Monday, July 13, 2009

UPDATE !!!!! And the winner is..... ((Two post in One... be sure to look down!!))

I am please to announce we have a winner for the Elizabeth Amber book giveaway!!!!

Using here is the winner!!

I need you to email me ~ alliwantandmorebooks(at)gmail(dot)com ~
as soon as possible, so I can email it to Ms. Amber....
That way we can get your prize in the mail ASAP girl!!!

There were 43 items in your list. Here they are in random order:
37. host
2. Amanda
25. Krystal
9. I Heart Book Gossip
3. Heather D
28. tetewa
34. Blodeuedd
31. Blanche
27. Houst A W Knight
36. Heather D
19. sarabelle
22. host
35. I Heart Book Gossip
4. Barbara
5. VampFanGirl
33. Dottie
17. Mandi
18. LadyVampire2u
10. Chey
29. joder
15. Lenotine
23. budletsmom
11. Aymelss
43. Lenotine
41. Chris
14. Dottie
30. Lea
6. joder
39. Armenia
38. Kytaira
42. Barbara
1. Chris
20. Blodeuedd
40. sarabelle
12. Calcamanin
32. tetewa
16. SusiSunshine
24. etirv
26. Ktraira
7. Blanche
8. Eva S.
13. Armenia
21. Lea
Timestamp: 2009-07-13 14:35:42 UTC

If you did not win here... you have a chance to win Dominic's book at my other favorite author's place... Ms. Lynda Hilbur!!!! Please go --->>> here to put your hat in the ring!!
And don't forget about Heather's place either... go --->>>
Good Luck!!!

I hope you enjoyed this giveaway as much as I did... And I want to send my heart felt thanks to Ms. Elizabeth Amber for allowing me to be a part of a giveaway for her!!! And for joining us in the comment section!!! Thank you!!!!
Now gang... don't forget we have another member of the family coming out ~ Dane!!!! So, be sure to keep checking Ms. Amber's place to see what is going on!!!!
Thank you guys for joining me in this and sticking around for the reviews!!
I promise you, you will love the Satyr Brothers!!!
Hope you all have a wonderful day!!!


  1. Congratulations Host, enjoy the Satyr's :D

  2. Congrats Host!!

    You did an awesome job of reviewing this series!

  3. Congrats to Host as well!!!

    Thank you Heather for the kind words. I hope I did my men proud!!! And I hope you guys enjoyed the ride!!!
    Hope everyone has a wonderful day!

  4. WOOT!

    Congratulations Host!! You enjoy... ;)


  5. Congrats Host...whew,

    Hey Cecile, I finally made it! Has anyone reported any problems accessing your blog? Everytime I tried to access, my entire internet system froze up. I thought it might be the graphics download. Anyway, upgraded Internet Explorer and seems to be where's David B. and what have you hussies been doing to him while I've been gone!!!

  6. Congrats Host. Happy Reading.


  7. Cybercliper ~ The only problem I am having is accessing my friends from dashboard. I can't see to click on your guy's page from there. Which is annoying me... because I have new friends (sniff sniff) that I want to go visit. But I think I can do it through the post, worst come to worst! Which I will try tonight... at work my internet always gives me problems!
    Don't worry honey... David is doing just fine, I was holding onto him for you... where have you been?? Hope all is well!!

  8. HI! Thank you all. Thank you Cecile for bringing me a good luck! Thank you guys for all the congrats! And thank you Ms. Amber for the great prize!!!
    I'm very happy :)

  9. You are more than welcome Host!!! Congrats on your win!!!

  10. Congrats Host and Cecile I have also been having the problem with freezing up.The rest of your blog shows up but not the posts but that's my browser and not your blog.Happens with others too.

  11. Congratulations Host and happy reading!
    Cecile, thanks for visiting my blog and the lovely comment. I've recently discovered this great blog of yours and have made it a favorite stop of mine also. You've designed a wonderful blog, wish I could manage that. I'm sort of an amature on blogging still but trying to get the hang of things.

  12. I love visiting here Cecilia! It was great to chat with Ms. Amber! Yummy books! Congrats Host!


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