Wednesday, July 1, 2009

My Awards

This goes with the awards.... Someone *wink* wanted to know if the award was nekkid... and I do not like to disappoint my friends.... so this goes with the award...
This one is for EVERYONE WHO HAS AN INNER HUSSY IN HER.... you just pick which one makes you smile....
There are more, but I have to save them.... ***yes, greedily for myself!!!***


  1. Nice, I love Supernatural, but you can tell those photos aren't their bodies, someone took their heads and photoshopped them! lol

  2. Thank you Ms. M! I did not know from where these models came from... I was kinda trying to hurry to find some pictures of hot guys to go with the award!! But I will search better!

    Chris ~ YUM!

  3. Oh My Lord give me the top one and some honey and I'll be a very very bad girl LOL

    Talk about a walk up call, it is morning here and my heart is already pumping hussy hormones through the system LOL

  4. I will take them all,photoshop or not!! wow what a kick start to this day!

  5. Leontine ~ Good day to you!! Glad to see that I could wake up your inner hussy that early in the morning for you!! =)
    Honey and him, you are evil, no more evil than what I would love to do to your Tristan!!!

  6. Yvette ~ I am glad to kick start this morning for you!!! Glad you like... there is always more to be found!!!
    Hope you have a great day!


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